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Devotional - Thursday, November 16, 2017 320/45

Today's Scripture: "Now Bethany was near Jerusalem, about two miles away." Jn 11:18 

5995. Change what you can, while you can, and accept what you can't. JG


See it.

Not far from home

Live it.

The growing population of the United States has large cities and smaller townships where people call home. It's indicative of every large city to have a suburb where people try to escape the crime and blight of high population urban centers. In time, however, those smaller suburbs might grow into a large city with its own problems. Then they have their own suburbs where people "escape" the city a second and third time before giving up. There are some things, however, like old age and death, that can't be avoided regardless how you might try.

It seems I'm always writing another book and the one that has my attention now is a project I call "EOL," an acronym for "End of Life." The book is a resource for taking care of business while you're able. The target audience is medium aged adults who might find themselves caring for an aging parent or themselves needing that care. Unfortunately, death is not the end of needing help. In the grave, it is incumbent on someone else to provide the preparation, means and financing to place and keep you in your new suburb. Are you prepared?

Pray it.

May I use the time given me, God, so that dying is all I have left to do.


Keywords: Residence; Life; Death

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