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Devotional - Friday, September 30, 2016 274/92

Today's Scripture: "Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield." Ps 33:20

5554. It's not waiting if you're working a back-up plan. JG


See it.

No, know go

Live it.

It's a delicate balance between using your skill and experience to do something on your own and allowing God to do it through other people—later than sooner. Waiting on God is what every well-intentioned pastor says he believes, but leading a church to actually do it, is a rarity. We are a society that believes having the power to do something is license to do it regardless of what any "nay-sayer" thinks.

It was several years ago that I was blessed by a brother in Christ. Were were working together on a new project and my friend decided to give me his little red truck rather than sell it on the open market. I'd been trusting God to take care of me but never asked for a vehicle, but learned to live without it. I went for years explaining to people why I hadn't bought a vehicle when I could finally say, "God provided it—in His time." It's amazing how much confidence we have in God when we know He is working.

Pray it.

It's not your gifts that excite me, Jesus, but knowing we can share footprints.


Keywords: Expectation; Trust; Deliverance

This Day in History

God equips those He calls. (2000)
Gideon had all the strength he needed to do what God called him to do. (2001)
By God's grace, children are not condemned to repeat their parent's abuse. (2003)
The truth sets free those who are willing to listen to God and obey. (2004)
Facing death has a way of making important those things dismissed on a daily basis. (2005)
If you want to see the impact of carelessness, just look at your kids. (2006)
God's will doesn't always mean what's best for your interests. (2007)
Peace is usually a product of someone else's sacrifice. (2008)
Life requires one part preparation and two parts dedication. (2009)
Learning a hard lesson might be better if you could experience the ending first. (2010)
Telling is our responsibility, getting someone to listen, God's. (2011)
Forgiveness without forgetfulness is not. (2012)
A good mission statement is listen, learn and live God's Word. (2013)
Victory comes when you're tempted to quit and intensify your effort. (2014)
Trouble is what you make it. (2015)

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