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Devotional - Monday, October 24, 2016 298/68

Today's Scripture: "He who loves transgression loves strife, and he who exalts his gate seeks destruction." Pr. 17:19

5578. Peace is knowing you win—regardless the outcome. JG


See it.

Reese's peace

Live it.

You've no doubt heard the saying, "misery loves company." That's no more true than in church. I've known of a few people in my life who could walk in a room and make lights dim. In the same way, some can seemingly lighten up the spirit in a room just by being there. I hope you are in that second group and not someone who feels their reason for living is to find out what's "wrong" and share it with others. It seems to me that joy and peace cannot be hidden even if you try.

One of the benefits of sitting in the choir on Sunday mornings is seeing all the faces of people in the congregation. There is one person whose joyful smile is contagious and always makes me smile, but most of the congregation looks like they're waiting for service to be over. It's a good thing that the joy of the Lord doesn't need company in order to express itself.

Pray it.

Your peace, God, brings me joy and confidence.


Keywords: Trouble; Joy; Peace

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