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Devotional - Friday, June 23, 2017 174/191

Today's Scripture: "But in my adversity they rejoiced and gathered together; attackers gathered against me, and I did not know it; They toreĀ at me and did not cease." Ps 35:15

5847. The right enemy is better than the wrong friends. JG


See it.

All around me

Live it.

A few years ago my wife and I created a small and simple above-ground garden in our backyard. Doing so, we knew most everything was against us. Being lower than the adjoining yards, rain would cause an erosion of soil and rock to flood the garden and surrounding yard. Adding to our distress were pests and diseases and we weren't surprised to be fighting a losing battle. After one season of wasted time and money, we gave up. In the fall of that year, I used the wooden garden frame to hold metal components until the parts could be assembled. Time then became my enemy as I could not resume work on the building until recently. That required removing the makeshift garden cover, stacking it on horses and hoping the garden wasn't raising snakes.

If I've learned one thing about dealing with the enemy, it's to identify it and use what resources you have to resist and ultimately defeat it. In the case of my garden, I may have lost the first battle, but not for the reasons you think. The obvious enemies were incidental. My main problem was one overworked man doing the planning, work and maintenance with no time, money or help. Victory in my case will come in time as I modify my goals and take smaller steps toward an achievable goal.

Pray it.

Help me, God, as my enemies have no power over me unless I give it to them.


Keywords: Adversary; Resistance; Obstruction

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