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Devotional - Tuesday, August 8, 2017 220/145

Today's Scripture: "Then the Jews took up stones again to stone Him." Jn 10:31 

5894. No matter how bad things get, I have it on good authority that Good wins. JG


See it.

Affect effect

Live it.

Life is normal until someone introduces a countdown clock. Then attention turns to what's about to happen. But what is scarier are those who act normal but are one event from going over the edge and expressing their previously restrained hatred by slander, murder and mayhem. The Jews tried to silence Jesus many times by stoning him to death and thought it was over with the crucifixion. How were they to know someone as insignificant as Stephen would rise to stir their hatred?

Not to equate our President to anything holy, but He shares the fact that many people hate him and want him dead. We visited a restaurant last night and CNN was being broadcast on multiple monitors. Their hateful bias against the President is so obvious, they've stopped trying to deny it but are proud of it. Funny how that works. Offended by them, it served as new motivation for me to avoid that restaurant chain and anyone who associates with them. They are no different than masked "protesters" who live to mock free expression and destroy anything in their way. The media has unknowingly given domestic terrorists a voice and at the same time lost the respect and ears of those who aren't. I have no desire to stone them, but am not sure the same can be said of them.

Pray it.

Regardless how depravity seems to rule the world, Your word, God, will endure and see it burnt up.


Keywords: Hatred; Despite; Defeated

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