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Devotional - Sunday, October 9, 2016 283/83

Today's Scripture: "For we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and change the customs which Moses delivered to us.” Acts 6:14

5563. If you think no one is listening, then why say it? JG


See it.

Hearsay hay

Live it.

In this information age, opinions are formed and decisions are made from partial or incomplete information. And depending on the reliability of the one saying it, lives may even be changed. In my case, my thoughts are recorded on a digital recorder which comprises the core of my daily personal journal. I have untold hours of personal thoughts and prayer contained on these digital files that may never be added to my written journal. Even then, some things are too personal to leave in the permanence of a published record. Few people leave footprints of what they "thought," but enter the daily published devotional of Prayertower. No one will will need to profile me after my death. Just read what I wrote everyday and you'll find that I profiled myself.

One of the dreadful things about computers and communication is the ease of something being said that can't be taken back. Text messaging is the worst offender because the computer can attempt to correct your speech by spell-checking after you press "Send." If you're not careful to read what you entered, what is sometimes sent can be most disturbing, if not vulgar. But for the case of the writer, it's worse because composition requires writing things that are always revised, if not deleted, before publishing. That's when proof-readers are employed, or not. Sorry to whomever I've offended by my thoughts.

Pray it.

If there's one one thing I fear, God, it's losing my discretion.


Keywords: Words; Impression; Neglect

This Day in History

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An ark of refuge is secure when God is the Navigator. (2007)
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Our prayer life, or lack of it, reveals our relationship with God. (2014)
For some, a truce is an opportunity to reload your weapon. (2015)

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