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Devotional - Monday, September 19, 2016 263/103

Today's Scripture: ". . . blue, purple, and scarlet thread, fine linen, and goats’ hair." Ex 25:4

5543. The largest things are dependent on the integrity of the smallest components. JG


See it.

Holy recipe

Live it.

Shopping for myself is a dangerous exercise, but I do it anyway. Recently I bought three leisure shirts that looked nice and comfortable for hot summer Memphis weather. Taking them home, I couldn't wait to wear one which resulted in me spilling lunch on it. Welcome to my favorite sport, not only eating food but wearing it. The shirts were all ready for washing, but what I didn't know was that rayon, the primary fabric in my purchase, required dry cleaning or washing by hand in cold water. But even after being hand washed, all the shirts shrunk by 25%. They may have looked fine on the rack, but they were single-use garments and therefore comprised a bad purchase. Obviously, I can no longer wear them.

A study of the Tabernacle will reveal that every component used had a special purpose and became holy when God blessed it. Today, as always, churches have survived on contributions. But I've never know a church to limit donations to good gifts rather than anything stolen, a product of evil or ever knowingly dedicated to evil. Two views on the subject: God accepted Egypt's gifts for use in constructing the Temple, and today there is probably no paper money that hasn't touched evil before finding a home with a Christian. Still, I can't imagine the church or a Christian prospering on income that comes from theft, scams, foreclosures, gambling, prostitution, addiction, etc.

Pray it.

Thank You, God, for Your word that is holy and true to the smallest detail.


Keywords: Holy; Consecrated; Useful

This Day in History

Prayer in school isn't dead, just ask a student facing a pop quiz. (2000)
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