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Devotional - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 264/102

Today's Scripture: "They answered and said to Him, 'Abraham is our father.' Jesus said to them, 'If you were Abraham’s children, you would do the works of Abraham.'"  Jn 8:39

5544. Belief is either confirmed or contradicted by our action or lack of it. JG


See it.

Father farthers

Live it.

Last night it was my privilege to teach session two of Biblical Spirituality to a group of men recovering from addiction. I call the session "This Word is For You" and focus on the five elements of Christian growth: Hear the word, read it, study it, memorize it and meditate on it. I always include the principle of making personal altars and last night spoke of King David's purchase of Araunah's threshing field we have come to call "Mount Moriah" (2 Sam 24). It seems unlikely to me that David didn't know the altar where Abraham offered Issac in sacrifice was in that field. It would later be the place where the Holy of Holies would stand behind curtains on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Even more amazing is the fact Mount Moriah, or Golgotha, would be the place where Jesus' blood would make it the ultimate altar of sacrifice.

Today, athletes use the phrase "Brothers of a different mother" to imply a brotherhood and by that comparison Arabs and Jews are "Enemies of the Same Father." While the Temple Mount has no significance to Islam, they don't want the Jews to have it and have constructed the Dome of the Rock. Neither has the bricked-up Eastern Gate at the Mount have any significance to Arabs, but the graves planted in front of it are there to prevent the Jewish Messiah from fulfilling prophecy by walking through it. Actions truly do speak louder than words.

Pray it.

Teach us, Lord, to live the faith we claim to have in you.


Keywords: Ancestry; Children; Works

This Day in History

Most of our received dangers are Fig Newtons of our imagination. (2000)
If living for Christ were easy, every Christian would be doing it! (2001)
Knowing God can do the impossible makes me wonder why I don't ask him to do it? (2003)
Being honest is the first requirement in coming to a loving relationship with God. (2004)
A detour around God's will is someone else's will. (2007)
Making mistakes takes no effort. (2008)
Self-sufficiency is not only lonely, but often lacking. (2009)
Discipline builds character under fire, whereas laziness builds fire under a character. (2010)
What we don't know is bigger than what we know. (2011)
Justice delivers what I deserve to grace so I don't get it. (2012)
Life is like a rubber-band; it's stretched out of shape and needs relaxation. (2013)
Heaven is reserved for those with it in their hearts. (2014)
It’s never right to do wrong. (2015)

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