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Devotional - Monday, February 8, 2016 39/327

Today's Scripture: “You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child." Ex 22:22

5319. Abba is a Daddy who will never leave or forget His children. JG


See it.

Help wanted

Live it.

It'd difficult to understand the problems others experience when we've never experienced them. When I teach and speak of a father's love, I do so from having a respectful dad and a caring Heavenly Father. But many do not know either one, and trying to connect is difficult if not impossible. It's easy to conclude that an absent father is better then having an abusive one, but those factors introduce other issues, such as having step-parents, foster parents or growing up in institutional care. Someone who has experienced such problems and come out of it, might be better received than me.

Having been asked to counsel men in rehab, I have the biblical skill to do so, but am not doing it yet. That's because I can't connect to someone having a self-destructive tendency aside from dealing with my old nature. There's something about a testimony from someone who has experienced what you experienced, survived and came out finding happiness and success. These are the kind of speakers sought for seminars, etc. The implication is that if God has graciously helped you avoid such addictive misery, your advice is not helpful. What people like that need are examples

Pray it.

There is no problem in my life, God, that doesn't require Your help.


Keywords: Widow; Orphan; Care
Disciple Ministry

This Day in History

We're servants of God, as demonstrated by our attitude, not the label someone gives us (2001)
While we can't see the Holy Spirit, we certainly should be able to see His work (2002)
Are you clean according to the world's standard or by God's standard? (2004)
People of faith pray and as is the case more times than not, the inverse is equally true. (2005)
Showing mercy is a common denominator among all those who pray for others. (2006)
People who follow us should see Jesus in us. (2007)
Discipleship - Pray persistently for someone and teach them to do the same for someone else. (2008)
A friend won't stab you in your back. (2009)
When Jesus says "Go," there's nothing else to know. (2010)
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. (2011)
Bet my stick can eat your stick (2012)
Men make clean dirty, but God can make dirty clean. (2013)
A hearse isn't made to pull a trailer. (2014)
To know someone, you need to follow and watch them. (2015)

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