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Devotional - Friday, October 7, 2016 281/85

Today's Scripture: "For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name." Ps 33:21

5561. Trust means nothing until you test it. JG


See it.

Chooser losers

Live it.

Choices define how we will live today. Most of us work in order to provide monetary support for ourselves and our family. But the kind of work we do is a choice and the employer we have is a choice. The choices continue to include where we live, what we drive and where we go. Notice that ALL these choices can be changed in a moment. We might do it, or someone might do it for us. Aren't you glad that some choices are forever and no one can take it away from you. Such is choosing to trust God and place your life and future in His hands. Hallelujah!

Every Monday night now for over two years, I've spoken to addicts in rehab about life choices. If you knew me, you'd think me ill equipped to counsel anyone else on making right choices. I admit and tell the men all the time that if God hadn't entered my life and changed me, I'd be in worse shape than them. Having said that, God didn't make those choices for me, but allowed me to decide. In essence, God changes people by patiently working in them to help them make the right choices. First, however, God has to be in you to do anything and that makes one choice more important than any other. Have you made the decision to allow God in your life to fix you? Trust me when I tell you, you can trust God to do that and more when you surrender your life to Him.

Pray it.

Thank You, Jesus, for making room for me at Your table.


Keywords: Choice; Decision; Trust

This Day in History

The Urim and Thummin stones were viewed to reveal God's direction. (2000)
Esther is a great example of boldly going before the throne of mercy. (2001)
Failing to use the authority of Jesus' name is abuse of power. (2002)
It's sad that most Christians are waiting for death to see God's glory. (2004)
God loves us in spite of our ignorance. (2005)
If we really believed God answered prayer, we'd do more of it. (2006)
What harm can man do when God is in charge? (2007)
Responsibility without authority? (2008)
When we submit to another, we place ourselves in God's hands. (2009)
Keep the main thing the main thing or you'll believe anything. (2010)
Is the light at the end of your dark tunnel a bear with a flashlight? (2011)
No degree of circumstance changes what God expects of me. (2012)
Nature should remind us of God, not be our god. (2013)
Our reputation might improve after we’re dead and we can’t live to prove it wrong. (2014)
Pay-back is not just a negative term. (2015)

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