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Devotional - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 251/115

Today's Scripture: "Then the Lord spoke to Moses" Ex 25:1

5531. Sufficient time depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on. JG


See it.


Live it.

It's amazing how fast food has changed our perception of worship. While the two terms may seem unrelated think about this: we place time limits on the time we spend at church. If we pray, someone else does it on a schedule that was printed out during the week to form an order of service. There is no preparation in most cases as most people don't see the need to confess sin and be clean before approaching the altar. If we pray, we do it when we need something and then when we haven't provided for ourselves.

It seems we have indeed some a long way in 2,000 years, but it was in the wrong direction. Our first order of service should be a quiet time, followed by confession, reconciliation and praise. If that is followed by brothers telling what God is doing in their life, you'll find there is no time for a sermon because it will be provided by the congregation. Music follows worship and never leads it. Invitations are not necessary as the ones who need it are outside the walls of the church where the congregation will find them. There is no need for a clock in any sanctuary as God is in charge of the time we spend in corporate prayer, praise and worship. You know, I'm not sure a church like that would have a pastor or congregation.

Pray it.

What is time, Lord, but rationing what is important to me.


Keywords: Time; Pray; Fellowship

This Day in History

We must get "past the past" to begin anew. (2000)
You'll never get to know someone whose name you can't remember. (2001)
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Lessons shape us according to our attentiveness or lack thereof. (2012)
Knowing something doesn't mean we understand it. (2013)
It's not natural to wait and not doubt. (2014)
Consequences are reminders to stop doing what you’re doing. (2015)

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