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Devotional - Sunday, October 2, 2016 276/90

Today's Scripture: "They also set up false witnesses who said, 'This man does not cease to speak blasphemous words against this holy place and the law.'" Acts 6:13 

5556. Words, even trivial ones, speak volumes and cannot be taken back. JG


See it.

See no me wave

Live it.

It looks clean now and hard to tell that earlier I went to pour a cup I found hot coffee and grounds on the counter and the floor. It took my wife and I several minutes to clean it up and a while to figure out what happened. I then made a new pot and watched it process. Why is this story notable in light of today's Scripture?

Many people are sidelined from ministry because of the wave of lies and half-truths spoken about them. What's said is seldom true, but even if it is, no one should listen to it much less believe it. They should especially avoid telling anyone else. In the end, it is the repsonsibility of every person to avoid hurting other people.

Pray it.

I'm reminded that You walked the earth in perfection, Jesus, but people still maligned You.


Keywords: Slander; Lies; Witness

This Day in History

Finishing should be our goal before beginning a race. (2000)
Abram was blessed by God for his attitude as well as his trust. (2001)
Whoever would be a good teacher will also be a good learner. (2002)
Don't wait for someone to die before making things right with them. (2003)
Are we praying for answers that fit our expectations? (2004)
The Ark door is still open but God will shut it very soon. (2005)
We're in the right position for God to work when we've tried and failed. (2006)
Just because you take up space doesn't mean you're in control (2007)
We have no power on our own. (2008)
People will do the unimaginable when they believe there is no God. ( (2009)
Responsibility has every gear but neutral. (2010)
Adequate is the tiny spot between enough and too much. (2011)
Desire won't change in the air on your way to heaven. (2012)
Your battles will choose you if you don't choose them first. (2013)
Proper prayer requires preparation and representation. (2014)
Initiative: the prerequisite of accomplishment. (2015)

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