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Devotional - Tuesday, September 12, 2017 255/110

Today's Scripture: "Then many came to Him and said, 'John performed no sign, but all the things that John spoke about this Man were true.'” Jn 10:41 

5930. A true friend knows your deepest faults and still trusts you. JG


See it.


Live it.

In the game called Balderdash, one player tries to convince the other players he is being truthful when in fact he is not. The problem is when someone has lied convincingly, it's hard to know when they are being truthful. Their bluff is what most of us do all the time. The truth is that most so-called friendships can't stand the truth. Many relationships would be over if each person told the truth about how what they've said in private and how they truly feel about each other.

One of my fundamental lessons in speaking of salvation is to discuss friendship. Did you know that most people have no relationship beyond that of an acquaintance because that simply requires recognizing someone's face? If we do advance to a casual relationship, most believe something about the other that is untrue. Only a few advance to a close friendship where personal information and goals are shared. But the ultimate friendship is the spiritual intimacy we have in Christ. Intimacy only exists and grows with a consistent and abundant prayer life made stronger by memorizing and meditating on God's word. Now you understand why most people who claim to have a personal relationship with Christ don't.

Pray it.

I don't know how I could survive without the private time we spend together, Lord.


Keywords: Testimony; Truth; Surprise

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