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Devotional - Friday, February 26, 2016 57/309

Today's Scripture: "Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the Lord." Ps 31:24

5337. You can’t go forward looking backward; at least you shouldn’t. JG


See it.

Change is on the way

Live it.

Working in the construction industry in the seventies meant using slide rules, paper tape adding machines, pencils, T-squares, large plans on paper and 12-inch triangular rulers. Then Dodge McGraw Hill started transferring the plans to microfilm which was a step in the direction employed today. For two weeks, this old-timer has been doing quantitative survey (take-offs) from Adobe PDFs and software that allows calibration with markup. Then using MS Excel, material is summarized and a proposal made that never sees paper. Can you say old dog, new tricks? This transition is not for the faint in heart.

In 1982, before the Internet existed, I formed a company called Datasource with the idea of creating construction information being shared across modems. I stopped for the sake of a smaller goal: supporting my family via a paying job. It's funny how I envisioned the industry getting where it is, but when it arrived, somebody had to teach me how to utilize it.

Pray it.

You, O God, can do the improbable and the impossible and make it seem easy.


Keywords: Change; Hope; Courage
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This Day in History

If you don't understand God's letter to the church, it might be that you're reading some else's mail (2002)
You'll never be holy unless you're separate - from the world that is. (2004)
Don't allow your faith to be clouded by your feelings. (2005)
Misconception leads to false assumption which makes it impossible to pray effectively (2006)
There are some things reserved for God's men in training (2007)
We should not be surprised when God acts in a way that is contrary to our expectation. (2008)
The best way to preach Jesus is to surrender to Him. (2009)
Showing reverence is the way to show respect for God. (2010)
If we truly understood forgiveness, we'd work more on forgetfulness. (2011)
Sometimes absence is more notable than presence (2012)
It's easy to find a job; getting paid that's hard. (2013)
Technology is smart; don't let it make you dumb. (2014)
Knowing something is not nearly as important as acting on it. (2015)

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