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Devotional - Saturday, September 10, 2016 254/112

Today's Scripture: "A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity." Pr. 17:17

5534. Adversity builds the character required to endure it. JG


See it.

Reason for the squeezin'

Live it.

This past Thursday morning when our prayer band met, we almost didn't have time to pray. That's because someone asked how long we should pray for an answer that doesn't seem to be coming. Sitting next to the inquirer, I flipped my Bible over to reveal my conviction. "Praying with specificity and expectancy until the answer or Jesus comes" is etched on the backside of my leather Bible cover. I then flipped the book over to reveal the praying man logo I designed years ago for my intercession ministry.

When you count the number of men throughout all history who had an intercessor relationship with God, you won't find many. That's because there's a vast difference between an intercessor and someone who occasionally or never prays. Explaining it took longer than we had, but I am convinced God ordained it. I needed for my praying brothers to know that adversity is an intercessor's call to meet God and know how to pray. I think God wanted to remind me of what I was reminding my brothers.

Pray it.

Thank You, Jesus, for interceding for me and enabling me to do the same for others.


Keywords: Adversity; Intercessor; Friend

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