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Devotional - Saturday, January 7, 2017 7/358

Today's Scripture: "A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul." Pr. 18:7

5653. I'd do something about this trap if I thought I was in one. JG


See it.

What snare?

Live it.

There's a saying used to describe someone who leaves a mess wherever they've been. I dare not call anyone else a bull in a china shop because I am the chief bull. But it's not just objects that can get broken in the china shop. Words are a far more dangerous agent. Things come and go and what happened yesterday will fade with time, but we may never get past the words designed to hurt us.

I've learned an alarming lesson this week: I am getting old and closer today to the end than I was yesterday. The all too frequent funeral of people my age may be helping me accept that fact. That being said, what's giving me a problem today is my mind thinks I'm young and my body reminds me I'm not. When asked to do something, I'll accept most any challenge but refuse to accept any result that isn't the best I can do. The result is I tend to view my success in light of what is possible and not what is reasonable. This week I will have the opportunity to see the impossible play out.

Pray it.

Thank You for loving me the way I am, God, and changing me for the better.


Keywords: Speech; Destruction; Snare

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