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Devotional - Monday, September 26, 2016 270/96

Today's Scripture: "Oil for the light, and spices for the anointing oil and for the sweet incense" Ex 25:6

5550. There is no good excuse for being unprepared. JG


See it.

Sudden expectation

Live it.

There's nothing like the smell of scented candles. Most of the time, I'm reminded of walking the sidewalks of Gatlinburg, Tennessee where my family has vacationed in the past. But there's no frustration like wanting to light one and not having a match. But it's not just candles that carry memories. There are places I've been that are associated with significant moments in my life. Such was the case this week when I drove east on Interstate 40 two times.

It must have been 30 years ago when I pulled over on the road and met with God. Convicted that my life did not represent a good example of what a Christian ought to be, I pulled over to the side of the road and discarded all my smoking paraphernalia as my offering. The first time I passed the marker this week I was surprised, but I determined the next time I approached the marker I would stop and renew my vow. God told the Israelites explicitly the same thing. By telling them the articles of worship they needed for worship, they had enough information to be ready. Being prepared, however, is a personal choice based on conviction and determination, things most of us are lacking.

Pray it.

Every place and everything in my life is an altar when I consecrate it in prayer with thanksgiving.


Keywords: Prepare; Altar; Connection

This Day in History

The sons of Korah overcame their fathers' transgressions. (2000)
Perhaps the greatest lie perpetrated by some so-called Christians is their profession of hope. (2001)
Disregarding truth is a liberty given every man. (2002)
Intercession is the greatest privilege of any believer. (2004)
Having authority gives our presentation more persuasion. (2006)
Too often we Christians take for granted the gift we have been given. (2007)
There's no way to know what we miss by failing to spend a few minutes alone with God (2008)
A time card reveals how long we worked, not how hard. (2009)
The WORD of God is a sword, not a knife for spreading jelly. (2010)
There's a time for knowing and a time for showing. (2011)
You can tell a lot about someone by how they pray - or don't. (2012)
Double entendre: change is good but only if needed. (2013)
If you're looking for people, you have to go where they are. (2014)
Humility is having standards higher than humanly achievable. (2015)

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