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Devotional - Friday, March 17, 2017 76/289

Today's Scripture: "Plead my cause, O Lord, with those who strive with me; fight against those who fight against me." Ps 35:1

5722. A loss is a gain in God's economy. JG


See it.

Against all odds

Live it.

We know what it is to drive an old car with noisy engine, rusty top and exhaust that emits smoke. Buying that old clunker was not the wisest use of our money, but it served our family never the less. We also know what it is to drive a vehicle without a transmission that knows reverse. We thought yesterday that our current vehicle with over 260,000 miles would join our clunker memories. When I drove to my early morning prayer meeting, the heater failed and the exhaust started bellowing white smoke. My wife's memories were freshened of driving our child to school in our vehicle without defrost. She remembered the windshield having ice on the outside and frost on the inside of the windshield and we considered repairs and the wise use of funds.

My family still tells stories and laughs at those things now, but it was not funny yesterday as I sat and waited to hear the results of a test on our vehicle's cooling system. It seems that all the coolant was gone without an apparent reason. My heart sunk as I heard the preliminary assessment of a cracked engine head, or worse. One hour later, I was shocked to hear that after coolant was added and the pressure test run, the heater worked and there was no smoke coming from the exhaust. Even more surprising, the mechanic didn't recommend any other service but to come back next week and see if anything's changed. I can't speak for next week and there is no guarantee that work won't be required, but today I drive a vehicle called mercy.

Pray it.

As a nation we are undeserving of Your mercy, God, because we've discarded You for a handful of magic beans.


Keywords: Enemies; Fight; Advocate

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