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Devotional - Thursday, September 22, 2016 266/100

Today's Scripture: "But now you seek to kill Me, a Man who has told you the truth which I heard from God. Abraham did not do this." Jn 8:40

5546. What could be is because of what is, not what could have been. JG


See it.

Silence the critic

Live it.

Discussions with a foreign missionary confirmed what I already knew. The evangelistic strategy employed by most, if not all, mission organizations is to spread the gospel to people without a plan to disciple them. This is understandable because it's the same thing in most American churches that engage in evangelism. People are lazy and have a drive-by, fast-food mentality to everything, not to mention prayer, discipleship and evangelism. Anything that takes time, energy and promises a slow return is shunned and generally avoided, but not before maligning the person who calls attention to it.

No one likes to hear bad news, but unless we listen to it for its potential danger, we may not be able to avoid the consequences. Churches used to encourage honest public conversation but now the only voice some have is private dialog that often is turned into rumor and innuendo. The result is a disruption of fellowship and can lead to bad attitudes and even a split in a congregation. With most churches conforming to that pattern, and few people to promote true discipleship, it is no surprise that there is no display of the power of God in America, but just religious exercise that generates more lazy believers. We don't need revival; we need to start over from scratch and build our churches God's way.

Pray it.

Give us, Your people, God, a strong desire to please You despite who it offends.


Keywords: Truth; Inspired; Denial

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