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Devotional - Sunday, October 23, 2016 297/69

Today's Scripture: "Then the high priest said, 'Are these things so?'” Acts 7:1

5577. Confusion + seclusion = illusion + delusion. JG


See it.

Layer the butter

Live it.

Delusion is the condition where a person interacts with something that is not real. Having known some people who have been out of touch with reality for years, I know first hand how frustrating it can be for everyone around them. Ours is, after all, a society that promotes fantasy like it is reality and doesn't just condone delusion, but profits from it. It's natural then for delusional people to believe everyone else has the problem and only those who agree with them are normal. The fact that there is a spiritual realm as real as this physical one only confirms how easy it is for a person to lose grip with reality.

Watching a movie the other night, I was again reminded how delusion begins with opening your mind to the unknown. The room goes dark and sound accompanies an image of someone living in another time and place. In short, the sights and sounds work in harmony with the action on the screen to make you "lose" yourself. Then, upon walking out of the theater and stepping into the light and popcorn on the floor, you are suddenly reacquainted with reality. You lose track of day and time, of appointments and commitments to allow the story to manipulate your mind. I wonder if delusional people can't get out of the theater of their mind?

Pray it.

Thank You, God, for the clarity of Your word and the fact it never changes.


Keywords: Confused; Ignorant; Delusion

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