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Devotional - Wednesday, February 22, 2017 53/312

Today's Scripture: "The length of each curtain shall be thirty cubits, and the width of each curtain four cubits; and the eleven curtains shall all have the same measurements." Ex 26:8

5699. Sameness has no variance. JG


See it.

Water works.

Live it.

God told Adam to name every living thing in the Garden. That amazes me because I can't imagine his finding enough words to do the job. Yesterday afternoon I was one of numerous people stopping their cars to view "Optimus Beautimus." That's what I'm calling the rainbow that graced the darkened sky. It was the brightest, most distinct and full arc that I've ever seen and deserved a name of note. Others agreed with me because more cars were stoppedthan were moving and their drivers taking photos alongside the road.

What I took away from yesterday afternoon was the fact that there may be more similarities in people than the differences that define us. That was an important moment for me because I tire of all the half or non-truth coming from what used to be reliable news sources. I am angry over liberal-funded mobs that threaten public speaking and safety. I even confessed to someone recently that I understand now why God ordered the flood. It was the only way to silence the rhetoric for a moment of peace and quiet. Jesus is right: This exactly what it was like in Noah's day. There is little good left in men and even what seems decent is unredeemable (Mt. 24:36-39).

Pray it.

Thank You God, for the promise that sin can take prisoners but will not win.


Keywords: Compare; Same; Similar

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