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Devotional - Sunday, July 31, 2016 213/153

Today's Scripture: "But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” Acts 6:4

5493. Worry is thinking you’re responsible for something that’s not your problem. JG


See it.


Live it.

There are certain people in Scripture whose relationship with God is admired, but present a dilemma if you want to emulate them. A close look reveals that most of these people are intercessors with whom God interacts more than most. I decided years ago that I'd like to know God that way and focused on intercession as the key. Today, I've found peace as having read it right, but am frustrated when I am unable to help anyone else desire the position. Another week, another pastor, another share, another failure it seems.

Confession: It seems light-years away when I focused so heavily on prayer and ministry, that was pretty much all I did. I was not concerned if anyone shared my passion, but applied what God was showing me without any plans to teach anyone else. I would have been content to stay there, but my family suffered financially for my desire to minister without a means of compensation. If anything good came from my ministry since, it may be the books I written and the state of the prayer anchor website. But, looking back, I'd once again like to focus on the ministry and not waste anymore time trying to motivate others to a life they don't desire.

Pray it.

Forgive me, Lord, for stepping out of Your shadow for any reason.


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This Day in History

Unity in the church is not defined as the absence of disagreement. (2000)
Pray all the time about everything begins with pray something sometime. (2001)
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Silence from above can't be endured for long for the praying person. (2003)
Sorry to be the one to tell you that Jesus is not a demoninationalist. (2004)
A congregation that argues amongst themselves is probably not a praying church. (2005)
Receiving finds no place without asking. (2006)
Cooperation is required in anything expected to last more than a day. (2007)
True joy never ends. (2008)
Even God's enemies know his name, but do you know his real Name? (2009)
Don't let your spiritual muscles go into atrophy from lack of use. (2010)
Mix the mind of man with anything and you dilute the solution. (2011)
I need only look in a mirror to see who's at fault. (2012)
A majority opinion is rarely the best one. (2013)
Unity in the church is not defined as the absence of disagreement. (2014)
Some things, like love, are better when given away. (2015)

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