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Devotional - Monday, October 3, 2016 277/89

Today's Scripture: "And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them." Ex 25:8

5557. Worship is a personal experience enjoyed by more than one person. JG


See it.

Spider beside her

Live it.

Their official name is argiope aurantia, but simply called a garden spider. If you're like most people, the first time you encounter one of these big yellow guys, you want to either run or find a way to kill it and then run. What's amazing is how they can construct a huge web over night and are aware of danger when it comes near. Recently, one of these beautiful creatures decided to spin a web right in front of our large rear window. Our family had front row seats to watch him tediously work in a circular fashion until he rested in the center of his large inspect trap. While there was talk of taking down the web, we found it more interesting to watch him. It was even more amazing how he reacted to us approaching him and to our dog who noticed him and couldn't stop barking. I guess, for the time being, spidey has found a sanctuary in the midst of ours.

Pray it.

God, my sanctuary is where Your Spirit has made His home.


Keywords: Sanctuary; Presence; Power

This Day in History

Do you roll over and play dead for your enemies? (2000)
Before you begin to pray, you might want to see if God is paying attention. (2001)
Only a fool tries to hide sin from God. (2002)
Are your motives consistent with your actions? (2003)
The amount of time you spend praying is a true indicator of your love for God. (2004)
If breath comes out of your nose or mouth, then you're alive and a sinner by nature. (2005)
If you feel inadequate to deal with life's problems, you're in the right position to pray. (2006)
Don't expect your reputation to cover the gaps in your spiritual growth. (2007)
What's the difference in praise and flattery? (2008)
We become like those we emulate. (2009)
Why wait until you see God to begin seeing things from His viewpoint? (2010)
Why should we expect people to believe what we don't? (2011)
Loss is the recognition that Jesus is all I have and need. (2012)
Faith, or the lack of it, is visible when the heat is turned up. (2013)
Most people are like a pot looking for a kettle. (2014)
Self-esteem is good—if you can stick a cork in it. (2015)

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