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Devotional - Wednesday, September 21, 2016 265/101

Today's Scripture: "ram skins dyed red, badger skins, and acacia wood" Ex 25:5

5545. Careful Instructions deserve prompt attention. JG


See it.

Picture that

Live it.

When explaining the reason these devotionals are written, I doubt anyone really sees their importance in my life. Designed to show God that I am paying attention, just receiving personal instruction from the Holy Spirit is enough to keep doing it. Regardless of the viewership, my spirit is uplifted as I daily discern things in Scripture I've never noticed. For example, take note of ram skins dyed red and think of the provisional sacrifice of the ram caught in Abraham's thicket that previewed the sacrifice of the Lamb of God at Calvary. See the badger skins as the covering for the people's feet as they would walk the desert in disobedience for forty years. Finally, the acacia wood not only comprised the life saving wood of seven people on Noah's ark but the timbers of Calvary's cross built by man offered salvation for all who will come.

I doubt anyone, including Moses, viewed what God expected from the people as proper intructions for giving, full of prophecy and symbolism. I also doubt anyone but me views this devotional as an altar where I offer a daily offering to God. So, what's in your offering?

Pray it.

It's my privilege to worship You, God; my honor to serve You.


Keywords: Sacrifice; Responsibility; Salvation

This Day in History

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