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Devotional - Monday, June 12, 2017 163/202

Today's Scripture: "You shall make its horns on its four corners; its horns shall be of one piece with it. And you shall overlay it with bronze." Ex 27:2 

5819. When what's out doesn't reflect what's in, in can get turned inside out. JG


See it.

Power Twain

Live it.

With most of the tabernacle acacia wood overlaid in gold and bronze, the horns on the altar is suspiciously different. There is no doubt that by its shape it represents power, honor and glory, but its bronze covering implies judgment. I've always though the horns were ram or bull horns but being "one" with the overlaid acacia altar seems to imply it was wood carved in the shape of a horn rather than an actual animal horn. Regardless, its purpose was to contain the animal that was being sacrificed on the altar.

As part of a future project, I have been doing research on Samuel Clemens, whom most know as Mark Twain the journalist/writer. In that pursuit, I've learned he was a sad man who was not what he appeared. As an alcoholic, he spend most of his time in saloons gambling and losing money. His rhetoric was like that of an motivational speaker but he hated and distrusted people in general. He didn't believe in God and didn't trust him if he was real. He thought Christians were bad people and equated them with politicians. Aside from that, he was entertaining which makes him like most Hollywood types. You watch and listen to their performance, but you don't believe everything, if anything, you hear. Finally, you would never aspire to be like someone who can so easily turn a switch and become someone else.

Pray it.

Your way is true, God, and the path is clear if I pay attention to history.


Keywords: Power; Judgment; Character

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