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Devotional - Saturday, March 25, 2017 84/281

Today's Scripture: "Casting lots causes contentions to cease, and keeps the mighty apart." Pr. 18:18

5730. Some things done can be undone just to be done again. JG


See it.

Draw partner

Live it.

I could never figure out the straw drawing process. I've always felt the need to volunteer especially if no one else does. But if someone feels as I do, the only way to choose between us is for one of us to pick a shorter straw.

It was early in my career that I worked for a man and learned his trade. I did things his way until I later started my own business, one of many to follow, that made me his competitor. But we stayed casual friends and even played golf together for many subsequent years. A year ago my friend asked me to join him in business again. I did and until recently when we had a disagreement, we worked together in harmony. We learned the truth: two people can't manage one company and stay together.

Pray it.

I choose to stand alone, God, but thank You, I don't have to live alone.


Keywords: Volunteer; Choose; Difference

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