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Devotional - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 278/88

Today's Scripture: "Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word." Jn 8:43

5558. Any bad thing we appease for a good purpose will change our purpose. JG


See it.

Can and able

Live it.

The thing that people most take for granted is the ability to hear. I thought my youth would be responsible for a hearing loss due to the loud music I played in a band. I've since learned that loud doesn't have to be painful. If your noise imposes on your neighbor, then you need to turn it down or put buds in your ears. Our culture has become one of imposing noise and the louder the better. Look around and you'd think that children are born playing xBox with ear buds in their ears.

Loud was beautiful in my youth, but as an adult I've put aside childish things and grown to love silence. It only makes sense that worldly churches try to attract young people by playing loud pulsating music in worship services. We are now seeing pastors who grew up under the influence of imposing noise, lead congregations and defend their bad choices. What are we to do when the only music we can hear is what plays within?

Pray it.

Your presence is more rhythmic to me, God, than a thousand strings and drums.


Keywords: Hearing; Noise; Distraction

This Day in History

George Washington was bulletproof to the indians, but he never faced today's media. (2000)
The Thummin has been replaced by the Person of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. (2001)
False listening can be as bad as false teaching. (2002)
May our life be summarized by the simple phrase, "He believed God." (2003)
Recovering from a break-in is as emotional as replacing what was stolen. (2004)
Gaining riches shouldn't motivate us, but pleasing God should! (2005)
The simplest prayer is honest emotion and expressing dependence on God. (2006)
Freedom is lost the moment we're unwilling to give up something so others can enjoy it. (2007)
Apathy will eat you up one nibble at a time. (2008)
When did you start to get crusty. (2009)
A blessing is what we parents ask God to do in our absence. (2010)
It's not the gift or the cost that matters, but the reason. (2011)
God's forgiveness is reserved for those who can't live without it. (2012)
The sun will rise, though often behind dark clouds. (2013)
A chain reaction is only stopped by someone's refusal to react. (2014)
Problems are exposed by identifying what’s not. (2015)

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