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Devotional - Sunday, September 18, 2016 262/104

Today's Scripture: "Then they secretly induced men to say, 'We have heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses and God.'” Acts 6:11

5542. If I choose to believe a lie, any consequences are my fault. JG


See it.

Low blow

Live it.

It was years ago when someone called about protecting their house from someone who threatened to break in their door. The person lived in an apartment complex that even the police tried to avoid. But I went and the person rush ordered a special door that required a non-refundable deposit. Then a day later, with the parts cut out for the door, she called back and canceled the order saying her husband decided to ignore our agreement and get someone else to do it. The customer and I discussed a settlement, but she wouldn't accept anything less than an immediate and total return of the deposit without consequence. The fact her that attitude was bad and her claim questionable, caused me to dig my heels in. Enter the modern version of mob protection called the Better Business Bureau."

I was a member of the BBB when the dispute made it's way to my record. I was supposed to be protected from customer's false statements, but the organization allowed the complaint (designed to only hurt me) to remain on my record. So I discontinued my membership before the call came a few years later to renew it. I was told that if I renewed my membership, I would be given a "A" grade and it would appear as if my membership never ceased. I was also told the false charges that customer made against me would be "Unsubstantiated." Maybe it was me, but I got the feeling I could've paid to have it removed altogether.

Pray it.

I am thankful, God, that no lie formed against me will prosper.


Keywords: Lie; Harm; Subterfuge

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