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Devotional - Monday, September 5, 2016 249/117

Today's Scripture: "So Moses went into the midst of the cloud and went up into the mountain. And Moses was on the mountain forty days and forty nights." Ex 24:18

5529. How can you redeem time you don’t watch? JG


See it.

What day is it?

Live it.

On the rare occasion of finding a decent movie, my wife and I enjoy going to the theater. Just thinking about it I can smell the popcorn. But a more interesting thing happens while we're there. We tend to forget whatever was on our minds when we went in and when we leave, it's not uncommon to forget what day it is as well as the time of day. Walking to our car, our minds reload and by the time we leave the parking lot, we wonder what else we may have forgotten.

You'd think anyone who has spent time with God would be able to teach someone else to experience it. But it's not as easy as you might imagine. Every religion practices a sort of trained limbo, mind-stretching exericise it calls meditation. But spending time with God never requires any motivation from the one who wants to experience it. Religion requires people to stir up those juices from within, but it is God living inside a believer who draws man to Him. There's no need to get emotional to meet Him, but it does require time and leaving everything else behind. Anything less is religious exercise.

Pray it.

My language is lacking when it comes to praising You, God.


Keywords: Meeting; Appoinment; Invitation

This Day in History

Musical instruments are tools of praise when used for God's glory. (2000)
Drive-by evangelism is preaching the gospel without discipling those who accept it (2001)
Okay, I'm a sinner, but you don't have to keep calling me one! (2002)
On what miracle are you waiting before beginning to serve God? (2003)
The natural result of following Jesus is looking for people who need Him. (2004)
Waiting on God is listening while moving toward whatever He is doing around you. (2005)
Good fruit is the by-product of allowing God to make you what you were created to be. (2006)
Everything clean is a target for sin. (2007)
Some people make problems worse by trying to help. (2008)
If we're blessed, we should be dispensers of God's grace for others. (2009)
Exceptionalism is made not created. (2010)
A loop is made by revisiting square one. (2011)
Some people must have been out of line when God handed out a conscience. (2012)
Just hearing something doesn't mean you're listening. (2013)
Ignorance, like water, seeks it own level. (2014)
Joy is hope that exceeds expectation. (2015)

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