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Devotional - Tuesday, September 13, 2016 257/109

Today's Scripture: “I know that you are Abraham’s descendants, but you seek to kill Me, because My word has no place in you." Jn 8:37

5537. A dead end is literally where religion takes you. JG


See it.

Dead-end gods

Live it.

One of the greatest privileges afforded me is teaching people what God is teaching me. The Apostle Paul told Timothy that he should share what he learned with faithful men who would teach others (2 Tim 2:2). This is the foundation of making disciples and how the church will grow in spiritual maturity and not just in numbers. Prayertower provides me opportunity to prove to God that I am paying attention to what He is doing in my life. Charting what has happened in my life is notable, but a two paragraph devotional everyday can't do much.

In that spirit and because a friend in India asked, I am starting to make my teaching easily available through recording and video taping sessions when possible. My plan is to develop teaching that can be distributed anywhere and everywhere. These will not be sermons, but disciple-making content that help people who seek it. Last night I captured my first 54 minute audio session on Steps to Spirituality that I've been preaching at Salvation Army for two years. It is my hope that God uses it to bless those looking for a non-churchy explanation of salvation that leads to discipleship through intercession.

Pray it.

Thank You, God, for teachers who seek to communicate rather than impress.


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This Day in History

When our relationship with God is good, we walk and talk with Him. (2000)
Prayer is being accumulated for a worship service in heaven. Will you have any? (2001)
Before praying, you may want to check and see if God is listening. (2002)
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Someday we'll know if ministries are God's work or ours. (2004)
Scriptural prayer is doing what has already proven successful. (2005)
Why pray for God's will to be done, when you should already be doing it? (2006)
A true family loves without condition. (2007)
It's too late to pray yesterday. (2008)
Some never reach their potential because it means work." (2009)
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. (2010)
We shouldn't get ahead of the One we follow. (2011)
God's plan must have footnotes for our ignorance. (2012)
Feeling has absolutely no bearing on fact. (2013)
Some people need to prioritize their frets. (2014)
Using what's been given you is showing appreciation. (2015)

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