2016 Scriptural & Topical Reference - Just Thinkin'...

Pr. 18:5 Friends 20161231 5646. Friendship is synonymous with good memories. Segregate congregate
Ps 34:11 Teach 20161230 5645. Learning is the product of desire. Go - no go
Jn 9:9 News 20161229 5644. Opinions are impotent and short-lived. Anti-matter
Ex 25:32 Menorah 20161228 5643. Hope in futility is denial. Happy Holydays
Jn 9:8 Honest 20161227 5642. Questions are asked at Calvary and answered at the empty tomb. Something's different
Ex 25:31 Part 20161226 5641. Most failures are the product of non-integrated components. Continuitous
Acts 7:10 Deliverance 20161225 5640. Whoever said you can't watch what you can't see doesn't know God. Rightly rigged
Pr. 18:4 Invest 20161224 5639. A good investment yields good fruit. Daily portion
Ps 34:10 Seeker 20161223 5638. Seekers are not needy but could be characterized as hungry. The times, they are changin'
Ex 25:30 Evidence 20161221 5636. What's in me will consistently come out of me. Regularity
Jn 9:6 Minister 20161220 5635. What you do can preach far better than what you say. Pour it on
Ex 25:29 Holy 20161219 5634. Instructions are profitable only if you know and follow them. Through and through
Acts 7:9 Troubles 20161218 5633. Leverage overcoming weight was a spiritual law before a physical one. To name a few
Pr. 18:3 Wicked 20161217 5632. Who but politicians compare bad with worse and call it good? Escalating empty
Ps 34:9 Desire 20161216 5631. A truly rich man gives away more than he has. Without saying
Jn 9:5 Light 20161215 5630. Temporary is a call to action. Rise and shine
Ex 25:27 Support 20161212 5627. No one walks who wasn't taught and no one stands without support. Down-line
Acts 7:8 Family 20161211 5626. Family is proof we belong. It is written
Pr. 18:2 Expression 20161210 5625. Hyperbole without accountability defines today's journalism. Enough rope
Ps 34:8 Blessed 20161209 5624. Experience trumps discussion. Toothpick delicacy
Jn 9:3 Hardship 20161208 5623. Circumstances only provide a background for my attitude. Why?
Ex 25:26 Connect 20161207 5622. Loosely attached means easily disconnected. Connection point
Jn 9:2 Teachable 20161206 5621. Listening requires attentive application to be learning. No cigar
Ex 25:25 Respect 20161205 5620.  Disrespect yields disregard. Revere relish
Acts 7:7 Nations 20161204 5619.  Slavery doesn't necessitate chains. Rule the ruler
Pr. 18:1 Harmony 20161203 5618. Power doesn't need expression to exist. Balance be-am
Ps 34:7 Protect 20161202 5617. What you don't see is the reason why you can see. Safe at home
Jn 9:1 Mission 20161201 5616. Not all invitations have an RSVP. Around the corner
Ex 25:24 Plan 20161130 5615. The source of information takes precedence over the content. Planned disaster
Jn 8:59 Opposition 20161129 5614. Unlike radicalism, righteousness will stand alone. Now you know
Ex 25:23 Tabernacle 20161128 5613. Presentation should not detract from presence. X-rays
Acts 7:6 Cost 20161127 5612.  Everything of value comes at a personal cost. Follow the loser
Pr. 17:28 Perception 20161126 5611. Peace requires more than muzzles and ear plugs. Appear appeal
Ps 34:6 Failure 20161125 5610. Presume failure and watch it happen. Cycle mania
Jn 8:58 Abraham 20161124 5609. Momentum is based on what was—moving what is. The True Revelator
Ex 25:23 Support 20161123 5608. Nothing stands without a support mechanism. Life support
Jn 8:57 Distrust 20161122 5607. Doubt breeds distrust before detachment. Impasse posse
Ex 25:22 Information 20161121 5606. Partially right is totally wrong. Informant
Acts 7:5 Parents 20161120 5605. The smallest thing can produce the greatest benefit. Parent prize
Pr. 17:27 Knowledge 20161119 5604. The art of listening is exacted in preclusion. Listen up
Ps 34:5 Joy 20161118 5603. Joy is not a temporary feeling but confident assurance. Make you wanna
Ex 25:21 Cover 20161116 5601. A cover is not presentation but preparation for the presentation. In-sourced
Jn 8:55 Obedience 20161115 5600. Friends don't have to be asked. Keepers
Ex 25:20 Focus 20161114 5599. It's hard to see good if bad has your attention. Segregather
Acts 7:4 Paradise 20161113 5598. Only an ingrate has to lose something to appreciate it Dead weight & Living wait
Pr. 17:26 Triumph 20161112 5597. To mock the righteous is to mock God. Mixed veggies
Ps 34:4 Seeker 20161111 5596. Sustained victory comes from knowing your friends and not forgetting your enemies. Finders
Jn 8:54 Honor 20161110 5595. Power doesn't have to be seen to be powerful. My Source of course.
Ex 25:19 Balance 20161109 5594. If you never leave, you'll never have to come back. Balance
Jn 8:53 Credentials 20161108 5593. I thought I was something until I met Someone who is everything. The Limited
Ex 25:18 Artist 20161107 5592. The work of our hands defines the worth of our time. Patterns
Acts 7:3 Family 20161106 5591. It's seldom we find what we are not looking for. Moving day
Pr. 17:25 Children 20161105 5590. The legacy of lunacy is a child raising a child. Wax on, wax off
Ps 34:3 Attention 20161104 5589. Creativity is seeing what few do and making something out of it. Calling all psalmists.
Jn 8:52 Ignorance 20161103 5588.  A conclusion based on ignorance makes the truth your enemy. Thought scrubber
Ex 25:17 Specifications 20161102 5587. You can't follow instructions you don't know. Plans and specs
Jn 8:51 Death 20161101 5586. Truth never applied may be a one-time opportunity. Deal breaker
Ex 25:16 Word 20161031 5585. Collapse begins with neglect of the obvious. What's inside?
Pr. 17:24 Wisdom 20161029 5583. What we see is determined by our faith. Seeing is doubting
Ps 34:2 Praise 20161028 5582. Praise is the transference of honor to the one who truly deserves it. Choosing teams
Jn 8:50 Ego 20161027 5581. Perspective is good, but purpose is better. Willy or won't he?
Pr. 17:19 Trouble 20161024 5578. Peace is knowing you win—regardless the outcome. Reese's peace
Acts 7:1 Delusion 20161023 5577.  Confusion + seclusion = illusion + delusion. Layer the butter
Pr. 17:23 Dishonesty 20161022 5576. No one's above the law who is not under judgment. Rotten tomatoes
Ps 34:1 Attention 20161021 5575. You'll never finish what you never start. Counting continuum
Jn 8:48 Ignorant 20161020 5574.  What could have been always seems better than what is. Loyaltree
Ex 25:13 Specification 20161019 5573. The value of a work in process is found in the artist. Sacred shavings
Jn 8:47 Relationship 20161018 5572. Silence is the loudest communication there is. 
Winner, winner, chicken sinner.
Ex 25:12 Ark 20161017 5571. Connection is good—with proper balance and singular direction. Carry co-op
Acts 6:15 Angels 20161016 5570. Losing focus is the first step in losing your way. Need to see
Pr. 17:22 Joy 20161015 5569. Life is not a choice, but a God-given privilege. Who is that?
Ps 33:22 Hope 20161014 5568. High hopes may seem good to some, but trusting God never fails. Savor the favor
Jn 8:46 Witness 20161013 5567. The right answer to the wrong question is wasted time. Question God?
Ex 25:11 Purpose 20161012 5566. You can't take my joy, but I'll be glad to share it with you. Smiley
Jn 8:45 Offend 20161011 5565. Truth never leans on opinion nor seeks it. Cochlisear
Ex 25:10 Story 20161010 5564. Truth never yields to accommodate a teaching plan. Connect this
Acts 6:14 Words 20161009 5563. If you think no one is listening, then why say it? Hearsay hay
Pr. 17:21 Parents 20161008 5562. Youth can be the religion of invincibility. Family faux
Ps 33:21 Trust 20161007 5561. Trust means nothing until you test it. Chooser losers
Jn 8:44 Abuse 20161006 5560. Trends can be ignored, but collateral damage cannot. Sin sowing
Ex 25:9 PSL 20161005 5559. It takes two to communicate, one to irritate and a ton to fumigate. Signals
Jn 8:43 Distraction 20161004 5558. Any bad thing we appease for a good purpose will change our purpose. Can and able
Ex 25:8 Sanctuary 20161003 5557. Worship is a personal experience enjoyed by more than one person Spider beside her
Acts 6:13 Lies 20161002 5556. Words, even trivial ones, speak volumes and cannot be taken back. See no me wave
Pr. 17:20 Trap 20161001 5555. Telling a lie is the futile attempt to not look like a liar. Olympic metal
Ps 33:20 Expectation 20160930 5554. It's not waiting if you're working a back-up plan. No, know go
Jn 8:42 Son 20160929 5553. Too often, age is the way people misjudge fitness. Gray pin-stripes
Ex 25:7 Meeting 20160928 5552. Too many meetings take time that could be used to accomplish something. Faces & places
Jn 8:41 Father 20160927 5551. Where you came from is not nearing as important as where you are going. Power source
Ex 25:6 Connection 20160926 5550. There is no good excuse for being unprepared.  Sudden expectation
Ex 25:14 Respect 20160924 5548. Rules are established to provide safe boundaries. Utility futility
Jn 8:40 Denial 20160922 5546. What could be is because of what is, not what could have been. Silence the critic
Ex 25:5 Sacrifice 20160921 5545.Careful Instructions deserve prompt attention.  Picture that
Jn 8:39 Works 20160920 5544. Belief is either confirmed or contradicted by our action or lack of it. Father farthers
Ex 25:4 Useful 20160919 5543. The largest things are dependent on the integrity of the smallest components. Holy recipe
Acts 6:11 Subterfuge 20160918 5542. If I choose to believe a lie, it's my fault. Low blow
Pr. 17:18 Pledge 20160917 5541. Promises are seldom consolation when made hastily. Self con
Ps 33:18 Salvation 20160916 5540. Unsupervised employees are temporary. Relian-see
Jn 8:38 Mentor 20160915 5539. Character is as much rejection as reflection. Be likes
Jn 8:37 Religion 20160913 5537. A dead end is literally where religion takes you. Dead-end gods
Ex 25:2 Giving 20160912 5536. People make up the church, not social security numbers. Forced Compliance
Acts 6:10 Convince 20160911 5535. I don't make misnakes. Con Vince
Pr. 17:17 Adversity 20160910 5534. Adversity builds the character required to endure it. Reason for the squeezin'
Ps 33:17 Strength 20160909 5533. You can't fix something that won't break again. Disruptor
Jn 8:36 Free 20160908 5532. Value is seldom related to price. New redo
Ex 25:1 Pray 20160907 5531. Sufficient time depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on. Timing belt
Jn 8:35 Home 20160906 5530. Any place that is temporary is not home. Relate this
Ex 24:18 Meeting 20160905 5529. How can you redeem time you don’t watch? What time is it?
Acts 6:9 Education 20160904 5528.  Education without discretion is like driving a car without steering or brakes. Smarty pantz
Pr. 17:16 Science 20160903 5527. The best choice is surrendering it to God. Choosing losing
Ps 33:16 Reliance 20160902 5526. Claiming dimished capacity is limiting God. Average
Jn 8:34 Freedom 20160901 5525. Being in the right place requires vacating the wrong one. Oblivious opinions
Ex 24:17 Awe 20160831 5524. Power is what you think you have before you lose it. PowerFULL
Jn 8:33 Slave 20160830 5523. Every man is a slave, but not everyone knows his master. Short memory
Ex 24:16 Rest 20160829 5522. The best work comes out of sufficient rest. Dazed
Acts 6:8 Signs 20160828 5521. Not everything that appears good is good. Who dunnit?
Pr. 17:15 Vote 20160827 5520. There are no different levels of wrong. Justifruit
Ps 33:15 Edify 20160826 5519. Creativity is more genius than having a high IQ. Juice
Jn 8:32 Truth 20160825 5518. Truth never changes except in perception. Touchy feely
Ex 24:15 Meeting 20160824 5517. Missing a meeting shows what you think of the host. Cloudy forecast
Jn 8:31 Abide 20160823 5516. If it moves, it can break. Abider
Ex 24:14 Problems 20160822 5515. Solving problems is ninety percent detective work and ten percent mechanical. Down time
Acts 6:7 Growth 20160821 5514. Before you start to multiply, make sure your addition is correct. Border Less
Pr. 17:14 Strife 20160820 5513. In every fight, someone starts it, someone finishes it and they both lose. Trapeze Artists
Ps 33:14 Observation 20160819 5512. Proximity to the source determines more than what you see and hear.
Accounted for
Jn 8:30 Belief 20160818 5511. My belief doesn't make something true. Chooser
Ex 24:13 Attendance 20160817 5510. Training someone requires lessening your expectation. Select elect
Jn 8:29 Holy 20160816 5509. Seeing is one thing, being quite another. Holy Loop
Ex 24:12 Meeting 20160815 5508. You can't climb a mountain sitting in the valley. Good fit
Acts 6:6 Authority 20160814 5507. Omission is the emission in most commissions. Lay me down
Pr. 17:13 Evil 20160813 5506. Doing the wrong thing gets easier the more you do it.  Sticky wicked
Ps 33:13 Omnipresence 20160812 5505. To focus in the wrong direction is human. icu
Jn 8:28 Speech 20160811 5504. Most of us won’t look up until we're upside down Double take
Ex 24:11 Fellowship 20160810 5503. Not all missed opportunities present themselves again Fellowmiss
Jn 8:27 Understanding 20160809 5502. Asking the right question is a skill above knowing right answers. Misreception
Acts 6:5 Qualify 20160807 5500. Acting happy depends on how much stuff you have to mask. Before and before
Pr. 17:12 Fool 20160806 5499. Temporary is a lifestyle satisfed with a worthy goal. Duncing with stars
Ps 33:12 Ungrateful 20160805 5498. With blessing comes the responsibility to pass it on. Paradise Lost
Jn 8:26 Words 20160804 5497. I won't have to take back what I don't say; what I'm thinking is another matter. Say "Ahhh"
Ex 24:9 Family 20160803 5496. Some things that go around never come back around. Time and place
Jn 8:25 Identity 20160802 5495. Instructions from conflicting sources are impossible to follow. Remix resist
Ex 24:8 Promise 20160801 5494. Learning what not to change is as important as any change. Purr-fect
Acts 6:4 Ministry 20160731 5493. Worry is thinking you’re responsible for something that’s not your problem. Duplimaker
Ps 33:11 Plans 20160729 5491. The most important thing I do today might be to plan tomorrow. Ready-set-change
Jn 8:24 Death 20160728 5490. The thing about choice is you have to be alive to have it. Telling timer
Ex 24:7 Bible 20160727 5489. What we fail to memorize, we are willing to forget. Fingers
Jn 8:23 Separation 20160726 5488. Where I've been is not nearly as important as where I am going Origination negation
Ex 24:6 Offering 20160725 5487. Lazy people think that watching is doing. Portions
Acts 6:3 Deacon 20160724 5486. Labels tell us what to expect, but not neccessarily what we'll get. Deacon beacon
Pr. 17:10 Rebuke 20160723 5485. I don’t need anyone but God trying to think for me. Buke me bro
Ps 33:10 Nations 20160722 5484. Everyone but God answers to someone else. NATO say so
Jn 8:22 Confusion 20160721 5483. Outside the box is still in it for most people. Disconnect
Ex 24:5 Religion 20160720 5482. The best copy is never as good as the original. Impressionists
Pr. 17:9 Words 20160716 5478. It's not just what you say but how you say it that matters. Completely discrete
Ps 33:9 Master 20160715 5477. Expectation can be a cruel master. Presto chango
Jn 8:20 Timing 20160714 5476. What harm can come when God is between us and our trouble? Safe zone
Ex 24:3 Fear 20160713 5475. I prove my intention by what I do, not what I say. Acquiescent nonsense
Jn 8:19 Relationship 20160712 5474. 5474. I sometime wonder if God regrets giving man a mouth. JG Splain it please
Ex 24:2 Intimacy 20160711 5473. Someone in a relationship is expected to relate. Up close
Pr. 17:8 Gifts 20160709 5471. Be different—pick up a pen and write a letter. When she comes
Ps 33:8 Fear 20160708 5470. Pride leads to arrogance which ends in insignificance. Little is perspective
Jn 8:18 Greatness 20160707 5469. Truth has an eternal shelf-life. Grit n grind
Ex 24:1 Worship 20160706 5468. Where we spend more time is an indicator of what we love. and personal
Jn 8:17 Accuracy 20160705 5467.  Standards are rules for things that aren’t. Applicator
Ex 23:33 Snare 20160704 5466. Knowing we have a problem is not motivation to remove it. Mix & Mangle
Acts 5:42 Time 20160703 5465. Time is more valuable than money because you cannot get it back. Oppor-tune
Pr. 17:7 Speech 20160702 5464. Expediency is consistently doing the right thing. Diddie do?
Ps 33:7 Rescue 20160701 5463. Backup is worthless until tested. Comfort keepers
Jn 8:16 Revelation 20160630 5462. What we see often interferes with what we should see. Blurry blocker
Jn 8:15 Judge 20160628 5460. Judges should interpret the law, not make a new one. Restriction retraction
Ex 23:30 Wait 20160622 5454. It's doubtful I will find what I am not looking for. Tic Tic
Jn 8:13 Justification 20160621 5453.  Only losers maintain the status quo. Ripley moment
Ex 23:29 Provision 20160620 5452. Perseverance is outlasting your opposition. JG  Measured mercy
Acts 5:40 Mob 20160619 5451. God may ask us to use the term denomination and pastor in a sentence. Kangaroos
Pr. 17:5 Gloat 20160618 5450. Get ready to experience, if not exceed, what you mock. Merci
Ps 33:5 Discernment 20160617 5449. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Elephant
Jn 8:12 Light 20160616 5448. It's curious how we don't notice the light until we find ourselves in darkness. Light 'em up!
Ex 23:28 Battle 20160615 5447. Why fight a battle that's not yours and you can't win? Inept prep
Jn 8:11 Condemn 20160614 5446. It takes someone special to make something out of nothing. Hate relate
Ex 23:27 Confusion 20160613 5445. No one wants to go to war, but it is coming to you regardless. Fear fear
Acts 5:39 Resist 20160612 5444. Identify your opponent and who's on your team before declaring war. IT
Pr. 17:4 Lie 20160611 5443. To a liar, the truth is a lie. GulliBill
Ps 33:4 New 20160610 5442. Here's a clue just for you: new only rhymes with true. The Core
Jn 8:10 Guilt 20160609 5441. Character is shown in losing more than winning. Downwords
Jn 8:9 Conscience 20160607 5439. Blame is misdirection. Convicts
Ex 23:25 Bless 20160606 5438. When neglect equals resolve, others suffer. Blessology
Acts 5:38 Ignore 20160605 5437. Ignorance and disobedience are only different in their spelling. Ignore n snore
Ps 33:3 Sing 20160603 5435. New means respectfully different, not necessarily original. Tinkerbells
Jn 8:8 Time 20160602 5434. You may not hear well, but your listening skills don't require it. Pockets
Ex 23:24 Destruction 20160601 5433. It's natural to love promises, ignore conditions and then complain. The left side
Jn 8:7 Judgment 20160531 5432. Life is an eraser that eventually removes everything that is ungodly. Need more time?
Ex 23:23 Trouble 20160530 5431. Knowing who and when is more important than knowing how. Gaggle giggle
Acts 5:37 Hate 20160529 5430. Things get worse on their way to getting better. Influenzed
Pr. 17:2 Discipline 20160528 5429. With knowledge comes responsibility to teach and live it. What goes around
Ps 33:2 Instrument 20160527 5428. Enjoy what you have—while you have it. Ten-string memories
Jn 8:6 Doodle 20160526 5427. Silence might be the best teacher of all. Menacing moments
Ex 23:21 Name 20160523 5424. We should not assume God's tolerance of sinners as tolerant of sin. Eazy peasy
Acts 5:36 Popular 20160522 5423. Lasting popularity is the result of humility enduring fame. Bobble wobble
Pr. 17:1 Quiet 20160521 5422. Wearing ear buds around people implies that they are irrelevant. Downtown
Ps 33:1 Praise 20160520 5421. Changing something that doesn't need changing is an practice that needs changing. Associative neglect
Jn 8:4 Recovery 20160519 5420. Problems are the means by which character is either demonstrated or developed. Worst case
Ex 23:20 Guardian 20160518 5419. Every beginning marks where Someone else has been. Snow-plower power
Jn 8:3 Journal 20160517 5418. I can deal with trouble; it's the trouble-makers that concern me. Saw that coming
Ex 23:19 Respect 20160516 5417.  We don't give to get, but get to give. Reversal of fortune
Acts 5:35 Intention 20160515 5416. 5416. Intention without sacrificial conviction means nothing. Lazy bones
Pr. 16:33 Chance 20160514 5415. I may not know who did it, but there's little doubt Who's behind it. Lucky and mucky
Ps 32:11 Celebrate 20160513 5414. I can give you sneakers but I can’t make you run. Double doody
Jn 8:2 Resourses 20160512 5413. Going back is not an option, but learning from it is. In-sourcing
Ex 23:18 Precision 20160511 5412. Being on time seldom depends on what time it is. Timer off
Jn 8:1 Prayer 20160510 5411. How can I know someone without spending time with them? Nearly there
Ex 23:17 Family 20160509 5410. Time moves on; try to keep up. It's that time
Acts 5:34 Crowd 20160508 5409. Discipline administered in anger is another name for abuse. Time out
Pr. 16:32 Anger 20160507 5408. If anger can take you down, then peace can lift you up. Chained reaction
Ps 32:10 Trust 20160506 5407. Persecution will reveal your conviction or lack of it. Mercy me
Jn 7:53 Home 20160505 5406.  A house is a structure, a home should be a blessing. Ever so humble
Ex 23:16 Giving 20160504 5405. There's a time for everything—regardless if you make the time. Mis-giving
Jn 7:52 Questions 20160503 5404. Change is good as long as the change is good. Rowdy rift
Ex 23:15 Suffer 20160502 5403. The reason we have memory is so we can remember to remember. Seasoned reason
Acts 5:33 Displeasure 20160501 5402. Pulp Fiction: more paper work improves efficiency.  Grow, no grow
Pr. 16:31 Old 20160430 5401. Birthdays are funny, first you like them, then you don't, then you do. True Grit
Ps 32:9 Bold 20160429 5400. If you plan on changing, what’s wrong with doing it now? Stutter utter
Jn 7:51 Judge 20160428 5399. Who cares what sound a falling tree makes—unless you're under it.
Ex 23:14 Sacrifice 20160427 5398. You can't forget what you failed to memorize. Altar ego
Jn 7:50 Fearful 20160426 5397. Before you can stand out, you must stand up. Marco
Ex 23:13 Desire 20160425 5396.  Where we choose to spend our "free" time exposes our true love. Regard Less
Acts 5:32 Spirit 20160424 5395. What we are is proven when we think no one is watching. Arise and shine
Pr. 16:30 Evil 20160423 5394. Every problem has One solution. Trust me
Ps 32:8 Direction 20160422 5393. Life is tough; it must be tougher going it alone. Answers in waiting
Jn 7:49 Control 20160421 5392. Aside from Scripture, what we think won't change probably will. Hurtin' fer certain
Ex 23:12 Rest 20160420 5391.  Rest is relief on both sides of pressure. Stop here—please!
Jn 7:48 Credentials 20160419 5390. If you aren't a duck but walk like one, the ducks will call you out. Boyz club
Ex 23:11 Holy 20160418 5389. Service over self is good, if there is enough self to do the serving. Hallowed fallow
Acts 5:31 Relationship 20160417 5388. Who in a relationship does not relate? K.I.S.S.
Ps 32:7 Safety 20160415 5386. Home is where you make it. Home run
Jn 7:47 Answers 20160414 5385. Non-partisan is a futile attempt to appear unbiased. I beg to differ
Ex 23:10 Work 20160413 5384. Work while you can, can your work, then you can sit on your can. While we're young.
Jn 7:46 Converse 20160412 5383. I'm not sure what you heard is what I thought I said. Apparency
Ex 23:9 Empathy 20160411 5382. Just because I know how you feel doesn't mean I want to feel it again. Empathetics
Acts 5:30 Israel 20160410 5381. It doesn't matter who you think God is—unless you're wrong. Implication imputation
Pr. 16:28 Words 20160409 5380. What we don't say may be more important than what we do. Watch yo mouth
Ps 32:6 Seek 20160408 5379. When times get tough, it's time to lace up. Did you see that?
Ex 23:8 Bribe 20160406 5377. Give and take are fine as long as one person doesn't do one and not the other. By any other name
Jn 7:45 Expectation 20160407 5378. Expectations are good if someone else has them. Expectinate
Jn 7:44 Time 20160405 5376. What we consider the right time, may not be to the Time-Keeper. Timed delay
Ex 23:7 Association 20160404 5375. Association is the adoption of someone else's plans. Associnate
Acts 5:29 Experience 20160403 5374. Youth is wasted on the young. Apply inside
Pr. 16:27 Speech 20160402 5373. Anger causes us to bring up things that we claim to have forgiven and forgotten. Let it go
Jn 7:43 Solve 20160331 5371. In God's economy, the worst candidate can be the best person for the job. JG Splitting heirs
Ex 23:6 Poor 20160330 5370. Something's value is determined by how much it costs to replace it. Final word
Jn 7:42 Blindness 20160329 5369.   Using the term “impossible” exposes a limited thinker. Obvious obliviousity
Ex 23:5 Enemy 20160328 5368. Enemies make best friends. Sola
Acts 5:28 Intention 20160327 5367.  Belief in the wrong thing is disbelief in the right thing.  It's not me, it's you
Pr. 16:26 Motivation 20160326 5366. A new goal should be set higher than the previous one. Snoozer loser
Ps 32:4 Refreshed 20160325 5365. Success usually comes when we're not expecting it. Long time, no see
Jn 7:41 Prophecy 20160324 5364. Facts are not changed by someone's refusal to hear it. Dubiocity
Ex 23:4 Find 20160323 5363. Friends are made in battle, not in the bar after the fight. Lose something?
Jn 7:40 Claim 20160322 5362. Attention is what you pay, retention what you keep. Convincinator
Ex 23:3 Poor 20160321 5361. Assuming debt is a presumption on the future. One man's trouble
Acts 5:27 Court 20160320 5360. Everything has a price, even things with seemingly negative value. Trumped and jumped
Pr. 16:25 Way 20160319 5359. A loophole is a Band-Aid for a previous bad decision. High Way
Ps 32:3 Endurance 20160318 5358. I haven't lost anything, I just forgot where I put it. Lame proclaim
Jn 7:39 Listen 20160317 5357. The word better is based on what is considered good. In its time
Ex 23:2 StandAlone 20160316 5356. Teamwork is cooperation among people with different ideas and the same goal. Unique peek
Jn 7:38 Spirit 20160315 5355. How can people read our label unless we live inside out? In & Out
Ex 23:1 Slander 20160314 5354. Point a finger and get three back at you. Truth detractor
Acts 5:26 Control 20160313 5353. The last One standing makes the rules. Liberty v license
Pr. 16:24 Words 20160312 5352. Spoken words are not always indicative of what's not. Of noise and medicine
Ps 32:2 Iniquity 20160311 5351. Some is none when it comes to obedience. A, B, Sinner
Jn 7:37 Drunk 20160310 5350. Futility is assuming a responsibility God didn’t give you. Wagons and seat-belts
Ex 22:31 Worldly 20160309 5349. Slight separation means little difference. Seduce and Induce
Jn 7:36 Questions 20160308 5348. Only a true friend will answer the questions we aren't asking but should be. QNA
Ex 22:30 Give 20160307 5347. Nothing says lovin' like giving someone somethin'. Pick up game
Acts 5:25 Teach 20160306 5346. School may get you a job, but a job will school you. Cause and deflect
Pr. 16:23 Learn 20160305 5345. Blending makes something different look not so. One of these things
Ps 32:1 Forgiveness 20160304 5344. Worship with unconfessed sin is idolatry by another name. Right connection
Jn 7:35 Found 20160303 5343.  A lock is useless without a key. The lost key
Ex 22:28 Complain 20160229 5340.Misery is where whining takes you. A whiner shiner
Acts 5:24 Wait 20160228 5339. I've learned to wait—as long as it doesn't take too long. Conditions change
Ps 31:24 Hope 20160226 5337. You can’t go forward looking backward; at least you shouldn’t. Change is on the way
Jn 7:33 Home 20160225 5336. Family is sharing the same goals and spending significant time together. Goon tomorrow
Ex 22:27 Collection 20160224 5335. Compassion is assistance, not pity. Can you spare a dime
Jn 7:32 Status-quo 20160223 5334.  Looking for answers from within the problem is futile. Indefensible defense
Ex 22:26 Promise 20160222 5333. Borrow something and you will pay for it but not own it. Short term
Acts 5:23 Test 20160221 5332. Creation is incomplete without proper maintenance. Here today
Pr. 16:21 Prudent 20160220 5331. The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying. Keep 'em close
Ps 31:23 Arrogance 20160219 5330. Discipline is character under fire, judgment fire under a character. Arrogantitus
Jn 7:31 Messiah 20160218 5329.  Expectation can easily keep us from realization. Risen indeed.
Ex 22:25 Debt 20160217 5328. There's no such thing as a free loan. The Quicken and the Dead
Jn 7:30 Providence 20160216 5327. Time is the means by which we practice what we believe. Assurance policy
Ex 22:24 Dependent 20160215 5326.  Voters concern me far more than those they elect. The sky has fallen
Acts 5:22 Surprise 20160214 5325. The best made plans are seldom static but always in transition. Oh, boy.
Pr. 16:20 Obligation 20160213 5324. Belief breeds conviction and action, not preference and knowledge. Go, no go.
Ps 31:22 Winning 20160212 5323. If you don't use it, you're willing to lose it. Young as dirt
Jn 7:29 Origin 20160211 5322. Maturity is cutting immaturity some slack. Good blood
Ex 22:23 Payback 20160210 5321. Excellence means working harder in order to do something better. It's just what we do.
Jn 7:28 Credentials 20160209 5320. Opportunities are where you find them. My Source
Ex 22:22 Care 20160208 5319.  Abba is a Daddy who will never leave or forget His children. Help wanted
Acts 5:21 Diligent 20160207 5318.The gap between can’t and won’t is surrender. Fleeting control
Pr. 16:19 Humility 20160206 5317. Knowing your place means seldom staying there. Looking up
Ps 31:21 Secure 20160205 5316. Winning makes losses bearable. Lock down
Jn 7:27 Residency 20160204 5315.  Church is people and not places. Predeception
Ex 22:21 Stranger 20160203 5314. Making friends is an investment that grows exponentially. Rememberer
Jn 7:26 Calling 20160202 5313. A comfort zone is where dreams and aspirations grow old and die. The time is now
Ex 22:20 Loyalty 20160201 5312. There’s a reason for everything—if you need it. Crossed lines
Acts 5:20 Preach 20160131 5311. Feedback is good, even when it’s criticism. Hear Ye, hear ye!
Pr. 16:18 Pride 20160130 5310. Deference makes a difference. Marriage mutiny
Ps 31:20 Preserve 20160129 5309. Rewriting history requires having lazy minds to accept it. Man Ipulative
Jn 7:25 Impression 20160128 5308. Wrong impressions should not lead us to wrong conclusions. Deception infection
Ex 22:19 Ignorance 20160127 5307.  Ignorance is contagious and can be deadly. The gravity of depravity
Jn 7:24 Sanctify 20160126 5306. Appearance is not just deceiving, but revealing. Eye soar
Ex 22:18 Evil 20160125 5305. Nothing is any stronger than its weakest link. Close the door behind you
Acts 5:19 Angels 20160124 5304. Dependence on God expects no favor but grace to do His work. Help is on the way
Pr. 16:17 Purity 20160123 5303. It's impossible to see right when wrong is blocking your view. Spiritual LASIK
Ps 31:19 Faith 20160122 5302. What might be is having hope; what will be is based on proactive faith. Faith works
Jn 7:23 Law 20160121 5301. Success is judged by results and not by intention. Meticulously facetious
Ex 22:17 Marriage 20160120 5300. Deal with your children or someone else will. In-law outlaws
Jn 7:22 Church 20160119 5299. Why make things complicated when someone will do that for you? The Source of course
Ex 22:16 Accountable 20160118 5298. Discipline establishes boundaries of freedom. Wrong too long
Acts 5:18 Trials 20160117 5297. Association is a positive spin on disassociation Step up or step back
Pr. 16:16 Wisdom 20160116 5296. Wisdom is knowing Who to trust.  Choose or lose
Ps 31:18 Lies 20160115 5295. Fine print should be illegal. No variance
Jn 7:21 Impression 20160114 5294. The right ending never needs justifying. Make it quick
Jn 7:20 Focus 20160112 5292. Be a good chooser and not a sore loser. Direction deflection
Ex 22:14 Loan 20160111 5291. Walk a mile in someone’s moccasins and get blisters. On the come
Acts 5:17 Conviction 20160110 5290. Don’t allow someone else to define your aspirations. Attention tension
Pr. 16:15 Favor 20160109 5289. Being considered impartial is good, being fair highly unlikely. To the core
Ps 31:17 Life 20160108 5288. Spiritually speaking, most of us can’t see past our eyelashes Eternal living
Jn 7:19 Laws 20160107 5287. It’s a natural thing for the righteous to offend those who aren’t. Nitpickers, knife stickers
Ex 22:13 Evidence 20160106 5286. Change something enough and you won't recognize what it was. Evidential innocence
Jn 7:18 Impression 20160105 5285. We should live to inspire more than be inspired. Cross dresser
Ex 22:12 Ownership 20160104 5284. Life’s great mystery: throw something out and you’ll need it tomorrow. Urge to purge
Acts 5:16 Reputation 20160103 5283. It’s human nature to listen more to what’s said to someone else. Likes and looks
Pr. 16:14 Convince 20160102 5282. I can stand resistance; it’s being ignored that motivates me. Turn and yearn
Ps 31:16 Prayer 20160101 5281. If you want an answer, ask a question. Wait gait


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