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Devotional - Wednesday, January 11, 2017 11/354

Today's Scripture: "Their knobs and their branches shall be of one piece; all of it shall be one hammered piece of pure gold." Ex 25:36

5657. You can't know someone you've never met. JG


See it.

Pretty pix

Live it.

Our nation is fragmented, but no more than our churches are. If you are a believer, no doubt you are a member of a congregation and there are more members you don't know than you do. That's a problem that can be corrected, but most don't want to change. Like public education, we've based small groups on age segregation and one generation has ignored the other. The result is young people miss the experience of the older and the older folk miss the vision of the younger.

Years ago I determined to do something to bring the church family together and stay that way. You should know that in every case I had to work around opposition. Regardless, I started taking photographs of people I didn't know for the stated purpose of creating a church pictorial directory. I promised to give them a copy of FamilyLife and keep it updated as people were added. Anyone who participated would have a place in the directory. My real motivation was to express interest in people, get to know them and introduce them to someone who didn't know them. My plan was, and is, to encourage, edify and exhort the family of God, not find my place and hibernate. My underlying purpose, however, was a simple one: to pray and serve more effectively.

Pray it.

Wash me in Your word, God, so I can keep my eyes on what matters.


Keywords: Purity; Purpose; Service

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