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Devotional - Saturday, August 19, 2017 231/134

Today's Scripture: "Laziness castsĀ oneĀ into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger." Pr. 19:15

5906. Laziness is measured against potential and not activity. JG


See it.

Busy be

Live it.

Just a few years ago I laughed when I heard my grandchildren say they were tired and needed to take a nap. In my later sixties at the time, I did more mental and physical work before noon than most men half my age did all day long. To say I was busy would be an understatement. That's because after those rigorous days installing doors in the blazing heat and freezing cold, I worked in a garage without cooling or heat. Day after day I performed ministry work on a computer before going to preach or teach in the evening. Next day, reset.

Recently retired, whatever that means, I am now working to update all eighteen years of Prayertower pages (over 40,000 files) to the current presentation in responsive mode. Project TD2018 is well underway and soon to be published. At the same time, project FX is rapidly being developed to teach people around the country to pray and make disciples. Still preaching and teaching in the evenings, today I sit in an air-conditioned house and work on writing and performance projects. If only I had more time, I could get more done.

Pray it.

Thank you, God, for the right-side of my brain that keeps the left-side busy.


Keywords: Work; Lazy; Idle

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