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Devotional - Sunday, August 6, 2017 218/147

Today's Scripture: "Then God turned and gave them up to worship the host of heaven, as it is written in the book of the Prophets: Did you offer Me slaughtered animals and sacrifices during forty years in the wilderness, O house of Israel?"Acts 7:42

5892. When hope is lost, your memory goes taking aspiration with it. JG


See it.

Wrong choices

Live it.

If I started naming all my aspirations, I'd never reach the end. Chances are I will make plans today to do something new and add it to my list of things to do (TODO). People think when you get older you wind down, but retirement doesn't mean quit or slow down to me. Not having to satisfy an employer (myself) has given me the time and freedom to do things previously improbable.

After leaving Egypt, the Israelites took their freedom and some considered it liberty to worship idols. A handful of men, however, focused on Moses and the God who spoke through him. For many years it appeared the pagan minded Israelites were free to waiver in their faith. God found it wasted time to give them anymore opportunities to hear from Him. By ignoring them, God watched them eventually die and then gave their children the message withheld from their parents. In essence, God used the previous generation as an example of what not to do. This speaks to me of staying focused on God's work in retirement rather than focusing on living to satisfy another earthly pleasure. My children cannot use my life as an excuse to die ignoring God.

Pray it.

The more time I spend in prayer and Your word, God, the stronger I feel.


Keywords: Lazy; Relax; Forget

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