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Devotional - Friday, December 15, 2017 349/16

Today's Scripture: "There the workers of iniquity have fallen; they have been cast down and are not able to rise." Ps 36:12
6024. Most "free" offers are a bait and switch scheme. JG


See it.

Missing something?

Live it.

If we placed a label on this year, it might be the phrase, "Fake News." The false narratives and lies perpetrated on America by liberal media is criminal. There's nothing new about that, but the most important man in American politics keeps applying pressure on the wound. When he does, it generates more spins in the news than a house of mirrors at the County Fair.

It's understandable why most Americans live in fear because of the hours every day they listen to biased media, late-night comedians, Hollywood pretenders and liberal politicians. It also explains why lies have a shelf-life that rivals truth. Any time we hear something without questioning it, America sinks a little deeper into the hole of irrelevance. And there is no climbing out of that hole, only contentment as we learn to live in it.

Pray it.

I relish reading Your word, Lord, because perversity can't stand it.


Keywords: Perversion; Lies; Hell

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