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Devotional - Saturday, September 17, 2016 261/105

Today's Scripture: "A man devoid of understanding shakes hands in a pledge, and becomes surety for his friend." Pr. 17:18

5541. Promises are seldom consolation when made hastily. JG


See it.

Self con

Live it.

The good thing about annual contracts is that a lot of money is received and available before you need it. The bad thing about that is the tendency to spend it, sometimes in lump sum. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but two things happen. First, you become dependent on someone else paying you in order to cover expense of other contracts. Secondly, you put customers in harm's way should something happen to you and you can't do what you promised to do. More than one of these never-ending spirals found me and I wound up closing successful businesses in order to stop the bleeding. It's called cash management and not only determines the pulse of business but home budgets as well.

A close friend of mine seemingly perfected the art of finding what you need when you don't have the means. "Float" was the term he used for writing a check on one bank and expecting to cover it before the end of the next business day with a check from another. He had at least two banks in that process when his methodology caught up with him. Then he added cashing checks from a grocery store in the loop to squeeze one more day into his cycle of madness. Thankfully, we finally shut down the source of our joint misery and my friend got a real job with a real future. He set a budget, paid back what he owed, avoided jail and has proven that he learned his lesson (I think). Survival and creativity is no doubt the way most of us live when it comes to money.

Pray it.

Nothing is as peaceful as living within the boundary you've established for me, God.


Keywords: Money; Debt; Pledge

This Day in History

The closer you follow Christ, the further you are from the world's influence. (2001)
Don't be caught listening to God's Word when you should be living it. (2002)
If you believe the only ministers are paid church staff, you err not knowing the Scripture. (2003)
God has very little tolerance toward his children who are ignorant of His word. (2004)
The power of Jesus' name is not dependent on the righteousness of the one using it. (2006)
Blessings not consumed or passed on are lost. (2007)
Peer pressure stronger than conviction leads a person to compromise, then shared consequence. (2008)
Grace has no pay scale or fine print. (2009)
Friendship is a two way street. (2010)
The only thing worse than dying once is doing it twice. (2012)
Expediency is something done on time, not done well or fast. (2013)
Confirmation is powerful incentive, or at least it should be. (2014)
Ignorance is a learned trait. (2015)

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