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Devotional - Wednesday, June 7, 2017 158/207

Today's Scripture: "You shall make an altar of acacia wood, five cubits long and five cubits wide—the altar shall be square—and its height shall be three cubits." Ex 27:1

5814. Comparison for the sake of justification is an admission of guilt. JG


See it.

Precise misalignment

Live it.

Instructions are a good thing unless you ignore them and mess up in the process. That's when you shake your head, back up and start over. Take parking for instance. Our vehicle sits high above the ground and blindly trying to center the car equally between the lateral lines can be challenging. And because of the long frame of our truck, it's hard to keep it within the prescribed parking space. With my wife as co-pilot and after I've put the vehicle in park, she will open the door and tell me how far I've missed the mark. I then back up carefully and give it one or two or three more tries before thinking it's close enough. But before I turn off the engine, she gets out of the vehicle, walks to the back and tells me if we are pulled in far enough. I guess that's to be expected when you drive a tank in a world designed for small things.

In the course of developing devotionals based on my experience, I pay careful attention to things around me. A few days ago and having parked carefully (without help from my partner), I enjoyed watching a man park his vehicle in front of me (pictured above). When he and his family got out to go in the store, I chuckled as I took a photograph of the way he left his vehicle parked. I reckoned the image of his best effort would get me an apology from my biggest critic, and it did. But what my wife probably thought and didn't say, was that now two men are tied for top offender.

Pray it.

Thank you God for being understanding of my continued failure to be perfect.


Keywords: Perfect; Balance; Emulate

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