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Devotional - Friday, May 26, 2017 146/219

Today's Scripture: "Fierce witnesses rise up; They ask meĀ thingsĀ that I do not know." Ps 35:11

5802. Lies serve to identify liars. JG


See it.

None of your bee's wax

Live it.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn most of what's said today is based on one wrong word inserted by someone into a true statement. Their purpose might be malicious or just plain laziness. But the damage is done once the fabricated narrative gains momentum and a life of its own as willing ears listen to it. If you think it doesn't happen, watch CNN.

"I wasn't there. I didn't hear anything. What someone else told me about it is irrelevant. Stop talking about it please." You know, if everyone had this response to someone spreading a half-truth or downright lie, things might be different. I know reputations and even lives would be saved. At least hours of meaningless gibberish and false accusations could be avoided.

Pray it.

Thank You, God, for the Bible where truth finds a home and sin is exposed.


Keywords: Deception; Witness; Slander

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