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Devotional - Friday, September 9, 2016 253/113

Today's Scripture: "A horse is a vain hope for safety; Neither shall it deliver any by its great strength." Ps 33:17

5533. You can't fix something that won't break again. JG

See it.


Live it.

Every morning, I work on a computer platform that only moves when I tell it to move. But having lost confidence in the integrity of the system memory/hard drive, I now have a new system running parallel to it. But I have not completely moved every function to the new unit. Limping along (figuratively) I perform daily duties not confident things will remain constant forever. Yes, for you techno-heads out there, I do a backup locally and on the cloud.

Anyone's confidence can be quickly shattered when standards change. That happened this morning when I turned on my old computer to prepare Prayertower for the day and things changed for no reason. I tried for a long time to fix it until I realized it would take more time than I have to give it. So, I rebooted the system, slowly loaded the applications and happy to find everything was back to "normal." That makes me wonder how much of my life has been spent patching things that need replacing.

Pray it.

Thank You,God, that You didn't fix me but made me new.


Keywords: Needs; Strength; Change

This Day in History

Unity in the church is putting differences aside in order to do the work God called us to do. (2001)
A person's relationship with God is no better than the amount of time he spends in prayer (2003)
Satan is at work going things that people don't see him doing (2004)
Don't be found guilty of cursing the storm because grace rides the waves. (2005)
Fearing God begins with respect and is proven through our obedience. (2006)
Before you say things can't get worse, think of a lost person. (2007)
There's a large difference in religion and true faith. (2008)
Only Jesus can show us how to live with somebody you love but dislike. (2009)
It takes a good son to be a good father. (2010)
If we really believe God answers prayer, why aren't we praying right now? (2011)
Those who won't talk with God need to meet Him. (2012)
Recalling the past should fuel our readiness. (2013)
Recalling the past should fuel our readiness. (2014)
Attending a worship service is a poor substitute for praying. (2015)

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