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Devotional - Friday, August 4, 2017 216/149

Today's Scripture: "They also opened their mouth wide against me and said, 'Aha, aha! Our eyes have seen it.'” Ps 35:21

5890. Who solves a problem they don't see? JG


See it.


Live it.

Every person wearing glasses has been there. You accidentally step or sit on your eye glasses and one or both of the lenses come out of the frame. No problem because all you have to do is place the loose lens back in the frame and tighten the tiny screw to hold it in. Realizing that it takes tiny tools to work on tiny objects, you have to find one of the repair kits bought over the years. Your first problem is needing glasses in order to look for it.

The irony of the process is when you finally have the repair kit and your broken glasses in front of you, you realize the "Catch-22" dilemma. You need a functional pair of eyeglasses to repair one that's not. I thought about returning the inexpensive kit to the store but stopped short. "What's the reason for the return, Sir?" I'd be tempted to say, "I am too stupid to make decisions on my own." Instead, I'll save my embarrassment, keep the kit and look at it everyday to remind me of that fact.

Pray it.

Thank You, God, for lucidity. Help me not waste it on worthless endeavors.


Keywords: Problem; Sight; Solution

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