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Devotional - Sunday, September 11, 2016 255/111

Today's Scripture: "And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke." Acts 6:10

5535. I don't make misnakes. JG


See it.

Con Vince

Live it.

Having served in the computer industry for years, even I am amazed at the creativity of technical savvy people. Malware, ransomware are just two of the new terms for common thieves to break in and steal. Software provides the means by which Internet highway robbers can steal from unsuspecting computer/smart phone users. Typosquatting is perhaps the most creative trap yet.

Entering a partially correct hyperlink in your browser will more than likely find a site created by evil people trying to make you pay, sometimes literally, for your innocent mistake. Even with my experience, I have caught more than one virus that way. If professionals can fall for a trick, most people make for an easy mark for criminals. But crime in the church is worse. Believing, then following someone who speaks "some" truth can result in eternal punishment and not just a loss of money.

Pray it.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for showing Yourself in other people.


Keywords: Convince; Preach; Resist

This Day in History

Sometimes enemies are raised up to remind us compliance is not optional. (2000)
We don't deserve the right to compare our trouble to that of our 1st Century brothers. (2001)
Failure to remember 911 - 2001 is an insult to those who lost their lives. (2003)
When the going gets tough, we're expected to trust God and not our personal resolve. (2004)
What we do when we meet someone with a need, determines how much we're like Jesus. (2005)
If brought to trial and accused of being a Christian, is there enough evidence to convict? (2006)
911 -- Ignoring the obvious can be fatal. (2008)
Does our persistent trying of God weary Him? (2009)
Embarrassment can do what danger cannot. (2010)
When the value is high, so is the cost. (2011)
Holiness is not a dirty word. (2012)
Do it now or it might not be possible tomorrow. (2013)
What we fail to remember, we get to experience again. (2014)
You can’t win without risking loss. (2015)

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