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Devotional - Saturday, September 24, 2016 268/98

Today's Scripture: "You shall put the poles into the rings on the sides of the ark, that the ark may be carried by them." Ex 25:14 

5578. Rules are established to provide safe boundaries. JG


See it.

Utility futility

Live it.

Two times this week, I shared personal information with people whom I know pray for me. This was unusual for me, as I explained what God revealed to me in hope it would cause them to pray specifically with me. But I also did it to demonstrate to God that I was paying attention. You should know that I require or expect nothing in return from God or my brothers. Instead, I believe that once I begin acting on what I've been shown, God will show me more and clear the path for others to join me. If I choose not to act on it, however, I expect nothing will come from it.

Just as the rings on the ark and table of shewbread meant provision, the poles demonstrated God's plan to move them where He wanted them to go. Without giving details, it seems God has provided rings to His work and expects me to pick it up and take it where He leads me. Having travelled several hundred miles on the road this week (and not finished yet), I appreciate being home more than ever. The thought, however, of sitting down while someone else is doing what God called me to do troubles me.

Pray it.

I surrender my plans and aspirations to You, God, and am listening for instructions.


Keywords: Holy; Respect; Obedience

This Day in History

Unconfessed sin will block getting an answer to prayer. (2000)
Don't wait for God to pick you up and carry you if you're able to walk. (2002)
God is wider, longer, deeper and taller than any of your problems. (2003)
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Have you given ignorance a shingle to hang on the front door of your life? (2005)
Don't even try to sin in order to invoke God's grace! (2006)
What we consider a blessing, might not be. (2007)
Sometimes our circumstances serve to testify against us. (2008)
An attitude of expectation rather then gratitude doesn't honor God. (2009)
Flattery tells someone what he wants to hear, not what he needs to hear. (2010)
God doesn't need to explain Himself to anyone, especially academia. (2011)
Obedience is four parts attitude and one part action. (2012)
We're concerned about results, God the process (2013)
Time is a resource and what’s spent is history; what’s left will be. (2014)
Smart technology is good if you don't let it make you dumb. (2015)

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