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Devotional - Thursday, September 29, 2016 273/93

Today's Scripture: "Jesus said to them, 'If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me.'" Jn 8:42

5553. Too often, age is the way people misjudge fitness. JG


See it.

Gray pin-stripes

Live it.

Profiling is the term used for coming to a conclusion about someone from looking at them. It's supposed to be illegal for policemen to do it, but that is the essence of how they operate. We Christians should profile people, not to judge them, but to discern if they need to hear the gospel. Above all, we should recognize that the way someone looks doesn't dictate what they believe, but judging what they do, or don't do, can send mixed signals.

Yesterday an older man came to install a new large format printer in our office which was somewhat challenging. After he completed his work, we relaxed and began to speak light-heartedly to one another. He laughed and said it was not fair for someone my "age" to have such a full head full of hair. I tried to avoid looking at his bald head when I smiled and replied, "I had nothing to do with it. My mother blessed me with good follicles." I think the man was younger than me, but age is not something people generally talk about. As for me, most people think I'm younger than I am. As for my gray hair, people considered me a senior adult twenty years before I was. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter could have the same problem.

Pray it.

The more I learn about You, Father, the more I understand Your Son.


Keywords: Father; Son; Mission

This Day in History

The sons of Korah overcame their fathers' transgressions. (2000)
Perhaps the greatest lie perpetrated by some so-called Christians is their profession of hope. (2001)
Disregarding truth is a liberty given every man. (2002)
Intercession is the greatest privilege of any believer. (2004)
Having authority gives our presentation more persuasion. (2006)
Too often we Christians take for granted the gift we have been given. (2007)
There's no way to know what we miss by failing to spend a few minutes alone with God. (2008)
A time card reveals how long we worked, not how hard. (2009)
The WORD of God is a sword, not a knife for spreading jelly. (2010)
Who buys something and never plans to use it? (2011)
Turn-about is fair prayer. (2012)
God is not the Author of nonsense. (2013)
He who thinks himself something, just proved he's something else. (2014)
Knowing God is trusting Him, not having knowledge of Him. (2015)

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