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Devotional - Thursday, August 17, 2017 229/136

Today's Scripture: "Jesus answered them, 'Is it not written in your law, "I said, 'You are gods'”’" Jn 10:34

5903. Hopefully our lives won't end with people wondering what we did. JG


See it.

Mine, yours and hours

Live it.

Reminders are a staple in my life as I unashamedly need help remembering the things I've committed to do. Every day since 2012, I've used the hard pages of TODO as a means to keep up with encounters, logistics and follow-up for meetings. Today I carry the 2017 product whereas every previous TODO page is filed away with pertinent data associated with a particular day. Today I am proofing a hard printout of TD2018 and soon will publish this and prepare for a new year. Then I will file 2017 away and begin daily using the 2018 product and developing the 2019 product.

What most people don't know is TODO was designed to be a journal. What we fail to realize is had men like the Apostle John, failed to record in a journal what Jesus said and did, we wouldn't have a New Testament today. For that reason, next year I plan to go on the road to promote praying and keeping a journal. Even then, I'm convinced it will be a hard sell. Fewer people keep a journal than pray consistently and the number decreases the closer to the end we get.

Pray it.

Thank you, God, for men who recorded events that today comprise the New Testament.


Keywords: Bible; Journal; History

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