2004-2017 Scriptural & Topical Reference - Just Thinkin'...

Acts 8:3 Standard 20171231 6040. Forgiveness is stepping across a line in the sand. Seemed right
Pr. 20:5 Scripture 20171230 6039. Anything worthwhile takes time and patience. Secret recipe
Ps 37:2 Die 20171229 6038. Death is a process that speeds up when we slow down. Frozen losers
John 11:30 Meet 20171228 6037.  With all the cyber hype, face to face wins. No emojis
Ex 28:42 Naked 20171227 6036. Maybe what's done in secret should be kept that way. Cover-age
John 11:29 Listen 20171226 6035.   First responders are worthy of praise, but someone had to call them Show up not off
Ex 28:41 Mission 20171225 6034. Mission is singular, but service is adaptive. Display window
Acts 8:2 Heritage 20171224 6033. Racism is in the heart not the skin. Busting Bias
Pr. 20:4 Lazy 20171223 6032. I'm able today because I worked yesterday like there'll be no tomorrow. Obit refit
Ps 37:1 Worry 20171222 6031. How ironic that what scares us can wind up servicing us? Fearless
Jn 11:28 Participate 20171221 6030. Failure to show up surrenders your right to participate. Appearance
Ex 28:40 Hat 20171220 6029.   Artificial is the imitation of originality without the value. The Mad hatter
Jn 11:27 Fact 20171219 6028. Belief and faith meet at the crossroads of doubt and despair. Didn't know that
Ex 28:39 Pride 20171218 6027. Caring is reflective of a grateful spirit. Sign here
Acts 8:1 Consent 20171217 6026. Persecution hunts you down to make your pain an example. The squeeze
Pr. 20:3 Strife 20171216 6025. Stop an out-of-control train and risk getting run over by it. De-stir it
Ps 36:12 Perversion 20171215 6024. Most "free" offers are a bait and switch scheme. Missing something?
Jn 11:26 Eternity 20171214 6023. Time is eternally stamped with evidence of my belief. Immortal mortal
Ex 28:38 Sacrifice 20171213 6022. Religion and relationship are contradictory terms. Man down
Jn 11:25 Death 20171212 6021. Established truth puts an end to argument but not ignorance. Radicalized
Ex 28:37 Hide 20171211 6020. Truth will undress ignorance and expose it. Up front
Acts 7:60 Fragrant 20171210 6019. The measure of a man comes when he is under duress. Smell that?
Pr. 20:2 Hurtful 20171209 6018. Me thinks all my problems were fashioned by me, for me. Bless the mess
Ps 36:11 Pride 20171208 6017. Inclusion is an act of love with reward outweighing the risk. Active inaction
Jn 11:24 Believe 20171207 6016. Belief is the foundation upon which faith is built. On deck
Ex 28:36 Separate 20171206 6015.  Only in rhyme is placate close to vacate. Inside out
Jn 11:23 Implication 20171205 6014. Conclusion without resolution leads to illusion. Simply sensational
Ex 28:35 Minister 20171204 6013. There's a time for everything, if we stop long enough to do it. Make some noise
Acts 7:59 Death 20171203 6012. Not all reality is visible. Switch-over
Pr. 20:1 Control 20171202 6011. Skewed looks square when you're wrong. Friend or fiend?
Ps 36:10 Ignorant 20171201 6010. Keeping people ignorant is not protecting them. Blind Justice
Jn 11:22 Faith 20171130 6009.  There's agreement and there's appeasement, neither touching the other. Prove it
Ex 28:33 Aware 20171129 6008. Our reasons may seem sound, but our actions can correct the notion. One ringee dingee
Jn 11:21 If 20171128 6007. The "What If" game doesn't come with a "get-out-out-jail-free" card. Ifee Cliffee
Ex 28:32 Reinforce 20171127 6006. Doors are meant to be used. Access live
Acts 7:58 Influence 20171126 6005. Those we've influenced will likely come back to influence us. Saul II
Pr. 19:29 Judgment 20171125 6004. Old is another word for perseverance. Back pay
Ps 36:9 Light 20171124 6003. Light overcomes darkness, even when you can't see it. Lite Life
Jn 11:20 Dishearten 20171123 6002. Depression is the result of embracing wrong information. The disappointed
Ex 28:31 Royal 20171122 6001.  A grateful spirit uses and maintains things with care. Reminda kinda
Jn 11:19 Loss 20171121 6000.  Loss is the sensation of being unprepared. Safety pinned
Ex 28:30 Decision 20171120 5999.  Answers without questions are like a kite without string. No-ing
Acts 7:57 Discontent 20171119 5998. Expectation is like target practice with a pretend bow and arrow. Rage runner
Pr. 19:28 Witness 20171118 5997. To speak the truth means we must know the truth. Consider the source
Ps 36:8 Satisfy 20171117 5996. It takes more effort to be content than to complain. Gooder than good
Jn 11:18 Death 20171116 5995. Change what you can while you can and accept what you can't. Not far from home
Ex 28:29 Memorial 20171115 5994. Memory is a blessing or a curse, based on how we resolved issues. Remember surrender
Jn 11:17 Wait 20171114 5993.   Going backward is okay if your going forward exceeds it. Day Five
Ex 28:28 Anchor 20171113 5992.  Who sits for long when there's work to do? Anchors away
Acts 7:56 Heaven 20171112 5991. I can believe, but receiving depends on someone else believing. Heaven for me
Pr. 19:27 Instruction 20171111 5990. Instruction is as good as the one offering it. Coasters
Ps 36:7 Trust 20171110 5989. Perspective does not always relate to reality. Collision collusion?
Jn 11:16 Ignorance 20171109 5988. Second opinions exist for first opinions you don't believe. Who's to say?
Ex 28:27 Support 20171108 5987. Effectiveness is measured by support, not reach. Intricated
Jn 11:15 Awe 20171107 5986. Joy is the reflection of anticipation inside someone. Anticipation participation
Ex 28:26 Assembly 20171106 5985.In life some assembly is required, more for some people. Part starts
Acts 7:55 Invisible 20171105 5984. Amazing is the word used when language fails you. Touchy feely
Pr. 19:26 Memories 20171104 5983. What happened shapes what happens but we can change it. Memor-ease
Ps 36:6 Imagine 20171103 5982. Imagination is good if you remember to come back. Brainiac
Jn 11:14 Death 20171102 5981.   Explanations only help the teachable. Obviously oblivious
Ex 28:25 Attach 20171101 5980. Together again implies it may not be in the future. Meeting place
Jn 11:13 Impression 20171031 5979. Impressions are eye-candy for weak-minds. Impress-ease
Ex 28:24 Finish 20171030 5978. Split too many hairs and lose what few you have. Conti-nervity
Acts 7:54 Anger 20171029 5977. Unreasonable is reasonable to unreasonable people. Hear n jeer
Pr. 19:25 Rebuke 20171028 5976. When sides are taken, truth rarely influences the decision. Rebuker stupor
Ps 36:5 Up 20171027 5975. Up to one person is down to another. Excess access
Jn 11:12 Teachable 20171026 5974. When what seems reasonable defines what I believe, I have no faith. Read and believe
Ex 28:23 Pair 20171025 5973. What good are plans we never put into action? Supporting cast
Jn 11:11 Alive 20171024 5972. Sleep is good unless we need to be awake. New Day
Ex 28:22 Chain 20171023 5971. Diversity does not make a group strong, but selfless devotion does. Links of steeple
Acts 7:53 Angels 20171022 5970. Failure does not spell defeat unless we allow it. Agents of proxy
Pr. 19:24 Impose 20171021 5969. Laziness is a spiritual problem that leads to physical problems. While you wait
Ps 36:4 Tolerate 20171020 5968. Imagination, unlike life, has no boundary. As charged
Jn 11:10 Distraction 20171019 5967.  The power of a partnership is based on individual resolve. Two-man show
Ex 28:21 Inheritance 20171018 5966. Relationships prove Scripture, and visa versa. Significount
Jn 11:9 Light 20171017 5965. To not use time wisely is to abuse the privilege. Daze-n-haze
Ex 28:20 Last 20171016 5964. The end is where we lose the right to choose. Endtastic
Acts 7:52 Parents 20171015 5963. I'd say more, but I've already told you more than I know. So you know
Pr. 19:23 Abide 20171014 5962. Joy comes in the execution of a project, more so in its completion. Party hardly
Ps 36:3 Wisdom 20171013 5961. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Roots happen
Jn 11:8 Warn 20171012 5960. A warning should remind us of what we already know. Calling all ratz
Ex 28:19 Order 20171011 5959.  Chaos is the absence of planning, sometimes confused with messy Sign, sealed and delivered
Jn 11:7 Time 20171010 5958. One step forward is usually better than two back. Need to go
Ex 28:18 Second 20171009 5957. Succeeding is far more important than winning. Secondizing
Acts 7:51 Resist 20171008 5956. It's human nature to seek fun but find something else. Let me out
Pr. 19:22 Better 20171007 5955. What we consider hard can get harder. Shades of color
Ps 36:2 Hate 20171006 5954. Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should. Capitolizers
Jn 11:6 Delay 20171005 5953. Sometimes less is more. Right time
Ex 28:17 Red 20171004 5952. Identification implies association but not limitation. Honors
Jn 11:5 Love 20171003 5951. What's obvious to one person finds most oblivious. Reason fer squeezin'
Ex 28:16 Assembly 20171002 5950. Following instructions is a lesson in giving and receiving help. Parts-ticular
Acts 7:50 Agree 20171001 5949. It takes two to argue and agree. You have to ask
Pr. 19:21 Plans 20170930 5948. Plans are a target that providence moves. Plan-it
Ps 36:1 Coming 20170929 5947. Excuses end when we find no one to blame but ourselves. Round da mountain
Jn 11:4 Trouble 20170928 5946. What looks bad is usually good in a misleading wrapper. In process
Ex 28:15 Family 20170927 5945.  Success is not an accident. Like Mike
Jn 11:3 Inform 20170926 5944. What seems an emergency to me might simply be a reminder. Notifiable
Ex 28:13-14 Accessory 20170925 5943. The value of a component is no less than that of the assembly. Attache
Acts 7:49 Build 20170924 5942. Failure teaches what success cannot. A league far away
Pr. 19:20 Wisdom 20170923 5941. Wisdom is not taught but granted. Do you hear what I hear?
Ps 35:28 Testimony 20170922 5940. Actions speak faith far more than a tongue. Denumbination
Jn 11:2 Adoration 20170921 5939. What begins with respect finds fruition in bigger and greater things. Come let up
Ex 28:12 Remind 20170920 5938. A reminder is good—if you pay attention to it. This stONE's for you
Jn 11:1 Story 20170919 5937. If there's anything good about getting old, it's doing all the new things you've done before. Game on?
Ex 28:11 Work 20170918 5936. Notability tells us where we've been, not where we're going.  Trophy wax and wane
Acts 7:48 LastDays 20170917 5935. Anything given for compliance sake can be taken away without cause. The church house
Ps 35:27 Plans 20170915 5933. Plans are good, if you're willing to change them. Why me?
Jn 10:42 Church 20170914 5932. What we do proves what we love. Rock skip
Ex 28:9-10 Family 20170913 5931. Family is a blood marker that can be denied but never undone. Fami-leave
Jn 10:41 Truth 20170912 5930. A true friend knows your deepest faults and still trusts you. I C U
Ex 28:8 Original 20170911 5929.  A copy, though expertly made, will never be the original. Never again
Acts 7:47 Build 20170910 5928. It takes an artist to take nothing and make something of it. In sync
Pr. 19:18 Decisions 20170909 5927. I wonder how many wrong decisions we make to avoid temporary discomfort. Been there
Ps 35:26 Restrain 20170908 5926. Life will not only find a way, but expose darkness at the same time. Who's laughing now?
Jn 10:40 Shelter 20170907 5925. Believing something is finished is the reason little is. Oasis
Ex 28:7 Connection 20170906 5924. If one will do, two is better. Second Flr: standing around
Jn 10:39 Lost 20170905 5923. To find something, you don't necessarily have to be looking for it. Now you don't
Ex 28:5-6 Workmanship 20170904 5922. Artistry is the creative process of paying tribute. Bend don't break
Acts 7:46 Bless 20170903 5921. Everybody who is somebody was a nobody first. Calling all
Pr. 19:17 Poor 20170902 5920. Poor is unable but willing, lazy able but unwilling. Mercs and perks
Ps 35:25 Defamation 20170901 5919. It's natural for a lazy mind to find fault with one that's not. Bumbling rumbling
Jn 10:38 Rejection 20170831 5918. To succeed expect rejection. Overt convert
Ex 28:4 Cover 20170830 5817. Anyone can do easy, it takes mission-minded determination to do the impossible. Glory garment
Jn 10:37 Prepare 20170829 5816. Being prepared means having enough to help someone else. Wish I was wrong
Ex 28:3 Consecrate 20170828 5815. Wisdom is often the first victim of the thought process. Wise crack
Acts 7:45 Battle 20170827 5914. Are you in it to win or not to lose? Get out of town
Pr. 19:16 Life 20170826 5913. Wait for good and you might not recognize it when it comes. Better later
Ps 35:24 Placate 20170825 5912. Looking for approval takes time from earning it. Respect snub
Jn 10:36 Religion 20170824 5911. Most problems are diagnosed from the outside but fixed on the inside. Don't expect it
Ex 28:2 Holy 20170823 5910. Clean implies no dirt, not less dirt. Rake over
Jn 10:35 Tolerance 20170822 5909. Bending is worse than breaking because it can't be fixed. NonsensiCULL
Ex 28:1 Minister 20170821 5908. Promoting truth is a personal responsibility. Service station
Acts 7:44 Pattern 20170820 5907. Teaching kids what to think rather than how to think raises trouble-makers. Resistance is futile
Pr. 19:15 Idle 20170819 5906. Laziness is measured against potential and not activity. Busy be
Ps 35:23 Isolated 20170818 5905. Unity is impossible unless two-sided deference is practiced. Awarement
Jn 10:34 Journal 20170817 5903. Hopefully our lives won't end with people wondering what we did. Mine, yours and hours
Ex 27:21 Religion 20170816 5902. No one can force me to make the wrong decision but me. Care keeperz
Jn 10:33 Choice 20170815 5901. Our reasons may seem sound, but our actions can correct the notion. Reason pleazin'
Ex 27:20 Lamp 20170814 5900. Continuous has to start to never end. Continuation negation
Acts 7:43 Sin 20170813 5899. Who wants to fix a problem they created to be a solution? Build it
Pr. 19:14 Wife 20170812 5898. The best gifts have no price tag or return policy. Prudent provido
Ps 35:22 Fame 20170811 5897. The most powerful things come in the smallest package. And personal
Jn 10:32 Persecution 20170810 5896. No one needs a reason to be unreasonable. Blind-sided
Ex 27:19 Service 20170809 5895. Consistency reduces testing time. Fellow peg
Jn 10:31 Despite 20170808 5893. No matter how bad things get, I have it on good authority that Good wins. Affect effect
Ex 27:18 Proportion 20170807 5892. It's one thing to measure something, another to know it's correct. Proportion extortion
Acts 7:42 Relax 20170806 5892. When hope is lost, your memory goes taking aspiration with it. Wrong choices
Pr. 19:13 Mute 20170805 5891. Wearing ear-buds doesn't make you invisible nor fail to communicate. Buds
Ps 35:21 Sight 20170804 5890. Who solves a problem they don't see? Really?
Jn 10:30 Unity 20170803 5889. Unity has no seams. To-get-her
Ex 27:17 Material 20170802 5888. Organizing different things for a common purpose is functional artwork. Smidge n pinch
Jn 10:29 Protection 20170801 5887. Security is as effective as the power and durability of someone to deliver it. Idiot proof
Ex 27:16 Elegance 20170731 5886. Think about this: everything man makes uses elements he didn't make. Run for cover
Acts 7:41 Idolatry 20170730  5885. Getting someone to agree with you doesn't make you or them right. Misery loves company
Pr. 19:12 Wrath 20170729 5884. It's not the roar of a wild animal that concerns me as much as what separates us. Connection
Ps 35:20 Betray 20170728 5883. Give someone a fish and they'll expect more. All the king's horses and all the king's men
Jn 10:28 Security 20170727 5882. Quit before you're finished and someone else might finish for you. That's a wrap
Ex 27:15 Project 20170726 5881. It's easy to let things go when you think you can get them back. Part n parcel part
Jn 10:27 Available 20170725 5880. Availability becomes stability when it exceeds ability. Fallow follow
Ex 27:14 Construct 20170724 5879. Being open to change doesn't mean you must. Simplistic complexity
Acts 7:40 Decisions 20170723 5878.  You don't dig your way out of a hole by digging deeper. There's must be a pony under all this manure.
Pr. 19:11 Discretion 20170722 5877. There are peace-makers and there are appeasers. No malice, Alice
Ps 35:19 Foe 20170721 5876. All enemies are not made. Travel travail
Jn 10:26 Family 20170720 5875. Disharmony leads to disassociation. Unfamily
Ex 27:13 Dimension 20170719 5874. Specifications are not suggestions but terms of acceptance. Yardstick connect
Jn 10:25 Testimony 20170718 5873. I'd explain it, but I'd have to understand it myself. Go ahead, Lucy, 'plain it.
Ex 27:12 Parallel 20170717 5872. Seeing things from another viewpoint doesn't change anything. Parallaxism
Acts 7:39 Move 20170716 5871. Friendships extend between two people and not groups. Family flaws
Pr. 19:10 Luxury 20170715 5870. Too much too fast yields too little too late. I did it my way
Ps 35:18 Worship 20170714 5869. Giving is like ketsup, I can never catch up to what's been given me. Never closer
Jn 10:24 Identity 20170713 5868.  Inclinations are an indication of our identity and intentions. Aren't you . . . ?
Ex 27:11 Placement 20170712 5867. Placing things is not as important as remembering where they are. Look up/back
Jn 10:23 Approach 20170711 5865. Everything old starts out new and by God's grace ends up that way. Hold on
Ex 27:10 Church 20170710 5864. Be careful what you mock as it may come back to mock you. Function unction
Acts 7:38 Identity 20170709 5863. My mind will be as sharp and memory as good as the degree I press it. Identity crisis
Pr. 19:9 Bias 20170708 5862. A liar is not as bad as a listener failing to hold them accountable. Leakers
Ps 35:17 Help 20170707 5861. Waiting is the fastest way to avoid being stupid. Prevailing winds
Jn 10:22 Change 20170706 5860. Change is okay as long as everything stays the same. Season meetings
Ex 27:9 Sanctuary 20170705 5859. Worship is when the heart of man and God meet, not where. Standing room
Jn 10:21 Faith 20170704 5858. Determination depends on the degree of dogma you deploy. Detector deflector
Ex 27:8 Hollow 20170703 5857.   To preach and not practice is to want and not work. Truth decay
Acts 7:37 News 20170702 5856. What was was, what is will be. Pseudo journalism
Pr. 19:8 Proverbs 20170701 Don't lose what you have searching for what you don't. Feel the burn
Ps 35:16 Hatred 20170630 5854. Who in his right mind can blame his hatred on those he hates? Squarely the blame
Jn 10:20 Awareness 20170629 5853. I'd ask what you're doing but I think I know. Closed ear, closed mind
Ex 27:7 Team 20170628 5852. No one gets through life without help. Hands on
Jn 10:19 Division 20170627  5851. Neither evidence nor argument can settle all disagreements. Words matter
Ex 27:6 Tools 20170626 5850. You can't buy memories that matter. The tool man
Acts 7:36 Signs 20170625 5849.  Hard times look better in the rear-view mirror. Provin' movin'
Pr. 19:7 Warn 20170624 5848. Right and wrong don't mix unless you're upside down. Shifting sands
Ps 35:15 Obstruction 20170623 5847. The right enemy helps more than the wrong friends. All around me
Jn 10:18 Power 20170622 5846.  Power is what someone else has and you want. Power shower
Ex 27:5 Position 20170621 5845. Proper position make practice profitable. Position-all
Ex 27:4 Organize 20170619 5843. Managing chaos requires organization and compliance. Component compliment
Acts 7:35 Reveal 20170618 5825.Evidence is a distraction for a detractor. Disguised
Pr. 19:6 Command 20170617 5824. You must have something before you can lose it. Temporary topping
Ps 35:14 Intercession 20170616 5823. Concern without action is an opportunity missed. Floor of tears, ceiling of brass
Jn 10:16 Shepherd 20170615 5822.  All things being equal, late is better than out. Better late?
Ex 27:3 Clean 20170614 5821. Cleanliness is not next to godliness, but requisite. Bases loaded
Jn 10:15 Relationship 20170613 5820. Only a fool thinks he will be in heaven to enjoy doing what he doesn't enjoy now. Requite Lite
Ex 27:2 Character 20170612 5819. When what's out doesn't reflect what's in, in can get turned inside out. Power Twain
Acts 7:34 Awareness 20170611 5818. Appearance might get you a job but can surely keep you from one. Hardly noticed
Pr. 19:5 Lies 20170610 5817. It's hard work to keep a lie alive. Of liars and lies
Ps 35:13 Answers 20170609 5816. Hearing an answer without the question likely gives rise to wrong conclusions. Unrequited quiet
Jn 10:14 Home 20170608 5815.  Language only helps this side of the grave. At home
Ex 27:1 Perfect 20170607 5814. Comparison for the sake of justification is an admission of guilt. Precise misalignment
Jn 10:13 Care 20170606 5813. Care has two faces; giving and receiving. Care bare
Ex 26:37 Consistency 20170605 5812. There's only one Standard and everything is judged according to and by Him. Consisten-see
Acts 7:33 Holy 20170604 5811. Holiness and humanity, the perfect antonym. Guilt by association
Pr. 19:4 Friend 20170603 5810. Bad can be good when good is bad. Bitter is better
Ps 35:12 Accuse 20170602 5809. Altering the momentum of sin is above man's pay-grade. The Day Before Tomorrow
Jn 10:12 Communication 20170601 5808. We're too busy when our coming meets our going. You have one message.
Ex 26:36 Access 20170531 5807. A door is designed to open and close. Doorman needed
Jn 10:11 Shepherd 20170530 5806.  We prove what we believe by what we accept. No offense intended
Ex 26:35 Church 20170529 5805. Worship begins with quiet respect. Shush
Acts 7:32 Caution 20170528 5804. Recognition doesn't always result in identification. Over here
Pr. 19:3 Creative 20170527 5803. It's easy to talk, but harder to get people to listen. Project FX
Ps 35:11 Slander 20170526 5802. Lies serve to identify liars. None of your bee's wax
Jn 10:10 Life 20170525 5801. Abundant life is spending time with God before you're dead. More or less
Ex 26:34 Mercy 20170524 5800. Mercy is knowing you can and should but won't. Meet me
Jn 10:9 Rest 20170523 5799. Rest is where you can relax without fear of waking up. Home is
Ex 26:33 Division 20170522 5798.  Peace: what men can only imagine. Divine division
Acts 7:31 Listen 20170521 5797. Pay attention because someone else will. The voice
Ps 35:10 Defender 20170519 5795. Only in Christ can a person can have nothing and everything.  Grave markers
Jn 10:8 Voice 20170518 5794. What was doesn't override what is. Was it worth it?
Ex 26:32 Designate 20170517 5793. Sometimes good things look bad and vise versa. Where do you want this?
Jn 10:7 Access 20170516 5792.  Compliance is not obedience. Convincin
Ex 26:31 Veil 20170515 5791. Intercession is a positional privilege not shared with pulpits. Sacred shadows
Acts 7:30 Age 20170514 5790. Age is a progress marker not a limitation. Snot my time (sorry)
Pr. 19:1 Debt 20170513 5789. Presuming on anyone but God can be treacherous. No chance
Ps 35:9 Joyful 20170512 5788. Joy is enduring confidence in God and not a fleeting happy feeling. Passing fancy
Jn 10:6 Parable 20170511 5787. I'd explain it, but then you wouldn't hear it from God. Out Sourced
Ex 26:30 Pattern 20170510 5786. You can't follow instructions you don't know Preview
Jn 10:5 Voice 20170509 5785. The wisest thing I can do today is to ignore most of what I hear. ComfortaBull
Ex 26:29 Foundation 20170508 5784. Cover is nice as long as what's covered stays that way. Cover alls
Acts 7:29 Run 20170507 5783. Life is in the roots. Get on with it
Pr. 18:24 Friend 20170506 5782. We honor someone by spending time with them, not giving them gifts. Pop-up memories
Ps 35:8 Trap 20170505 5781. Sometimes the best plan is no plan. Debate Debacle
Jn 10:3 Follow 20170504 5780. Following is what you do when you belong. To each his own
Ex 26:28 Responsibility 20170503 5779. It takes time to undo a mess, more to correct what caused it. Inclined to combine
Jn 10:4 Shepherd 20170502 5778. Audible sound is not necessary to hear someone. Awww
Ex 26:27 Perimeter 20170501 5777. A perimeter defines where gates can be placed. Boundar-ease
Acts 7:28 Cycle 20170430 5776. What comes around has most likely been around. Motive motif
Pr. 18:23 Request 20170429 5775. It’s amazing how some people change the subject when they don't like the question. First desponders
Ps 35:7 Snare 20170428 5774. Who wants to get out of a hole they don't believe they're in? Tight rights
Jn 10:2 Heaven 20170427 5773. Personalized gifts are the best ones. Welcum yall'
Ex 26:26 Ready 20170426 5772. Covenience can't change conviction. Left behind
John 10:1 Door 20170425 5771. Pay attention or life will sucker punch you in the face.  Work around
Ex 26:25 Attach 20170424 5770. "Do it" is a good plan if you get round to it. Craftsmen
Acts 7:27 Leader 20170423 5760. Leadership is not as big an issue as followship. The Source
Pr. 18:22 Marriage 20170422 5758. “Unlikely” is a term used by limited thinkers. Teamwork
Ps 35:6 Ungodly 20170421 5757. Control is assuring—before you lose it. Don't look up
Jn 9:41 Indictment 20170420 5756. Personal experience is not equal to God's word. Second that
Ex 26:24 Connection 20170419 5755. Connection makes diversity functional. Connectshun
Jn 9:40 Privilege 20170418 5754. Hold your privilege lightly, it was borrowed. Skewed skewer
Ex 26:23 Boundaries 20170417 5753. A finish line allows you to set up the next race. Tasks without walls
Acts 7:26 Discord 20170416 5752. Example is the best means to preach the Gospel. Lame brain
Pr. 18:21 Reboot 20170415 5751. Unplugged, the ultimate turn-off. Memory mire
Ps 35:5 Justice 20170414 5750. Circumstances can't take you where God isn't there and hasn't ordained it. Let it blow
Jn 9:39 Judgment 20170413 5749. Illusion becomes delusion when we succumb to fear. Invisible visibles
Ex 26:22 Finish 20170412 5748. Because you stop working on it doesn't mean it's finished. Zip it up
Jn 9:38 Belief 20170411 5747. Belief without acknowledgment is pretension. You talking to me?
Ex 26:21 Organize 20170410 5746. Storage is good unless you're saving junk. Stuff it
Acts 7:25 Friends 20170409 5745. A friend will never stop loving you. Know your place
Pr. 18:20 Regret 20170408 5744. It's remarkable how resolve can so quickly dissolve. Eat em up
Ps 35:4 Resist 20170407 5743. Opposition from the wrong position is incidental. Oppotimus Max
Jn 9:37 Acknowledge 20170406 5742. You can only know someone who wants to know you. Revelator
Ex 26:20 Precedent 20170405 5741. Precedent is replaced with precedent. Precedential
Jn 9:36 Identity 20170404 5740. An acquaintance should be a friendship in process. Not a clue
Ex 26:19 Legacy 20170403 5739. Enjoy your legacy before you leave it. The Crossing
Acts 7:24 Revenge 20170402 5738. Completion time depends on demolition time. Demo
Pr. 18:19 Reconcile 20170401 5737. Reconciliation requires confession and repentance, not another promise. April fools
Ps 35:3 Help 20170331 5736. It's one thing to offer help, another to ask for it. Yes, thank you.
Jn 9:35 Encounter 20170330 5735. Compassion without ministry is sympathy. You first
Ex 26:18 Design 20170329 5734. God, I don't doubt your heavenly design but am humbled that it includes me. Made to travel
Jn 9:34 Arrogant 20170328 5733. No one who is arrogant thinks he is. The last word
Ex 26:17 Mandate 20170327 5732. Agreement is fine—if you agree. ConsistenSee
Acts 7:23 Family 20170326 5731. Death, not age, marks the finish line. RESPECT
Pr. 18:18 Volunteer 20170325 5730. Some things done can be undone just to be done again. Draw partner
Ps 35:2 Faith 20170324 5729. God doesn't need my help but He demands my attention. Pitimus
Jn 9:33 Christian 20170323 5728. I'm into Cross-training and my exercise is prayer. Rationatizing
Ex 26:16 Limits 20170322 5727.  Patterns show what's expected. It's in the details
Jn 9:32 Justice 20170321 5726. Prudence is rightly knowing if and when. Never say never
Ex 26:15 Tabernacle 20170320 5725. The line between work and ministry shouldn't exist. Thorny issue
Acts 7:22 Wisdom 20170319 5724. Teaching is learning to inspire someone else. Learn n yearn
Pr. 18:17 Plea 20170318 5723. Truth doesn't need a second opinion. Mute pls
Ps 35:1 Advocate 20170317 5722. A loss is a gain in God's economy. Against all odds
Jn 9:31 Translation 20170316 5721. Shortcuts should not circumvent accuracy or common sense. Checkup
Ex 26:14 Cover 20170315 5720. Teaching is not as much about knowledge as humility. Coveralls
Jn 9:30 Credit 20170314 5719. A witness is not responsible for convincing anyone of anything. Marveloss
Ex 26:13 Plans 20170313 5718. Left-overs prove planning or the lack of it. For the unexpected
Acts 7:21 Orphan 20170312 5717. Direction is not as important as directive. Directives
Ps 34:22 Service 20170310 5715. Rewards are as good as the one offering it. Servantide
Jn 9:29 Trust 20170309 5714. Misplaced confidence is common to every loss. Trusty
Ex 26:12 Scrap 20170308 5713. Throw it away today and you'll need it tomorrow. Scrap it
Jn 9:28 Ignorance 20170307 5712. Comparison with something other than God's word is wasted time. The way
Ex 26:11 Divided 20170306 5711. Doing good will always appear bad to someone. The Untied States of America (sic)
Acts 7:20 Scrap 20170305 5710. Sow cand reap should be a good thing. Timing is everything
Pr. 18:15 Information 20170304 5709. It's not what we know but what we do that matters. Atten HUT
Ps 34:21 Addiction 20170303 5708. Addiction is dependence on anyone or anything other than God. Pick a side
Jn 9:27 Facetious 20170302 5707.  A trap springs both ways. Tidy bitey
Ex 26:10 Skills 20170301 5706. There is no bad job for a grateful person. Exposed
Jn 9:26 Curiosity 20170228 5705. Most answers create questions that are never asked. Fill in the blank
Ex 26:9 Purpose 20170227 5704. What doesn't contribute is expendable. Specific prolific
Acts 7:19 Slave 20170226 5703. Gratefulness may be the product of disappointment. Rememberate
Ps 34:20 Protection 20170224 5701. Life is good, but death can be gooder. Not about bones
Jn 9:25 Cause 20170223 5700. Not knowing should lead to finding out. dunno
Ex 26:8 Same 20170222 5699. Sameness has no variance. Water works
Jn 9:24 Influence 20170221 5698. A person's grateful spirit, or lack of it, proves his teacher's merit. Defirmation
Ex 26:7 Cover 20170220 5697. Cover is protection when you stay under it. Cover me
Acts 7:17,18 Favor 20170219 5696. If you think things can't change, blink. Whuz knot
Pr. 18:13 Indiscretion 20170218 5695. Not everything started is worth finishing. #Rash
Ps 34:19 Trouble 20170217 5694. Trouble is the gateway to deliverance. Shape shifters
Jn 9:23 Responsible 20170216 5693. A well phrased question seldom goes unanswered. GPS
Ex 26:6 Unit 20170215 5692.  The role of the smallest component is paramount to the larger purpose. The whole hole
Jn 9:22 Agenda 20170214 5691. What we fear is seldom as bad as our hasty reaction. Watch what you say
Ex 26:5 Balance 20170213 5690. Understanding is not requisite to fact. Even steven
Acts 7:16 Burial 20170212 5689. Neglect means we will pay attention when we've lost the choice. Family circle
Pr. 18:12 Humility 20170211 5688. Winners gladly finish behind those they help. Precursor
Ps 34:18 Humility 20170210 5687. The opposite of weakness is humility. The pride and the gory
Jn 9:21 Query 20170209 5686. Speaking for someone else demands accuracy with brevity. How now
Ex 26:4 Safe 20170208 5685. Truth is not contained by dissent nor empowered by consent. In the details
Jn 9:20 Facts 20170207 5684.  Reputations are earned or corrected at the finish line. Flex-i-bull
Pr. 18:11 Wealth 20170205 5682.  Wealth is throughput, though your hands and in someone else's pocket. Throughput
Ps 34:17 Deliverance 20170203 5680. A problem seldom looks like one until it is. Simple pimples
Jn 9:19 Spin 20170202 5679. Doubt doesn't impact the inevitable.  Under reach
Ex 26:2 Exact 20170201 5678. A perfect design requires perfect compliance with no variance. Slope n square
Jn 9:18 Discredit 20170131 5677. The probability to fail increases the longer you don't. Vetting zoo
Ex 26:1 Cherubim 20170130 5676. Instruction tells us how to do it, inspiration tells us why. Picture that
Acts 7:15 Father 20170129 5675. Being rich is using your life to prove God's word. Role roll
Pr. 18:10 Refuge 20170128 5674. Being safe is not a right, but a privilege with responsibility. Know that song
Pr. 18:10 sa 20170128 5674. The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe. See it
Jn 9:17 Source 20170126 5672. Don't expect answers by looking for someone to tell you. Prober
Ex 25:40 Pattern 20170125 5671.Patterns are designed for the obedient, not the ignorant. Layout
Jn 9:16 Religion 20170124 5670.Trying to make sense of nonsense gives credit where it's not due. Flip side
Ex 25:39 Utility 20170123 5669. Impressions serve a purpose until replaced with reality. To the bone
Pr. 18:9 Productive 20170121 5667. Time is a short-lived opportunity we can't get back. Too late
Ps 34:15 Hear 20170120 5666. Why even look where I won't go? Hello, is anyone there?
Jn 9:15 Credit 20170119 5665. If you can see it and explain it, God probably didn't do it Ez peazy
Ex 25:38 Holy 20170118 5664. The Bible is not a long sermon, but an instruction manual with personal testimonies. Purity assuredly
Ex 25:37 Light 20170116 5662. Something doesn't have to be seen to be heard, but it does to be watched. Wick it
Acts 7:13 Privacy 20170115 5661. If you want something known, try to hide it. Shallow digs
Pr. 18:8 Slander 20170114 5660. If it doesn't involve me, why listen? Calling all liars
Jn 9:13 Proof 20170112 5658.  Love overcomes hate but sometimes has to sacrifice itself. Prove me wrong
Jn 9:12 Important 20170110 5656.   Memorization requires diligent spaced repetition, frequent recall and usage. You can't see that?
Ex 25:35 Meaning 20170109 5655. A door without a knob and latch is a wall. Junctions
Acts 7:12 Need 20170108 5654. Having enough depends on Whom you depend. What will it take?
Pr. 18:7 Snare 20170107 5653. I'd do something about this trap if I thought I was in one. What snare?
Ps 34:13 Deceit 20170106 5652. A deceiver has lost the right to be truthful and believed. Admit v confess
Ex 25:34 Ornate 20170104 5650. It's easy to get caught up in organizing and deodorizing garbage. Sim site
Jn 9:10 Doubt 20170103 5649.  Science is God's creation and not the other way around. Lucy?
Ex 25:33 Conviction 20170102 5648. Paying attention is not license, but obedience might be. Decoraction
Acts 7:11 Hardship 20170101 5647. Hard times are relative to what you call good times. Survival kit
Pr. 18:5 Friends 20161231 5646. Friendship is synonymous with good memories. Segregate congregate
Ps 34:11 Teach 20161230 5645. Learning is the product of desire. Go - no go
Jn 9:9 News 20161229 5644. Opinions are impotent and short-lived. Anti-matter
Ex 25:32 Menorah 20161228 5643. Hope in futility is denial. Happy Holydays
Jn 9:8 Honest 20161227 5642. Questions are asked at Calvary and answered at the empty tomb. Something's different
Ex 25:31 Part 20161226 5641. Most failures are the product of non-integrated components. Continuitous
Acts 7:10 Deliverance 20161225 5640. Whoever said you can't watch what you can't see doesn't know God. Rightly rigged
Pr. 18:4 Invest 20161224 5639. A good investment yields good fruit. Daily portion
Ps 34:10 Seeker 20161223 5638. Seekers are not needy but could be characterized as hungry. The times, they are changin'
Ex 25:30 Evidence 20161221 5636. What's in me will consistently come out of me. Regularity
Jn 9:6 Minister 20161220 5635. What you do can preach far better than what you say. Pour it on
Ex 25:29 Holy 20161219 5634. Instructions are profitable only if you know and follow them. Through and through
Acts 7:9 Troubles 20161218 5633. Leverage overcoming weight was a spiritual law before a physical one. To name a few
Pr. 18:3 Wicked 20161217 5632. Who but politicians compare bad with worse and call it good? Escalating empty
Ps 34:9 Desire 20161216 5631. A truly rich man gives away more than he has. Without saying
Jn 9:5 Light 20161215 5630. Temporary is a call to action. Rise and shine
Ex 25:27 Support 20161212 5627. No one walks who wasn't taught and no one stands without support. Down-line
Acts 7:8 Family 20161211 5626. Family is proof we belong. It is written
Pr. 18:2 Expression 20161210 5625. Hyperbole without accountability defines today's journalism. Enough rope
Ps 34:8 Blessed 20161209 5624. Experience trumps discussion. Toothpick delicacy
Jn 9:3 Hardship 20161208 5623. Circumstances only provide a background for my attitude. Why?
Ex 25:26 Connect 20161207 5622. Loosely attached means easily disconnected. Connection point
Jn 9:2 Teachable 20161206 5621. Listening requires attentive application to be learning. No cigar
Ex 25:25 Respect 20161205 5620.  Disrespect yields disregard. Revere relish
Acts 7:7 Nations 20161204 5619.  Slavery doesn't necessitate chains. Rule the ruler
Pr. 18:1 Harmony 20161203 5618. Power doesn't need expression to exist. Balance be-am
Ps 34:7 Protect 20161202 5617. What you don't see is the reason why you can see. Safe at home
Jn 9:1 Mission 20161201 5616. Not all invitations have an RSVP. Around the corner
Ex 25:24 Plan 20161130 5615. The source of information takes precedence over the content. Planned disaster
Jn 8:59 Opposition 20161129 5614. Unlike radicalism, righteousness will stand alone. Now you know
Ex 25:23 Tabernacle 20161128 5613. Presentation should not detract from presence. X-rays
Acts 7:6 Cost 20161127 5612.  Everything of value comes at a personal cost. Follow the loser
Pr. 17:28 Perception 20161126 5611. Peace requires more than muzzles and ear plugs. Appear appeal
Ps 34:6 Failure 20161125 5610. Presume failure and watch it happen. Cycle mania
Jn 8:58 Abraham 20161124 5609. Momentum is based on what was—moving what is. The True Revelator
Ex 25:23 Support 20161123 5608. Nothing stands without a support mechanism. Life support
Jn 8:57 Distrust 20161122 5607. Doubt breeds distrust before detachment. Impasse posse
Ex 25:22 Information 20161121 5606. Partially right is totally wrong. Informant
Acts 7:5 Parents 20161120 5605. The smallest thing can produce the greatest benefit. Parent prize
Pr. 17:27 Knowledge 20161119 5604. The art of listening is exacted in preclusion. Listen up
Ps 34:5 Joy 20161118 5603. Joy is not a temporary feeling but confident assurance. Make you wanna
Ex 25:21 Cover 20161116 5601. A cover is not presentation but preparation for the presentation. In-sourced
Jn 8:55 Obedience 20161115 5600. Friends don't have to be asked. Keepers
Ex 25:20 Focus 20161114 5599. It's hard to see good if bad has your attention. Segregather
Acts 7:4 Paradise 20161113 5598. Only an ingrate has to lose something to appreciate it Dead weight & Living wait
Pr. 17:26 Triumph 20161112 5597. To mock the righteous is to mock God. Mixed veggies
Ps 34:4 Seeker 20161111 5596. Sustained victory comes from knowing your friends and not forgetting your enemies. Finders
Jn 8:54 Honor 20161110 5595. Power doesn't have to be seen to be powerful. My Source of course.
Ex 25:19 Balance 20161109 5594. If you never leave, you'll never have to come back. Balance
Jn 8:53 Credentials 20161108 5593. I thought I was something until I met Someone who is everything. The Limited
Ex 25:18 Artist 20161107 5592. The work of our hands defines the worth of our time. Patterns
Acts 7:3 Family 20161106 5591. It's seldom we find what we are not looking for. Moving day
Pr. 17:25 Children 20161105 5590. The legacy of lunacy is a child raising a child. Wax on, wax off
Ps 34:3 Attention 20161104 5589. Creativity is seeing what few do and making something out of it. Calling all psalmists.
Jn 8:52 Ignorance 20161103 5588.  A conclusion based on ignorance makes the truth your enemy. Thought scrubber
Ex 25:17 Specifications 20161102 5587. You can't follow instructions you don't know. Plans and specs
Jn 8:51 Death 20161101 5586. Truth never applied may be a one-time opportunity. Deal breaker
Ex 25:16 Word 20161031 5585. Collapse begins with neglect of the obvious. What's inside?
Pr. 17:24 Wisdom 20161029 5583. What we see is determined by our faith. Seeing is doubting
Ps 34:2 Praise 20161028 5582. Praise is the transference of honor to the one who truly deserves it. Choosing teams
Jn 8:50 Ego 20161027 5581. Perspective is good, but purpose is better. Willy or won't he?
Pr. 17:19 Trouble 20161024 5578. Peace is knowing you win—regardless the outcome. Reese's peace
Acts 7:1 Delusion 20161023 5577.  Confusion + seclusion = illusion + delusion. Layer the butter
Pr. 17:23 Dishonesty 20161022 5576. No one's above the law who is not under judgment. Rotten tomatoes
Ps 34:1 Attention 20161021 5575. You'll never finish what you never start. Counting continuum
Jn 8:48 Ignorant 20161020 5574.  What could have been always seems better than what is. Loyaltree
Ex 25:13 Specification 20161019 5573. The value of a work in process is found in the artist. Sacred shavings
Jn 8:47 Relationship 20161018 5572. Silence is the loudest communication there is. 
Winner, winner, chicken sinner.
Ex 25:12 Ark 20161017 5571. Connection is good—with proper balance and singular direction. Carry co-op
Acts 6:15 Angels 20161016 5570. Losing focus is the first step in losing your way. Need to see
Pr. 17:22 Joy 20161015 5569. Life is not a choice, but a God-given privilege. Who is that?
Ps 33:22 Hope 20161014 5568. High hopes may seem good to some, but trusting God never fails. Savor the favor
Jn 8:46 Witness 20161013 5567. The right answer to the wrong question is wasted time. Question God?
Ex 25:11 Purpose 20161012 5566. You can't take my joy, but I'll be glad to share it with you. Smiley
Jn 8:45 Offend 20161011 5565. Truth never leans on opinion nor seeks it. Cochlisear
Ex 25:10 Story 20161010 5564. Truth never yields to accommodate a teaching plan. Connect this
Acts 6:14 Words 20161009 5563. If you think no one is listening, then why say it? Hearsay hay
Pr. 17:21 Parents 20161008 5562. Youth can be the religion of invincibility. Family faux
Ps 33:21 Trust 20161007 5561. Trust means nothing until you test it. Chooser losers
Jn 8:44 Abuse 20161006 5560. Trends can be ignored, but collateral damage cannot. Sin sowing
Ex 25:9 PSL 20161005 5559. It takes two to communicate, one to irritate and a ton to fumigate. Signals
Jn 8:43 Distraction 20161004 5558. Any bad thing we appease for a good purpose will change our purpose. Can and able
Ex 25:8 Sanctuary 20161003 5557. Worship is a personal experience enjoyed by more than one person Spider beside her
Acts 6:13 Lies 20161002 5556. Words, even trivial ones, speak volumes and cannot be taken back. See no me wave
Pr. 17:20 Trap 20161001 5555. Telling a lie is the futile attempt to not look like a liar. Olympic metal
Ps 33:20 Expectation 20160930 5554. It's not waiting if you're working a back-up plan. No, know go
Jn 8:42 Son 20160929 5553. Too often, age is the way people misjudge fitness. Gray pin-stripes
Ex 25:7 Meeting 20160928 5552. Too many meetings take time that could be used to accomplish something. Faces & places
Jn 8:41 Father 20160927 5551. Where you came from is not nearing as important as where you are going. Power source
Ex 25:6 Connection 20160926 5550. There is no good excuse for being unprepared.  Sudden expectation
Ex 25:14 Respect 20160924 5548. Rules are established to provide safe boundaries. Utility futility
Jn 8:40 Denial 20160922 5546. What could be is because of what is, not what could have been. Silence the critic
Ex 25:5 Sacrifice 20160921 5545.Careful Instructions deserve prompt attention.  Picture that
Jn 8:39 Works 20160920 5544. Belief is either confirmed or contradicted by our action or lack of it. Father farthers
Ex 25:4 Useful 20160919 5543. The largest things are dependent on the integrity of the smallest components. Holy recipe
Acts 6:11 Subterfuge 20160918 5542. If I choose to believe a lie, it's my fault. Low blow
Pr. 17:18 Pledge 20160917 5541. Promises are seldom consolation when made hastily. Self con
Ps 33:18 Salvation 20160916 5540. Unsupervised employees are temporary. Relian-see
Jn 8:38 Mentor 20160915 5539. Character is as much rejection as reflection. Be likes
Jn 8:37 Religion 20160913 5537. A dead end is literally where religion takes you. Dead-end gods
Ex 25:2 Giving 20160912 5536. People make up the church, not social security numbers. Forced Compliance
Acts 6:10 Convince 20160911 5535. I don't make misnakes. Con Vince
Pr. 17:17 Adversity 20160910 5534. Adversity builds the character required to endure it. Reason for the squeezin'
Ps 33:17 Strength 20160909 5533. You can't fix something that won't break again. Disruptor
Jn 8:36 Free 20160908 5532. Value is seldom related to price. New redo
Ex 25:1 Pray 20160907 5531. Sufficient time depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on. Timing belt
Jn 8:35 Home 20160906 5530. Any place that is temporary is not home. Relate this
Ex 24:18 Meeting 20160905 5529. How can you redeem time you don’t watch? What time is it?
Acts 6:9 Education 20160904 5528.  Education without discretion is like driving a car without steering or brakes. Smarty pantz
Pr. 17:16 Science 20160903 5527. The best choice is surrendering it to God. Choosing losing
Ps 33:16 Reliance 20160902 5526. Claiming dimished capacity is limiting God. Average
Jn 8:34 Freedom 20160901 5525. Being in the right place requires vacating the wrong one. Oblivious opinions
Ex 24:17 Awe 20160831 5524. Power is what you think you have before you lose it. PowerFULL
Jn 8:33 Slave 20160830 5523. Every man is a slave, but not everyone knows his master. Short memory
Ex 24:16 Rest 20160829 5522. The best work comes out of sufficient rest. Dazed
Acts 6:8 Signs 20160828 5521. Not everything that appears good is good. Who dunnit?
Pr. 17:15 Vote 20160827 5520. There are no different levels of wrong. Justifruit
Ps 33:15 Edify 20160826 5519. Creativity is more genius than having a high IQ. Juice
Jn 8:32 Truth 20160825 5518. Truth never changes except in perception. Touchy feely
Ex 24:15 Meeting 20160824 5517. Missing a meeting shows what you think of the host. Cloudy forecast
Jn 8:31 Abide 20160823 5516. If it moves, it can break. Abider
Ex 24:14 Problems 20160822 5515. Solving problems is ninety percent detective work and ten percent mechanical. Down time
Acts 6:7 Growth 20160821 5514. Before you start to multiply, make sure your addition is correct. Border Less
Pr. 17:14 Strife 20160820 5513. In every fight, someone starts it, someone finishes it and they both lose. Trapeze Artists
Ps 33:14 Observation 20160819 5512. Proximity to the source determines more than what you see and hear.
Accounted for
Jn 8:30 Belief 20160818 5511. My belief doesn't make something true. Chooser
Ex 24:13 Attendance 20160817 5510. Training someone requires lessening your expectation. Select elect
Jn 8:29 Holy 20160816 5509. Seeing is one thing, being quite another. Holy Loop
Ex 24:12 Meeting 20160815 5508. You can't climb a mountain sitting in the valley. Good fit
Acts 6:6 Authority 20160814 5507. Omission is the emission in most commissions. Lay me down
Pr. 17:13 Evil 20160813 5506. Doing the wrong thing gets easier the more you do it.  Sticky wicked
Ps 33:13 Omnipresence 20160812 5505. To focus in the wrong direction is human. icu
Jn 8:28 Speech 20160811 5504. Most of us won’t look up until we're upside down Double take
Ex 24:11 Fellowship 20160810 5503. Not all missed opportunities present themselves again Fellowmiss
Jn 8:27 Understanding 20160809 5502. Asking the right question is a skill above knowing right answers. Misreception
Acts 6:5 Qualify 20160807 5500. Acting happy depends on how much stuff you have to mask. Before and before
Pr. 17:12 Fool 20160806 5499. Temporary is a lifestyle satisfed with a worthy goal. Duncing with stars
Ps 33:12 Ungrateful 20160805 5498. With blessing comes the responsibility to pass it on. Paradise Lost
Jn 8:26 Words 20160804 5497. I won't have to take back what I don't say; what I'm thinking is another matter. Say "Ahhh"
Ex 24:9 Family 20160803 5496. Some things that go around never come back around. Time and place
Jn 8:25 Identity 20160802 5495. Instructions from conflicting sources are impossible to follow. Remix resist
Ex 24:8 Promise 20160801 5494. Learning what not to change is as important as any change. Purr-fect
Acts 6:4 Ministry 20160731 5493. Worry is thinking you’re responsible for something that’s not your problem. Duplimaker
Ps 33:11 Plans 20160729 5491. The most important thing I do today might be to plan tomorrow. Ready-set-change
Jn 8:24 Death 20160728 5490. The thing about choice is you have to be alive to have it. Telling timer
Ex 24:7 Bible 20160727 5489. What we fail to memorize, we are willing to forget. Fingers
Jn 8:23 Separation 20160726 5488. Where I've been is not nearly as important as where I am going Origination negation
Ex 24:6 Offering 20160725 5487. Lazy people think that watching is doing. Portions
Acts 6:3 Deacon 20160724 5486. Labels tell us what to expect, but not neccessarily what we'll get. Deacon beacon
Pr. 17:10 Rebuke 20160723 5485. I don’t need anyone but God trying to think for me. Buke me bro
Ps 33:10 Nations 20160722 5484. Everyone but God answers to someone else. NATO say so
Jn 8:22 Confusion 20160721 5483. Outside the box is still in it for most people. Disconnect
Ex 24:5 Religion 20160720 5482. The best copy is never as good as the original. Impressionists
Pr. 17:9 Words 20160716 5478. It's not just what you say but how you say it that matters. Completely discrete
Ps 33:9 Master 20160715 5477. Expectation can be a cruel master. Presto chango
Jn 8:20 Timing 20160714 5476. What harm can come when God is between us and our trouble? Safe zone
Ex 24:3 Fear 20160713 5475. I prove my intention by what I do, not what I say. Acquiescent nonsense
Jn 8:19 Relationship 20160712 5474. 5474. I sometime wonder if God regrets giving man a mouth. JG Splain it please
Ex 24:2 Intimacy 20160711 5473. Someone in a relationship is expected to relate. Up close
Pr. 17:8 Gifts 20160709 5471. Be different—pick up a pen and write a letter. When she comes
Ps 33:8 Fear 20160708 5470. Pride leads to arrogance which ends in insignificance. Little is perspective
Jn 8:18 Greatness 20160707 5469. Truth has an eternal shelf-life. Grit n grind
Ex 24:1 Worship 20160706 5468. Where we spend more time is an indicator of what we love. and personal
Jn 8:17 Accuracy 20160705 5467.  Standards are rules for things that aren’t. Applicator
Ex 23:33 Snare 20160704 5466. Knowing we have a problem is not motivation to remove it. Mix & Mangle
Acts 5:42 Time 20160703 5465. Time is more valuable than money because you cannot get it back. Oppor-tune
Pr. 17:7 Speech 20160702 5464. Expediency is consistently doing the right thing. Diddie do?
Ps 33:7 Rescue 20160701 5463. Backup is worthless until tested. Comfort keepers
Jn 8:16 Revelation 20160630 5462. What we see often interferes with what we should see. Blurry blocker
Jn 8:15 Judge 20160628 5460. Judges should interpret the law, not make a new one. Restriction retraction
Ex 23:30 Wait 20160622 5454. It's doubtful I will find what I am not looking for. Tic Tic
Jn 8:13 Justification 20160621 5453.  Only losers maintain the status quo. Ripley moment
Ex 23:29 Provision 20160620 5452. Perseverance is outlasting your opposition. JG  Measured mercy
Acts 5:40 Mob 20160619 5451. God may ask us to use the term denomination and pastor in a sentence. Kangaroos
Pr. 17:5 Gloat 20160618 5450. Get ready to experience, if not exceed, what you mock. Merci
Ps 33:5 Discernment 20160617 5449. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Elephant
Jn 8:12 Light 20160616 5448. It's curious how we don't notice the light until we find ourselves in darkness. Light 'em up!
Ex 23:28 Battle 20160615 5447. Why fight a battle that's not yours and you can't win? Inept prep
Jn 8:11 Condemn 20160614 5446. It takes someone special to make something out of nothing. Hate relate
Ex 23:27 Confusion 20160613 5445. No one wants to go to war, but it is coming to you regardless. Fear fear
Acts 5:39 Resist 20160612 5444. Identify your opponent and who's on your team before declaring war. IT
Pr. 17:4 Lie 20160611 5443. To a liar, the truth is a lie. GulliBill
Ps 33:4 New 20160610 5442. Here's a clue just for you: new only rhymes with true. The Core
Jn 8:10 Guilt 20160609 5441. Character is shown in losing more than winning. Downwords
Jn 8:9 Conscience 20160607 5439. Blame is misdirection. Convicts
Ex 23:25 Bless 20160606 5438. When neglect equals resolve, others suffer. Blessology
Acts 5:38 Ignore 20160605 5437. Ignorance and disobedience are only different in their spelling. Ignore n snore
Ps 33:3 Sing 20160603 5435. New means respectfully different, not necessarily original. Tinkerbells
Jn 8:8 Time 20160602 5434. You may not hear well, but your listening skills don't require it. Pockets
Ex 23:24 Destruction 20160601 5433. It's natural to love promises, ignore conditions and then complain. The left side
Jn 8:7 Judgment 20160531 5432. Life is an eraser that eventually removes everything that is ungodly. Need more time?
Ex 23:23 Trouble 20160530 5431. Knowing who and when is more important than knowing how. Gaggle giggle
Acts 5:37 Hate 20160529 5430. Things get worse on their way to getting better. Influenzed
Pr. 17:2 Discipline 20160528 5429. With knowledge comes responsibility to teach and live it. What goes around
Ps 33:2 Instrument 20160527 5428. Enjoy what you have—while you have it. Ten-string memories
Jn 8:6 Doodle 20160526 5427. Silence might be the best teacher of all. Menacing moments
Ex 23:21 Name 20160523 5424. We should not assume God's tolerance of sinners as tolerant of sin. Eazy peasy
Acts 5:36 Popular 20160522 5423. Lasting popularity is the result of humility enduring fame. Bobble wobble
Pr. 17:1 Quiet 20160521 5422. Wearing ear buds around people implies that they are irrelevant. Downtown
Ps 33:1 Praise 20160520 5421. Changing something that doesn't need changing is an practice that needs changing. Associative neglect
Jn 8:4 Recovery 20160519 5420. Problems are the means by which character is either demonstrated or developed. Worst case
Ex 23:20 Guardian 20160518 5419. Every beginning marks where Someone else has been. Snow-plower power
Jn 8:3 Journal 20160517 5418. I can deal with trouble; it's the trouble-makers that concern me. Saw that coming
Ex 23:19 Respect 20160516 5417.  We don't give to get, but get to give. Reversal of fortune
Acts 5:35 Intention 20160515 5416. 5416. Intention without sacrificial conviction means nothing. Lazy bones
Pr. 16:33 Chance 20160514 5415. I may not know who did it, but there's little doubt Who's behind it. Lucky and mucky
Ps 32:11 Celebrate 20160513 5414. I can give you sneakers but I can’t make you run. Double doody
Jn 8:2 Resourses 20160512 5413. Going back is not an option, but learning from it is. In-sourcing
Ex 23:18 Precision 20160511 5412. Being on time seldom depends on what time it is. Timer off
Jn 8:1 Prayer 20160510 5411. How can I know someone without spending time with them? Nearly there
Ex 23:17 Family 20160509 5410. Time moves on; try to keep up. It's that time
Acts 5:34 Crowd 20160508 5409. Discipline administered in anger is another name for abuse. Time out
Pr. 16:32 Anger 20160507 5408. If anger can take you down, then peace can lift you up. Chained reaction
Ps 32:10 Trust 20160506 5407. Persecution will reveal your conviction or lack of it. Mercy me
Jn 7:53 Home 20160505 5406.  A house is a structure, a home should be a blessing. Ever so humble
Ex 23:16 Giving 20160504 5405. There's a time for everything—regardless if you make the time. Mis-giving
Jn 7:52 Questions 20160503 5404. Change is good as long as the change is good. Rowdy rift
Ex 23:15 Suffer 20160502 5403. The reason we have memory is so we can remember to remember. Seasoned reason
Acts 5:33 Displeasure 20160501 5402. Pulp Fiction: more paper work improves efficiency.  Grow, no grow
Pr. 16:31 Old 20160430 5401. Birthdays are funny, first you like them, then you don't, then you do. True Grit
Ps 32:9 Bold 20160429 5400. If you plan on changing, what’s wrong with doing it now? Stutter utter
Jn 7:51 Judge 20160428 5399. Who cares what sound a falling tree makes—unless you're under it.
Ex 23:14 Sacrifice 20160427 5398. You can't forget what you failed to memorize. Altar ego
Jn 7:50 Fearful 20160426 5397. Before you can stand out, you must stand up. Marco
Ex 23:13 Desire 20160425 5396.  Where we choose to spend our "free" time exposes our true love. Regard Less
Acts 5:32 Spirit 20160424 5395. What we are is proven when we think no one is watching. Arise and shine
Pr. 16:30 Evil 20160423 5394. Every problem has One solution. Trust me
Ps 32:8 Direction 20160422 5393. Life is tough; it must be tougher going it alone. Answers in waiting
Jn 7:49 Control 20160421 5392. Aside from Scripture, what we think won't change probably will. Hurtin' fer certain
Ex 23:12 Rest 20160420 5391.  Rest is relief on both sides of pressure. Stop here—please!
Jn 7:48 Credentials 20160419 5390. If you aren't a duck but walk like one, the ducks will call you out. Boyz club
Ex 23:11 Holy 20160418 5389. Service over self is good, if there is enough self to do the serving. Hallowed fallow
Acts 5:31 Relationship 20160417 5388. Who in a relationship does not relate? K.I.S.S.
Ps 32:7 Safety 20160415 5386. Home is where you make it. Home run
Jn 7:47 Answers 20160414 5385. Non-partisan is a futile attempt to appear unbiased. I beg to differ
Ex 23:10 Work 20160413 5384. Work while you can, can your work, then you can sit on your can. While we're young.
Jn 7:46 Converse 20160412 5383. I'm not sure what you heard is what I thought I said. Apparency
Ex 23:9 Empathy 20160411 5382. Just because I know how you feel doesn't mean I want to feel it again. Empathetics
Acts 5:30 Israel 20160410 5381. It doesn't matter who you think God is—unless you're wrong. Implication imputation
Pr. 16:28 Words 20160409 5380. What we don't say may be more important than what we do. Watch yo mouth
Ps 32:6 Seek 20160408 5379. When times get tough, it's time to lace up. Did you see that?
Ex 23:8 Bribe 20160406 5377. Give and take are fine as long as one person doesn't do one and not the other. By any other name
Jn 7:45 Expectation 20160407 5378. Expectations are good if someone else has them. Expectinate
Jn 7:44 Time 20160405 5376. What we consider the right time, may not be to the Time-Keeper. Timed delay
Ex 23:7 Association 20160404 5375. Association is the adoption of someone else's plans. Associnate
Acts 5:29 Experience 20160403 5374. Youth is wasted on the young. Apply inside
Pr. 16:27 Speech 20160402 5373. Anger causes us to bring up things that we claim to have forgiven and forgotten. Let it go
Jn 7:43 Solve 20160331 5371. In God's economy, the worst candidate can be the best person for the job. JG Splitting heirs
Ex 23:6 Poor 20160330 5370. Something's value is determined by how much it costs to replace it. Final word
Jn 7:42 Blindness 20160329 5369.   Using the term “impossible” exposes a limited thinker. Obvious obliviousity
Ex 23:5 Enemy 20160328 5368. Enemies make best friends. Sola
Acts 5:28 Intention 20160327 5367.  Belief in the wrong thing is disbelief in the right thing.  It's not me, it's you
Pr. 16:26 Motivation 20160326 5366. A new goal should be set higher than the previous one. Snoozer loser
Ps 32:4 Refreshed 20160325 5365. Success usually comes when we're not expecting it. Long time, no see
Jn 7:41 Prophecy 20160324 5364. Facts are not changed by someone's refusal to hear it. Dubiocity
Ex 23:4 Find 20160323 5363. Friends are made in battle, not in the bar after the fight. Lose something?
Jn 7:40 Claim 20160322 5362. Attention is what you pay, retention what you keep. Convincinator
Ex 23:3 Poor 20160321 5361. Assuming debt is a presumption on the future. One man's trouble
Acts 5:27 Court 20160320 5360. Everything has a price, even things with seemingly negative value. Trumped and jumped
Pr. 16:25 Way 20160319 5359. A loophole is a Band-Aid for a previous bad decision. High Way
Ps 32:3 Endurance 20160318 5358. I haven't lost anything, I just forgot where I put it. Lame proclaim
Jn 7:39 Listen 20160317 5357. The word better is based on what is considered good. In its time
Ex 23:2 StandAlone 20160316 5356. Teamwork is cooperation among people with different ideas and the same goal. Unique peek
Jn 7:38 Spirit 20160315 5355. How can people read our label unless we live inside out? In & Out
Ex 23:1 Slander 20160314 5354. Point a finger and get three back at you. Truth detractor
Acts 5:26 Control 20160313 5353. The last One standing makes the rules. Liberty v license
Pr. 16:24 Words 20160312 5352. Spoken words are not always indicative of what's not. Of noise and medicine
Ps 32:2 Iniquity 20160311 5351. Some is none when it comes to obedience. A, B, Sinner
Jn 7:37 Drunk 20160310 5350. Futility is assuming a responsibility God didn’t give you. Wagons and seat-belts
Ex 22:31 Worldly 20160309 5349. Slight separation means little difference. Seduce and Induce
Jn 7:36 Questions 20160308 5348. Only a true friend will answer the questions we aren't asking but should be. QNA
Ex 22:30 Give 20160307 5347. Nothing says lovin' like giving someone somethin'. Pick up game
Acts 5:25 Teach 20160306 5346. School may get you a job, but a job will school you. Cause and deflect
Pr. 16:23 Learn 20160305 5345. Blending makes something different look not so. One of these things
Ps 32:1 Forgiveness 20160304 5344. Worship with unconfessed sin is idolatry by another name. Right connection
Jn 7:35 Found 20160303 5343.  A lock is useless without a key. The lost key
Ex 22:28 Complain 20160229 5340.Misery is where whining takes you. A whiner shiner
Acts 5:24 Wait 20160228 5339. I've learned to wait—as long as it doesn't take too long. Conditions change
Ps 31:24 Hope 20160226 5337. You can’t go forward looking backward; at least you shouldn’t. Change is on the way
Jn 7:33 Home 20160225 5336. Family is sharing the same goals and spending significant time together. Goon tomorrow
Ex 22:27 Collection 20160224 5335. Compassion is assistance, not pity. Can you spare a dime
Jn 7:32 Status-quo 20160223 5334.  Looking for answers from within the problem is futile. Indefensible defense
Ex 22:26 Promise 20160222 5333. Borrow something and you will pay for it but not own it. Short term
Acts 5:23 Test 20160221 5332. Creation is incomplete without proper maintenance. Here today
Pr. 16:21 Prudent 20160220 5331. The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying. Keep 'em close
Ps 31:23 Arrogance 20160219 5330. Discipline is character under fire, judgment fire under a character. Arrogantitus
Jn 7:31 Messiah 20160218 5329.  Expectation can easily keep us from realization. Risen indeed.
Ex 22:25 Debt 20160217 5328. There's no such thing as a free loan. The Quicken and the Dead
Jn 7:30 Providence 20160216 5327. Time is the means by which we practice what we believe. Assurance policy
Ex 22:24 Dependent 20160215 5326.  Voters concern me far more than those they elect. The sky has fallen
Acts 5:22 Surprise 20160214 5325. The best made plans are seldom static but always in transition. Oh, boy.
Pr. 16:20 Obligation 20160213 5324. Belief breeds conviction and action, not preference and knowledge. Go, no go.
Ps 31:22 Winning 20160212 5323. If you don't use it, you're willing to lose it. Young as dirt
Jn 7:29 Origin 20160211 5322. Maturity is cutting immaturity some slack. Good blood
Ex 22:23 Payback 20160210 5321. Excellence means working harder in order to do something better. It's just what we do.
Jn 7:28 Credentials 20160209 5320. Opportunities are where you find them. My Source
Ex 22:22 Care 20160208 5319.  Abba is a Daddy who will never leave or forget His children. Help wanted
Acts 5:21 Diligent 20160207 5318.The gap between can’t and won’t is surrender. Fleeting control
Pr. 16:19 Humility 20160206 5317. Knowing your place means seldom staying there. Looking up
Ps 31:21 Secure 20160205 5316. Winning makes losses bearable. Lock down
Jn 7:27 Residency 20160204 5315.  Church is people and not places. Predeception
Ex 22:21 Stranger 20160203 5314. Making friends is an investment that grows exponentially. Rememberer
Jn 7:26 Calling 20160202 5313. A comfort zone is where dreams and aspirations grow old and die. The time is now
Ex 22:20 Loyalty 20160201 5312. There’s a reason for everything—if you need it. Crossed lines
Acts 5:20 Preach 20160131 5311. Feedback is good, even when it’s criticism. Hear Ye, hear ye!
Pr. 16:18 Pride 20160130 5310. Deference makes a difference. Marriage mutiny
Ps 31:20 Preserve 20160129 5309. Rewriting history requires having lazy minds to accept it. Man Ipulative
Jn 7:25 Impression 20160128 5308. Wrong impressions should not lead us to wrong conclusions. Deception infection
Ex 22:19 Ignorance 20160127 5307.  Ignorance is contagious and can be deadly. The gravity of depravity
Jn 7:24 Sanctify 20160126 5306. Appearance is not just deceiving, but revealing. Eye soar
Ex 22:18 Evil 20160125 5305. Nothing is any stronger than its weakest link. Close the door behind you
Acts 5:19 Angels 20160124 5304. Dependence on God expects no favor but grace to do His work. Help is on the way
Pr. 16:17 Purity 20160123 5303. It's impossible to see right when wrong is blocking your view. Spiritual LASIK
Ps 31:19 Faith 20160122 5302. What might be is having hope; what will be is based on proactive faith. Faith works
Jn 7:23 Law 20160121 5301. Success is judged by results and not by intention. Meticulously facetious
Ex 22:17 Marriage 20160120 5300. Deal with your children or someone else will. In-law outlaws
Jn 7:22 Church 20160119 5299. Why make things complicated when someone will do that for you? The Source of course
Ex 22:16 Accountable 20160118 5298. Discipline establishes boundaries of freedom. Wrong too long
Acts 5:18 Trials 20160117 5297. Association is a positive spin on disassociation Step up or step back
Pr. 16:16 Wisdom 20160116 5296. Wisdom is knowing Who to trust.  Choose or lose
Ps 31:18 Lies 20160115 5295. Fine print should be illegal. No variance
Jn 7:21 Impression 20160114 5294. The right ending never needs justifying. Make it quick
Jn 7:20 Focus 20160112 5292. Be a good chooser and not a sore loser. Direction deflection
Ex 22:14 Loan 20160111 5291. Walk a mile in someone’s moccasins and get blisters. On the come
Acts 5:17 Conviction 20160110 5290. Don’t allow someone else to define your aspirations. Attention tension
Pr. 16:15 Favor 20160109 5289. Being considered impartial is good, being fair highly unlikely. To the core
Ps 31:17 Life 20160108 5288. Spiritually speaking, most of us can’t see past our eyelashes Eternal living
Jn 7:19 Laws 20160107 5287. It’s a natural thing for the righteous to offend those who aren’t. Nitpickers, knife stickers
Ex 22:13 Evidence 20160106 5286. Change something enough and you won't recognize what it was. Evidential innocence
Jn 7:18 Impression 20160105 5285. We should live to inspire more than be inspired. Cross dresser
Ex 22:12 Ownership 20160104 5284. Life’s great mystery: throw something out and you’ll need it tomorrow. Urge to purge
Acts 5:16 Reputation 20160103 5283. It’s human nature to listen more to what’s said to someone else. Likes and looks
Pr. 16:14 Convince 20160102 5282. I can stand resistance; it’s being ignored that motivates me. Turn and yearn
Ps 31:16 Prayer 20160101 5281. If you want an answer, ask a question. Wait gait
Jn 7:18 Humility 20151231 5280. Who said, "There's nothing new under the sun" before Solomon? Mr. Pride
Ex 22:12 Possessions 20151230 5279. Second-hand is first-hand to someone else. Careful criminal
Jn 7:17 Authority 20151229 5278. To speak for someone you need authority and know what they'd say. Interrupt 21h
Ex 22:11 Agreement 20151228 5277. The good thing about shaking the hand of some people is knowing where at least one of them is.
Skewed scrutiny
Acts 5:15 Ministry 20151227 5276. Keeping score doesn't always identify the winner. Kick starter
Pr. 16:13 Testimony 20151226 5275. Integrity impresses but is not easily impressed. Quacking and walking
Ps 31:15 Family 20151225 5274. Time doesn't slip away, it runs away and hides. Live it.
Jn 7:16 Doctrine 20151224 5273. Good doctrine can't overcome a bad witness. Show me; don't tell me
Ex 22:10 Offense 20151223 5272. I can understand your hysteria; it's you being historical that really bothers me. Things happen
Jn 7:15 Prepare 20151222 5271. We can't do anything well that we're not prepared to do. Showtime
Ex 22:9 Settlement 20151221 5270. A good teacher makes the complex understandable. Even steven
Acts 5:14 Church 20151220 5269. There's a reason why doors are closed. Growth or moans
Pr. 16:12 Manage 20151219 5268. Big shots call the shots, while the rest of us try not to get shot as a result. Unmanageable Manager
Ps 31:14 Trust 20151218 5267. Universal law: We may planet [sic], but God directs it. Living proof
Jn 7:14 Ministry 20151217 5266. Look at yesterday; plan for tomorrow, but live for today. Designer genes
Ex 22:8 Possession 20151216 5265. Possession is a responsibility a wise man doesn't want. Homeless enabler
Jn 7:13 Fear 20151215 5264. Most fears are imagined and seldom realized. Estimate or
Ex 22:7 Helpless 20151214 5263. If failure is not an option, why is it so easy? Fire starter
Acts 5:13 Church 20151213 5262. God deserves more than our time between twilight and sunset. I can wait
Ps 31:13b Offend 20151211 5260. It's impossible to please God and not offend someone. Offend me plz
Jn 7:12 People 20151210 5259. Look at your friends to know what kind of person you are. Yall' come, ya hear?
Ex 22:6 Steal 20151209 5258. There are not enough jails to hold people with evil intent. Not again
Jn 7:11 Complacency 20151208 5257. If you desire positive change, be prepared for resistance. Steady eddy
Ex 22:5 Ownership 20151207 5256. Saying something is new exposes what we don't know. It's Yours
Pr. 16:10 Control 20151205 5254. Control is surrendered rather than high jacked. Control tower
Ps 31:13a Slander 20151204 5253. To get ahead, doubt the doubters. The Other Team
Ex 22:4 Guilty 20151202 5251. Why is it that everyone but me makes misnakes? Not even close
Jn 7:9 Wait 20151201 5250. Trust is having a focus so narrow, there’s no room for compromise. Stayocity
Ex 22:3 Restitution 20151130 5249. Sometimes it seems my ditches have ditches Redestitute
Acts 5:11 Trust 20151129 5248. Insight is seeing what most don't, initiative is acting on it. Believe you me
Pr. 16:9 Plans 20151128 5247. A sprinter should get a trophy for finishing a marathon. Direction reflexion
Ps 31:12 Old 20151127 5246. Forgive us leaders Jesus, for acting like we're deaf and dead when it comes to making disciples. Going, going . . .
Jn 7:8 Timing 20151126 5245. Achievement is making something out of nothing. JG The right time
Jn 7:7 World 20151124 5243. The fastest way to know right is to recognize wrong and go the other way. The Gotcha Factor
Ex 22:1 Debt 20151123 5242. Payback is both a positive and negative term. With what?
Acts 5:10 Life 20151122 5241. What were you doing whilst the clock was ticking? Passing by
Pr. 16:8 Peace 20151121 5240. I wish I could put something off until yesterday. My only plea
Ps 31:11 Confidence 20151120 5239. Confidence comes more from God than preparation. Are you ever wrong?
Jn 7:6 Serve 20151119 5238. Don't give up before you've laced up. GO
Ex 21:36 Responsible 20151118 5237. Success is graded on the curve. Inclined to decline
Jn 7:5 Purpose 20151117 5236. Futility is trying to please everyone You ought to...
Ex 21:35 Law 20151116 5235. It's lazy to only consider what's obvious. Rule Giver/Taker
Acts 5:9 Guilt 20151115 5234. A question should have only one correct answer. Conspiring silence
Pr. 16:7 Peace 20151114 5233. Peace without Christ is terrorism on a timeout. Know-it-alls
Ps 31:10b Death 20151113 5232. Sin is like sugar; it tastes good and kills you slowly. Pretty nasty
Jn 7:4 Testimony 20151112 5231. Temptation wants me to fail, testing wants me to prevail. Secret sinner
Ex 21:34 Payment 20151111 5230. When it comes to owning things, exactly who owns who? P.I. Payday
Jn 7:3 Mission 20151110 5229. It's natural to conform, inspiring to be exceptional. Road show
Ex 21:33 Careless 20151109 5228. No one should have to face an enemy made stronger by my neglect. Carefall
Acts 5:8 Facts 20151108 5227. Actions reveal what words might conceal. To be sure
Pr. 16:6 Motivation 20151107 5226. Two cooks can use the same kitchen—just not at the same time. Preventive incentive
Ps 31:10a Aged 20151106 5225. Birthdays are funny; first you like them, then you don’t, then you do. Going , going . . .
Jn 7:2 Moon 20151105 5224. Because a key fits a door lock doesn’t mean it will open it. Moon Shine
Ex 21:32 Retribution 20151104 5223. Liberty is a responsibility and not a right. Furry feline
Jn 7:1 Plans 20151103 5222. Before scrapping a resolution, consider tweaking it instead. Rathers
Ex 21:31 Influence 20151102 5221. Emulation is a short-cut greatness doesn't take. Impartial influence
Acts 5:7 Secret 20151101 5220.  Understanding comes from knowing right from wrong—according to God.  No way.
Pr. 16:5 Denial 20151031 5219. Everyone is responsible for hearing truth and exposing lies. Transparent cover
Ps 31:9 Despair 20151030 5218. The right advice can help anyone willing to listen. Bottoms up
Jn 6:71 Fake 20151029 5217. Most bad ideas come from people with good intentions. I know what you did.
Ex 21:30 Obligation 20151028 5216. I should not expect someone else to pay for my conviction. No cost too high
Jn 6:70 Choice 20151027 5215. We will never change until we believe we can. Not what you'd think.
Ex 21:29 Neglect 20151026 5214. It's what we don't see that should concern us. Responsi-Bull
Acts 5:6 Lie 20151025 5213. The best lessons cost someone. What's behind?
Pr. 16:4 Lord 20151024 5212. Only a fool worships creation when he could worship the Creator. I exam
Ps 31:8 Recovery 20151023 5211. Throw caution to the wind, and it will blow back in your face. Soft landing
Jn 6:68 Decision 20151020 5208. Setting a resolution is good intention requiring action to become fruition. Optionizer
Ex 21:27 Debt 20151019 5207. In every negotiation, someone gives up something. Tooth detector
Acts 5:5 Life 20151018 5206. Take something for granted and watch it disappear. COD: GOD
Pr. 16:3 Adjustment 20151017 5205. I can't do everything if I plan to accomplish anything. Shovel-ready job
Ps 31:7 Help 20151016 5204. Managing chaos is not a solution. Should have
Ex 21:26 Beggar 20151014 5202. The blade of criticism swings both ways. Deficiency efficiency
Jn 6:66 Disciple 20151013 5201. Toleration: a synonym for acceptance. The right stuff
Acts 5:4 Issues 20151011 5199. Sometimes hiding something makes it more obvious. Underneath
Pr. 16:2 Ways 20151010 5198. People tend to act invincible until everyone sees they’re not. Caring sharing
Ps 31:6 Hatred 20151009 5197. A truce is an opportunity to reload for some. Same God, different Lord
Jn 6:65 Chosen 20151008 5196. Remember today that tomorrow is possible because of yesterday.  I'll do it tomorrow.
Ex 21:24 Justice 20151007 5195. Pay-back is not just a negative term. The dark side
Jn 6:64 Preach 20151006 5194. Is it a coincidence that seminary rhymes with cemetery? Live it.
Ex 21:23 Harm 20151005 5193. It’s curious that exercising caution is ridiculed by those who don’t.
Critical mass
Acts 5:3 Honesty 20151004 5192. Problems are exposed by identifying what’s not.  It's how that matters
Pr. 16:1 Pride 20151003 5191. Self-esteem is good—if you can stick a cork in it. I swear
Ps 31:5 Redeemed 20151002 5190. Initiative: the prerequisite of accomplishment. Mr. Fix it.
Ex 21:22 Justice 20150930 5188. Trouble is what you make it. You started it.
Jn 6:62 Life 20150929 5187. Knowing God is trusting Him, not having knowledge of Him. If you're wrong
Ex 21:21 Ownership 20150928 5186. Worry is proportional to the amount of stuff we think we own. Title loan
Acts 5:2 Giving 20150927 5185. Frustration is buying what you already have but can’t find. Seen unseen
Pr. 15:33 Humility 20150926 5184. Humility is having standards higher than humanly achievable. God only
Ps 31:4 Trap 20150925 5183. I may not prevent problems, but I can be prepared for them. Road circus
Jn 6:61 Discussion 20150924 5182. Smart technology is good if you don't let it make you dumb. Need input
Ex 21:20 Consequence 20150923 5181. .It’s too late to ask forgiveness standing over a casket. Pet sentimentary
Ex 21:19 Servant 20150921 5179. Slavery: making and keeping someone dependent. Entitlement decrement
Acts 5:1 Church 20150920 5178. It’s never right to do wrong. Conditional charity
Pr. 15:32 Attention 20150919 5177. There is no shame in asking for clarification. Apple for the teacher
Ps 31:3 Family 20150918 5176. You can’t get ahead by looking where you’ve been. Associate me
Jn 6:59 Teach 20150917 5175. Ignorance is a learned trait. Talent scout
Jn 6:58 Fellowship 20150916 5174. In your race, don’t expect other people to slow down. Finish Line
Ex 21:18 Compete 20150915 5173. I’m used to being knocked down, but being held down is another matter. One man's game
Ex 21:17 Respect 20150914 5172. Unresolved conflicts create new ones. No Shirley
Pr. 15:31 Learning 20150912 5170. Calling some people a bird-brain demeans the bird. Selective jeering
Ps 31:2b Strength 20150911 5169. You can’t win without risking loss. Fallout
Jn 6:57 Family 20150910 5168. Knowing God is only possible through His Son. Seasons of reason
Ex 21:16 Ignorance 20150909 5167. Attending a worship service is a poor substitute for praying. Second-hand sin
Jn 6:56 Abide 20150908 5166. It’s hard to be nobody when you’re somebody. Pay up
Ex 21:15 Children 20150907 5165. Aren't you glad they don’t stone kids anymore? I’m too young to die. Deter Defer
Acts 4:36 Name 20150906 5164. Something is only finished when you stop changing it. Call me sometime
Pr. 15:30 Joy 20150905 5163. Joy is hope that exceeds expectation. Eyes have it
Ps 31:2a Listen 20150904 5162. Hearing something doesn't mean I’m listening. As a door nail
Jn 6:55 Faith 20150903 5161. The smallest hope is bigger than the largest doubt. Now you see it.
Ex 21:14 Murder 20150902 5160. Presumption precedes consumption. Intention intervention
Jn 6:54 Heaven 20150901 5159. What good is a gift we never open? Keeper
Ex 21:13 Closet 20150831 5158. Conviction is not a group activity. Solo flight
Acts 4:35 Service 20150830 5157. . A snooze alarm could be called a lose alarm. Futball calling
Pr. 15:29 Prayer 20150829 5156. . Someone who won’t listen is wasting their time praying. Hear ye, hear ye.
Ps 31:1 Prayer 20150828 5155. Prayer is not a responsibility but a privilege. Tight lie
Jn 6:53 Scripture 20150827 5154. Perfect religion is not having any. Precious cargo
Jn 6:52 Understanding 20150825 5152. Measure twice and cut once—if you’re cutting the right thing. The right question
Ex 21:11 Resolution 20150824 5151. Desire is the spark plug of change. Crossing and dotting
Acts 4:34 Giving 20150823 5150. It's funny how "finding" God's will, confirms what someone plans to do anyway. Godly foundations
Pr. 15:28 Speech 20150822 5149. I’d watch my mouth but I can’t see it moving. Quick-draw
Ps 30:12 Praise 20150821 5148. If you want respect, walk what you talk. Have breath, will praise
Jn 6:51 Immortal 20150820 5147. Your bucket list changes when you can’t carry your own pail. Assisted living
Ex 21:10 Respect 20150819 5146. Friends made collateral damage may not be for long. So long, goodbye, auf wiedersehen
Jn 6:50 Hell 20150818 5145. Stupidity: being ignorant—over and over again. Double hockey sticks
Ex 21:9 Daughter 20150817 5144. I’d write a book about women but my wife won’t stop laughing and talk to me. Family biz
Acts 4:33 Grace 20150816 5143. I have more friends on social media than I know. Grace amazes
Pr. 15:27 Invest 20150815 5142. God is deadly serious when he says we can't serve Him and money. Second place winner
Ps 30:11 Joy 20150814 5141. Being defeated doesn't make you a loser, but having a bad attitude does. Roundabout
Jn 6:49 Learn 20150813 5140. It means more to discover something than to be told something. Yearn and Learn
Ex 21:8 Vow 20150812 5139. Temptation wants you to fail, testing to prevail. It takes two
Jn 6:48 Sustenance 20150811 5138. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s good. Sustain me
Ex 21:7 Decision 20150810 5137. One person's promised land is another's wilderness and vice versa. Choice cut
Acts 4:32 Majority 20150809 5136. If tradition doesn't pull you down, innovation may do you in. All for one
Pr. 15:26 Word 20150808 5135. The delivery of a message is not as important as the reception. Hard is hard
Ps 30:10 Help 20150807 5134. The right advice can help anyone willing to listen. Upward pull
Jn 6:47 Heaven 20150806 5133. Success comes like second-wind. Relief Belief
Ex 21:6 Servant 20150805 5132. Servitude is marked by allegiance as much as obligation. Awl awe
Jn 6:46 Faith 20150804 5131. Perception is a product of one’s vantage point. ;Faith catcher
Ex 21:5 Change 20150803 5130. For things to change, we must change first. One man's prison
Acts 4:31 Church 20150802 5129. Loving God is speaking His word to those who don't know it. Churchianity
Ps 30:9b Intercession 20150731 5127. Some things, like love, are better when given away. Livin' large & long
Jn 6:45 Application 20150730 5126. Telling takes time you could have spent showing. THE App
Ex 21:4 Morality 20150729 5125. Character costs, but it pays—big In-source it
Jn 6:44 Salvation 20150728 5124. Of two important things, one is more so. Chicken or egg?
Ex 21:3 Relationships 20150727 5123.Treasure your memories, if only for your children’s sake. As you were
Acts 4:30 Miracles 20150726 5122. What you fail to use, you may lose. Evidentally
Ps 30:9a Goals 20150724 5120. Goals possible in my own strength are plans, in God's are faith. Count on it
Jn 6:43 Converse 20150723 5119. Unsupervised workers become supervised trouble-makers. Entertain thyself
Ex 21:2 Bondage 20150722 5118.When a door opens, don’t ignore it but don’t rush in either. Time served
Jn 6:42 Ignorance 20150721 5117.  When you're upside down, then right-side up seems upside down.  Steeple stupor
Ex 21:1 Boundary 20150720 5116.We need boundaries to establish what is in-bounds. Framed
Acts 4:29 Bold 20150719 5115. Persistence is passion on fire. Minions are real
Pr. 15:23 Preach 20150718 5114. Too many people tell more than they know.  On your mark . . .
Ps 30:8 Desperate 20150717 5113. Prayer that's not desperate is religious Zumba. Groovin' losing
Jn 6:41 Truth 20150716 5112. There's no reasoning with someone who bases truth on a lie. The hand fan
Jn 6:40 Discernment 20150714 5110.Today loosely connects yesterday with tomorrow. Which end up?
Ex 20:25 Consecrate 20150713 5109. Cost and value are not relative. Origin-ale
Acts 4:28 Plans 20150712 5108. It would be better if some plans didn't work out. Great Pretenders
Pr. 15:22 Advice 20150711 5107. The best choice is seldom listed as an option. Plan it
Ps 30:7 Trouble 20150710 5106. It's impossible to see the big picture when we're fixated on the small one. Mountain mover
Jn 6:39 Security 20150709 5105. Security is as good as the one providing it. En garde
Ex 20:24 Blessing 20150708 5104. Blessing comes by being in the right place at the right time. Best blest
Jn 6:38 Commission 20150707 5103. Greatness is the result of humility more than influence. Assignment alignment
Ex 20:23 Idols 20150706 5102. To do the right thing we need the right instruction manual. PlusX
Acts 4:27 Delusion 20150705 5101. Faithfulness is proving what we profess. Lane change
Pr. 15:21 Discernment 20150704 5100. Only God can show you what you can't see. Deep pooh
Ps 30:6 Content 20150703 5099. Action is an attitude as much as physical movement. Relaxed fit
Jn 6:37 Word 20150702 5098. God gave us a brain to receive and retain His word, not improve it. By association
Ex 20:22 Plan 20150701 5097.   If I don’t write it down, I’m willing to forget it. Trackers
Jn 6:36 Believe 20150630 5096. There’s no need to trim the sails when the ship is sinking. Convincer
Ex 20:21 Faith 20150629 5095. The secret to getting ahead is first thinking you can.  Anointed appointed
Acts 4:26 Toleration 20150628 5094. Having a choice is good, unless you can't tell right from wrong. Contagious reprobatis
Pr. 15:20 Wisdom 20150627 5093. Leadership is more about accountability than authority.  Supreme shame
Ps 30:5b Weep 20150626 5092. Real men cry—through their joy. Rejoice
Jn 6:35 Sustenance 20150625 5091. If success was easy, everyone would experience it. Come on
Ex 20:20 Test 20150624 5090. Hearing part of the story often can lead to the wrong conclusion. Pop culture
Jn 6:34 Patience 20150623 5089. Expectations are a good gauge of spiritual maturity. Choice changers
Ex 20:19 Word 20150622 5088.  Problems are corrected at the root level. Plausible rejectability
Acts 4:25 Rage 20150621 5087. A friend is someone who won’t always agree with you. Positional preposition
Pr. 15:19 Exhaustion 20150620 5086. If you're going to compete, you've got to show up. Do you feel it?
Ps 30:5a Sin 20150619 5085. All generalizations would be bad if some weren’t true. Fruit loops
Jn 6:33 Sustainer 20150618 5084. Every day is Thanksgiving to a grateful person. Living large
Ex 20:18 Respect 20150617 5083. Closing my eyes doesn’t make me invisible. Sheer fear
Jn 6:32 Provision 20150616 5082. I can’t change yesterday, but I can learn from it. Soakers
Ex 20:17 Covet 20150615 5081. A person’s greatest need seldom involves money. Mal-wear
Jn 6:31 Power 20150611 5077. The hardest tasks are usually the ones with the greatest benefit. Whenever, wherever
Ex 20:16 Deception 20150610 5076. I've already told you more than I know. Nothing but
Jn 6:30 Perform 20150609 5075. Practice may not make perfect, but it does make performance bearable.  Not too much
Ex 20:15 Steal 20150608 5074. We should not confuse God's love of sinners as a tolerance for sin. Are you certain?
Acts 4:23 Communication 20150607 5073. Growth is the result of not being dead. Separnation
Pr. 15:17 Sustain 20150606 5072. Life is like a box of chocolates; there are some flavors I just don’t care for.  Dinner splendor
Ps 30:3 Death 20150605 5071. Wasted time is not just unused, it’s lost—forever. Same book, new chapter
Jn 6:29 Work 20150604 5070.  Progress is not always visible. Belief relief
Ex 20:14 Sin 20150603 5069. Spending time is an investment that shows what we value. Stray sway
Jn 6:28 Power 20150602 5068. Construction begins with destruction. Plug me in
Ex 20:13 Murder 20150601 5067.  Slander is murder that slings mud and blood. I confess; it was him!
Acts 4:22 Youth 20150531 5066. If I'm alive, there's a reason.  Value it while you have it.
Pr. 15:16 Satisfaction 20150530 5065. Having money is a temporary state of satisfaction. In the bag
Ps 30:2 Heal 20150529 5064. Expecting something for nothing gets you nothing for something. Wave-a-prayer
Jn 6:27 Sealed 20150528 5063. An hour is meant to be lived—one minute at a time.  Non-perishable
Ex 20:12 Life 20150527 5062. What good is knowledge you never put to use? Promise premise
Jn 6:26 Ignore 20150526 5061.  Agreeing with God requires ignoring what’s contrary.  Not what you think
Ex 20:11 Rest 20150525 5060.   Finish before you’re finished and you’re finished.  Dun
Acts 4:21 Favor 20150524 5059. It never hurts to do wrong—at first. Favor savor
Pr. 15:15 Life 20150523 5058.  A little light can make the dark tolerable. See it?
Ps 30:1 Condemnation 20150522 5057.  Keeping score serves to remind us there is room for improvement.  Eyes on the ball
Ex 20:10 Responsible 20150521 5056.  Knowing right is no substitute for doing it. Origins
Jn 6:25 Start 20150520 5055. The answer to how much prayer is enough is a little more.  The secret
Jn 6:24 Seeker 20150519 5054.  Are we living to win or not to lose?  Seeker sneakers
Ex 20:9 Energy 20150518 5053. Reaching a goal is a result of working to reach it.  Rest test
Acts 4:20 Truth 20150517 5052.   Don't allow your brain to atrophy from lack of use. JG Beceiver
Pr. 15:14 Foolish 20150516 5051. 5051. Heresy is truth out of balance. JG Give me old
Ps 29:11 Lawlessness 20150515 5050. Peace comes with power and persuasion. Packing
Jn 6:23 Detour 20150514 5049.  Every encounter is an equal opportunity employer. Cognitive congestion
Ex 20:8 Sabbath 20150513 5048. It’s what you do that matters and not what you believe.  Synagod
Jn 6:22 Mystery 20150512 5047.  Frustration is moving things to find something. Deductive tape
Ex 20:7 Vain 20150511 5046. No plan to win is surrender by another name. Don't waste it
Acts 4:19 Boldness 20150510 5045.  Don't ask if you don't want to know. A.D.
Pr. 15:13 Humor 20150509 5044. Your friends may ask, but won’t require an explanation. Oreos
Ps 29:10 Consistency 20150508 5043. Time moves on; one can only hope we keep pace. Continuum
Jn 6:21 Encounter 20150507 5042. Great things are accomplished by executing smaller steps. Fast forward
Ex 20:6 Mercy 20150506 5041. Understanding comes from applying truth, not knowledge. Greasy grace?
Jn 6:20 Recognize 20150505 5040. It takes having a problem to realize a solution. My Bad
Ex 20:5 Idols 20150504 5039. What you do reveals what you believe.  Time Lord
Acts 4:18 Threat 20150503 5038. Using a person’s name is the only way to remember it.  Zip it
Pr. 15:12 Intercession 20150502 5037. A friend tells you what you need to know and not what you want to know. Circle point
Ps 29:9 Creation 20150501 5036. Get up early on your day off so you can enjoy more of it. God Day
Jn 6:19 Peace 20150430 5035.  It’s lazy to only consider what’s obvious.  You never know
Ex 20:4 Holy 20150429 5034. Exceptionalism: consistently making right choices. If not you
Jn 6:18 Opportunity 20150428 5033.   Failure to use what you have renders it worthless. This way
Ex 20:3 First 20150427 5032. You can’t finish what you never start. First
Acts 4:17 Threat 20150426 5031. Ignorance has no enemy, but threat and insult will make one. The unveiling
Pr. 15:11 Destruction 20150425 5030.  Surrender a conviction and prove it never was Contraries
Ps 29:8 Value 20150424 5029. "Old" only applies to something not working.  Dead stop
Jn 6:17b Dark 20150423 5028.  Lazy sermons make lazy congregations.
Your dark is dark
Ex 20:1-2 Reputation 20150422 5027. Reputations are not always a good representation of who we are. Mr. Studebaker, I presume
Jn 6:16-17a Retreat 20150421 5026. A start and finish are separated by regular pauses.  Nighty, night.
Ex 19:25 Speech 20150420 5025.  When we go in His name, God goes with us.  Meeting of the hinds
Acts 4:15-16 Denial 20150419 5024. Proof accomplishes what arguments deny.  Deny it and buy it
Pr. 15:10 Instruction 20150418 5023. You don’t have to stop following to lead someone else.  Off track
Ps 29:7 Trouble 20150417 5022. Every valley has a hill. Intervals
Jn 6:15 Leader 20150416 5021. A good teacher leads students to the proper conclusion. Pointer
Ex 19:24 Approach 20150415 5020.  A thorn in the flesh is a reminder more than a hindrance.  Break through
Jn 6:14 Credentials 20150414 5019.  Credentials are important, but performance more so. Sign here
Ex 19:23 Fellowship 20150413 5018. In the end, relationships are all that matter.  Together
Acts 4:14 Belief 20150412 5017.  Evidence requires nothing but belief.  Eviquench
Pr. 15:9 Strategy 20150411 5016. Don’t play at work or you might lose the game. Advantage
Ps 29:6 Energy 20150410 5015.  Like men, everything needs a working power source to function. Energize me
Jn 6:13 Fellowship 20150409 5014. Finding time is making it.  Overs
Ex 19:22 Addiction 20150408 5013.  I confess my addiction to spend more time with Jesus today than I did yesterday.  Sinking sand
Jn 6:12 Usable 20150407 5012.  Every space in the puzzle board has a piece.  Use it again, Sam.
Ex 19:21 Appointment 20150406 5011. It takes two to make an appointment, but only one to cancel it.  RSVP only
Acts 4:13 Resurrection 20150405 5010.  Easter falls on Resurrection Sunday and not the other way around.  He is Risen!
Pr. 15:8 Atheist 20150404 5009. Say something wrong enough times and it still won’t be right. Foxhole central
Ps 29:5 Prune 20150403 5008. A loss is not reason to quit, but time to retool and try again. Moved
Jn 6:11 Faith 20150402 5007.  Imagination is thinking beyond the limits set by others.  Pass it on
Ex 19:20 Passover 20150401 5006. Loving someone is telling them what God wants them to know. The called
Jn 6:10 Fellowship 20150331 5005. Doing the right thing the wrong way makes the right thing the wrong thing. Something new?
Ex 19:19 Answers 20150330 5004. Today is the tomorrow I talked about yesterday. Deadly embrace
Acts 4:12 Judgment 20150329 5003. In the end, it doesn’t matter what we thought. Servant vet
Pr. 15:7 Experience 20150328 5002. Diligence is not giving up when everyone else thinks you should. What I remember
Ps 29:4 Speech 20150327 5001. Audible conversation might be in danger of extinction. Say Ahhh
Jn 6:8-9 Meet 20150326 5000. Praying is responding to Jesus' request to spend time together. Be prepared
Ex 19:18 Power 20150325 4999. Seeking attention is a sign of insecurity, getting it power.  Fire power
Jn 6:7 Learn 20150324 4998. Important lessons may require demonstration.  Obvious oblivion
Ex 19:17 Sanctuary 20150323 4997. Slowing down the inevitable lets you see it run over you in slow motion. Step out
Jn 6:6 Sovereignty 20150322 4996. Winning comes by being on the right team.  No surprises
Pr. 15:6 Worth 20150321 4995. The difference in hoarding and asset management is putting what you've saved back in play.  Waste not, have
Ps 29:3 Revelation 20150320 4994. Impression leaves a mark, but influence changes lives. Wow!
Jn 6:5 Testing 20150319 4993. Knowing the Word is no substitute for acting on it.  Test, one, two . .
Ex 19:16 Fear 20150318 4992. Just looking doesn’t mean you will see anything. Attention please
Jn 6:4 Seasons 20150317 4991. Something started usually means something else stopped. The change
Ex 19:15 Equipped 20150316 4990.   The only excuse for ignorance is ignorance. Prepped
Acts 4:11 Israel 20150315 4989. What I believe is irrelevant unless it’s what God believes. Obvious oblivious
Pr. 15:5 Correction 20150314 4988. Teachable: the insatiable desire to learn. I know that
Ps 29:2 Holiness 20150313 4987. Someone who thinks they know it all hasn’t met the One who does.  Squeaky dirt
Jn 6:3 Discipleship 20150312 4986. Greatness is made, not born. Biding time
Ex 19:14 Sanctify 20150311 4985. Bad actions are not justified by what we consider a good result.  Why not?
Jn 6:2 Follow 20150310 4984. Of all my Facebook friends, I know some. Partners
Ex 19:13 Authentic 20150309 4983. What rational person finds fault with the person who is paying them? Comply or die
Acts 4:10 Relationship 20150308 4982. Good things sometime come wrapped in dark paper. About me
Pr. 15:4 Encouragement 20150307 4981. Encouragement is the application of love.  Black and white
Ps 29:1 Enable 20150306 4980. The key to getting help is being grateful, not asking and expecting it. Power behind the power
Jn 6:1 Priorities 20150305 4979. Checking off completed tasks is energizing.  Done!
Ex 19:12 Boundary 20150304 4978. Boundaries are not restrictive as much as defining a safe zone. Pack it in
Jn 5:47 Understanding 20150303 4977. Why is it that everyone else is so prone to making misnakes?  Wha . . . ?
Ex 19:11 See 20150302 4976.  You can’t see what you refuse to look at. Eazy peazy
Acts 4:9 Cause 20150301 4975.  Ignorance might be the last stop on the highway to destruction.  Plausible ignorance
Pr. 15:3 Sin 20150228 4974. If I knew then what I know now, I’d probably messed up some other way. Always pray
Ps 28:9b Carry 20150227 4973. Helping someone is the gift that keeps on giving.  Pastoral privilege
Jn 5:46 Evidence 20150226 4972. Knowing something is not nearly as important as acting on it. Life-flavored pudding
Ex 19:10 Consecration 20150225 4971.   The first step in doing right is to clean up our mess. Behind the ears, please.
Jn 5:45 Trust 20150224 4970. A prophet gets more cynical the more his message is ignored.  Tell someone who cares
Ex 19:9 Attention 20150223 4969.  Getting attention is far easier than keeping it. Gotcha
Acts 4:8 Impression 20150222 4968.  My highest calling is to be a godly example.  Winners
Pr. 15:2 Curiosity 20150221 4967. A good teacher makes curious students. Open book
Ps 28:9a Family 20150220 4966. It's highly unlikely you'll find what you're not looking for.  Ain't gonna happen
Jn 5:44 Honor 20150219 4965. Honor is what you get from showing it.  About Me
Ex 19:8 Service 20150218 4964. What I did yesterday is less important than what I will do today. New orders
Jn 5:43 Popular 20150217 4963. What I think is right will be left to someone else. Diss miss
Ex 19:7 Translation 20150216 4962.   For you to know, someone had to tell you.  Informed dissent
Acts 4:7 Power 20150215 4961. What slows one person down invigorates another.  Bizzzzy
Pr. 15:1 Anger 20150214 4960.  There's no room in a lesson for two teachers.  JG Soft & salty
Ps 28:8 Dependence 20150213 4959. Working to beat the clock doesn't mean we will have accomplished anything. Back up, look up
Jn 5:42 Discernment 20150212 4958. Deny the obvious—if you enjoy living on the edge. Obviously oblivious
Ex 19:6 Family 20150211 4957. The opportunities afforded me make me unique. Differing similarities
Jn 5:41 Honor 20150210 4956.   You can’t legislate respect. Near miss
Ex 19:5 Favor 20150209 4955.  Relationships are worth the time spent developing them. Perferency
Acts 4:5-6 Conversion 20150208 4954. To know someone, you need to follow and watch them.  CEO
Pr. 14:35 Calling 20150207 4953.  Compromise is okay if you don’t surrender conviction. Bleeping
Ps 28:7d Music 20150206 4952. Music is the language of the heart. Song starter
Jn 5:40 Decision 20150205 4951.  Neglect is the first step toward self-destruction.  Life Saver
Ex 19:4 Rescue 20150204 4950. Knowing something doesn't mean we understand anything What a trip
Jn 5:39 Impression 20150203 4949. Don’t be average when you can be exceptional.  You can never tell
Ex 19:3 Word 20150202 4948. You can’t listen if you’re busy talking.  Poke me
Acts 4:4 Hope 20150201 4947.   A ringer tops a leaner—every time. Believe & receive
Pr. 14:34 Righteousness 20150131 4946.  What seems reasonable can quickly turn to the unthinkable. Critical care
Ps 28:7c Life 20150130 4945. I was feeling down until I read the obits and my name wasn’t listed. Cause for pause
Jn 5:38 Word 20150129 4944.  I don’t have an answer for everything, but I know Who does.  The Haves and Nots
Ex 19:2 Trust 20150128 4943.  In the end, it doesn’t matter what we thought. Power Planner
Jn 5:37 Theology 20150127 4942. Harmony begins by agreement in principle. The One and only
Ex 19:1 Creativity 20150126 4941. Hardship: the mother of creativity.
Hot and ready?
Acts 4:3 Threats 20150125 4940.   The evil we wish on others can quickly become a boomerang. Capacitance
Jn 5:36 Prayertower 20150124 4939. A day should not begin with small carryovers. Finisher
Ps 28:7b Help 20150123 4938.A winner helps someone else win. In many forms
Pr. 14:33 Discernment 20150122 4937. A discerning person understands why. Hide and peek
Ex 18:27 Plans 20150121 4936.  Planners should come with a highlighter, white-out, and red pen. On your own now
Jn 5:35 See 20150120 4935. Doing wrong is ignoring right. Look again, Sam.
Ex 18:26 Accomplishment 20150119 4934. Big things are achieved by small advances.  D-I-WHY
Acts 4:2 Preach 20150118 4933. Change requires vacating a previous decision. What moves you?
Pr. 14:32 Dead 20150117 4932.  Don’t die before you're done. End, meet begin
Ps 28:7a Battles 20150116 4931. A winner gives his best, a loser something less. Try it
Jn 5:34 Credentials 20150115 4930. Explaining yourself to some people is a waste of time—yours and theirs. Whatever it takes
Ex 18:25 Ministry 20150114 4929. You can’t find anything of value by looking where the light is better.  People picker
Jn 5:33 Fulfillment 20150113 4928. He who thinks himself something just proved he isn’t.  Pass through
Ex 18:24 Home 20150112 4927. Friends are where you make them.  Place, space and lace
Acts 4:1 Audience 20150111 4926. Success won’t be found in my comfort zone. Motivate me
Pr. 14:31 Honor 20150110 4925. Helping someone helps you more than them.  Elitist deist
Ps 28:6 Mercy 20150109 4924.  Noah didn't wait for it to rain before sawing logs and neither should we.  Reason for the squeezin
Jn 5:32 Manipulation 20150108 4923. Truth ends where the stretching begins.  Straight speak
Ex 18:24 Ignorance 20150107 4922. When God opens a door, why gawk when you can walk?  Hear nay
Jn 5:31 Testimony 20150106 4921. False humility is arrogance by another name. Self-demotion
Ex 18:23 Delegate 20150105 4920.   The only way to avoid offending someone is . . .  wait, I’m thinking. JG Plans, stands and fans
Acts 3:26 Wicked 20150104 4919. Consequences are reminders to stop doing what you’re doing. Repugnancy
Pr. 14:30 Envy 20150103 4918.  People want you to succeed—slightly less than they do. Wonderful piece
Ps 28:5 Regard 20150102 4917.  Every day presents the opportunity to start over.  En guard
Jn 5:30 Battles 20150101 4916. The older I get, the worse my vision gets but the better I see. Little help
Jn. 5:29 Judgment 20141231 4915. Be careful,  don't step on all the bases and miss home plate. Tick tock
Ex 18:22 Delegation 20141230 4914.  Why put off what you can delegate? Just one
Acts 3:25 Blessing 20141229 4913.  Are we intimate with God or act like it in order to avoid standing out? Show time?
Pr. 14:29 Patience 20141228 4912. Today sets tomorrow in motion.  BTB
Ps 28:4 Transgression 20141227 4911.    In the same way a pew can pull people together, a row can separate them. Draw me nearer
Jn. 5:28 Listen 20141226 4910.  Too much time is spent defending the indefensible.  Stop n shock
Jn 5:27 Christmas 20141225 4909. Yesterday was, today is and tomorrow might be. Trumpet topper
Ex 18:21 Leadership 20141224 4908. Doing the right thing the wrong way makes the right thing the wrong thing. Small-group scoop
Ex 18:20 Lessons 20141223 4907.  Experience can be the best teacher—if you pay attention. Resolved
Acts 3:24 Witness 20141222 4906. Why discuss what someone has decided to ignore?  Silent running
Pr. 14:28 Connection 20141221 4905. Everyone follows someone. Social light
Ps 28:3 Malice 20141220 4904.  Doing nothing is doing something. Holy malice?
Jn 5:26 Experience 20141219 4903. A good story can impress the hard to impress. Genetics & God
Ex 18:19 Position 20141218 4902.  Position is important in prayer, but everything in intercession.  Go between
Jn 5:25 Listen 20141217 4901.  Fail to pay attention and someone else will. Huh?
Ex 18:18 Reciprocity 20141216 4900. Expansion is not multiplication. Rut rats
Acts 3:23 Truth 20141215 4899.   Seldom is what we see, as important as what we can't. What'd you expect?
Pr. 14:27 Feeling 20141214 4898.  Feeling has absolutely no bearing on fact. Watch out!
Ps 28:2 Mercy 20141213 4897. Choosing one thing is a rejection of something else.  Holy disconnect
Jn 5:24 Impressions 20141212 4896.  Peace is having nothing to hide, power nothing to fear.  Purple is nice
Ex 18:17 Church 20141211 4895.  Association is much easier than disassociation.  Honesty hurts
Jn 5:23 Honor 20141210 4894. Generational degradation doesn’t just apply to making copies. Disassociative diss 
Ex 18:16 Judgment 20141209 4893.  An excuse may be our reason, but it’s doubtful it’s the cause. Dispute decision
Acts 3:22 Watch 20141208 4892.  Some people watch and some people follow.  Pickle debacle
Pr. 14:26 Maturity 20141207 4891.  Trust is planting expectation in someone else.  Pass it forward
Ps 28:1 Prayer 20141206 4890. One moment in glory makes a lifetime on earth slight memory.  Heaven for me
Jn 5:22 Decision 20141205 4889.  Nothing can influence me that I won't allow to do so. I beg to differ
Ex 18:15 Lead 20141204 4888. A leader doesn't have to be asked to lead.  Just because
Jn 5:21 Future 20141203 4887. I've already told you more than I know. Lifeline
Ex 18:14 Leadership 20141202 4886. You can be a follower and lead someone else. Responsibull delegation
Acts 3:21 Aging 20141201 4885.  What happens today will be history tomorrow.  I need a nap
Pr. 14:25 Oath 20141130 4884.  With two differing opinions, one is better and possibly correct. So help me
Ps 27:14 Waiting 20141129 4883. Waiting is not time to conspire ways not to wait.  And I helped
Jn 5:20 Blind 20141128 4882.   Blindness is not limited to eyesight. Look again
Ex 18:13 Intercession 20141127 4881.  A grateful person lives it rather than talk it.  Holy insulation
Jn 5:19 Will, God's 20141126 4880.   Who hopes to find anything looking where the light is better?  Motigation
Ex 18:12 Fellowship 20141125 4879.  You can’t listen if you’re busy talking. Right string, wrong yo-yo 
Acts 3:20 Instructions 20141124 4878  Some helpful things can hurt if you ignore them.  Must trust
Pr. 14:24 Wealth 20141123 4877. Attitude determines altitude when it comes to getting to the top. Family
Ps 27:13 Wed 20141122 4876.  Harold and Suzann Special day
Jn 5:18 Congregation 20141121 4875. Why discuss what someone has decided to ignore?  Do the math
Ex 18:11 Israel 20141120 4874. Knowing something doesn't mean you understand anything.  Blended family
Jn 5:17 Time 20141119 4873.   Doing nothing is a waste of time.  Action Panel
Ex 18:10 Bondage 20141118 4872.  If the real church is on the outside of the Trojan Horse, who’s in it? Credit due
Acts 3:19 Turn 20141117 4871.  Turning produces change and not the other way around.  The Sin Man
Pr. 14:23 Discipleship 20141116 4870.  Profit is having more than you had; prosperity is seeing it multiply. Gainster
Ps 27:12 Accusation 20141115 4869. Getting approval allows others to be included in your bad decisions.  Fodder folly
Jn 5:16 Truth 20141114 4868. What we see may not be as important as what we can't.  Say when
Ex 18:9 Trouble 20141113 4867. What is gain without loss to embellish it? JG Good and bad
Jn 5:15 Law 20141112 4866.  To most people, obeying the law means not getting caught breaking it. Credit check
Ex 18:8 Experience 20141111 4865.  Education is good, but not as good as dedication.  Informed ascent
Acts 3:18 Sovereignty 20141110 4864.Yesterday is history and tomorrow will be.  Season of reason
Pr. 14:22 Plan 20141109 4863.  "First things first" is what most understand but few practice.  Planit
Ps 27:11 Neglect 20141108 4862. Fail to pay attention and you’ll get what you don’t want.  Way watchers
Jn 5:14 Grateful 20141107 4861. Doing nothing is doing something—bad.  Make waves
Ex 18:7 Hospitality 20141106 4860. Friends are found where you make them.  Greet and meet
Jn 5:13 Association 20141105 4859. Association creates more bad than good conclusions.  Face time
Ex 18:6 Trust 20141104 4858.   You can't win until you place yourself in the position to lose.  Fate or faith
Acts 3:17 Ignorance 20141103 4857.   Fail to pay attention and you'll get what you deserve   Not me
Pr. 14:21 Share 20141102 4856.  It is not kind to make someone dependent. Hurtful kindness
Ps 27:10 Trust 20141101 4855.  If failure is not an option, why is losing so easy? Depend on it
Jn 5:12 Paganism 20141031 4854.   What we see is not as important as what we can't.  Holyween
Ex 18:5 Salvation 20141030 4853.  Religion is what you make it.  Seeds or weeds
Jn 5:11 Deception 20141029 4852.  Anything contrary to God's Word is wrong, even if only slightly. Authorize me
Ex 18:4 Blood 20141028 4851.  What could be is because of what is, not what could have been. Make the most of it
Acts 3:16 Explain 20141027 4850.  Eyes see, the brain considers, but the heart renders.   Read on
Pr. 14:20 Application 20141026 4849. What good is truth you never put to the test?  Truth talks & walks
Ps 27:9 Fear 20141025 4848.  My only fear is forgetting my Strength. Fear merely near
Jn 5:10 Offend 20141024 4847. The only person to stop a fight is the offended person. Found another one
Ex 18:3 Home 20141023 4846.   It's sad that most Christians run their race to not finish last. Run, Forest, run!
Jn 5:9 Witness 20141022 4845.  What good are answers without questions?  Ask me
Ex 18:2 Dependent 20141021 4844. There's a time to kneel and there's a time to stand. Then is when
Acts 3:15 Rejection 20141020 4843. What you see may not be as important as what you can't.  What Ripley said
Pr. 14:19 Righteous 20141019 4842. Fine print should be illegal.  Ho, ho, ho
Ps 27:8 Reference 20141018 4841. To really know someone, you need to follow and watch them.  Watching
Jn 5:8 Embarrassed 20141017 4840. Confession loosens the grip sin has on my life.  Save my place
Ex 18:1 Testimony 20141016 4839. Have you considered that the ends by which you justified your means may not be what you think?  Word gets out
Jn 5:7 Waiting 20141015 4838. Opportunity is more visible in-line than at the front.   Weighting
Ex 17:16 Remember 20141014 4837. Your emergency may not be one to me. Provocative
Acts 3:14 Fruit 20141013 4836.  Only a fool makes a wrong decision and won’t admit it.   If it quacks . . .
Pr. 14:18 Teach 20141012 4835.   Doing the right thing usually means cleaning up a mess first. Learning craze
Ps 27:7 Prayer 20141011 4834. Why ask if you already know the answer?  Willy wonty (Will he, won't he)
Jn 5:6 Translation 20141010 4833. Change is a product of desperately wanting it.    Responsible reader
Ex 17:15 Altar 20141009 4832.  Our prayer life, or lack of it, reveals our relationship with God. Holy places
Jn 5:5 Deliverance 20141008 4831. While you were dreaming, the clock was ticking.  No, thank you
Ex 17:14 Legacy 20141007 4830.  Our reputation might improve after we’re dead and we can’t live to prove it wrong.  Remember true
Acts 3:13 Fear 20141006 4829. Excuses are seldom the real reason. Blame shame
Pr. 14:17 Impulse 20141005 4828. How can you redeem time if you fail to keep account? Slow go
Ps 27:6 Praise 20141004 4827.  A chain reaction is only stopped by someone's refusal to react.  When then?
Jn 5:4 Error 20141003 4826. Most people are like a pot looking for a kettle.  Out of the box
Ex 17:13 Word 20141002 4825.  Proper prayer requires preparation and representation.  By what means?
Jn 5:3 Disabled 20141001 4824. Won't do is not even related to can't do.   What's in your wallet? 
Ex 17:12 Faith 20140930 4823.  Victory comes when you're tempted to quit and intensify your effort.  Hold on
Acts 3:12 Pride 20140929 4822. He who thinks himself something, just proved he's something else.  Creature credit
Pr. 14:16 Foolish 20140928 4821. Nonsense: the language of fools. Rode rage
Ps 27:5 Trouble 20140927 4820. A recession-proof business is an oxymoron. The coming storm
Jn 5:2 Places 20140926 4819.   If you're looking for people, you have to go where they are.   The right place
Ex 17:11 Persistence 20140925 4818.  It's never too late to start.  Consistent-see
Jn 5:1 Time 20140924 4817. Time is a resource and what’s spent is history; what’s left will be. Watch it!
Ex 17:10 Intercession 20140923 4816.  If everyone who claims to pray really does, where are the results? Standing strong
Acts 3:11 Focus 20140922 4815.  Every day begins the night before. Attractive distraction
Pr. 14:15 Reason 20140921 4814. A right answer might pass a test, but ignoring the correct one makes you stupid. 
Critical tease
Ps 27:4 Heaven 20140920 4813.  Heaven is reserved for those with it in their hearts.  Why not now?
Jn 4:54 Perception 20140919 4812. Perception is seldom a good representation of reality.  Second something
Ex 17:9 Enemies 20140918 4811. True peace is making friends with your enemy. The right fight
Jn 4:53 Confirmation 20140917 4810.   Confirmation is powerful incentive, or at least it should be.  All I need
Ex 17:8 Enemies 20140916 4809.  Jesus and Satan are captains of opposing teams. When you're weakest
Acts 3:10 Change 20140915 4808. Change is a process, not a label.  Difference maker
Pr. 14:14 Faith 20140914 4807. My faith is proportional to my need for God. Two sides
Ps 27:3 Worry 20140913 4806. Some people need to prioritize their frets.  Wart
Jn 4:52 Providence 20140912 4805. Great things come by way of troublesome situations.   Leap, then look
Ex 17:7 Marker 20140911 4804. What we fail to remember, we get to experience again. Marker
Jn 4:51 Trust 20140910 4803. To walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.    Intercessor
Ex 17:6 Intimacy 20140909 4802. Intimacy should be personal, but the results public. Confident Confidant
Acts 3:9 Alive 20140908 4801. Ministry requires money and business makes it, so that should make them symbiotic.   It's alive!
Pr. 14:13 Racism 20140907 4800.  God doesn’t wink at sin. Serious as sin
Ps 27:2 Fear 20140906 4799. Fear shouldn't be wasted on what can't hurt you.  Gettin closer
Jn 4:50 Obedience 20140905 4798.   Ignorance, like water, seeks it own level.  Don't count thatt
Ex 17:5 Go 20140904 4797. "Go" is an attitude more than a physical movement.  Some, not all
Jn 4:49 Watch 20140903 4796. Knowing the answer doesn't mean drawing the right conclusion.  What do you see?
Ex 17:4 Vision 20140902 4795. Discipline: the painful side of love. Easy money
Acts 3:8 Witness 20140901 4794. A person should have experience in what they preach. Follow through
Pr. 14:12 Plan 20140831 4793. Success is judged by potential.   Did I mention intention?
Ps 27:1 Trouble 20140830 4792.  Peace is not the absence of trouble, but confidence through it. Double trouble

Jn 4:48

Fads 20140829 4791. Faith is the only thing pleasing to God. The right word
Ex 17:3 Divide 20140828 4790.   If you think things can't get worse, they just did.   Down the middle, please.
Jn 4:47 Healing 20140827 4789. Gains come by losing something. No excuse
Ex 17:2 Leaders 20140826 4788.  Quality leadership is more accountability than authority.   Who made you boss?
Acts 3:7 Healing 20140825 4787.  Miracles are what you make of them.   Only Jesus
Pr. 14:11 Possessions 20140824 4786. Where you live is not as important as where you stay This lil house
Ps 26:12 Balance 20140823 4785.   It takes two hills to make a valley. Steady ready
Jn 4:46 Memory 20140822 4784. Challenge is writing past tense from a future perspective. Driveby recollection
Ex 17:1 Follow 20140821 4783.   Association is not a relationship.  Have not, want . . .
Jn 4:45 Witness 20140820 4782.  My life is my witness and my words answer questions.  You never know
Ex 16:36 Leadership 20140819 4781. The older I get, the worse my vision gets, but the better I see. Significant obscurity
Acts 3:6 Miracles 20140818 4780. It’s a corrupt gospel to preach salvation any way but by God's grace. Show-n-tell
Pr. 14:10 Depression 20140817 4779.   You can close your eyes, but not forever.  Inner voice
Ps 26:11 Mercy 20140816 4778.  God's mercy exceeds my stupidity more times than I can count.  Near miss
Jn 4:44 Lazy 20140815 4777.   Aspiration becomes reality by doubting the doubters.  NO way!
Ex 16:35 Food 20140814 4776.  Who wants provision when blessing is on the table? What's for dinner?
Jn 4:43 Rest 20140813 4775.   Something is only finished when you stop changing it. Getaway
Ex 16:34 Salvation 20140812 4774. The sun came up this morning and we're one day closer to the Son coming down. Whatever the cost
Acts 3:5 Expectation 20140811 4773. Appearances can be deceiving but no more than expectations. Home away
Pr. 14:9 Disagreement 20140810 4772.  Reaching the world begins by walking across the aisle Excuse me?
Ps 26:10 Crime 20140809 4771. A lawyer views someone else’s problem as his provision. The edge
Jn 4:42 Convince 20140808 4770. It’s not the 99.9 percent that concerns me. Convince me
Ex 16:33 Remember 20140807 4769. Success leaves a trail of failures behind.  Remembertizer
Jn 4:41 Words 20140806 4768. To know someone requires that you follow them and talk with them. Choose well
Ex 16:32 Remember 20140805 4767. What good are memories if you're willing to lose them?   Keepers
Acts 3:4 Partner 20140804 4766.  Competition brings out the very best and worst in people.  Us is better
Pr. 14:8 Deception 20140803 4765.  Being a persuasive liar takes practice and a lot of Rolaids.  Proverbial genius
Ps 26:9 Greatness 20140802 4764. Greatness is made, not born. Look, Daddy, look.
Jn 4:40 Fellowship 20140801 4763.   Too often prayer is the first thing mentioned and the last thing done. Just ask
Ex 16:31 Success 20140731 4762.  A man is most happy whose work is serving God. The Good Life
Jn 4:39 Ministers 20140730 4761. God doesn’t need a tag-team partner. Teem work
Ex 16:30 Rest 20140729 4760. To wait and not doubt is godly Take a seat
Acts 3:3 Need 20140728 4759. A beggar looks for sympathy and not empathy.  Gimmes
Pr. 14:7 Foolish 20140727 4758. I've already told you more than I know. Maljunction
Ps 26:8 Glory 20140726 4757.  Having a relationship with God is more than having knowledge of Him.  Dwelling place
Jn 4:38 Discipleship 20140725 4756.   Friends are where you make them. Ole Eb
Ex 16:29 Gifts 20140724 4755.  Using what's been given you is the only way to truly show appreciation.  Apprecinot
Jn 4:37 Quote 20140723 4754.   I double-dog dare you to say something original.  Eh?
Ex 16:28 Progress 20140722 4753. Of two important things, one has to be done first.  Delay n sway
Acts 3:2 Sympathy 20140721 4752. A job is good; getting paid for doing it, better. 
Spare a buck—or two?
Pr. 14:6 Journal 20140720 4751.  Silence speaks volumes. Up, down, all around 
Ps 26:7 Testimony 20140719 4750.  Who catches fish and doesn’t fish?  Second-handed
Jn 4:36 Fellowship


4749. Partial obedience is disobedience Fellowslop 
Ex 16:27 Sermon 20140717 4748. Stupidity is knowing the consequences and doing it anyway.  What'd he say?
Jn 4:35 Revelation 20140716 4747.  What is fantasy to some is fantastic to others.  Deniable doubt 
Ex 16:26 Health 20140715 4746. America - where people are paid to be lazy and expected to be dependent.  Sedentary seduction 
Acts 3:1 Religion 20140714 4745. It’s impossible to love God and not spend a lot of time with Him. Religious suppression 
Pr. 14:5 Deception 20140713 4744. A politician says what gets him elected, a statesman does what’s right.  Elect me and see 
Ps 26:6 Confession 20140712 4743. God's help is found in the fire and not running from it.  Confessabob
Jn 4:34 Finish 20140711 4742.  Who races and doesn't sweat?  Blind inhibition
Ex 16:25 Journal 20140710 4741.  You’re successful when you enjoy your work. But . . .
Jn 4:33 Conviction 20140709 4740. Frustration is the birthing room of passion. Bad association
Ex 16:24 Protection 20140708 4739. Cost is no factor when we justify a misnake. Testing, 123 . . .
Acts 2:47 Discipleship 20140707 4738. If being a disciple was easy, every person claiming to be saved would do it. Motive
Pr. 14:4 Restoration 20140706 4737. Hardship: the mother of creativity.  Radical turn
Ps 26:5 Deception 20140705 4736.  What good is a promise you never claim?  Member misery
Jn 4:32 Teachable 20140704 4735. Every gaping hole begins with a hairline crack.  Ignoramuses
Ex 16:23 Invest 20140703 4734.   Use rather than preserve things. Righteous leftovers
Jn 4:31 Conventional 20140702 4733.  It’s not smart to call someone stupid, stupid.  Normality
Ex 16:22 Prepare 20140701 4732. Opportunity is exercised by balancing liberty and responsibility. I know who's to blame
Acts 2:46 Church 20140630 4731.  Fellowship is where Jesus is.  Get together
Pr. 14:3 Teachers 20140629 4730.  A teacher can shape a student, but only hope to control a crowd.  Teachy epiphany
Ps 26:4 Church 20140628 4729. Evangelism is doing a job halfway.   Bud up 
Jn 4:30 Invitation 20140627 4728.   Procrastination gives fear and dread time to grow.  Polite invite
Ex 16:21 Time 20140626 4727.  Counting takes time.  Going, going, gone.
Jn 4:29 Confirmation 20140625 4726. Why ask a question if you don't want to know the answer?   Delivery man
Ex 16:20 Warning 20140624 4725.  It’s interesting how instruction and destruction sound alike.  Something stinks
Acts 2:45 Reciprocity 20140623 4724. Reciprocity: a word that should define the church. Find your seat 
Pr. 14:2 Jerusalem 20140622 4723.   God is not enabled by our decisions, but we by His.  Rock a bye, baby
Ps 26:3 Journal 20140621 4722. Hope is depending on Him who has never failed.  What will
Jn 4:28 Plans 20140620 4721.  Revival is a fresh start, not picking up where we left off. The best laid ones
Ex 16:19 Resources 20140619 4720. What good is a day we don't fully use?   24 hours
Jn 4:27 Disciple 20140618 4719.  Disciples make disciples.  Do you want it?
Ex 16:18 Change 20140617 4718. You can be a creative writer or a skilled typographer, but I doubt you can be both Check this out
Acts 2:44 Church 20140616 4717. It’s futility to wait for someone to share my conviction before serving.  Lineup
Pr. 14:1 Marriage 20140615 4716. Friends who are our collateral damage may not be for long.  DMZ
Ps 26:2 Test 20140614 4715. Talking is not doing. Quiz kid
Jn 4:26 Words 20140613 4714. Copies are never better than the original.  In-sourcing
Ex 16:17 Lazy 20140612 4713.  I've proven that I can make something easy difficult and something difficult impossible. Seize the moment 
Jn 4:25 Denomination 20140611 4712.  If the word denomination is not spoken in heaven, then it must be a hellish word. Blasking (basking in blindness)
Ex 16:16 Storage 20140610 4711. Organization is not just knowing where it is but having the ability to get to it. One omer, gomer
Acts 2:43 Wonders 20140609 4710. By expecting something to happen, we’re seldom disappointed.  Anointed
Pr 13:25 Contentment 20140608 4709. Prayer is spending time with God and talking—if necessary.  Content lament
Ps 26:1 Vindicate 20140607 4708.  Revival is a term not found in the Bible.  Against the grain
Jn 4:24 Truth 20140606 4707.  Fear is a God-thing.   Will the real God . . .
Ex 16:15 Perception 20140605 4706.  Treasure is hidden because it's not intended for everyone to find. Hidden treasure
Jn 4:23 Conviction 20140604 4705. Don’t make the things you need to do, things you wish you'd done.  ETA = zero minutes
Ex 16:14 Provision 20140603 4704. Memories can be bigger than life. Connections 
Acts 2:42 Church 20140602 4703. How many sermons on the same subject to the same people is enough? Family time 
Pr 13:24 Discipline 20140601 4702. Sometimes good things look bad. Boundaries
Ps 25:22 Clean 20140531 4701.  Sin is like a splinter; you can’t heal until you dig it out. Trouble-maker
Jn 4:22 Intercession 20140530 4700.   It's not what but who you know that matters.  Knowing is going
Ex 16:13 Provisison 20140529 4699. God must enjoy watching our reactions. Precursors
Jn 4:21 Denomination 20140528 4698. Denomination: an antonym for reconciliation. That was then
Ex 16:11-12 Procrastination 20140527 4697.  Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.  Don't blink
Acts 2:41 Obligation 20140526 4696.  Freedom is not free. Sign me up
Pr 13:23 Testing 20140525 4695. What good is opportunity you never explore?  Rain River
Ps 25:21 Skills 20140524 4694. It’s easy to find work; getting paid is the challenge.  Paid student
Jn 4:20 Paganism 20140523 4693. You're a pagan when religion is your god. Door crack
Ex 16:10 Evidence 20140522 4692. Until they ask, people generally don't care what I believe.  Watchers
Jn 4:19 Desire 20140521 4691. Fishing is an experience, catching a fish a perk. Inspire desire
Ex 16:9 Attention 20140520 4690.  Following Jesus is a responsibility as much as a privilege. Did I mention attention?
Acts 2:40 Desire 20140519 4689. Lives are changed by desire and not obligation. Desire & Discipline
Pr 13:22 Reward 20140518 4688. Fail to plan and you plan to fail.  Give a little, get a lot
Ps 25:20 Graduation 20140517 4687.  Bars aren’t required to make a jail.  Save me—from myself
Jn 4:18 Application 20140516 4686. If tradition doesn’t trip you up, innovation might. Know and show
Ex 16:8 Reliance 20140515 4685. Self-reliance should end where God-dependence begins. What about them?
Jn 4:17 Relationship 20140514 4684. If you want to see a good backstroke, go to church.  Reluctantly admissive
Ex 16:7 Complain 20140513 4683. No problem exists that isn’t linked to another one. Right rep
Acts 2:39 Calling 20140512 4682. God’s calling is not a suggestion. Promised lend
Pr 13:21 Mothers 20140511 4681. Misery is earned and peace learned. Piece makers
Ps 25:19 Addiction 20140510 4680.   Experimentation is dangerous if you can't avoid addiction. Enemy friendly
Ex 16:6 Choice 20140509 4679. An open mind is a trap unless God’s Word has the last word.  Chooser loser
Jn 4:16 Confession 20140508 4678. Believers should do things that prove they are. First Step
Ex 16:5 Giving 20140507 4677. Presumption doesn’t just rhyme with consumption. Givin livin
Acts 2:38 Flaws 20140506 4676. Repentance is a process.  Work in Process
Pr 13:20 Influence 20140505 4675. Flattery recognizes what someone has accomplished, praise what God did in them. Pointy-eared friends
Ps 25:18 Kingdom 20140504 4674.  Heaven and hell may be close in the dictionary, but the space between them is impassable. 1M
Jn 4:15 Teaching 20140503 4673. Faith is believing what Jesus said even when we don’t understand it. Faith under fire
Ex 16:4 Providence 20140502 4672. Grace and grateful, two defining dictionary neighbors. Test drive
Jn 4:14 Assurance 20140501 4671.  You can’t have my joy, but I’ll gladly share it with you. Holy Water
Ex 16:3 Speculation 20140430 4670.  Understanding comes from knowledge, wisdom by asking God what He thinks.  If only
Acts 2:37 Confession 20140429 4669. Confession is not reluctant admission any more than repentance is saying you’re sorry Obliged
Pr 13:19 Success 20140428 4668. Inconvenience, the spark of invention or contention. Sweet dreams
Ps 25:17 Worry 20140427 4667. Forgiving ourselves should preclude as king someone else to forgive us. Worry warts
Jn 4:13 Desire 20140426 4666.  Are you satisfied or asking God to do more? Satislacsion
Ex 16:2 Complain 20140425 4665. Grumble doesn't just sound like tumble. Viral spiral
Jn 4:12 Fellowship 20140424 4664. Today is my opportunity to do what I should have done yesterday. Framily
Ex 16:1 Slaves 20140423 4663. Life may run you by, just don’t let it run over you Bondage is no game?
Acts 2:36 Lord 20140422 4662. Just because you stop asking doesn't mean God stops showing.   Table talk
Pr 13:18 Correction 20140421 4661. Peace is having nothing to hide; power nothing to fear. Dull Sword
Ps 25:16 Aged 20140420 4660.  A senior discount makes up for a little gray. Oldielocks
Jn 4:11 Diligence 20140419 4659. You know how to pray when you don't want to stop and do something else.  Sourcing
Ex 15:27 Journal 20140418 4658.  If I don't tell my story, people will be left to spin it to please themselves.  Notable
Jn 4:10 Question 20140417 4657.  I’m not sure what the question was, but I think I avoided answering it. Incidental providence
Ex 15:26 Alive 20140416 4656.  A little dab of obedience will do ya—in.  Sticky sickly
Acts 2:35 Prophecy 20140415 4655.  I’m used to being put down; it’s being held down that bothers me.  Waiters
Pr 13:17 Messenger 20140414 4654. I’ve already told you more than I know. Hark the Herald
Ps 25:15 Purity 20140413 4653. We already know what we need to do; will one more sermon make us do it?  Look at me
Jn 4:9 Memories 20140412 4652.   Living things get old. Oldies are goodies
Ex 15:25 Memories 20140411 4651. Today is the first day past my past.  Just Right!
Jn 4:8 Belief 20140410 4650.  A Christian lives for the reward; a disciple for the experience. Discipling
Ex 15:24 Content 20140409 4649. Which comes first, whining or misery? Never "right"
Acts 2:34 Weak 20140408 4648. Today will be history tomorrow.  Weak in process
Pr 13:16 Religion 20140407 4647. Knowledge is good if correct and condemning if not.  Saints ain't
Ps 25:14 Election 20140406 4646.  Scripture was inspired by the Holy Spirit, not Calvinists or Armenians.  Attack dogs
Jn 4:7 Solution 20140405 4645.  What good is an answer without a question?  Just ask
Ex 15:23 Restoration 20140404 4644. God sees value in things based on use not pretension. Looks good
Jn 4:6 Minister 20140403 4643.  Freedom is not free. Smack dab
Ex 15:22 Found 20140402 4642. You don’t find something by looking where the light is better.  Found it.
Acts 2:33 Interpretation 20140401 4641.  Known for our differences, we should be changing to become alike. Isn't it obvious?
Pr 13:15 Teach 20140331 4640. The problem with patching something is thinking it's fixed. Finish it
Ps 25:13 Prosperity 20140330 4639. Second-hand is first-hand to a grateful person.  Fixer-upper
Jn 4:5 History 20140329 4638. What will people say of you when they remember this day? A moment
Ex 15:21 Praise 20140328 4637. Every problem has someone else to blame for it. Praise starter
Jn 4:4 Disipleship 20140327 4636. My availability should exceed my ability.  A & C
Ex 15:20 Dancing 20140326 4635.  Don't allow your spiritual muscles to atrophy from lack of use. How is that wrong?
Acts 2:32 Deny 20140325 4634. It’s human nature to deny the obvious. Tell it
Pr 13:14 Student 20140324 4633. Slowing down the inevitable allows you to see it run over you in slow motion. Learn and yearn
Jn 3:22 Circumstances 20140323 4632.  Wasted time is lost, not just unused. The Way
Jn 4:3 Business 20140322 4631. Smart is knowing what NOT to do. DSO
Ex 15:19 Blindness 20140321 4630.  Everyone dies, but rebellion speeds up the process. Not as bad as
Jn 4:2 Disciple 20140320 4629. A disciple will disciple a disciple. By any other term
Ex 15:18 Wonders 20140319 4628.  I love hearing "wise" men (scientists) explain God's handiwork as random, natural, coincidental and/or inconclusive.  27 days until Christmas?
Acts 2:31 Foolish 20140318 4627. No fool thinks he is.  Fool's gold
Pr 13:13 Instruction 20140317 4626. Apathy is sin, a.k.a., not doing what you know you should. Show me the docs
Ps 25:11 Discipleship 20140316 4625. Possession requires confession. A worthy project
Jn 4:1 Maintenance 20140315 4624. Hardly anyone is fired for maintaining the status quo.  Blue Kool-Aide
Ex 15:17 Heaven 20140314 4623. Heaven for me is wherever Jesus is. Ortho rejection
Jn 3:36 Wrath 20140313 4622. A clean desktop may be a sign of a cluttered drawer.  That's shocking
Ex 15:16 Victory 20140312 4621. Sin is like sugar; it tastes good going down but can kill you. Pay attention
Acts 2:30 Initiative 20140311 4620. You are a product of your planning or lack of it. The TODO principle
Pr 13:12 Hope 20140310 4619. Nothing can prepare a person to lose something.  Not even close
Ps 25:10 Lesson 20140309 4618. Honor God’s Word to be blessed, but obey it to please Him. Demand keepers
Jn 3:35 Authority 20140308 4617. A job with responsibility and no authority is temporary. Responsible servitude
Ex 15:15 Predjudice 20140307 4616.  Seems to me that the place to work out prejudice is down here or we might not get a chance up there.  R E S P E C T
Jn 3:34 Communicate 20140306 4615.   God never contradicts His Word. Semantics
Ex 15:14 Reputation 20140305 4614.  Momentum is momentous.  Reputedly
Acts 2:29 Now 20140304 4613.  Get past your past to enjoy your present.  This is now
Pr. 13:11 Money 20140303 4612. Truth fits both the front and back end of a conversation.  Get poor quick-scheme
Ps 25:9 Busy 20140302 4611. God’s reveals Himself to those who are seeking Him. His Way
Jn 3:33 Finishing 20140301 4610.   Finishing is accomplished by hard work, not by starting something else. Carpenter to Minister
Jn 3:32 Counsel 20140228 4609. God listens to those who listen.  No respect
Ex 15:13 Giving 20140227 4608. Live today to plan for tomorrow. The plan
Ex 15:12 Technology 20140226 4607. Technology is smart; don't let it make you dumb. Demon devices
Acts 2:28 Success 20140225 4606.   Happy is made, not born.  For someone else
Pr. 13:10 Advice 20140224 4605. You can hear, but you can't listen if you're always talking.  Never mind
Ps 25:8 Conviction 20140223 4604. Everything cost someone something. Someone else

Jn 3:31

Glory 20140222 4603.  As a child grows, appreciation for their parent does too.
The real Trump Tower
Ex 15:11 Spirit 20140221 4602. Shouldn’t we at least enjoy down here what we will be doing in heaven? They did what?
Jn 3:30 Humility 20140220 4601.  Anyone who tries to sound smart ain’t.  Intellectual bigotry
Ex 15:10 Impress 20140219 4600. Thinking sin insignificant is a sinking sin. Bottoms up
Acts 2:27 Decay 20140218 4599. If you think things can't get worse, they just did.  First-hand demise
Pr. 13:9 Learn 20140217 4598. What we did is not nearly as important as what we are doing. Two shoes
Ps 25:7 Forget 20140216 4597.   Why remind God of what He has forgotten unless we don't think He has?  Don't look
Jn 3:29 Wait 20140215 4596. A relationship is not a car you can trade-in when you tire of it. JG Friends wait
Ex 15:9 Enemy 20140214 4595. It's not our physical position but our spiritual that gets God's attention. Be yourself?
Jn 3:28 Impression 20140213 4594. Answers require asking the right question.  And who are you?
Ex 15:8 Timing 20140212 4593. Fancy sounds like fantasy until God changes fiction into fact.  Too much (too soon)
Acts 2:26 Ministry 20140211 4592. If we don't impress our children, someone else will. By any means
Pr. 13:8 Dependence 20140210 4591. Don’t be a sponge if you don’t like being squeezed. Hunting season
Ps 25:6 Trust 20140209 4590. Believing God is requisite to trusting Him.  Trust it
Jn 3:27 Success 20140208 4589. A hearse isn’t made to pull a trailer. Value received
Ex 15:7 Waste 20140207 4588. Don’t worry, work will still be there tomorrow—if you are. Temporarily Permanent
Jn 3:26 Attraction 20140206 4587. Much like a battery, a minister must discharge his potential to avoid losing his potential. Fatal Attraction
Ex 15:6 Power 20140205 4586. An idol is making God out of what you have in your hands.  What about today?
Acts 2:25 Test 20140204 4585. For every variable, there is a Constant. Stirred but not shaken
Pr. 13:7 Influence 20140203 4584. It’s never too late to do the right thing—unless you’re dead. For what it's worth
Ps 25:5 Follow 20140202 4583. A disciple is someone worthy of your attention. One and/or the other
Jn 3:25 Unity 20140201 4582.  When you’re upside down, so is right-side up. Shades of right
Ex 15:5 Church 20140131 4581. Everyone dies, but stupidity can speed up the process. Carry me?
Jn 3:24 Survival 20140130 4580. Each day presents an opportunity to start over.  What was
Ex 15:4 Speech 20140129 4579. Throw caution to the wind and it will blow back in your face. What do you think?
Acts 2:24 Journal 20140128 4578. Keeping a journal places as much value on the future as the past.  Use it to prove it
Pr. 13:6 Righteousness 20140127 4577. The Senate Intelligence Committee should be Webster's example of an oxymoron.  It's in there
Ps 25:4 Disciple 20140126 4576. If you're going to witness, learn your multiplication table. Teach me
Jn 3:23 Hypocrisy 20140125 4575.   It’s never right to do wrong. Hardened backwards
Ex 15:3 Peace 20140124 4574.  To most people, peace is time to reload your weapon and not get shot. By any other name
Ps 25:12 Listen 20140123 4573. Exceptionalism comes by consistently making right choices. Teachers galore
Ex 15:2 Abortion 20140122

4572. Who speaks for the rights of the unborn? 

Of my mother, like my father
Acts 2:23 Church 20140121 4571.   It’s insane to preach and not listen to your own sermon.  And you
Pr. 13:5 Sin 20140120 4570. In every negotiation, someone loses. Differential
Ps 25:3 Grace 20140119 4569. It's not a shame to admit you don't know something, but it is to know and not do something.  Without cause
Jn 3:21 Light 20140118 4568. Religion is man interpreting God's intention rather than obeying His instruction. Truth deflector
Ex 15:1 Ministry 20140117 4567. Failure to use what God gave you renders it worthless. Sing it
Jn 3:20 Productive 20140116 4566. Don’t look so far into the future that you step in yesterday’s manure.  Why's it so dark?
Ex 14:31 Mission 20140115 4565. Every leader follows someone.  Lead me where?
Acts 2:22 Preach 20140114 4564. Teaching credentials: know the Author as well as His Book. Kindred Knowledge
Pr. 13:4 Desire 20140113 4563. Closing my eyes doesn't make me invisible. Insatiable satisfaction
Ps 25:2 Shame 20140112 4562. Shame is expecting something for nothing. Dependable
Jn 3:19 Inspiration 20140111 4561. Discernment is judgment in the Light.  Dark challenge
Ex 14:30 Victory 20140110 4560.  Winning makes watching bearable.  Confidence
Jn 3:18 Witness 20140109 4559. Sadly, the best lessons are learned at a high cost.  The Name
Ex 14:29 Disciple 20140108 4558.  Ministry is what a Christian does naturally. Momentum
Acts 2:21 Calling 20140107 4557. The purpose of preaching is to deliver the truth, not twist an arm. Vision to Visual
Pr 13:3 Blunder 20140106 4556. I'd watch my mouth but I can't see it.  Forget-me-not?
Ps 25:1 Trust 20140105 4555.  Confidence comes from spending time in the Word and prayer. God's doodles
Jn 3:17 Repentance 20140104 4554. What's an invitation without a consequence for rejection?  Turn
Ex 14:28 Follow 20140103 4553. Resisting God is not only futile, but it will probably make you an example. A following
Jn 3:16 Mission 20140102 4552. Every step, good or bad, begins with a lean. Will the real church please stand up?
Ex 14:26 Vision 20140101 4546.  God doesn't require my help, just my involvement. Today is the first day past my past
Acts 2:20 Tasks 12.31.13 4545. Today may be the last opportunity to do what I put off yesterday. JG  Planner
Pr 13:2 Intercession 12.30.13 4544.  If intercession was easy, everyone would be doing it. Engaged
Ps 24:10a Gate 12.29.13 4543. A ringer tops a leaner. The right question
John 3:13 Heaven 12.28.13 4542. A gift says a lot about the giver.  Imagine it
Ex 14:25 Relationships 12.27.13 4541.  He never was my enemy, he just wasn’t my friend.  Friendly fire
John 3:12 Communication 12.26.13 4540. Believing God comes with questioning ourselves.  Show me
Ex 14:24 Confusion 12.25.13 4539. Miracles are impossible without a Miracle Worker.  Coinkidink?
John 3:11 Association 12.24.13 4538. When you attack the messenger, you show contempt for the message. Innocence by association
Ex 14:23 Leaders 12.23.13 4537. We need leaders who'll do what God expects and not what it takes to stay in office. Follow who?
Acts 2:19 Learning 12.22.13 4536. Getting attention is not hard, but keeping it is almost impossible.  Credentials
Pr 13:1 Obedience 12.21.13 4535. A rebel with a cause is still rebellious.  Mighty Duck
Ps 24:9 Prepare 12.20.13 4534. Preparation is doing something now in order to enjoy something later. For you
John 3:10 Teach 12.19.13 4533. Good teachers make good students. Excess curriculum
Ex 14:22 Legacy 12.18.13 4532.  A person who aims at nothing will hit it every time.  Separation
John 3:9 Amazement 12.17.13 4531. It’s what you do that matters and not what you believe.  One-take misery
Ex 14:21 Salvation 12.16.13 4530.  What good are answers based on the wrong question? We knew
Acts 2:18 Power 12.15.13 4529. God empowers the weak to prove His power. Little is big
Pr 12:28 Immortal 12.14.13 4528. Who in their right mind thinks they know God’s? Design
Ps 24:8 Battle 12.13.13 4527. He who makes no mistake never tries anything new.  17/7
John 3:8 Prepare 12.12.13 4526. Not all opinions are worthy of discussion. Spontaneous sponta-piety
Ex 14:20b Hope 12.11.13 4525.  Patience is learning we can live without what we don’t have. No degrees
John 3:7 Understanding 12.10.13 4524.  The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying. I get it!
Ex 14:19-20a Angels 12.09.13 4523. Before you trust an angel, make sure he's on your team.  Not what you'd expect
Acts 2:17 Spirit 12.08.13 4522. For any investment in His work, God does a corresponding work in a life.  Yearn and learn
Pr 12:27 Generosity 12.07.13 4521. What you fail to use, you lose. Junk man
Ps 24:7 Return 12.06.13 4520. To win a race, you just have to get in front and stay ahead of the crowd.  Perspective proper
John 3:6 Idolatry 12.05.13 4519. Knowing the right answer doesn't’t justify a wrong decision Wrong label
Ex 14:18 Way 12.04.13 4518. God reveals Himself to those who are looking.  So they will know
John 3:5 Kingdom 12.03.13 4517. A gift that dies says a lot about the giver.  Twisted
Ex 14:17 History 12.02.13 4516. Rewriting history requires having enough lazy minds to consider it. My gain, your loss
Acts 2:15-16 Power 12.01.13 4515. God empowers the puny to frustrate the powerful. The unexpected
Pr 12:26 Friends 11.30.13 4514.  In life, be the right chooser and not a sore loser.  I chose you first
Ps 24:6 Seekers 11.29.13 4513. It's highly unlikely you'll find that which you're not searching.  Cookies
John 3:4 Change 11.28.13 4512. Starting something never works until you stop something else.  Can you spare any change?
Ex 14:16 Mission 11.27.13 4511. What good is power you never exert? Promise losers
John 3:3 Change 11.26.13 4510. Silence is golden, except in church where it is the source of strife, contention and division. Whaz new?
Ex 14:15 Listen 11.25.13 4509.  Consistency is good, but only if you’re doing the right thing. How many times?
Acts 2:14 Preach 11.24.13 4508. If complacency dug your hole, compliance is what buries you in it. Good fellows
Pr 12:25 Worry 11.23.13 4507. Worry is  the landlord of ownership.  Project Shed
Ps 24:5 Intercession 11.22.13 4506. The world is a turnstile to heaven, through which a few strangers pass. The Lone Stranger
John 3:2 Belief 11.21.13 4505. Evangelism adds, discipleship multiplies.  Master math
Ex 14:14 Trust 11.20.13 4504.  If God did it, then why are you perspiring so much? Mission impossible
John 3:1 Position 11.19.13 4503.   Anyone can use a friend in high places.   Noteworthy
Ex 14:13 Waiting 11.18.13 4502.  Trust is transferring your expectation to someone else. Wait  . . .
Acts 2:13 Trust 11.17.13 4501.  A miracle is what God does that man can't explain, but wants to sell. Pattern
Pr 12:24 Disciple 11.16.13 4500. Diligence is the refusal to give up when most think you should.  Go around, come around
Ps 24:4 Clean 11.15.13 4499.  We should never expect God to forgive sin we won’t confess. Prime Directive
John 2:25 Responsibilty 11.14.13 4498. Are you working for a purpose or is work your purpose? Knowing
Ex 14:12 Change 11.13.13 4497.   Frustration can be a serial killer.  Status quit
John 2:24 Discipleship 11.12.13 4496. If you're going to change, today might be your last opportunity. Made to stretch
Ex 14:11 Neglect 11.11.13 4495.   In hard times some people will limit the amount of caviar they consume. Game Over
Acts 2:12 Disciple 11.10.13 4494. Don’t give up before you’ve laced up. Significant
Pr 12:23 Behavior 11.09.13 4493. Restraint is what someone shows and no one knows.  Silent strength
Ps 24:3 Holy 11.08.13 4492. Self-esteem is good as long as you remember to stick a cork in it. Next exit
John 2:23 Belief 11.07.13 4491.  Believing in God is easy; it's Him believing you that might be problematic. Flash belief
Ex 14:10 Fear 11.06.13 4490. Problems will come, there’s no need to make more. Knee jerks
John 2:22 Discipleship 11.05.13 4489.  You can't follow someone you can't see In time
Ex 14:9 Trouble 11.04.13 4488. Trouble is what you make it. Not what it seems
Acts 2:9-11 Witness 11.03.13 4487.  Change begins with a decision, but only means something when you prove it. Whatever it takes
Pr 12:22 Surrender 11.02.13 4486. Character is revealed when no one’s watching. Prove it
Ps 24:2 Water 11.01.13 4485. If God is in the woods and no one hears Him—it’s their loss.  JG Water bags
John 2:21 Information 10.31.13 4484.    I'm not sure you heard what I thought I said. Tell me more
Ex 14:8 Religion 10.30.13 4483. Reason is wasted on fools. Different look
John 2:20 Information 10.29.13 4482. If you aren't willing to go, there's no need to know.  Question, doubt and denial
Ex 14:7 Intercession 10.28.13 4481. Pray for lost people but don’t forget your brothers. How much?
Acts 2:8 Trust 10.27.13 4480. In trying to explain God, some people prove they don't know Him.  Exclaim and explain
Pr 12:21 Peace 10.26.13 4479. A modern version of an Amalekite might be the domain squatter. Snooze and lose
Ps 24:1 Association 10.25.13 4478. My mistakes should be categorized under the letter "S" for stupid.
A wrong right
John 2:19 Belief 10.24.13 4477. We have "see it to believe it" completely backwards.  Didn't see that
Ex 14:6 Technology 10.23.13 4476. Be different and add God to your contacts. Don't leave home without it
John 2:18 Leaders 10.22.13 4475. The only sermon God expects is for us to live according to His Word. Duck!
Ex 14:5 Information 10.21.13 4474. Because there’s a need doesn’t mean there’s a desire. Information lid
Acts 2:7 Question 10.20.13 4473. It's not the ingredients that make a recipe, but their origination, proportion and mixture.  Whazinthat?
Pr 12:20 Harmony 10.19.13 4472. Slander and homicide, both are murder—one throws mud and the other blood. Discussion v Decision
Ps 23:6 Fiction 10.18.13 4471. Heaven is not getting what you want but enjoying what God wants. Imagine that!
John 2:17 Church 10.17.13 4470. Revival begins when we discard the things that held it back. The Way
Ex 14:4 Sin 10.16.13 4469.  Wrong choices seldom look bad when we make them. Swish, Pow, Ding!!
John 2:16 Pastor 10.15.13 4468.  God doesn't equip anyone to be a spectator.  Fraternity of leaders
Ex 14:3 Different 10.14.13 4467. Resentment doesn’t need a reason, only a target. Not like us
Acts 2:6 Church 10.13.13 4466.  Church is about attraction and contraction of people, not another sermon. Say what?
Pr 12:19 Friends 10.12.13 4465. God planted us where He wants us to bloom. Times goes by
Ps 23:5 Enemies 10.11.13 4464. He was never my enemy; he just wasn’t my friend. Enemies
John 2:15 Complacency 10.10.13 4463. What happens in church is a product of what we pray. Changing things
Ex 14:1-2 Wait 10.09.13 4462.  Discipline builds character under fire; judgment a fire under a character. Lace up and wait
John 2:14 Giving 10.08.13 4461. It’s unnerving to see the undeserving act deserving. Need exceed
Ex 13:22 Religion 10.07.13 4460. Nature should remind us of God, not be our god. Tweener
Acts 2:5 Communication 10.06.13 4459. It’s impossible to say anything that doesn’t offend someone. The right words
Pr 12:18 Words 10.05.13 4458. A sword is made for forcibly making a point. Deal with it
Ps 23:4 Frustration 10.04.13 4457. The sun will rise, though often behind dark clouds. Not yet.
John 2:13 Prepare 10.03.13 4456. Faith, or the lack of it, is visible when the heat is turned up. Show up, speak up.
Ex 13:21 Frustration 10.02.13 4455.   Your battles will choose you if you don’t choose them first. 24/7 cover
John 2:12 Friends 10.01.13 4454.  Friends come in pairs, not groups.   What will you talk about?
Ex 13:20 Challenge 09.30.13 4453.  The ultimate mission statement is based on God’s Word: Listen, Learn, Live. Leaving on a jet plane
Acts 2:4 Sign 09.29.13 4452. God never enables nonsense unless you're the enemy. Communicative
Pr 12:17 Justice 09.28.13 4451. Most people have the tendency to tell more than they know. Interrogation ignorance
Ps 23:3 Desire 09.27.13 4450. Where I go is not as important as Who goes with me.  Fresh Start
John 2:9b-10 Needs 09.26.13 4449. Double entendre: change is good but only if needed. Taste and see
Ex 13:19 Promise 09.25.13 4448.    What you do is not as important as why and how you do it.  Keeping  a promise
John 2:9a Attentive 09.24.13 4447. We’re concerned about results, God the process.  Some know
Ex 13:18 Procrastination 09.23.13 4446. Things are seldom as bad as we fear—with the possible exception of a pop-quiz. Bondage battle
Acts 2:3 Preach 09.22.13 4445. Compromise is the religion of optimists and the failure of the righteous. What's hot, what's not. 
Pr 12:16 Love 09.21.13 4444. The best reprisal is being pleasant.  Shaper's shape
Ps 23:2 Rest 09.20.13 4443.    Life is like a rubber-band; it’s stretched out of shape and needs relaxation. But I don't need to rest
John 2:8 Action 09.19.13 4442. Success is taking another step in the right direction Faith baby steps
Ex 13:17 Patience 09.18.13 4441. It’s quicker and easier to do what you should, not want you want.  Faith not included
John 2:7 Speech 09.17.13 4440. Expediency is something done on time, not done well or fast. Problem or opportunity?
Ex 13:16 Story 09.16.13 4439.  Bad teachers create bad students.  Tell me a story
Acts 2:2 Lead 09.15.13 4438. When you run out of places to hang pictures; don’t build a wall.  Right string, wrong yoyo.
Pr 12:15 Advice 09.14.13 4437. Reluctance is not saying or doing what needs to be said or done.  Don't say it.
Ps 23:1  Desire 09.13.13 4436. Feeling has absolutely no bearing on fact. Sheep and goats
John 2:6 Damage 09.12.13 4435. Life’s great mystery: throw something out and you’ll need it later.  Resource mgt
Ex 13:15 Memories 09.11.13 4434.   Do it now or it might not be possible tomorrow.  Splain it Lucy
John 2:5 Faith 09.10.13 4433. Timing is vital; preparation more so. Do it—now.
Ex 13:14 Forget 09.09.13 4432. Fail to learn from your mistakes and you might get another opportunity. Reminder
Acts 2:1 Delay 09.08.13 4431. The greatest demonstration of love might be patience. Right timing
Pr 12:14 Dedication 09.07.13 4430. A person who aims at nothing will hit it every time. Appeasers
Ps 22:31 Intercession 09.06.13 4429. Persistence may be the best indicator of conviction. Fight for the future
John 2:4 Hearing 09.05.13 4428. Just hearing something doesn't mean you’re listening.  Problem or solution?
Ex 13:13 Holy 09.04.13 4427.  Birth and burial are not bookends as much as a bookmark. Free to die
John 2:3 Challenge 09.03.13 4426.  If success was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Ready, set, go
Ex 13:11-12 Giving 09.02.13 4425. You can’t spend what you don’t have unless you’re Uncle Sam. Aftering
Acts 1:26 Holy 09.01.13 4424.  It’s never right to do wrong. Can you be certain?
Pr 12:13 Knowledge 08.31.13 4423. A loose tongue forms a noose that can cook your goose. Don't tell me—please!
Ps 22:30 Word 08.30.13 4422. The best way to get someone to listen is to talk to someone else. Past seeds, future needs
John 2:1-2 Meeting 08.29.13 4421. Real achievement is making something out of nothing. Coinkidink
Ex 13:10 Journal 08.28.13 4420. A schedule has appointments, a journal experience. Scheduled negligence
John 1:51 Proof 08.27.13 4419.  Choosing the wrong team isn’t apparent until you lose.  Today
Ex 13:9 Attention 08.26.13 4418. Getting attention is easier than keeping it. Attention deficit sinners
Acts 1:24-25 Prayer 08.25.13 4417. Desire changes when we desire to change it.  Prayer desire
Pr 12:12 Decision 08.24.13 4416. It’s curious that exercising caution is ridiculed by those who don’t. Trap doer
Ps 22:29 Danger 08.23.13 4415. Life is like a box of chocolates; some things just don't taste good.  Precariously curious
John 1:50 Memory, Scripture 08.22.13 4414. Neglect takes what we can't afford to lose. The clock is ticking
Ex 13:8 Reminder 08.21.13 4413. Being hysterical is no license to be historical.  Why do it?
John 1:49 Belief 08.20.13 4412. Faith is acting on what I chose to believe. 'The Day' dreamer
Ex 13:7 Holy 08.19.13 4411. A winner gives his best, a loser something less. Wholly holy
Acts 1:23 Calling 08.18.13 4410.  Faith is good, if it's founded on the right thing.  Yea or nay
Pr 12:11 Aspiration 08.17.13 4409. Explaining yourself to some people angers them and wastes your time. Remember when?
Ps 22:28 Power 08.16.13 4408. Large things are done by slight advances.  One will
John 1:48 Time 08.15.13 4407.  Looking at something doesn’t mean you see anything. Hello Again
Ex 13:6 Health 08.14.13 4406.  Habits are like rabbits—ignore them and they'll make more.  Breaking Good
John 1:47 Miracle 08.13.13 4405.   The gap between can’t and won’t is a ditch. It wasn't me - The fire
Ex 13:5 Plans 08.12.13 4404.  Winning comes from being in the right position. Getting there
Acts 1:21-22 Witness 08.11.13 4403.  The only evidence required is the testimony of a credible witness. Look, listen, learn, live
Pr 12:10 Care 08.10.13 4402. Loving someone may be the only way they’ll ever see it. Miss you
Ps 22:27 Repent 08.09.13 4401. Success is working toward a goal, reaching it a bonus.  Repentless
John 1:46 Pray 08.08.13 4400.  There is no shame in asking clarification, but there is for apathy. Latent lazy
Ex 13:4 Discipleship 08.07.13 4399. Not all prisons have bars.  Bye bye
John 1:45 Found 08.06.13 4398. Rule out what’s not, in order to find what is.  Seeking seekers
Ex 13:3 Consecration 08.05.13 4397. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. How'd you do that?
Acts 1:20 Friends 08.04.13 4396. You don’t need to remember the past; it will remind you. 
Next, please
Pr 12:9 Fellowship 08.03.13 4395.  Hands for praising and knees for praying need feet to work. Same ole same
Ps 22:26 Praise 08.02.13 4394. The most important thing to someone is where they spend the most time.  Happy, happy, happy
John 1:44 Spirit 08.01.13 4393. What seems reasonable often succumbs to the unthinkable. Commonality
Ex 13:1-2 Chosen 07.31.13 4392. A majority opinion is rarely the best one. First in line
John 1:43 Follow 07.30.13 4391. Every step, good or bad, begins with a lean. A ringer tops a leaner
Ex 12:51 Revival 07.29.13 4390. Knowing something doesn’t mean you understand it. Whodunit?
Acts 1:19 Choice 07.28.13 4389. Most of us fall into the holes we’ve dug. Buy me
Pr 12:8 Wisdom 07.27.13 4388. Knowledge is only part of the decision-making process. Wisdom prism
Ps 22:25 Ministry 07.26.13 4387. A project is like baseball; you can score if you touch all the bases. Promise sleepers
John 1:42 Church 07.25.13 4386.  A building is no stronger than its foundation. Missing a piece.
Ex 12:50 Compliance 07.24.13 4385. Actions speak louder than best intentions. Watch your periods
John 1:41 Priorities 07.23.13 4384. Do what you need to do so you can do what you want to do. First things first
Ex 12:49 Justice 07.22.13 4383. A loophole is a way to avoid fixing a bad regulation.  Thanks for the reminder
Acts 1:18 Truth 07.21.13 4382. It’s impossible to do right if you don’t know wrong.  Voices
Pr 12:7 Steadfast 07.20.13 4381. I don’t have to be fast, just faster than you. Pay me later
Ps 22:24 Memory 07.19.13 4380. Remembering someone’s name comes from often using it.  When you're ready
John 1:40 Discipleship 07.18.13 4379. Doing the right thing is choosing to not do the wrong thing.  Step one
Ex 12:48 Labels 07.17.13 4378. The opportunities afforded you make you unique.  Confessions of an alien
John 1:39 Journal 07.16.13 4377.  A schedule lists appointments, a journal recounts experiences.  Take note
Ex 12:47 Discernment 07.15.13 4376.  Things are meant to be used, not preserved.  Remember rite
Acts 1:17 Ministry 07.14.13 4375.  Finish before you’re done and you’re done.  Tight rank
Pr 12:6 Speech 07.13.13 4374. Just because I’m thinking it doesn’t mean I have to say it. Shhh
Ps 22:23 Family 07.12.13 4373. Today will be a memory tomorrow.  We honor you
John 1:38 Education 07.11.13 4372. Choosing something is rejection of something else. Degree of  close
Ex 12:46 Sacrifice 07.10.13 4371.  I can’t prevent trouble but I can be prepared for it.  Just do it.
John 1:37 Testimony 07.09.13 4370. Great things are accomplished by completing small steps. Finishing
Ex 12:44-45 Ministry 07.08.13 4369.  A new day to some is another day to the resolute. Fellowstop
Acts 1:15-16 Darkness 07.07.13 4368. Good things are sometimes wrapped in dark paper. Guided misturn
Pr 12:5 Revival 07.06.13 4367. Preparation is the workshop of tenacity. Who's in charge?
Ps 22:22 Praise 07.05.13 4366. How can you love someone and not brag on them? Show and swell (pride)
John 1:36 Delusion 07.04.13 4365. With two opinions, at least one is wrong.  Help me, you're blind!
Ex 12:43 Rules 07.03.13 4364. Rules are made to be kept. You made that up!
John 1:35 Tendency 07.02.13 4363. Control is reserved for the one behind the steering wheel. What's ahead?
Acts 1:14 Opportunity 07.01.13 4362.  What happens today is tomorrow's history.  Don't miss it.
John 1:34 Appreciation 06.27.13 4358. Evidence accomplishes what arguments cannot. Here all the time
Ex 12:41 Information 06.26.13 4357. Everything but prayer serves as a detractor of prayer. Giddiup
John 1:33 Spirit, Holy 06.25.13 4356. Why make things complicated when someone else will do that for you? Home sweet home
Ex 12:40 Perspective 06.24.13 4355. Time moves on; try to stay up.  Deadline—maybe
Acts 1:13 Church 06.23.13 4354. My TODO shouldn't have any small carryovers. Called to order
Pr 12:3 Attitude 06.22.13 4353. You will offend someone before you get out of bed.  Bad cop, other cop
Ps 22:20 Ministry 06.21.13 4352. Don’t die before you're done. Mission accomplished
John 1:32 Attention 06.20.13 4351.  If you’re looking for answers, make sure you ask the right questions. Riddle the riddle, Marie.
Ex 12:39 Trust 06.19.13 4350.  No one’s ever been successful who stayed in their comfort zone.  Packed and ready
John 1:31 Witness 06.18.13 4349. You can’t get where you’re going looking in the wrong direction. Now introducing...
Ex 12:38 Friends 06.17.13 4348. Less expensive doesn’t mean it has less value. Follow me and see
Acts 1:12 Savior 06.16.13 4347. A servant goes where he’s needed, not where he wants.  What now?
Pr 12:2 Superficial 06.15.13 4346. Why tell someone you care when you can show them?  Ignoble irritant
Ps 22:19 Prayer 06.14.13 4345. Most of us won’t look up until we’re on our back.  DIY prayer
John 1:30 Responsibility 06.13.13 4344. Timing is not just important; it’s everything.  Hold the door, please.
Ex 12:37 Seeker 06.12.13 4343. Take something for granted and watch it disappear.  On time
John 1:29 Obey 06.11.13 4342. A winner helps someone else experience it.   Who told you that?
Ex 12:36 Decision 06.10.13 4341. God is not enabled by our choices.  Willy Nillies
Acts 1:11 Steward 06.09.13 4340. Look at yesterday, plan for tomorrow but live for today. What now?
Pr 12:1 Correction 06.08.13 4339. I welcome correction, but it's harder when someone enjoys giving it.  When you're stupid
Ps 22:18 Impression 06.07.13 4338. If you want to know what kind of person you are, look at your friends. Follow the Leader
John 1:28 Witness 06.06.13 4337. For you to know, someone had to tell you.  WHO knew
Ex 12:35 Sales 06.05.13 4336. Don’t expect an answer to a question you never ask. Regular or extra-value?
John 1:27 Character 06.04.13 4335. Character is revealed when no one is looking. At the right time
Ex 12:34 Planning 06.03.13 4334.  You can’t finish something you never start. Starter
Acts 1:10 Ready 06.02.13 4333. Yesterday is less important than today. Friday tech fret
Pr 11:31 Disappointment 06.01.13 4332. If I'd known yesterday what I now know, I’d messed up some other way.  Go around
Ps 22:17 Overcomer 05.31.13 4331. Winning comes by placing yourself in the position to lose. Known for something
John 1:26 Faith 05.30.13 4330. Understanding comes from applying knowledge. E&O
Ex 12:33 Judgment 05.29.13 4329. Procrastination gives fear and dread time to grow. Fear of the known
John 1:24-25 Sign 05.28.13

4328.  Appeasement is a coward’s way out. 

Credentials please
Ex 12:32 Sacrifice 05.27.13 4327.  There is no right time to be in the wrong place and the opposite is also true. Costly grace
Acts 1:9 Prepare 05.26.13 4326.  You show your character by the way you act under pressure. Now you see me
Pr 11:30 Influence 05.25.13 4325. Running a race requires training, but winning requires straining. Newton knew
Ps 22:16 Listen 05.24.13 4324. Those who pray listen—opposite also true. Deaf ears
John 1:23 Lazy 05.23.13 4323. Opportunity gets colder the more you ignore it.  The ubiquity of lazy.
Ex 12:31 Answers 05.22.13 4322. Don't ask if you don't want to know. Give in if not up
John 1:22 Purpose 05.21.13 4321.  Impression is helping someone else reach your conclusion. About the Author
Ex 12:30 Expectation 05.20.13 4320. There is no bad job in a bad economy. As touching everything
Acts 1:8 Power 05.19.13 4319. Nothing can influence me that I don't allow.  Influential power
Pr 11:29 Correction 05.18.13 4318. A gaping hole begins with a hairline crack. Deep roots
Ps 22:15 Expectancy 05.17.13 4317. People want you to succeed - slightly less than they do. Probability buster
Ex 12:29 Grace 05.16.13 4316. God's saving grace begins when we repent. The Stop Card
John 1:21 Examine 05.15.13 4315. Expectation and realization meet ever so briefly in passing. Wait for an answer
Ex 12:28 Confess 05.14.13 4314.  Knowing right is no substitute for doing right. To the tee
John 1:20 Friends 05.13.13 4313.  Today is the tomorrow I talked about yesterday.  Not who you think
Acts 1:7 Listen 05.12.13 4312. Experience is the best teacher—IF you pay attention.  Know it all
Pr 11:28 Endure 05.11.13 4311. If rest was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Rain's acomin'
Ps 22:14 Fellowship 05.10.13 4310. Today connects yesterday firmly and tomorrow loosely. Plugged in
John 1:19 Motive 05.09.13 4309. Methods may vary, but intentions never do.  Didn't see that coming.
Ex 12:27 Restoration 05.08.13 4308. Fail to learn from your mistakes and you may get another opportunity. Recall and rejoice
John 1:18 Relationship 05.07.13 4307. If you want to know what kind of person you are, look at your friends Relationship rationale
Ex 12:26 Lessons 05.06.13 4306.   I don’t have to be fast, just faster than you. Hurry up and listen
Acts 1:6 Questions 05.05.13 4305. If you’re looking for answers, make sure you ask the right questions. Shaping answers
Pr 11:27 Search 05.04.13 4304. Life — a process to one, an unfinished task to another.  Attention shoppers.
Ps 22:13 Junk 05.03.13 4303. The cost of creation is destruction.  Noisy danger, imminent threat
John 1:17 Answers 05.02.13 4302.  Answers come when we seek them, not when we ask a question.  Prayer - from the backside
Ex 12:25 Remember 05.01.13 4301. Don't get comfortable in the valley or you'll forget the mountaintop. Forgetful sin
John 1:16 Salvation 04.30.13 4300. Who walks in the Light and loves darkness?  B1 vB2
Ex 12:24 Obedience 04.29.13 4299.   Fail to teach your kids and someone else will.  Pass and catch
Acts 1:5 Standard 04.28.13 4298. The best way to find the problem is to identify what hasn't changed.  Change is good?
Pr 11:26 Blessing 04.27.13 4297.  Blessers love to bless and be blessed by another Blesser who feels the same way Blessings are prayed
Ps 22:12 Conflict 04.26.13 4296. Compromise is good— as long as I don’t have to change. Circle the wagons
John 1:15 Fellowship 04.25.13 4295. Having more than an audience of One is playing to the wrong crowd.  Just a glance
Ex 12:23 Terror 04.24.13 4294. Instead of allowing God to choose our battles, too often we make war on our own. Protector and Enabler
John 1:14 Trust 04.23.13 4293.  I've read the Book and not only know the Winner. but the loser.  Open Your eyes
Ex 12:22 Refuge 04.22.13 4292. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Cover requirements
Acts 1:4 Wait 04.21.13 4291.  Sufficient time depends on which side of the bathroom door you are. Wait and want
Pr 11:25 Giving 04.20.13 4290. Giving is a matter of God's acceptance, not your generosity.  Give what you have
Ps 22:11 Challenge 04.19.13 4289. Persistence is determined by faith, not desperation.  Expect it
John 1:13 Witness 04.18.13 4288. A life will resemble Who or what we serve. Uncanny resemblance
Ex 12:21 Plans 04.17.13 4287.   There are Believers and there are doers, a.k.a., disciples.  Game Over
John 1:12 Spirit 04.16.13 4286. Sometimes the simplest thing is the hardest.  Receiving believing becoming
Ex 12:20 Purpose 04.15.13 4285.  God helps those who won't help themselves. Things change
Acts 1:3 Teach 04.14.13 4284. A good teacher has curious students. Look and learn
Pr 11:24 Compassion 04.13.13 4283. Make us Good Samaritans who help people who don't know their True need. Work flavors
Ps 22:10 Teachable 04.12.13 4282. Education is valuable but having a teachable spirit prepares you for life.   Lurning
John 1:11 Prayer 04.11.13 4281. When you love someone, you want to spend as much time with them as you can. Fellowslip [sic]
Ex 12:19 Witness 04.10.13 4280. A Christian can't be worldly and holy.  Holy host
John 1:10 Expression 04.09.13 4279. Heaven will be having no more grammatical issues. Collaborative chaos
Ex 12:18 Potential 04.08.13 4278. The distance between what you are and what you want to be should be shrinking.  Perfect timing
Acts 1:1-2 Projects 04.07.13 4277. Who lives each day and is not a task manager?  WIP
Pr 11:23 Choice 04.06.13 4276.  Who grants the person in the womb a choice?  Choice-effects
Ps 22:9 Grateful 04.05.13 4275. Cosby made famous, "I brought you in; I can take you out," but God said it first.   Dependent devotion
John 1:9 Trust 04.04.13 4274. People with influence call the shots; the rest of us try to not get shot.  Hope and mirrors
Ex 12:17 Heritage 04.03.13 4273. Knowing something doesn't mean we respect it.  Who knew?
John 1:8 Relationship 04.02.13 4272. Helping others is a gift that keeps on giving. Purpose Driven
Ex 12:16 Holy 04.01.13 4271. What we do or won't do indicates who or what we serve.  Blue blues
Jonah 4:11 Heaven 03.31.13 4270.  Heaven: where expectation exceeds understanding.  Fluffy heaven
Pr 11:22 Appearance 03.30.13 4269. Just because I can doesn't mean I should.  Changeling
Ps 22:8 Wayward 03.29.13 4268. If you need hope, just look in the mirror and think what might have been.  Great love
John 1:7 Witness 03.28.13 4267. Rule one: Don't block view of the One you promote.  Righteous Reflector
Ex 12:15 Change 03.27.13 4266.  The sin nature doesn't change; it just gets older. Wait for it
John 1:6 Friend 03.26.13 4265.  Making a friend is the investment of a lifetime. Association Agent
Ex 12:14 Children 03.25.13 4264. We serve whatever gets and keeps our attention. When we're gone
Jonah 4:10 Problem 03.24.13 4263. Problems are addressed at the root level, not by dealing with symptoms. Gone tomorrow?
Pr 11:21 Change 03.23.13 4262. Going outside the boundary is fine until you can't get back in.  Breaking bad (habits)
Ps 22:7 Prayer 03.22.13 4261. Spiritually speaking, most people don't.  The eye of the Beholder
John 1:5 Hope 03.21.13 4260. Every writer has his first book.  Last words
Ex 12:13 Salvation 03.20.13 4259. If you're saved and unchanged, you're uniquely delusional. Insulation insurance
John 1:4 Darkness 03.19.13 4258.  Remain in the Light, but don't block it from others.  Shades of night
Ex 12:12 Judgment 03.18.13 4257. God doesn't grade on the curve.  Judgment - a universal, two-sided moment.
Jonah 4:9 Anger 03.17.13 4256.   When guns are illegal, will rocks be licensed and restricted?  Anger management
Pr 11:20 Blame 03.16.13 4255. The first step in deception is to avoid the obvious and magnify the vague.  Blame Gane
Ps 22:6 Problems 03.15.13 4254. God uses our problems to teach us His character.  Depression suppression
John 1:3 Jesus 03.14.13 4253.  It's lunacy to worship the creation instead of the Creator. Front and center
Ex 12:11 Prepared 03.13.13 4252. Every encounter is an opportunity to minister. Ready?
John 1:2 Praise 03.12.13 4251.  God is not a popularity contestant.  Snubbed
Ex 12:10 Value 03.11.13 4250. If value is equated with usage, some of us are worthless.  New and used
Jonah 4:8 Doubt 03.10.13 4249.  Need is a manufactured doubt of God's provision. Faint focus
Pr 11:19 Growth 03.09.13 4248. The value of something is judged by what it does, not by intention. Good to go
Ps 22:5 Decision 03.08.13 4247. Why explain what someone has decided to ignore? Game on
John 1:1 Revealation 03.07.13 4246. Add to what's complete and you ruin your ending.  Timely timing
Ex 12:9 Minstry 03.06.13 4245. Basics: All that matters is what God thinks of me. All the way
Mt 28:20 Responsible 03.05.13 4244. If you're a follower of Jesus, stay close enough to hear Him. Apostles Creed; disciple's need
Ex 12:8 Change 03.04.13 4243.  Who plays a game who likes to lose?  Good bad memory
Jonah 4:7 Joy 03.03.13 4242. If we don't need much, why do we have so much?  Blessings change, not disappear.
Pr 11:18 Minister 03.02.13 4241. To know what God requires, go to the Word; to know Him, go to your knees. See what you did?
Ps 22:4 Repair 03.01.13 4240. Some things can't be fixed until they're broken.  Heritage Games
Mt 28:19 Name 02.28.13 4239  Someone should think of Jesus when they hear our name. What's in a name?
Ex 12:7 Hear 02.27.13 4238. Partial obedience is disobedience.  Listen up
Mt 28:18 Work 02.26.13 4237. It's easy to find a job; it's getting paid that's a challenge. Nine to Five
Ex 12:6 Lessons 02.25.13 4236. Even a new, fully-charged, powerful battery dies if not expended and recharged.  Timely departure
Jonah 4:6 Complaint 02.24.13 4235. Which comes first, whining or misery?  Grateful grapes
Pr 11:17 Eternity 02.23.13 4234. If heaven's my future, shouldn't I enjoy doing here what I will do there? Come around
Ps 22:3 Praise 02.22.13 4233. It's interesting how potential, power, practice and praise are right before prayer in the dictionary. Who else?
Mt 28:17 Doubt 02.21.13 4232. Who wins anything without risking something?  Doubt drought
Ex 12:5 Worship 02.20.13 4231.  If dictionaries only included words that are used, holiness wouldn't be one. Select worship
Mt 28:16 Doubt 02.19.13 4230. Some things are like a splinter; it hurts more to get it out than getting it.  Missing in action
Ex 12:4 Giving 02.18.13 4229. You can't steal my joy, but I will gladly share it with you.  Sparsely sufficient
Jonah 4:5 Repent 02.17.13 4228.   Instead of letting God choose our battles, we make our own. Static Problematic
Pr 11:16 Females 02.16.13 4227. I'd publish a book on women, but I keep revising the first chapter. Are you ribbing me?
Ps 22:2 Changes 02.15.13 4226. Walking with God means changing to be like Him who doesn't.  Trust and Obey
Mt 28:15 Change 02.14.13 4225. Change is good as long as it's for the good.  Change me
Ex 12:3 Sacrifice 02.13.13 4224. Who gains anything without risking something?  Something of value
Mt 28:14 Impression 02.12.13 4223.   God is not as impressed with your accomplishments as you are. Reputable reasons
Ex 12:1-2 Change 02.11.13 4222.  Years are made to be lived one minute at a time. Starting over
Jonah 4:4 Misery 02.10.13 4221. Sin: I earned my misery so leave me alone and let me enjoy it. Let the big dog eat
Pr 11:15 Help 02.09.13 4220. God doesn't need our help unless it's to give Him a problem to solve.  Help or hurt
Ps 22:1 Holy 02.08.13 4219. Holiness is the result of spiritual cleansing and confession our only role.  Holier than thou
Mt 28:12,13 Accuracy 02.07.13 4218.  Why is it that only what happened requires proof? Fact or fiction?
Ex 11:10 Impression 02.06.13 4217.  A friend won't ask what your enemy will. Enough is enough
Mt 28:11 Deception 02.05.13 4216.  It's human nature to deny the obvious while clinging to deception. Game on
Ex 11:9 Friends 02.04.13 4215. Some relationships are like cars, you ride it until something better comes along.  What's it worth?
Jonah 4:3 Power 02.03.13 4214. Sin is like sugar, it tastes good and kills us slowly.  Hungry reminders
Pr 11:14 Loser 02.02.13 4213.Americans are used to being down; it's the staying down that's new.  Who will you ask?
Ps 21:13 Prayer 02.01.13 4212. Prayer: the natural segue from confession to praise to worship. Only Imagine
Mt 28:10 Evidence 01.31.13 4211. Prayer doesn't save, but it is a good indicator.  Evidently
Ex 11:8 Results 01.30.13 4210.  Momentum is power.  Wait and see
Mt 28:9 Worship 01.29.13 4209. Leave someone alone and they'll find comfort in ignorance.  Worship rally
Ex 11:7 Friends 01.28.13 4208.  Distinction is made not born.  Status Woe
Jonah 4:2 Trust 01.27.13 4207. An excuse is the reason given for failure, but is seldom the cause.  Flimsy reach
Pr 11:13 Talk 01.26.13 4206. God's prescription for sin is confession AND correction.  Hip converse
Ps 21:12 Fellowship 01.25.13 4205. Funny how God makes friends of enemies. Irrelevant reason
Mt 28:8 Disciple 01.24.13 4204. If tradition doesn't’t pull you in, innovation may suck you in. Mixed opinions
Ex 11:6 Word 01.23.13 4203.  An open mind is good, but an open-ended one isn't.  Corrupt cadence
Mt 28:7 Relationship 01.22.13 4202. I'd love you, but I really don't know you. Responsible service
Ex 11:5 Obedient 01.21.13 4201. Obedience comes from a grateful  heart, not compliant hands.  Reluctant compliance
Jonah 4:1 Labels 01.20.13 4200. Problems: the means by which character is revealed.  List of ingredients
Pr 11:12 Reconcile 01.19.13 4199. It's sad how we, as God's people, have perfected the sin cycle. Breeding contempt
Ps 21:11 Evil 01.18.13 4198. Evil never wins; it just takes victims. See, hear nor speak.
Mt 28:6 Seeker 01.17.13 4197. God helps those who depend on Him. Surprise meets expectation
Ex 11:4 Scripture 01.16.13 4196. Someone who doesn't see God in everything isn't looking.  Purdy near
Mt 28:5 Desire 01.15.13 4195. Initiative, the prerequisite of accomplishment.    Finder facts
Ex 11:3 Plans 01.14.13 4194. A preference affects a habit, but conviction makes new ones. Satisfied
Jonah 3:10 Evidence 01.13.13 4193. Life is kind, but short, for the ignorant.  When saved is not saved
Pr 11:11 Solutions 01.12.13 4192. A person can't see what they won't look at.  The Way We Were
Ps 21:10 America 01.11.13 4191. When everyone is gone, who's left to blame? JG Posterity prosperity
Mt 28:4 Imagination 01.10.13 4190. To see is to believe, but to not see and believe is confidence.  Threshold
Ex 11:2 Questions 01.09.13 4189. Answers are not made for questions never asked.  What was the question?
Mt 28:3 Perception 01.08.13 4188. Perception is illusion more than reality.  Perception diversion
Ex 11:1 Desire 01.07.13 4187. Desire, the sparkplug of change.  Give up?
Jonah 3:9 End 01.06.13 4186. There is no overtime in life, but there is sudden death.  1159
Pr 11:10 Enemy 01.05.13 4185. Winning doesn't take skill as much as outlasting your opponent. Opposition opposition
Ps 21:9 Memory 01.04.13 4184. Life is what you remember at the end. Someday
Mt 28:2 Follow 01.03.13 4183. Serving God is not so much proactive as reactive.  The help
Ex 10:29 Confession 01.02.13 4182. Life101: Agreeing with God saves time and frustration. Nevermore
Mt 28:1 Plan 01.01.13 4181. A failure to plan is evidence we've given up.  What now?
Ex 10:27-28 Plans 12.31.12 4180. If plans are made to be changed, does that mean change is planned?  Good riddance
Jonah 3:8 Change 12.30.12 4179. Accountability is the chief facilitator or inhibitor to change. Confession lesson
Pr 11:9 Insight 12.29.12 4178. Answers should be truthful and not shaped to fit someone’s ears. The Question
Ps 21:8 Vengeance 12.28.12 4177. Pay-back is a boomerang by a different name.  What enemy?
Mt 28:1 Reason 12.27.12 4176. Using reason is good unless it was traded for rhyme.  JG Watch out
Ex 10:26 Worship 12.26.12 4175. A worship center is acceptable when it's not.  Worship wink
Mt 27:66 Christmas 12.25.12 4174. This year Christmas will be different; I'll use blue ribbon instead.  Missed moments
Ex 10:25 Gift 12.24.12 4173. What good is a gift without a relationship with the giver?  The right present
Jonah 3:7 Revival 12.23.12 4172. Spiritual math: Revival divided by confession times zero = Error.  Reverent reversal
Pr 11:8 Trouble 12.22.12 4171. Trouble is a reminder we need the Solution.  Trouble-rater
Ps 21:7 King 12.21.12 4170.   In life, Let's make a Deal is a prequel to Truth or Consequences Love me, love me not
Mt 27:65 Work 12.20.12 4169. Education doesn't deserve the credit not given experience.  Best effort
Ex 10:24 Security 12.19.12 4168. There is no fine print in the Bible, but disclaimers are everywhere. Fail safe
Mt 27:64 Deception 12.18.12 4167. A half-truth equals a full lie. You say deception, I say correction.
Ex 10:23 Joy 12.17.12 4166. It's called joy and you can have it, but don't even try to take mine.  Closest of kin
Jonah 3:6 End 12.16.12 4165. You can never finish what you never begin. The end?
Pr 11:7 Hope 12.15.12 4164. God never fails, unless he's the god as you perceive him to be.  Hope n dope
Ps 21:6 Fellowship 12.14.12 4163. The root problem of someone with no desire is they have no desire. Close, but no banana
Mt 27:63 Schemes 12.13.12 4162. If a liar is in the forest and claims someone else is lying, does anyone listen? No fire liar
Ex 10:22 Truth 12.12.12 4161. 12/12/12 is a special day; it's the day after should-have-day. Glory giver
Mt 27:62 Writing 12.11.12 4160.   If only the need for lateral approval was vertical. See if this fits
Ex 10:21 Hope 12.10.12 4159.  The best way to see Light is in the darkness. Nearly dark
Jonah 3:5 Revival 12.09.12 4158.  Some are blind and some stupid; we Christians blend them to make a combo.  Redressing revival
Pr 11:6 Plans 12.08.12 4157. Honest praise is seldom planned.  Passion and Position
Ps 21:5 Comparison 12.07.12 4156. . Every success is judged by someone else's failure.  Good, Gooder, Goodest
Mt 27:61 Listen 12.06.12 4155. Some counselors should be another's patient, but I doubt they'd listen. Dead or Alive
Ex 10:20 Intercession 12.05.12 4154.  Paper-scissors-rock shouldn't be played with your life unless rock is capitalized. Supreme shock
Mt 27:60 Life 12.04.12 4153. Preparation is working now in order to enjoy something later. Start and stop
Ex 10:18-19 Ministry 12.03.12 4152. Helping someone comes from having a relationship more than having resources.  The Grace Connection
Jonah 3:4 Altar 12.02.12 4151. There is no acceptable time to not pray - double negative but triple true.  Altar call
Pr 11:5 Government 12.01.12 4150. It's entertaining to listen to those who voted for what they're not going to get. Way and Means
Ps 21:4 Anticipation 11.30.12 4149.  Life is the greatest opportunity some people miss.  Life lessons
Mt 27:59 Care 11.29.12 4148. Would I like me if everyone was like me and didn't like me?  Friends stay
Ex 10:16-17 Limits 11.28.12 4147.  Before you can stretch your imagination, you have to own one.  Just the facts, 'Mam
Mt 27:58 Experience 11.27.12 4146. Trust gives experience that builds trust.  End run
Ex 10:15 Nature 11.26.12 4145. If a tree could talk, he would be smarter than most people. Green life
Jonah 3:3 Understanding 11.25.12 4144. Not hard doesn't mean easy.  Cost v consequence
Pr 11:4 Money 11.24.12 4143.   Is a dollar worth less than a piece of firewood yet?  Dollar Days
Ps 21:3 Rebel 11.23.12 4142. We can never run so far that someone, whom God saved, can't pray us home. Leave? And go where?
Mt 27:57 Conviction 11.22.12 4141. Group acceptance comes by having no conviction. Followers change
Ex 10:13-14 Judgment 11.21.12 4140. Does a limb on a tree have the right to criticize the root?  My disaster is better than yours
Mt 27:56 Reason 11.20.12 4139. We've learned when we understand the question and ask God.  Look fast
Ex 10:12 Business 11.19.12 4138. You can only sharpen your pencil so much until all that's left is the eraser. Double dip disaster
Jonah 3:1-2 Gullible 11.18.12 4137.   It's funny how "Go" sounds like "No." Hard of listening
Pr 11:3 Friends 11.17.12 4136. Why ask if I know the answer and why answer if no one cares?  Dependable
Ps 21:2 Prayer 11.16.12 4135. To receive, you have to ask and to ask you have to pray.   Selah time
Mt 27:55 Elections 11.15.12 4134. No choice is a choice. Followers
Ex 10:11 Patience 11.14.12 4133. Trusting God means to pray and wait, not manufacture an answer. Just wait
Mt 27:54 Help 11.13.12 4132. A disaster can change your tune faster than a car radio changes stations. Shaken and stirred
Ex 10:10 Imposter 11.12.12 4131.  Missing the train is not bad if the bridge is out and the brakes are gone.  Two-faced God?
Jonah 2:10 Repentance 11.11.12 4130.  Confession is you WITH God, but repentance is God is WITH you. Conjunctive preposition
Pr 11:2 Trust 11.10.12 4129.   Staying on your knees removes fear of falling. Choose one
Ps 21:1 Government 11.09.12 4128.  Praise is offered with hands up, but flattery with hands out.  The Source
Mt 27:53 Judgment 11.08.12 4127. More evidence only serves to expose more ignorance. Who needs evidence?
Ex 10:9 America 11.07.12 4126. Eliminate what's not a problem and all that's left IS the problem.  Election refraction
Mt 27:52 Judgment 11.06.12 4125. Safety is not where you are as much as Who is with You. Reason Treason
Ex 10:8 Rebellion 11.05.12 4124. Anything but compliance with the right attitude is disobedience.  Control
Jonah 2:9 Election 11.04.12 4123. Just because God can, doesn't mean He will.  Saved - from what?
Pr 11:1 Government 11.03.12 4122. If you didn't make as much, I wouldn't have to charge as much.  Balanced price
Ps 20:9 Ignorance 11.02.12 4121. What is God's answer to our prayer when we don't?  Cover your eyes
Mt 27:51 Election 11.01.12 4120. America 2012: I'll do the right thing as long as it costs me nothing.  Apple pie
Ex 10:7 Endurance 10.31.12 4119. . Most of the excrement I will step in today is not mine - until I step in it.  Poop
Mt 27:50 Worship 10.30.12 4118. My hands were made for praise and my vocal cords for prayer.  Let me hear you
Ex 10:6 Dependence 10.29.12 4117. What is faith that's never tested? Shocking turn of events
Jonah 2:8 Idolatry 10.28.12 4116. Everything good is not God, nor everything bad not God. Saved Pagan
Pr 10:32 Communicate 10.27.12 4115. I appreciate anyone who can rap but doesn't.  Verbosity
Ps 20:8 Language, Sign 10.26.12 4114.  Who worries about their place in line if they're standing in it. Over the top
Mt 27:49 Discern 10.25.12 4113. The destination is not as important as Who goes with me.  Curiosity
Ex 10:4-5 Revival 10.24.12 4112.  Most seeking revival need regeneration instead.  Take your sandals off
Mt 27:48 Family 10.23.12 4111. We tend to complain about noise until the silence becomes deafening. Sweet and sour
Ex 10:3 Humility 10.22.12 4110. It's not hearing that's a problem, but listening. IF
Jonah 2:7 Persecution 10.21.12 4109. The smallest sin we fail to confess blocks our view of God.  Foxholes and faith
Pr 10:31 Deception 10.20.12 4108. Truth is not multiple choice. Blessed quiet
Ps 20:7 Name, Jesus 10.19.12 4107. Don't let your trust rust.  Use it or lose it; abuse it and you can't excuse it.
Mt 27:47 Intercession 10.18.12 4106. Praying is not a product of passion and profession as much as position.  Don't figure
Ex 10:1-2 Testimony 10.17.12 4105. When it comes to spending time with Jesus, I'd rather be thought crazy than lazy. Show and tell
Mt 27:46 Silence 10.16.12 4104. Enjoy today; a time is coming when you will wish it didn't.  Never alone?
Ex 9:35 Choice 10.15.12 4103.  There's a time for everything, even if you wish there wasn't.  Choosing sides
Jonah 2:6 Trouble 10.14.12 4102. Run from God and what you considered the bottom may become the top.  Bottoms up
Pr 10:30 Security 10.13.12 4101. The only One with control has control.  Perseverance of the saints
Ps 20:6 Prayer 10.12.12 4100. Who prays who has no need? Never ask, never know
Mt 27:45 Assurance 10.11.12 4099. We don't have to take a test to fail it. What matters
Ex 9:34 Tolerance 10.10.12 4098.  Sin presumes that tolerance will blink first. What do I have to lose?
Mt 27:44 Change 10.09.12 4097. Aren't you glad that God sticks around to see if we will come around?  A few do
Ex 9:33 Opportunity 10.08.12 4096.   The right place to pray is where you are right now. Time to pray
Jonah 2:5 Salvation 10.07.12 4095. No degree of circumstance changes what God expects of me.  Goin, goin, gone.
Pr 10:29 Scripture 10.06.12 4094. Judging how most of us live, Scripture uses invisible ink. Will n Way
Ps 20:5 Worship 10.05.12 4093. Worship without preparation is like salvation without a Savior.  In the mood
Mt 27:43 Hope 10.04.12 4092. God's forgiveness is reserved for those who can't live without it. My God is bigger than yours
Ex 9:31-32 Loss 10.03.12 4091. Loss is the recognition that Jesus is all I have and need. Less than all
Mt 27:42 Pretender 10.02.12 4090. 4090. Desire won't change in mid-air on the way to heaven. JG Mixed salvation metaphor
Ex 9:30 Fear 10.01.12 4089. Fear might make some compliant, but only trust leads to obedience.  Stop and trust
Jonah 2:4 Forgiveness 09.30.12 4088.    Forgiveness without forgetfulness is not. Restoration
Ps 20:4 Conviction 09.29.12 4087. Turn-about is fair prayer.  Ringer
Pr 10:28 Future 09.28.12 4086.   No matter how bad it gets down here, heaven can't get any better.  Bright future
Mt 27:41 Prayer 09.27.12 4085. Sometimes knowing is suffering and not knowing is mercy. Who's laughing now?
Ex 9:29 Deacon 09.26.12 4084.   You can tell a lot about someone by how they pray - or don't. Confirming demonstration
Mt 27:39-40 History 09.25.12 4083. To keep their job, teachers should have to ace the tests they give.  Failing the test
Ex 9:28 Deliverance 09.24.12 4082. Obedience is four parts attitude and one part action. No mas
Jonah 2:3 Repentance 09.23.12 4081.   An altar call is a demonstration of what we think God ought to do. I hear you
Pr 10:27 Discernment 09.22.12 4080.   What is not said is far more voluminous than what is.  God's geometry
Ps 20:3 Heaven 09.21.12 4079. Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. Is it real?
Mt 27:38 Justice 09.20.12 4078. Justice delivers what I deserve to grace so I don't get it. Grace by association
Ex 9:27 Confession 09.19.12 4077.   If I'm the only one messing up, why do they sell so much white-out? Misnakes
Mt 27:36-37 Distraction 09.18.12 4076. You've got a problem when telling the truth is an insult. The Longer You Stare
Ex 9:25-26 Darkness 09.17.12 4075. The only thing worse than dying once is doing it twice. Not Everyone
Jonah 2:2 Confession 09.16.12 4074.  What will it take for your will to break? Down for the Count
Pr 10:26 Calling 09.15.12 4073. We honor God when we act responsibly with the trust we've been given. Leadslip
Ps 20:2 Holy 09.14.12 4072. Holiness has a Name: Jehovah-mekoddishkem. Mideast erupting; really?
Mt 27:35 Example 09.13.12 4071. God's plan must have footnotes for our ignorance.  Ignore it
Ex 9:23-24 Work 09.12.12 4070. Bad is a relative term based on experience and not reality. Bottom?
Mt 27:34 Holy 09.11.12 4069. Forgive us, God, for treating holiness as imputed and not lived out. Nothing is better
Ex 9:22 Life 09.10.12 4068. It's not death that some should fear, but life afterwards.  Can't touch this
Jonah 2:1 Addiction 09.09.12 4067.  Those who won't talk with God need to meet Him. Problematic propositions. 
Pr 10:25 Apostasy 09.08.12 4066. Life doesn't pause when you close your eyes. Coming Attractions
Ps 20:1 Revival 09.07.12 4065.  Advocacy is trumped by intercession. Puny prayer
Mt 27:33 Trouble 09.06.12 4064. Who doesn't want to go to heaven - tomorrow? Preapared?
Ex 9:20-21 Respect 09.05.12 4063. Some people must have been out of line when God handed out a conscience. Hazardous turn ahead
Mt 27:32 Praise 09.04.12 4062. Claiming coincidence is my failure to recognize God's handiwork.  
Ex 9:19 Trouble 09.03.12 4061. Standing in a shadow prevents you from seeing the light source. Perspective
Jonah 1:17 Frustration 09.02.12 4060.  There's no problem bigger than God's provision. No software in heaven
Pr 10:24 America 09.01.12 4059. If a person never talks with God, how can they claim to know God? Goals
Ps 19:14 Word, God's 08.31.12 4058. You can't win until you stand to lose something. Who says?
Mt 27:31 Separate 08.30.12 4057. The fact everyone is doing it is exactly why we shouldn't.  Cookies v Christians
Ex 9:17-18 Religion 08.29.12 4056. There's nothing new under the sun, but a growing number who think there is.  Getting closer?
Mt 27:30 Prayer 08.28.12 4055. Ignorance is not being stupid, but spiritually deaf.  Persistently wrong
Ex 9:16 Return 08.27.12 4054.Without darkness, Light has no contrast. JG Suitable backdrop
Jonah 1:16 Trouble 08.26.12 4053. Who gets grace unless they need it or mercy who doesn't ask?  What will it take?
Pr 10:23 Choice 08.25.12 4052. If given a choice, I choose the One who chose me when I chose someone else. Minority status
Ps 19:13 Sin 08.24.12 4051.   If God's in control, why are your hands still on the steering wheel? How bad is bad?
Mt 27:29 Salvation 08.23.12 4050. If possession is 9/10's of the law, the rest must be presumption. Great pretenders
Ex 9:15 Idolatry 08.22.12 4049.  Silence should not be confused with safety. Perceived peace
Mt 27:28 Victory 08.21.12 4048. Honor is what someone makes of it.  Russell and Tim
Ex 9:13-14 Bible 08.20.12 4047.   It takes a smart person to admit they're not that smart. Who said that?
Jonah 1:15 Confession 08.19.12 4046. Without question my worst enemy is me. Give in
Pr 10:22 Information 08.18.12 4045.   Sometimes I wonder if "free" is a private registered trademark of MasterCard. Scam
Ps 19:12 Mistakes 08.17.12 4044. I don't know the problem but I know I'm not at fault.  Someone else did it!
Mt 27:27 Practice 08.16.12 4043. Who performs who doesn't practice or excels who never fails? Endurance
Ex 9:12 Failure 08.15.12 4042. A good failure can be far more productive than success. Responsible
Mt 27:26 Prayer 08.14.12 4041. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Careful what you ask
Ex 9:11 Ministry 08.13.12 4040. Virtual may work in a game, but winning yields nothing of value.  Called, but not loudly
Jonah 1:14 Prayer 08.12.12 4039. Anyone can pray; why, when and how is another matter altogether.  Why pray?
Pr 10:21 Work 08.11.12 4038.  Lemonade without sweetener is work without reward. Sweet encouragement
Ps 19:11 Confirmation 08.10.12 4037.  Who has reward and asks for more except the ungrateful? Needing a reason
Mt 27:25 Children 08.09.12 4036. Responsibility doesn't require acceptance. Responsibility is personal
Ex 9:10 Winning 08.08.12 4035. Life is like a box of chocolates; it melts in extreme heat. Who dun it?
Mt 27:24 Life 08.07.12 4034. I've lived a long time and come to the conclusion that we humans are terminally stupid. Rationalizing
Ex 9:9 Terror 08.06.12 4033.  When two sides come together and one side views it a merger and the other a takeover, the merger always loses. Judgment begins
Jonah 1:13 Race 08.05.12 4032. Getting to the top requires hard work; staying there requires more.  Doing it best
Pr 10:20 Argument 08.04.12 4031.  Without a common enemy, we tend to make one of each other. Composition refinition
Ps 19:10 Scripture 08.03.12 4030. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring was a prayer before a song. Scripture sweetner
Mt 27:23 Conviction 08.02.12 4029. The truth doesn't need to be defended, but support would be nice. Uprising?
Ex 9:8 Help 08.01.12 4028. Problems can seem small until they affect us. Really? I didn't notice.
Mt 27:22 Apostasy 07.31.12 4027. I need only look in a mirror to see who's at fault. Who done it?
Ex 9:7 Doubt 07.30.12 4026.  We pray with closed eyes because they're the biggest obstacle to faith. Seeing is disbelieving
Jonah 1:12 Mistakes 07.29.12 4025.   Hard lessons shape us according to our attentiveness. Everything in order
Pr 10:19 Responsibility 07.28.12 4024. Sin, a short word with long repercussion. Responsibile denial
Ps 19:9 Defense 07.27.12 4023. The best defense is a good offense. Test before using?
Mt 27:21 Decision 07.26.12 4022. If you plan to make a difference, today might be your last opportunity. Choices
Ex 9:6 Wrong 07.25.12 4021.  Doing the wrong thing is never right any more than doing the right thing is wrong. Wrong v right
Mt 27:20 Change 07.24.12 4020. Change can be good as long as what matters doesn't. Knowing is not doing
Ex 9:5 Plans 07.23.12 4019.  Setting priorities is good as long as I let God change them. First Planner
Jonah 1:11 Follow 07.22.12 4018.  Get close enough to make sure you know whom it is you're following.  Self-inflcition
Pr 10:18 Tendency 07.21.12 4017.   It's our nature to be subject to our nature. Natural n normal
Ps 19:8 Encouragement 07.20.12 4016.   Who can sing who doesn't? Light in the dark
Mt 27:19 Judge 07.19.12 4015. Who judges the judges and who judges those who judge the judges? Blind-side
Ex 9:4 Different 07.18.12 4014. The more different something is makes it closer to being something else. Marked
Mt 27:18 Revelation 07.17.12 4013. When I open my eyes I see that I can't see without help. Hidden things.
Ex 9:2-3 Repent 07.16.12 4012. I'd throw in the towel if I could afford one. When to quit
Jonah 1:10 Church 07.15.12 4011.   All visionaries are considered crazy before a few are proven credible. You wouldn't believe me anyway.
Pr 10:17 Example 07.14.12 4010.   Success is the space between failures.  Examples need examples
Ps 19:7 Perception 07.13.12 4009. The ultimate failure is choosing anything but God. Expressive impression
Mt 27:17 Questions 07.12.12 4008. Knowing is nothing without understanding which is nothing without knowing. Could you repeat the question?
Ex 9:1 Dishonesty 07.11.12 4007. Motives may be reasons, but they're not always reasonable. Motives aren't excusable
Mt 27:16 Providence 07.10.12 4006. Grace is when God's providence meets a need I didn't know I had. Timing
Ex 8:32 Conflicts 07.09.12 4005.  To know where you're going, you need to know where you are. Progressive decline
Jonah 1:9 Intercessor 07.08.12 4004.   Blessings are intended to pass-through, not set up house. Second-hand experience
Pr 10:16 Sin 07.07.12 4003. Just because I brought sin to the dance, doesn't mean I have to dance with her. Life and death
Ps 19:6 Hell 07.06.12 4002. The best description of heaven might be it's not hell. Oh what a relief it is
Mt 27:15 Freedom 07.05.12 4001. One person's prison is another's playground. Freedom
Ex 8:30-31 Separation 07.04.12 4000.  Safety can be an illusion based on false perception. Full circle
Mt 27:14 Answers 07.03.12 3999. Why ask if you already know the answer, or answer when it's the wrong question?
Questions and answers
Ex 8:29 Deception 07.02.12 3998.  Deception begins when we think we aren't and don't. Which side?
Jonah 1:8 Testimony 07.01.12 3997. Silence is golden unless you’re withholding vital information. Silent witness
Pr 10:15 Possessions 06.30.12 3996. He is rich who has enough. How much is enough?
Ps 19:5 Freedom 06.29.12 3995.  Life deserves a poet, but usually gets a critic. Above and beyond
Mt 27:13 Truth 06.28.12 3994. What does it matter to answer correctly and flunk the test? Good answer
Ex 8:28 Prayer 06.27.12 3993. If prayer defines a Christian, some of us are misnomers. Buying prayer
Mt 27:12 Crime 06.26.12 3992. Innocence is impossible, forgiveness implausible. Opinions
Ex 8:27 Coincidence 06.25.12 3991. The righteous expose others to both collateral damage and blessing. Between the lines
Jonah 1:7 Plans 06.24.12 3990. Chaos management is not only a misnomer but an oxymoron. Responsible with authority
Pr 10:14 Speech 06.23.12 3989. How do you lose something you never had or find something you aren't looking for? Stutter
Ps 19:4 Testify 06.22.12 3988.  There's no need for a Fender to amplify God's Word. Do it anyway you can.
Mt 27:11 Truth 06.21.12 3987. Lies fail but the Truth prevails. Which version do you want?
Ex 8:26 Teachable 06.20.12 3986.  Knowing means nothing if you're not doing. Blending in
Mt 27:9-10 Grateful 06.19.12 3985. It's just like the world to get it half right and consider the right half all wrong. Half right is all wrong
Ex 8:25 Agreement 06.18.12 3984. Nothing motivates like being told you can't... Suspicious optimism
Jonah 1:6 Church 06.17.12

3983. If someone has to prompt you to pray, why bother?

God moves when His people pray and where He moves the people stay.

Church growth
Pr 10:13 Success 06.16.12 3982. Winning comes from taking risks. Lessons and losing
Ps 19:3 Language 06.15.12 3981. The purpose of language is communication and not isolation. Universal Translator
Mt 27:8 Name 06.14.12 3980. A name is a label put on God's stuff. God's stuff
Ex 8:24 Correction 06.13.12 3979. Who jumps first off the cliff is no issue - unless it's me. Good can hurt
Mt 27:7 Sin 06.12.12 3978. Sin is, in time, both ironic and self-published. Old Dogs
Ex 8:23 Choice 06.11.12 3977. No one is saved against their will. Options
Jonah 1:5 Greatness 06.10.12 3976. You shouldn't have to wake up your god to talk to him. Lame fame
Pr 10:12 Church 06.09.12 3975. Creating discord is easy, but peace takes work. No experience needed.
Ps 19:2 Creation 06.08.12 3974.   Anyone claiming he evolved from primordial green slime might be right. Green slime
Mt 27:6 Holy 06.07.12 3973. Ineffectiveness is the result of unholiness. Holy cow, Batman!
Ex 8:22 Signs 06.06.12 3972. Signs are everywhere you look. You lookin' for me?
Mt 27:5 Giving 06.05.12 3971. Money can't buy my love but it's a good start. Money, money, money
Ex 8:21 Church 06.04.12 3970. Irritation leads to action when conviction doesn't. Irritating irritation
Jonah 1:4 Problems 06.03.12 3969. The wind blows in many directions, but comes from one Source. Who's to blame?
Pr 10:11 Change 06.02.12 3968. Change begins with new desire. Not so new creature
Ps 19:1 Redemption 06.01.12 3967. Nuthin' says lovin' like something from heaven. Real change
Mt 27:4 Judgment 05.31.12 3966. I may be wrong, but you're wronger. Right string, wrong yo-yo
Ex 8:20 Instruction 05.30.12 3965.  Being surprised doesn't mean being unprepared. Conducive circumstances
Mt 27:3 Repent 05.29.12 3964. Regret is not repentance. Last chance?
Ex 8:19 Prepared 05.28.12 3963. Don't give up before you lace up. Obey God or man?
Jonah 1:3 Discipline 05.27.12 3962. The road to hell is lined with exits. Are you sure?
Pr 10:10 Influence 05.26.12 3961.   Humility is reserved for those with a mirror. Mirror, mirror
Ps 18:50 Altar 05.25.12 3960.  If we never look, we'll never see and if we don't see, we'll never look. At every turn
Mt 27:2 Revival 05.24.12 3959. Who appreciates freedom more than a slave? Good riddance
Ex 8:18 Train 05.23.12 3958. We create nothing without using something God made. Timid Exploration
Mt 27:1 Trouble 05.22.12 3957. Freedom is the confidence to obey God - despite the cost. Free - at last.
Ex 8:17 Pretension 05.21.12 3956. Problems are gifts wrapped in dark paper. Got Rocks?
Jonah 1:1-2 Death 05.20.12 3955. When did preaching stop being a warning and start being a warming? I feel the need for heed: JONAH
Pr 10:9 Will, God's 05.19.12 3954.  The journey is important but don't take your eyes off the destination. What took you so long?
Ps 18:49 Sign (Language) 05.18.12 3953. Apostasy is needing a reason to pray. A reasonable reason
Mt 26:75 Choice 05.17.12 3952. Choice is how we get where God knows we're going. Choice is over-rated.
Ex 8:16 Apostasy 05.16.12 3951. Blinders can be good if we we look in the mirror every now and then. You talkin' to me?
Mt 26:74 Grace 05.15.12 3950. God's expectations are higher than our realizations. Overtime
Ex 8:15 Listen 05.14.12 3949.   Silence speaks volumes. See you soon
Ecc 12:14 Judgment 05.13.12 3948. Escape - what the arrogant expect, but God owns. Run but can't hide
Pr 10:8 Witness 05.12.12 3947. Without common sense, you're limited to five. Not everyone with ears
Ps 18:48 Friend 05.11.12 3946. Facebook; the great gallery of friends who aren't. Making enemies
Mt 26:73 Relationship 05.10.12 3945. Who asks for what they already have unless they're praying? Play it again, Sam.
Ex 8:13-14 Testimony 05.09.12 3944.   Nothing exists that can't be used to glorify God. Sweet sin
Mt 26:72 Choice 05.08.12 3943. Decisions have a flip side. Choosing Jesus
Ex 8:12 Understanding 05.07.12 3942. Knowledge that is accidental is temporary. Not the froggiest idea
Ecc 12:13 Children 05.06.12 3941. God's grace covers goof-ups and their mistakes Father's Prayer
Pr 10:7 Memorial 05.05.12 3940. God remembers our forgetfulness, but forgets it when we remember to ask Him. Move it or lose it
Ps 18:47 Success 05.04.12 3939.  Redemption is best viewed against a dark background. Light in the dark
Mt 26:71 Pretension 05.03.12 3938. You claim to be a friend of God, but your prayer life reveals the truth. Friend or foe?
Ex 8:10-11 Authority 05.02.12 3937. Authority comes in a lower case and an upper case "A." Last word
Mt 26:70 Confession 05.01.12 3936. Confession is seeing things God's way; repentance is doing something about it. Mr. Clean
Ex 8:9 Help 04.30.12 3935. Prayer: the answer for most every question. Where honesty begins
Ecc 12:12 Disciple 04.29.12 3934. The most costly lessons make the best teachers. The best teacher
Pr 10:6 Praise 04.28.12 3933. Talk is cheap; show me what you've got. Not in God's house!
Ps 18:46 Fellowship 04.27.12 3932. If you don't pray in private, don't waste your time doing it in public. Prayer primer
Mt 26:69 Listen 04.26.12 3931. A prayer life begins when you begin listening.
You talkin' to me?
Ex 8:8 Plans 04.25.12 3930. God puts us in the action to act, not to be a distraction. The Gap
Mt 26:68 Practice 04.24.12 3929. Don't expect to learn anything new until you show you've learned what you've been shown. Strike One
Ex 8:7 Conviction 04.23.12 3928. Imitation may be flattery, but emulation of Jesus is praise. Pied Piper
Ecc 12:11 Tolerance 04.22.12 3927. A gaping hole begins with a hairline crack. Church at risk
Pr 10:5 Prayer 04.21.12 3926. One moment used properly is more valuable than a lifetime of neglect. Special moments
Ps 18:45 Confidence 04.20.12 3925. Don't worry about the lyrics if you can't remember the song. Just sing it.
Mt 26:67 Divorce 04.19.12 3924. Friends are good, but only One will never leave you. Only the broken need apply
Ex 8:6 Instruction 04.18.12 3923.    A conduit has power through it, but never power on its own to do it. Connectivity ambiguity
Mt 26:66 Witness 04.17.12 3922. I can hardly judge you if the verdict is still out on me. Questions that aren't.
Ex 8:5 Encourage 04.16.12 3921. Encouraging someone is loving God. Crazy hands
Ecc 12:10 Name 04.15.12 3920. Just because we can't wear out Jesus' name doesn't mean we shouldn't try. That's my name
Pr 10:4 Diligence 04.14.12 3919. Diligence is only good if you're going in the right direction. Diligent failure
Ps 18:44 Rebellion 04.13.12 3918. If being obedient is quick response with good attitude, few are. Rock hard
Mt 26:65 Trouble 04.12.12 3917. Justification doesn't require proof, only purpose. No winners
Ex 8:2-4 Religion 04.11.12 3916.  Religion may be the opposite of holiness. Strinky gods
Mt 26:64 Heaven 04.10.12 3915. For someone to be right, oposing opinins have to be wrong. Heavenly heaven
Ex 8:1 Decision 04.09.12

3914. The only altar in church should be the ground beneath your feet.

Forgive us, God, for confusing emotion and repentance.

After the altar
Ecc 12:9 Resurrection 04.08.12 3913. If you never ask, you'll never know. Need to know
Pr 10:3 Sin 04.07.12

3912. What satisfies the wallet won't satisfy the thirst for more.

Sin comes in many flavors; it might pay today, but it will ask a high price tomorrow. 

Thirst for more
Ps 18:43 Plans 04.06.12 3911.  Why worry when you can worship? Will the real LInda stand up?
Mt 26:63 Lord 04.05.12 3910. To see God, you don't need vision; you need a relationship. No Lordship, no salvation
Ex 7:25 Wait 04.04.12 3909.    If we never had bad, we wouldn't know good. American pie
Mt 26:62 Reconcile 04.03.12 3908. You don't have to defend the truth, just tell it. Bitter end
Ex 7:24 Needs 04.02.12

3907. In hard times, some may limit the amount of caviar they consume.

Who knows, inconvenience might be the spark of motivation as desperation is for supplication?

Losers reapers
Ecc 12:8 Justice 04.01.12 3906. Be careful asking for justice if you don't know grace. Unjust justice
Pr 10:2 Riches 03.31.12 3905. Salvation is not lay-a-way. Payday today
Ps 18:42 Friend 03.30.12 3904. Friendship requires having one. Friends forever
Mt 26:61 Revival 03.29.12 3903. The best sermon is one word, "Repent." Sleeping beauty
Ex 7:23 Warning 03.28.12 3902.  Forget germs, fear God. Godaphobia
Mt 26:60 Race 03.27.12 3901. It's not the color of skin that separates, but sin. Black and white
Ex 7:22 Faithful 03.26.12 3900.  Appearance is not always what it appears to be. One way street
Ecc 12:7 Life 03.25.12 3899. Birthdays are curious; first you like them, then you don't, then you do One more day
Pr 10:1 Words 03.24.12 3898. I'm not sure what you heard is what I thought I said. Vain strain
Ps 18:41 Grace 03.23.12 3897. Only an ingrate won't pray. The grateful dead?
Mt 26:59 Character 03.22.12 3896. Slander is murder in the worst degree. Lie and die
Ex 7:21 Fear 03.21.12 3895. God seldom works in my comfort zone. Kansas no more
Mt 26:58 Follower 03.20.12 3894. What's the good of following if you're not close enough to see anthing? To little too late
Ex 7:20 Change 03.19.12 3893.  Change is good or bad based on the reason. Change required
Ecc 12:6 Story 03.18.12 3892. Our life should be a continual Bible story. Better than new
Ps 18:40 Problems 03.17.12 3891.  Problems should be like target practice for someone who knows Jesus. Red bull's eye
Pr 9:18 America 03.16.12 3890. What is not seen is most dangerous. Asleep on the job
Mt 26:57 Signs 03.15.12 3889. It's past time for those who believe Jesus is coming, to get going. Star light, star bright
Ex 7:19 Ministry 03.14.12 3888.  Listening to someone else pray isn't praying. Who will if I won't?
Mt 26:56 Divorce 03.13.12 3887. God will make a way if we get out of the way. Marital blizzard
Ex 7:18 Consequence 03.12.12 3886. Knowing Scripture means little; obeying it, much. Little fish, big pond
Ecc 12:5 Failure 03.11.12 3885. Being a mouse and first to the trap has it's issues. Cheese can make a lot of noise
Pr 9:17 Journal 03.10.12 3884. Just because you can't take it with you, doesn't mean you leave it behind. Greetings from the grave
Ps 18:39 Choice 03.09.12 3883.  It's not who I am, but Whose I am, that matters. Eternally grateful
Mt 26:55 Praise 03.08.12 3882. God is moving - even when we're not. Riddle Riddle Marie
Ex 7:17 Life 03.07.12 3881.  You'll never know God until you meet Jesus and meeting Him, you've met God. Open my eyes
Mt 26:54 Government 03.06.12 3880. Politicians aren't destroying our country, voters are. Big Brother
Ex 7:16 Listen 03.05.12 3879.  Listening is prerequisite to speaking, or at least, it should be. Talking Heads
Ecc 12:4 Conflicts 03.04.12 3878. Things that get attention aren't always deserving of it. La la la la - can't hear you.
Pr 9:16 Freedom 03.03.12 3877. Be careful, or you can make your critic's point. The way we were
Ps 18:38 Relationships 03.02.12 3876. Someone surrenders in a compromise. Two to tangle
Mt 26:53 Organization 03.01.12 3875. Change is welcome as long as it fits my schedule. Might I suggest
Ex 7:15 Journal 02.29.12 3874. Having vision doesn't mean I can see. Made you look
Mt 26:52 Revival 02.28.12 3873. Revival comes when we stop praying for it and start living it. Angels of death
Ex 7:14 Correction 02.27.12 3872. More problems are addressed than the reason they exist. The reason for my reason
Ecc 12:3 Prepared 02.26.12 3871. Sometimes absence is more notable than presence. Wake up Sleepyhead
Pr 9:14-15 Pretension 02.25.12 3870. Are you for real or just cheap chills, frills and thrills? Behind the mask
Ps 18:37 Friend 02.24.12 3869. A person with no enemies should check his friends. Enemy Friend
Mt 26:51 Frustration 02.23.12 3868. Knowing the right answer doesn't justify a wrong decision. An open season on truth
Ex 7:13 Witness 02.22.12 3867. The Gospel message is either inviting or indicting. I can't hear you!
Mt 26:50 Lordship 02.21.12 3866. Try hard enough and anyone can fail. Hell Raisers
Ex 7:12 Promise 02.20.12 3865.  God is able, but if we never go, we'll never know. Distraction and extraction
Ecc 12:2 Prompting 02.19.12 3864. Prayer is an answered RSVP. Everything v anything
Pr 9:13 Truth 02.18.12 3863.   Truth is - regardless if it's believed or not, Ripley! You're making my nose grow.
Ps 18:36 Life 02.17.12 3862. Grace is for those who need it. To go or sit?
Mt 26:49 Revival 02.16.12 3861. Revival is good as I'll be at church anyway. Cheap gods
Ex 7:11 Profession 02.15.12 3860.  Truth is visible in consistent action under pressure. Imitation v emulation
Mt 26:48 Reminders 02.14.12 3859. Everything should be a prayer prompter. No pain, no gain.
Ex 7:10 Seeker 02.13.12 3858. Seeing God requires looking for Him. Shades of dark
Ecc 12:1 Plans 02.12.12 3857. Am I seeking a word from God or confirmation of my plans? Day Planner
Pr 9:12 Ministry 02.11.12 3856.  Impression is useless if wasted on the wrong person. Questions that need asking
Ps 18:35 Protection 02.10.12 3855. He who dies with the most toys is dead. Safe and sound
Mt 26:47 Trouble 02.09.12 3854. Coincidence is not the name of my God. Just in time
Ex 7:8-9 America 02.08.12 3853. Bet my stick can eat your stick. Game Day
Mt 26:46 Sleep 02.07.12 3852. Curious how both sleeping and praying involve closing your eyes. Show me those peepers
Ex 7:7 Age 02.06.12 3851. Old is a matter of opinion. Useful v useless
Ecc 11:10 Correction 02.05.12 3850. If reputation is all you have, you're in trouble. Painful Memories
Pr 9:11 Life 02.04.12 3849. I am living today to do what God wanted me to do yesterday. Small Buckets
Ps 18:34 Impossible 02.03.12 3848. It's when we're unable that we're in the position to be enabled. 3848. Ready or not...
Mt 26:45 Preparation 02.02.12 3847. Prayer is like a fruit with an expiration date. Show time
Ex 7:6 Way, God's 02.01.12 3846. Following someone, you won't be holding the steering wheel. When the lights come on
Mt 26:44 Confession 01.31.12 3845. Confession is the first step in loosening the grip sin has on our lives. Good for the soul
Ex 7:5 Way, God's 01.30.12 3844.  If you don't know God, who has your ear? God's way or the highway.
Ecc 11:7 Prayer 01.29.12 3843. Experiencing God requires walking with Him. What's the source?
Pr 9:10 Sovereignty 01.28.12 3842. Who knows God well enough to question Him? Why - a little word that says a lot
Ps 18:33 Choices 01.27.12 3841. What you think is right is left to someone else. Impossible possibilites
Mt 26:43 Gospel 01.26.12 3840. Hot can only be defined by contrast to cold. Cold as it is dead
Ex 7:4 Disaster 01.25.12 3839. The best man can do is not the worst God can do. A touchdown can be bad
Mt 26:42 Diligence 01.24.12 3838. You never learn anything without spaced repetition. One and done, thank you 'Mam.
Ex 7:3 Resistance 01.23.12 3837. Hardness is resistance to change. As hard as hell.
Ecc 11:8 Trouble 01.22.12 3836. You're a pray-er when you don't need motivation to do it. Fun in the Dark
Pr 9:9 Teach 01.21.12 3835. It's not what you know that matters, but what you teach. Teachable moments
Ps 18:32 Power 01.20.12 3834. Wanted: Weakling with miracle working God. God did it.
Mt 26:41 Weakness 01.19.12 3833. Weakness grows with disbelief. I see God
Ex 7:2 Listen 01.18.12 3832. No one gains desire to be with God when they're on the way to see Him. Stop, look and listen
Mt 26:40 Prayer 01.17.12 3831. Prayer is easier than we make it and harder when we fake it. Prayer with no words
Ex 7:1 Fellowship 01.16.12 3830. Life is what you make it. 3830 My hero
Ecc 11:7 Life 01.15.12 3829. In hard times, some people will limit the amount of caviar they consume. Life is good.
Pr 9:8 Correction 01.14.12 3828. Anyone who enjoys rebuking needs rebuking. 3828 Family Blend
Ps 18:31 Confession 01.13.12 3827. How can life be a game if my soul is in the balance? It's All Good
Mt 26:39 Deference 01.12.12 3826. If it's not voluntary and joyful, it's compulsory and obligatory. Whatever, whenever, however
Ex 6:30 Witness 01.11.12 3825.  Don't allow "I don't think I can" to become "I don't think I will." When Words Fail
Mt 26:38 Prayer 01.10.12 3824. How can you expect to see what God is showing you if your eyes are closed? Awake v alert
Ex 6:28-29 Witness 01.09.12 3823. Changing God's WORD is like playing Russian roulette by yourself. Demonic denominational decoys
Ecc 11:6 Time 01.08.12 3822. Manage your time or someone or something else will. Learn or lose.
Pr 9:7 Repent 01.07.12 3821. Some pastors have Bereans, but few have any accountability. Questions with no answers
Ps 18:30 Dependence 01.06.12 3820. We need fewer thrill-seekers and more Jesus-seekers. Independence is stupid.
Mt 26:37 Mission 01.05.12 3819. Where we go is not nearly as important as Who goes with us. Fiery Pilgrim
Ex 6:13 Resolved 01.04.12 3818. Obeying God is optional, but the consequences for not doing it, are not. Splurge purge
Mt 26:36 Fellowship 01.03.12 3817. Fellowship is never being alone when you are alone. Private prayer in public
Ex 6:12 Choice 01.02.12 3816. As for choice, I choose to defer. Choosing war
Ecc 11:5 Bible 01.01.12 3815. I'd say more, but I've already told you more than I know. Little God?
Pr 9:6 Race 12.31.11 3814. Most games are decided sooner than later. Last Ditch Effort
Ps 18:29 Blessings 12.30.11 3813. The word "impossible" is a personal no-noun. Stormy blessings
Mt 26:35 Resolution 12.29.11 3812. Were that our intention was based on retention from paying attention. Tongues of ink
Ex 6:10-11 Protection 12.28.11 3811. Wink at sin and it views it as an invitation. 3811 Two way street
Mt 26:34 Failure 12.27.11 3810. Everyone gets knocked down, but not everyone will get back up. Successful Failures
Ex 6:9 Prayer 12.26.11 3809. My job is to testify, God's to get an audience. Day dreamer
Ecc 11:4 Seeking 12.25.11 3808. Blessing usually awaits my doing something first. ASAP-Always Seeking; Always Pleased
Pr 9:5 Sense, Common 12.24.11 3807. Common sense: I'd explain it if I thought you'd understand. Gloom and zoom
Ps 18:28 Journal 12.23.11 3806. Having sight is incredible, seeing without it, a God thing. Write it down
Mt 26:33 Sin 12.22.11 3805. It's my intention to always have good intention. Brown bags for TV
Ex 6:8 Salvation 12.21.11 3804. Without problems, there's no way to test promises. Expensive salvation
Mt 26:32 Life 12.20.11 3803. Because of Jesus, there is life on both sides of death. Death bookends
Ex 6:7 Friendship 12.19.11 3802. In choosing friends we also choose enemies. Friend or foe?
Ecc 11:3 Judgment 12.18.11 3801. There's no such thing as normal when you're serving God. Here come da Judge
Pr 9:3-4 Deception 12.17.11 3800. Salvation may be the only thing too good and also true. A sucker every second
Ps 18:27 Humility 12.16.11 3799. Humility is a position, not a personality. Humility is not a pie but the main course
Mt 26:31 Problems 12.15.11 3798. Faith is listening to God more than my doubt, and then acting like it. I need problems to prove they aren't one
Ex 6:6 Chosen 12.14.11 3797. Just because grace is free doesn't mean it didn't cost anything. I can't see; my eyes are closed
Mt 26:30 Prayer 12.13.11 3796. One song remembered is worth one-hundred sermons forgotten. Doing right requires knowing right
Ex 6:5 Promises 12.12.11 3795. If this isn't good, what is? Good enough
Ecc 11:2 Preparation 12.11.11 3794. Here she comes (speaking of life), whether we're ready or not. Can't give you what I don't have
Pr 9:2 Prayer 12.10.11 3793. Preparation is vital to proper presentation. Trinket prayer
Ps 18:25-26 Seeking 12.09.11 3792. Calling some people intelligent makes both an oxymoron. Seekers are provers
Mt 26:29 Heaven 12.08.11 3791. Some falsely think that desires become holy when they arrive in heaven. Meet and greet
Ex 6:4 Possessions 12.07.11 3790. We may possess it, but God owns it. Winners and losers
Mt 26:28 Sin 12.06.11 3789. Just because we consider sin inconsequential doesn't mean God does. The tallest stack
Ex 6:2-3 Memory 12.05.11 3788. A sharp mind is one honed through prayer.  Memory aide
Ecc 11:1 Faith 12.04.11 3787. It takes a trusting believer to be a receiver of the Almighty Conceiver. Impossible?
Pr 9:1
Repentance 12.03.11 3786. In searching for wisdom, I found that to be a wise decision. Sodom and Nineveh
Ps 18:24
Clean 12.02.11 3785. If we claim to follow God, why are we giving Him directions? Help, I've fallen and can't get up.
Mt 26:27
Gratefulness 12.01.11 3784. Thanksgiving should be a lifestyle, not a seasonal reminder. Happy Family Day
Ex 6:1
Omnipotence 11.30.11 3783. The Almighty is not concerned with what anyone thinks. Griping ingrates
Mt 26:26
Revival 11.29.11 3782. Prayer is the result of a growing relationship. Busy idleness
Ex 5:22-23
Learning 11.28.11 3781. God has no entitlement programs. Troble makers
Ecc 10:20
Misunderstand 11.27.11 3780. Slander is advanced with too much information; it finds fruition with too little. Defrocked flock
Pr 8:36
Ministry 11.26.11 3779. A ministry made visible is a facade, if not a fake. Visible ministry oxymoron
Ps 18:23
Repentance 11.25.11 3778. We can't get past our past if our past is bigger than our present. Turn or burn
Mt 26:25
Failure 11.24.11 3777. Failure exposes our breaks, but doesn't cause them. Down but not out
Ex 5:20-21
Scripture 11.23.11 3776. Blaming someone else doesn't abdicate ourselves as much as implicate us. Work in order to rest
Mt 26:24
Choice 11.22.11 3775. Choice reflects the heart, not the other way around. The righteous Pharisee
Ex 5:19
Sin 11.21.11 3774. God's expectation is more evident when the heat is turned up. Life is perilous, death more so.
Ecc 10:19
Money 11.20.11 3773. Money is not the issue, but a lack of it may be. Money is funny
Pr 8:35
Seeking 11.19.11 3772. You won't find what you don't look for. Jesus seekers
Ps 18:21-22
Authority 11.18.11 3771. Why ask God's will when we know His way? Under,but not with, authority
Mt 26:23
Friends 11.17.11 3770. An enemy is someone who is not WITH you when God is. Much is less when God's not in it.
Ex 5:17-18
Expectation 11.16.11 3769. Expectation is good if it's in God alone. Bright Light
Mt 26:21-22
Pride 11.15.11 3768. Love is proven in the rain, not the sunshine. Much is little
Ex 5:16
Problems 11.14.11 3767. Bad is good when God can use it. Bad? Look again.
Ecc 10:18
Change 11.13.11 3766. For every over, there's an under. Move over and make room
Pr 8:34
Race 11.12.11 3765. Wisdom is not what we make of it, but what it makes of us. The Instruction Manual
Ps 18:20
Time 11.11.11 3764. Time is like money in that it runs out sooner rather than later. Times up - again.
Mt 26:20
Hope 11.10.11 3763. For the Believer, the word "alone" has no application. Resignation not accepted
Ex 5:15
Abortion 11.09.11 3762. Don't go to a candy shop to find people to protest sugar. God v me
Mt 26:19
Fellowship 11.08.11 3761. Fellowship is spending personal time with they one you follow. Following fellowship
Ex 5:14
Sin 11.07.11 3760. Why fight when your enemy has surrendered? Mayan misdirection
Ecc 10:17
Opportunity 11.06.11 3759. Opportunity: wait and lose. Fading memories
Pr 8:33
Expectations 11.05.11 3758. Staying the course requires knowing the course. Life's choices
Ps 18:19
Trouble 11.04.11 3757. Trouble is what you make it. Trouble and trust go together
Mt 26:18 Memory 11.03.11 3756. Forgettable is regrettable when someone proves expendable. Regrettable expendables
Ex 5:13 Trust 11.02.11 3755. Dependency can be good or bad, based on Whom we depend. Dependency tendency
Mt 26:17 Apathy 11.01.11 3754. What fool waits for Judgment before gathering evidence? Summer is over; slumber continues
Ex 5:12 Church 10.31.11 3753. When the unthinkable becomes inevitable, the improbable becomes believable. Religious hard heads.
Ecc 10:16 Government 10.30.11 3752. Ruling shouldn't hurt, especially those being ruled. Forgetful reminders
Pr 8:32 Leader 10.29.11 3751. Every good leader is a better follower. Pearls and pigs
Ps 18:18 Education 10.28.11 3750. On what basis do fools separate themselves from fools? A class of fools
Mt 26:15-16 Impression 10.27.11 3749. What you think you see may not be. Wrong impression and mission
Ex 5:10-11 Disciple 10.26.11 3748. All followers are not disciples, but all disciples follow - someone. Lordship is not optional
Mt 26:14 Expectation 10.25.11 3747. Your mouth says one thing, but does your life say something else? Potty mouth
Ex 5:9 Deception 10.24.11 3746. God has a way of redirecting misdirection. If I'm lying I'm dying.
Ecc 10:15 Understanding 10.23.11 3745. More time is no more a reward than a result. I can't see what I don't understand
Pr 8:30-31 Kingdom 10.22.11 3744. For every investment I make in God’s work, He does a similar work in me. Investments in glory
Ps 18:16-17 Duty 10.21.11 3743. The hour is late but not everyone looks at the clock. Off-duty
Mt 26:13 Listen 10.20.11 3742. It helps to have a listener before you start talking. Is that smoke I smell?
Ex 5:8 Association 10.19.11 3741. Intentions are like inventions, they're both created. Bad association
Mt 26:12 Persepctive 10.18.11 3740. Things look bad until you see something worse. Respectful silence
Ex 5:6-7 Glory 10.17.11 3739. When we don't have what we think we need, God shows us He doesn't need it. It's in your hand
Ecc 10:14 Gods' Word 10.16.11 3738. Defend God's Word and you both lose. Shut up.
Pr 8:27-29 Responsibility 10.15.11 3737. There are two ways to see things, my way and the right way. I don't know the problem but I know whose fault it is.
Ps 18:15 Trouble 10.14.11 3736. Forget Mother Nature, it's God's wrath you need to avoid. Storm Chaser
Mt 26:11 Opportunity 10.13.11 3735. I should've is not good enough when I could've. 2x2
Ex 5:4-5 Forget 10.12.11 3734. Pardon me, but your questions don't fit my answers Pete and Repeat
Mt 26:10 Prayer 10.11.11 3733. If God is everywhere, why don't we see and acknowledge Him? Praying objects
Ex 5:3 Fear (of God) 10.10.11 3732. Truth or Consequences is not a game as some would have us think. Time's up.
Ecc 10:13 Expression 10.09.11 3731. Open mouth; insert sock - please! Are any carbon footprints left?
Pr 8:25-26 Belief 10.08.11 3730. The terms and conditions in God's Word are not in small print. You chose me and not the other way around
Ps 18:14 Salvation 10.07.11 3729. Is the light at the end of your dark tunnel a bear with a flashlight? Fake and family
Mt 26:8-9 Sin 10.06.11 3728. Opinions don't matter when you're with Jesus. Mob action
Ex 5:2 Obedience 10.05.11 3727. Respect is like honor without the homage. Life evangelism
Mt 26:7 Service 10.04.11 3726. It's not the gift or the cost that matters, but the reason. The actor's covenant
Ex 5:1 Witness 10.03.11 3725. Why should we expect people to believe what we don't? Sugar-coat
Ecc 10:12 Information 10.02.11 3724. Adequate is the tiny spot between enough and too much. More than enough
Pr 8:23-24
History 10.01.11 3723. When did history become multiple-choice? Past pretense
Ps 18:13
Fellowship 09.30.11 3722. God speaks in sign language if we care to read it. Signing fellowship
Mt 26:6
Provision 09.29.11 3721. Who buys something and never plans to use it? U-Keep it.
Ex 4:31
Worship 09.28.11 3720. Worship is loving God; praise is celebrating the fact. Diminishing worship
Mt 26:4-5
Plans 09.27.11 3719. Plans may not work, but my God does. Biz bad, God good.
Ex 4:29-30
End time 09.26.11 3718. There's a time for knowing and a time for showing. Endtime sharade
Ecc 10:11
Hopeless 09.25.11 3717. You don't have to be an artist to see Treasure Island as a diminishing perspective. Broke and don't know it
Pr 8:22
Mercy 09.24.11 3716. God doesn't need to explain Himself to anyone, especially academia. Mercy me.
Ps 18:12
Discernment 09.23.11 3715. Scripture is to some, God's variation of the Rorschach ink blot test. Object prayer
Mt 26:3
Laodicea 09.22.11 3714. What happens to right when it's left to people who know right but don't do right? Elective hearing
Ex 4:28
Battle 09.21.11 3713. There will be more time wasted today than used wisely. Battlefield victory
Mt 26:1-2
Teachable 09.20.11 3712. What we don't know is bigger than what we know. Inquiring minds
Ex 4:27
Ministry 09.19.11 3711. When God moves, we should too. Stay focused - on the right thing.
Ecc 10:10
Success 09.18.11 3710. Success has two stages; the first is understanding failure, the second, to avoid it. Look up; don't give up.
Pr 8:20-21
Obedience 09.17.11 3709. Obedience is not dependent on understanding. Understanding comes later
Ps 18:10-11
Seeking 09.16.11 3708. Just because I hear it doesn't mean I have to listen. High and lifted up
Mt 25:46
Salvation 09.15.11 3707. The end of the road is really a bend. Salvation evidence
Ex 4:24-264
Surrender 09.14.11 3706. Don't give up before you lace up. I can't fail if I surrender
Mt 25:45
Discipleship 09.13.11 3705. We shouldn't get ahead of the One we follow. Finders keepers, losers weepers.
Ex 4:22-23
Discipleship 09.12.11 3704. If you can't see God moving, it's time to turn around. Leading leaders
Ecc 10:9
Cost 09.11.11 3703. When the value is high, so is the cost. Is any price too high?
Pr 8:19
Lessons 09.10.11 3702. Value, the product of a grateful heart. Pink house lesson
Ps 18:8-9
Answer 09.09.11 3701. If we really believe God answers prayer, why aren't we praying right now? Sin-slaying dragon
Mt 25:44
Diversity 09.08.11 3700. When God's in the house, everything changes. Elevator shoes
Ex 4:21
Mission 09.07.11 3699. Futility is trying to ignore God. Get right tonite!
Mt 25:43
Ministry 09.06.11 3698. Motives aren't just important, they're everything. Help is a prayer away
Ex 4:19-20
Completion 09.05.11 3697. A loop is made by revisiting square one. Square one
Ecc 10:8
Discipleship 09.04.11 3696. What good comes without putting oneself in harm's way? Two is better than one
Pr 8:18
Work 09.03.11 3695. Work is what you make it, not what's made for you to do. Working is a privilege
Ps 18:7
Sin 09.02.11 3694. Why argue that man is destroying the earth while sin is destroying men? Hurricane Judgment
Mt 25:42 Choice 09.01.11 3693. It's hard to see what you don't look at. Binary choices
Ex 4:18 Witness 08.31.11 3692. Timidity and Christianity are contradictory terms. Blind eyes see.
Mt 25:41 Sin 08.30.11 3691. Our will is not free as some suggest; Someone had to pay for it. It is Finished!!
Ex 4:17 Prayer 08.29.11 3690. There are some things we don't need to ask. Fellowship relationship
Ecc 10:5-7 Change 08.28.11 3689.A leader takes others where someone took them. It ain't broke.
Pr 8:17 Justice 08.27.11 3688. Is it surprising that innocence is indefensible in a perverse society? Ebony and espionage
Ps 18:7 Change 08.26.11 3687. I'm not sure most voters can see past their eyelashes Unchanging change
Mt 25:40 Service 08.25.11 3686. God's Word fills our void, no matter the shape or size. God-shaped ears.
Ex 4:16 Intercession 08.24.11 3685. God has already defeated the obstacles that will work against me today. Why do we fight God's battles? 1Sa 17:47
Mt 25:39 Insight 08.23.11 3684. Having eyes doesn't mean you can see. See you soon
Ex 4:15 Learning 08.22.11 3683. Teachers are taught to teach, but few inspire anyone to learn. Teaching may fail, but inspiration prevails
Ecc 10:4 Mistakes 08.21.11 3682. Grace is not a do-over but the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Don't fall on me!
Pr 8:16 Justice 08.20.11 3681. Justice comes from the One with the biggest gavel. Just justice
Ps 18:6 Prayer 08.19.11 3680. Answers aren't enough, but time with Jesus is. Friends
Mt 25:38 Sin 08.18.11 3670. The greatest problem someone can have is thinking they don't have one. Spiritual blinders
Ex 4:14 Friend 08.17.11 3669. Friendship has no strings. Just one thing more...
Mt 25:37 Disicpleship 08.16.11 3668. Will we soar with eagles or ignore while we snore? Soar or snore?
Ex 4:13 Faith 08.15.11 3667. I imagine God takes our feelings of inadequacy personally. Double-dog dare
Ecc 10:3 Focus 08.14.11 3666. Motives offer peace of mind; actions speak for themselves. I see Jesus when I look at you.
Pr 8:14-15 Relationship 08.13.11 3665. Knowing God should change us. Relationship dysfunction
Ps 18:4-5 Freedom 08.12.11 3664. Agape gives someone freedom to become a slave. Casey's twisted rope
Mt 25:36 Compassion 08.11.11 3663. The time for doing God's work is almost over. Almost over
Ex 4:11-12 Learning 08.10.11 3662. Because someone doesn't get credit doesn't mean they don't deserve it. Strong weakness
Mt 25:35 Discipleship 08.09.11 3661. God didn't say "Go," before He said "Come!"God didn't say "Go," before He said, "Come." 2x2
Ex 4:10 Service 08.08.11 3660. What we were has no bearing on what we are in Christ. Pass the sugar please
Ecc 10:2 Discipleship 08.07.11 3659. Everyone is a disciple of someone. Toliet temptation
Pr 8:13 Sin 08.06.11 3658. We don't just invite sin in, we build a room for it. Rottwiler religion
Ps 18:3 Prayer 08.05.11 3657. If prayer fixes things, why are so many things broken? 3657 Earring dysfunction
Mt 25:34 Time 08.04.11 3656. I'm glad God is not limited by my perception of Him. John the time traveller
Ex 4:9 Relationships 08.03.11 3655. Opportunities are terrible things to waste, but it's far worse to never see them. Ruthie
Mt 25:32-33 Religion 08.02.11 3654. Religion is the reasoning of someone without a clue who God is. Dualists and deists v diety
Ex 4:8 Witness 08.01.11 3653. Telling is our responsibility, getting someone to listen, God's. Bi-Folding action.
Ecc 10:1 Sin 07.31.11 3652. Mix the mind of man with anything and you dilute the solution. Man Stinketh.
Pr 8:12 Wisdom 07.30.11 3651. Understanding comes by deducing what is not. What IS?
Ps 18:2 Language 07.29.11 3650. Praise should be a run-on sentence that never ends. Prayer Sign
Mt 25:31 Return 07.28.11 3649. Standing at heaven's throne is one step from sitting on earths. Rhyme and Reason
Ex 4:7 Trust 07.27.11 3648. It's impossible to believe in God and not trust His Word. Garden dreams
Mt 25:30 Decision 07.26.11 3647. Though seldom heard, the best sermon is "Turn or Burn." Standing in line
Ex 4:6 Sign 07.25.11 3646. Can an idiot do something right if he has enough time and money? Sign in the sky
Ecc 9:18 Unity 07.24.11 3645. If we have the same Holy Spirit, why is it we disagree so much? Sphinx tomato worm
Pr 8:10-11 Desire 07.23.11 3644. Desire is not a street car, but it does take you somewhere. Is salvation assurance or insurance?
Ps 18:1 Love 07.22.11 3643. Love is proven by what you do, not what you feel or say. Action speaks louder
Mt 25:28-29 Action 07.21.11 3642. Is there really any action that is not reaction? Wasp pun
Ex 4:5 Trust 07.20.11 3641. God's Word for Dummies: Trust me now or watch me later. For there's no other way?
Mt 25:26-27 Knowing 07.19.11 3640. Knowing is an indictment when not associated with doing. Not doing can be your undoing.
Ex 4:4 Winning 07.18.11 3639. If being obedient was easy, everyone would still have to decide. US v Japan soccer
Ecc 9:17 Attention 07.17.11 3638. It's easy getting attention; it's deserving it that's hard. Jello and Cement
Pr 8:8-9 Deceit 07.16.11 3637. Saying, "I'll be honest," implies you're not. Forked tongues
Ps 17:15 Faith 07.15.11 3636. Sanity is not determined by the insane. Faith and Failure
Mt 25:24-25 Application 07.14.11 3635. Coming and going is not as important as the Door we use. Close call?
Ex 4:3 Problems 07.13.11 3634. God speaks to us in anyway He has our attention. When God talks...
Mt 25:23 Money 07.12.11 3633. Being a good servant means you have only one master Contradiction in terms: spending & growing
Ex 4:2 Service 07.11.11 3632. What's never used is never appreciated. Fleas and me.
Ecc 9:16 Bias 07.10.11 3631. Find him to whom a fool listens and you find a bigger one. Objective journalist?
Pr 8:7 Justice 07.09.11 3630. More important than learning truth is living it. Caylee's justice?
Ps 17:14 Appearance 07.08.11 3629. The Gospel will expose what's real if we open our eyes. Seeing what God sees.
Mt 25:22 Expectation 07.07.11 3628. I expect someone to expect something of me today. Off-the-Grid
Ex 4:1 Faith 07.06.11 3627. Our responsibility ends when we give God control. "Come!"
Mt 25:21 Leader 07.05.11 3626. Without a mission, trust means very little. Followship
Ex 3:22 Blessing 07.04.11 3625. Sometimes surrender is assertion in the wrong direction. God bless the U.S.?
Ecc 9:14-15 Gratefulness 07.03.11 3624. Gratefulness never expressed is no different from disgust. Silent gratitude?
Pr 8:6 Salvation 07.02.11 3623. What we don't embrace is just as important as what we do. Lordship
Ps 17:13 America 07.01.11 3622. It takes no more time to do right than wrong. Our national debt is unpayable
Mt 25:20 Change 06.30.11 3621. A government handout is a "smash and grab" perfected by an elected Flash Mob. Hope and change
Ex 3:21 Change 06.29.11 3620. Change is both an over-worked and under-exercised principle. Oxymoron: politician and change
Mt 25:19 Mistake 06.28.11 3619. Time is the grace afforded those who seldom capitalize on it. Dord
Ex 3:19-20 Slavery 06.27.11 3618. Leave and go where? Emancipation?
Ecc 9:13 Impression 06.26.11 3617. Impression is nothing more than reality on pause. Moon walk
Pr 8:4-5 Obedience 06.25.11 3616. It's not what we know or say, but what we do that matters. Smart and smarter?
Ps 17:11-12 Enemy 06.24.11 3615. You can't win a war unless you recognize your enemy. Plant sucker
Mt 25:18 Blessing 06.23.11 3614. Worse than burying your valuables might be losing the marker. Counter-productive prayer
Ex 3:18 Credentials 06.22.11 3613. Show someone what God hasn't showed them and waste their time and yours. ASL; are you serious?
Mt 25:16-17 Money 06.21.11 3612. Using OPM (Other People's Money) may be a stronger drug than opium. The gambler with nothing to gamble
Ex 3:17 Promise 06.20.11 3611. Rewards are seldom larger than the risk. Contentment v complacency
Ecc 9:12 Everlasting Life 06.19.11 3610. When we expect to die and don't, it's like pessimistic optimism. Sudden Death
Pr 8:2-3a Attittude 06.18.11 3609. Sometimes it takes seeing what God is doing around you to see what He is doing in you. Busy bee, lazy as can be.
Ps 17:10 Attention 06.17.11 3608. We'd be amazed at what God is doing if we opened our eyes. System restore
Mt 25:15 Success 06.16.11 3607. Real achievement is making something of nothing. Seemingly impossible?
Ex 3:16 Hardship 06.15.11 3606. Trouble provides contrast to make promise visible. Love is not temporary
Mt 25:14 Mistakes 06.14.11 3605. Success is simple if we remain as small as God is large. No do-over please.
Ex 3:14 Name 06.13.11 3604. What we do is not nearly as important as why we do it. My "real" name.
Ecc 9:11 Trouble 06.12.11 3603. Everything worthwhile costs someone something. Life with a covered rim
Pr 8:1 Wisdom 06.11.11 3602. Before you ran, you had to walk; before that you had to crawl and that started on your knees. Accreditation
Ps 17:9 Wicked 06.10.11 3601. Wicked is being mean and jealous. Friend or foe?
Mt 25:13 Time 06.09.11 3600. Time is a means to the end. Vacation just started and almost done.
Ex 3:14 Name 06.08.11 3599. To know a name is not the same as frequently using it. The Answer
Mt 25:11-12 Opportunity 06.07.11 3598. A window of opportunity not only closes but can also lock. Driver's license ID
Ex 3:13 Authority 06.06.11 3597. Authority granted but never used, is an affront to Him who gave it. Greater things?
Ecc 9:10 Life 06.05.11 3596. There are no TODO lists beyond the grave. Grandpaw for dinner?
Pr 7:25-27 Forgiven 06.04.11 3595. No one need apologize for failure, but for thinking they haven’t. Don't raise your hand
Ps 17:8 Protection 06.03.11 3594. Our safety is as good as our Keeper. Bird's nest
Mt 25:10 Return 06.02.11 3593. Life is not a DVR with a reverse, pause and playback. Game Show Frenzy
Ex 3:12 Lost 06.01.11 3592. God is with those who are with Him. Lost your sticky?
Mt 25:8-9 Dependence 05.31.11 3591. Depend on anyone but God and take your chances. Who's got bread?
Ex 3:11 Disobedience 05.30.11 3590. What part of God's "GO" don't we understand? "Cute" disobedience
Ecc 9:9 Marriage 05.29.11 3589. Commitment grows a relationship, but anything else may kill it. Out-singing the finch
Pr 7:22-23 Grace 05.28.11 3588. Experience is taking notice of what God has done in my life. Newton's reaction
Ps 17:7 Believer 05.27.11 3587. Seeing is believing as hoping is to receiving. Judas didn't realize it either.
Mt 25:6-7 Prepared 05.26.11 3586. Preparation is pertinent for proper participation. Ready or not...
Ex 3:9-10 Fear 05.25.11 3585. Life is not what we make it, but what it makes us. Turning the tables
Mt 25:5 Expectation 05.24.11 3584. Waiting is a product of unrealized expectation. Buddy's burgers
Ex 3:8 Challenge 05.23.11 3583. Everything good comes with a challenge. Graduating babies
Ecc 9:7-8 Desire 05.22.11 3582. Wear your convictions as well as carry them. Red motivation
Pr 7:21 Conflict 05.21.11 3581. Blame is lame. A flopper is a blamer
Ps 17:6 Prayer 05.20.11 3580. Our problems are God's RSVP to meet and talk. I'm here; where are you?
Mt 25:4 Return 05.19.11 3579. Waiting on anything but God is idolatry. May 21, the end?
Ex 3:7 Trouble 05.18.11 3578. If you never ask, you'll never know. Entanglements
Mt 25:3 Prepare 05.17.11 3577. The only preparation needed is to walk with God. Life's intersections
Ex 3:5-6 Holy 05.16.11 3576. Holiness is not a dirty word. Fear of God
Ecc 9:5-6 Eternity 05.15.11 3575. Eternity is not the end, but life with a different backdrop. Paradise Found
Pr 7:18 Surprises 05.14.11 3574. Life is a steady flow of unexpected events, but none of them surprises God. Jimmy's finished
Ps 17:4-5 Faith 05.13.11 3573. It's not what I think, but what I do that matters. Just do it.
Mt 25:2 Foolish 05.12.11 3572.Foolishness is anything but wise. No do-overs
Ex 3:4 Purpose 05.11.11 3571. God goes to those who come to Him. One thing
Mt 25:1 Ready 05.10.11 3570. Being prepared means to be ready, though not necessarily finished. Ready when You are
Ex 3:3 Learning 05.09.11 3569. What we can't explain, sets the stage for God to explain it. He's severywhere
Ecc 9:4 Repent 05.08.11 3568. Expectations can be a cruel master. Turn or burn
Pr 7:16-17 Discipleship 05.07.11 3567. It's not the work that should command our attention, but the worker. Now or never
Ps 17:3 Anger 05.06.11 3566. Open mouth, insert God's Word. Did I really say that
Mt 24:51 Choice 05.05.11 3565. Making no choice is a choice. Come on down
Ex 3:2 Neglect 05.04.11 3564. It's amazing what God has to do to get our attention. Set my soul afire.
Mt 24:50 Honest 05.03.11 3563. You is what you is and ain't what you think. Do you walk like a duck?
Ex 3:1 Home 05.02.11 3562. The further we go, the closer God gets. Home is where Jesus is.
Ecc 9:3 Death 05.01.11 3561. If you worry about death, then you don't know my Jesus. CPR and worms
Pr 7:14-15 Compromise 04.30.11 3560. How do you find something that is looking for you? What part of "No"...
Ps 17:2 Fairness 04.29.11 3559. Fairness is not a doctrine but an impossible mission. King Jesus
Mt 24:49 Discernment 04.28.11 3558. It's not WHAT you can't see that should concern you, but WHO. Donkey see, donkey do.
Ex 2:24-25 Family 04.27.11 3557. Why do we expect God to remember more than we do? Dysfunctional disciple
Mt 24:47-48 Judge 04.26.11 3556. You're out of your mind if you think Jesus will remain out of sight. The first time is not the last time.
Ex 2:23 Prayer 04.25.11 3555. God's three-step plan for success: give up, look up and hook up. Who's driving anyway?
Ecc 9:2 Death 04.24.11 3554. Death is an equal opportunity employer. Live and Let Die
Pr 7:13 Sin 04.23.11 3553. Sin, if you want a piece of me, take it up with Jesus. Dead Man Walking
Ps 17:1 Guilt 04.22.11 3552. Why should we expect God to pay closer attention than we do? Sleep without rest?
Mt 24:46 Gifts 04.21.11 3551. The word, servant, pairs best with an active verb. That's ok; I've already done it.
Ex 2:21-22 Prejudice 04.20.11 3550. Prejudice is selfishness born of self-applied righteousness. May I be your best friend?
Mt 24:45 Service 04.19.11 3549. The right time is anytime your attitude is right. God is my Assurance Adjustor
Ex 2:20 Surprise 04.18.11 3548. God is never surprised whereas we seem to be always be. I promise to promise to promise to pr...
Ecc 9:1 Fear 04.17.11 3547. Independence is a fleeting misconception. Hellphobia
Pr 7:11-12 Trouble 04.16.11 3546. Mess starts with "Me," which rhymes with "T," that stands for trouble. Life is a pop quiz
Ps 16:11 Joy 04.15.11 3545. The difference between happiness and joy is Jesus. When desire won't work, try desperation.
Mt 24:44 Prepared 04.14.11 3544. Are you making plans to make plans so you'll be ready when you aren't? Disciples, start your engines.
Ex 2:18 Change 04.13.11 3543. Change is 180 degrees, not 360. Turn or burn
Mt 24:43 Mistakes 04.12.11 3542. If I knew yesterday what I know today, I would've messed up some other way. Making excuzes
Ex 2:17 Sacrifice 04.11.11 3541. A disciple will be active even when it appears he's not. Jim Elliot
Ecc 8:16-17 Frustration 04.10.11 3540. Intention becomes frustration when presumption leads to assumption. Outwitting Squirrels
Pr 7:10 Compromise 04.09.11 3539. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror before we start praying. It take two to tangle.
Ps 16:9-10 Joy 04.08.11 3538. Joy is to happiness as rejoicing is to praise. Walmart greeter or Jesus meeter?
Mt 24:42 Discipleship 04.07.11 3537. The difference between a believer and a disciple is one works while the other sits. Change is good as long as I don't expect someone else to do it.
Ex 2:16 Trouble 04.06.11 3536. Things happen, but never randomly. God, You light up my life.
Pr 7:8-9 Darkness 04.02.11 3535. Darkness partners with sin to conceal its true intention. Perigee moon
Ps 16:8 Intercession 04.01.11 3534. Life can be a series of distractions when you take your eyes off God. Hindside and blindside
Mt 24:41 Warning 03.31.11 3533. Coming means going just as knowing means telling. Cardboard warning signs
Ex 2:15 Respect 03.30.11 3532. Running from something may be the shortest line between you and what you fear. Runner's finish line
Mt 24:40 Holy Spirit 03.29.11 3531. What'cha gonna do when He comes for... someone else? Coke is not the REAL thing.
Ex 2:14 Sin 03.28.11 3530. What we hide becomes obvious and most often to the one we try to deceive. Tag, you're it.
Ecc 8:15 Life 03.27.11 3529. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. The next chapter
Pr 7:6-7 Foolish 03.26.11 3528. One hundred sensible people are no match for one person with spiritual sense. Poll takers
Ps 16:7 Sleep 03.25.11 3527. Sleep - God's 24/7 trauma center. Nighty, night.
Mt 24:39 Expectations 03.24.11 3526. Surprises are failed expectations. Expect the unexpected
Ex 2:13 Witness 03.23.11 3525. I will prove today what I believe - without opening my mouth. Brother Barney's got an attitude!
Mt 24:38 Discipleship 03.22.11 3524. You can follow Jesus from so far back, you lose sight of Him. Followship
Ex 2:12 Excuses 03.21.11 3523. Privilege means little when we abuse it. Freshman excuse
Ecc 8:14 Credit 03.20.11 3522. Ownership is a passing fancy. Name it after me.
Pr 7:4 Wisdom 03.19.11 3521. Start something God's way and you can trust Him to finish. The Bible is God's Pop-Quiz.
Ps 16:6 Boundary 03.18.11 3520. Creativity comes from knowing you are where God wants you. A boundary sets you free
Mt 24:37 Warning 03.17.11 3519. Knowing the right thing is no substitute for doing it. St. Patrick's ignorance
Ex 2:11 Sin 03.16.11 3518. You can hide who you are, but it's almost impossible to hide what you are. A deep cleansing portion
Mt 24:36 Predictions 03.15.11 3517. Scripture tells us all we need to know, not what we think we need to know. He's coming.
Ex 2:10 Redemption 03.14.11 3516. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Garments with stories
Ecc 8:13 Time 03.13.11 3515. Time separates the past from the present and too often regret from neglect. Live and die responsibly
Pr 7:3 Reminders 03.12.11 3514. A reminder can accomplish what diligence might not. Praying man logo
Ps 16:5 Blessing 03.11.11 3513. What good is blessing if we don't enjoy it? George Beverly Goulet
Mt 24:34-35 Promises 03.10.11 3512. A promise is as good as the permanence and power of the Provider. Buntyn Cafe
Ex 2:8-9 Opportunity 03.09.11 3511. Hope becomes reality when we listen to God, look for opportunity and act. On Christ alone I stand.
Mt 24:33 Faith 03.08.11 3510. Seeing is believing for the world, but just the opposite for the redeemed. Believing is seeing
Ex 2:7 Intercession 03.07.11 3509. An intercessor doesn't mind dangerous situations because he knows Who is already there. God is still looking
Ecc 8:12 Life and Death 03.06.11 3508. Long life is a curse without God, a blessing with Him. Mortality Mountain
Pr 7:2 Eternity 03.05.11 3507. For every winner, there has to be at least one loser. Sudden death
Ps 16:4 Repentance 03.04.11 3506. Careful - it's what you say that can really get you in trouble. Professers
Mt 24:32 Knowledge 03.03.11 3505. It's not what you know as much as what you know about what you know, you know? A know-it-all
Ex 2:6 Image 03.02.11 3504. What we see is not always what we get. Looking used.
Mt 24:31 Labels 03.01.11 3503. Labels are good only if they accurately identify the ingredients. Lordship is NOT optional.
Ex 2:5 Providence 02.28.11 3502. A refuge is a taxi with God as the Driver. Acceptance or belief?
Ecc 8:11 Justice 02.27.11 3501. Between hasty and quick is where we find maturity. The real criminals
Pr 7:1 Memory 02.26.11 3500. If we truly understood forgiveness, we'd work more on forgetfulness. Thank God He forgives and forgets
Ps 16:3 Success 02.25.11 3499. Anything short of obedience to God is idolatry. Expectation can be defeating
Mt 24:30 Motivation 02.24.11 3498. Motivation, for most of us, comes when we realize we can't stay where we are. The only conference I really need.
Ex 2:4 Permission 02.23.11 3497. 21st Century Christians: Don't ask a question if you don't want to hear the answer. Permission: an excuse by another name.
Mt 24:29 Science 02.22.11 3496. When we learn all there is to know, we will still be ignoramuses who need a Savior. We're ignoramuses who need Jesus.
Ex 2:3 Desperation 02.21.11 3495. Until we're desperate, we're not in the right position to pray. Fortune telling bone-heads
Ecc 8:10 Salvation 02.20.11 3494. A food label means little until you can taste what's behind it. The Good, Bad and Ugly.
Pr 6:35 Memory 02.19.11 3493. Money can't buy my love, but it's a good start. BJ and Allan
Ps 16:2 Master 02.18.11 3492. Lordship is the flagship of salvation and safe port from the brewing storm. School Consolidation?
Mt 24:28 Giving 02.17.11 3491. Death often gives birth to a family calamity. Charity busters
Ex 2:1-2 Harm 02.16.11 3490. What can man do to frustrate God? No harm, no foul.
Mt 24:27 Conviction 02.15.11 3489. If Jesus returns and you're not ready, will you even know He came? Mary and Martha moment
Ex 1:22 Future 02.14.11 3488. Be careful trying to change the future, or the present may run over you and leave you in the past. The past, present and future disappointment.
Ecc 8:9 Governments 02.13.11 3487. Sometime the best working government is the one that doesn't. The Egyptian shift change
Pr 6:33-34 Revival 02.12.11 3486. For every sin, there is an equal and opposite conviction - if you are saved. Revival dust
Ps 16:1 Refuge 02.11.11 3485. Why don't we run to God when everything's fine? The Con, Part Two
Mt 24:26 Deceit 02.10.11 3484. What we say is our profession, but what we do proves our possession. Con me once, not my fault...
Ex 1:20-21 Sin 02.09.11 3483. God's blessing is usually proportional to the degree of our obedience. Rotten food
Mt 24:25 Future 02.08.11 3482. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Take two and call me in the morning.
Ex 1:19 Luck 02.07.11 3481. What seems small to us may be exactly what God needs to do the impossible through us. Lucky charms
Ecc 8:8 Life 02.06.11 3480. Two things are certain in life: death and missed opportunities. My DNR
Pr 6:32 Adultery 02.05.11 3479. What person in their right mind, enjoys one moment that haunts for a lifetime? Check if you agree.
Ps 15:5 Money 02.04.11 3478. Squeezing money shouldn't involve squeezing people. The cost of HAL 9000
Mt 24:24 Deception 02.03.11 3477. Everything we accept is a rejection of something else. Of ducks and men.
Ex 1:18 Excuses 02.02.11 3476. An excuse is an admission dressed up as something else. No right answer.
Mt 24:23 Pretence 02.01.11 3474.Will the real God come on down and show us what we've won? Brass shields
Ex 1:17 Obedience 01.31.11 3473. Doing the right thing sometimes requires obedience and other times ignorance. The Bible, our instruction manual.
Ecc 8:7 Future 01.30.11 3472. God's omnipresence applies to time as much as it does space, so predestination is a no-brainer. Choice
Pr 6:30-31 Motive 01.29.11 3471. God sees in black and white, not shades of gray. Loss protection?
Ps 15:4 Talk 01.28.11 3470. We may not say it out loud, but our face and body language will. Body language
Mt 24:22 Mercy 01.27.11 3469. If God's grace is amazing, His mercy is amazinger. The Rapture
Ex 1:15-16 Murder 01.26.11 3468. You can try to stop God, but if only He would stop you. Abortion
Mt 24:21 Peace 01.25.11 3467. God's peace is the only peace that can bring peace. ChimneyRock shooting
Ex 1:14 Endurance 01.24.11 3466. When something needs doing, God sends his best ahead of the rest. Calvin Hunt
Ecc 8:6 Encounters 01.23.11 3465. The right thing comes from being in the right place, at the right time for the right reason. A1 Door
Pr 6:29 Consequences 01.22.11 3464. Sometimes man's remedy can be as offensive as the transgression. Disappointment
Ps 15:3 Sin 01.21.11 3463. A first hand sinner is repsonsible for second-hand sin. The law of Christian dynamics
Mt 24:20 Change 01.20.11 3462. Loss marks life; starting over, a survivor. Lost reference file.
Ex 1:12-13 Work 01.19.11 3461. Determination grows stronger the longer you put it down. Water cooler
Mt 24:19 Plans 01.18.11 3460. Planning is good, except it requires presumption which is bad. Iben Browning
Ex 1:11 Hate 01.17.11 3459. Hate comes back as revenge who brings deadly friends with him. Wind turbines and donkeys
Ecc 8:5 Prayer 01.16.11 3458. Just because we avoid trouble, doesn't mean it won't affect us. Valley-Prover
Pr 6:28 Revival 01.15.11 3457.Play with fire and you become the accelerant. Fire accelerant
Ps 15:1-2 Holy Spirit 01.14.11 3456. Sometimes we, the redeemed, will suit up for the wrong team. Spies and lies
Mt 24:17-18 Security 01.13.11 3455. Just because you take up space, doesn't mean you always will. Fire Escape window guards
Ex 1:9-10 Intercesison 01.12.11 3454. Control passes to those ready to assume it. Confession of an intercessor
Mt 24:15-16 War 01.11.11 3453. In this life, the things we tolerate will outlive us. David, the man of war
Ex 1:8 Change 01.10.11 3452. A reputation only serves one generation. Induction reduction
Ecc 8:4 Accountability 01.09.11 3451. Accountability is acceptable to everyone but the one who needs it. I was wrong, honey!
Pr 6:27 Relationships 01.08.11 3450. The level of our relationship is related to how much time we're with someone. Levels of friends and enemies
Ps 14:7 Salvation 01.07.11 3449. Waiting for our Redeemer increases anticipation and decreases anxiety. Dad and Cuz Francis
Mt 24:14 Judgment 01.06.11 3448. It's never right to do wrong. Right door, wrong house
Ex 1:6-7 Hatred 01.05.11 3447. People want you to succeed - a little less than themselves. Racism
Mt 24:13 Finish 01.04.11 3446. Why start what you can't finish? The end?
Ex 1:1-5 Promise 01.03.11 3445. If a promise is made and no one is there to receive it, is it real? Unreceived promise?
Ecc 8:3 Law 01.02.11 3444. Rules are good, depending on who makes them. Carpenters have nails, Lawyers, law suits.
Pr 6:26 Sin 01.01.11 3443. Committing sin is costly enough, but adapting to it places a lifetime mortgage on it. Resolution disolution
Ps 14:5-6 Choice 12.31.10 3442. Choosing the wrong team may not be apparent until the game is over. Pick-up games
Mt 24:12 Violence 12.30.10 3441. The phrase "Love it or leave it" has never sounded so tempting. Crime circle
Gen 50:26 END Redemption 12.29.10 3440. We should redeem the time before God deems it's time. Punched ticket
Mt 24:11 Truth 12.28.10 3439. The truth survives though slightly believed and repeatedly questioned. The Prophet
Gen 50:25 Plans 12.27.10 3438. Trust the One who brought you in to take you out. Spinning Wheels
Ecc 8:2 Trust 12.26.10 3437. The fact we make a promise to someone is not as important as keeping it. My word in my bond
Pr 6:24-25 Sin 12.25.10 3436. If we keep sin out, it won't likely come out. GIGO
Ps 14:4 Listen 12.24.10 3435. Scripture calls you ignorant when you don't pray, so does that make you both deaf and dumb spiritually? Intercessor's test
Mt 24:10 Lost 12.23.10 3434. How is it possible to lose something we never had? Verbal holiday fun
Gen 50:24 Promise 12.22.10 3433. The joy in giving and receiving may be only exceeded by appreciation and usage. Folk' Folly - First day of "Learn it."
Mt 24:9 Persecution 12.21.10 3432. Before the resurrection the disciples lacked passion, but afterward their passion ignited everyone else's. The disciple's testimony
Gen 50:22-23 Finish 12.20.10 3431. A full life is not a number of years but having finished strong. Manley Beasley's promise
Ecc 8:1 Attitude 12.19.10 3430.We don't have to agree with someone to be amicable. Ben's bad call
Pr 6:23 Discretion 12.18.10 3429. Just because I can doesn't mean I should. Bathsheba's curtains
Ps 14:2-3 Revival 12.17.10 3428. Sin is the failure to wait on God. Our golden gods
Mt 24:8 Dread 12.16.10 3427. When you worry that things can get worse, they generally do. Fortune blues
Gen 50:20 Sacrifice 12.15.10 3426. An optimist sees good in bad, but it's the believer who is grateful for it. Jim Elliot
Mt 24:7 Conflict 12.14.10 3425. For too many, peace is the time between the battles to rearm yourself. Wars and rumors
Gen 50:19 Obedience 12.13.10 3424. A man's gotta know God's limitation. Coach Emil Beople
Ecc 7:29 Loyal 12.12.10 3423. We should dance with the One who brung us. Dig down to find treasure.
Pr 6:22 Parenting 12.11.10 3422. It's hard to disobey and still honor my parents, but it's harder to obey and not honor them. Kids who don't regard
Ps 14:1 Reason 12.10.10 3421. There's more waffling in men than in an IHOP on Saturday morning. Fools are foolish, no?
Mt 24:6 Choice 12.09.10 3420. Every end marks the beginning of something else. The Light at the end
Gen 50:18 Submission 12.08.10 3419. Most people in subjection don't think they are. Pearl Harbor
Mt 24:5 Pretender 12.07.10 3418. Knowing Jesus should be requisite to using His name. Anti-Christs
Gen 50:17 Actions 12.06.10 3417. Words are good if they're accurate and true and describe you. Words
Ecc 7:28 Good 12.05.10 3416. Good and bad can coexist, but without God, good is corrupted Kicking and screaming
Pr 6:20-21 Blessing 12.04.10 3415. The best bling is your parent's blessing. My blessing
Ps 14:7 Salvation 12.03.10 3414. God seldom changes sides, but he may help the other side when we're not on His side. Long lines
Mt 24:4 Truth 12.02.10 3413. Hearing a lie is not a sin, but believing it is. The Bereans
Gen 50:16 Prayer 12.01.10 3412. A representative should know you and want what you want. Jesus' Proxy
Mt 24:3 Witness 11.30.10 3411. Here, there, or in the air, Jesus is coming. Generations
Gen 50:15 Trust 11.29.10 3410. Fear of retribution is stronger than the safety of a family tie. Joseph earned trust.
Ecc 7:27 Belief 11.28.10 3409. Belief is based upon premise, no matter if it's true or false. Virgin Mary & Jesus
Pr 6:19 Words 11.27.10 3408. One word can divide what a ton of dynamite can't penetrate. Smothers Brothers
Ps 13:5-6 Love 11.26.10 3407. We can love someone without loving what they do. Bad Boys
Mt 24:2 Gratefulness 11.25.10 3406. Until we lose something, we might not fully appreciate it. Mempries & Baseball cards
Gen 50:14 Change 11.24.10 3405. Transition is another term for self-preservation. Computers and doors
Mt 24:1 Pride 11.23.10 3404. What man can raise, God can raze. Nations in rubble
Gen 50:12 Obedience 11.22.10 3403. The space between obedience and obligation is disrespect. Countdown to compliance
Ecc 7:26 Limitations 11.21.10 3402. Just how big is your God anyway? Dirty Harry
Pr 6:18 Delusion 11.20.10 3401. A mind can be a terrible thing to waste, but wasting a life is far worse. Porky Pig is real?
Ps 13:3-4 Witness 11.19.10 3400. The best witness some people can give is to keep their mouth shut. Frankenstein
Mt 23:38-39 Pretend 11.18.10 3399. You don't want to play cards against someone who knows what's in your hand. Fold 'em/Show 'em
Gen 50:11 Correction 11.17.10 3398. Other people will notice what I am prone to overlook. Suspenders
Mt 23:37 Protection 11.16.10 3397. You can't always protect someone who doesn't see the need. Phillips-head shaped reminder
Gen 50:10 Death 11.15.10 3396. Just because someone doesn't ask, doesn't mean they don't need to know. Settled issues
Ecc 7:25 Attention 11.14.10 3395. Things will take your time today, but only you can give your attention. The Rorschach test
Pr 6:16-17 Condescension 11.13.10 3394. Every high horse is shorter than that of someone else. Walk a mile
Ps 13:2 Lordship 11.12.10 3393. When God tells you what to do, do it and then get out of the way. Pretenders
Mt 23:35-36 Conflict 11.11.10 3392.Point one finger at someone else and three are pointed back at you. Taking up an offense
Gen 50:8-9 Influence 11.10.10 3391. How can we be like someone we don't know? 3391 Be Like Mike
Mt 23:33-34 Repentance 11.09.10 3390. Without genuine repentance, a confession is an apology for something you plan to do again. Old timey preaching
Gen 50:7 Influence 11.08.10 3389. Don't follow so far behind the Lord, you lose sight of Him. Hebraic influence
Ecc 7:24 Wisdom 11.07.10 3388. It's when we see God for who He is, that we begin to see ourselves. Seekers
Pr 6:14-15 Schemes 11.06.10 3387. A plot to harm someone else always succeeds - on yourself. Human nature v God
Ps 13:1 Waiting 11.05.10 3386. What's the proper time to wait on someone before taking action? God's truck
Mt 23:32 Prayer 11.04.10 3385. What you treasure is trash to someone else. Snobs
Gen 50:6 Promise 11.03.10 3384. Keeping your promise is easy if you've got power to do it. Change and hope
Mt 23:31 Elections 11.02.10 3383. If we don't believe it, why should anyone else? 2010 Mid-terms
Gen 50:5 Obligation 11.01.10 3382. Obligation becomes privilege when our heart is right. The promise of my youth
Ecc 7:23 Faith 10.31.10 3381.Will we die having never allowed God to prove what He can do? Limiting God
Pr 6:13 Deception 10.30.10 3380. Wink rhymes with stink. The 80 million dollar man
Ps 12:8 Evil 10.29.10 3379. The only thing good about some people is we haven't seen them at their worst. John Wilkes Booth
Mt 23:30 Salvation 10.28.10 3378. If you want to know who killed Jesus, look in the mirror. Who killed Jesus?
Gen 50:4 Prayer 10.27.10 3377. Why ask if you're going to do it anyway? Prayer idols
Mt 23:29 Comparison 10.26.10 3376. We will be like the one on whom we focus. "Tekel" on our heart?
Gen 50:3 Race 10.25.10 3375. A stop sign requires you to stop moving, but not park your car and get out. Funerals
Ecc 7:22 Honesty 10.24.10 3374. Honesty with oneself may be the hardest virtue. One way U-haul?
Pr 6:12 Behavior 10.23.10 3373. Which came first, being a liar or dishonest? Ruthie's analysis
Ps 12:7 Security 10.22.10 3372. Security is only as good as the One standing guard. Danger in the River City
Mt 23:28 Sin 10.21.10 3371. It's a sin to call your junk God's best. Bronze shields
Gen 50:1-2 Death 10.20.10 3370. Death may be a bookend, but its not the end. Impossible project?
Mt 23:27 Misconception 10.19.10 3369. What we see might not be. Rude driver
Gen 49:33 Death, Hope 10.18.10 3368. Death is good or bad depending on your vantage point. Mining disasters
Ecc 7:21 Testimony 10.17.10 3367. I can't blame you; sometimes even I don't care what I think. Abe & me
Pr 6:10-11 Attention 10.16.10 3366. I 'd like to tell you what I missed when I was asleep, but I was sleeping. Catnap
Ps 12:6 Promise 10.15.10 3365. What good is a promise you never redeem? Fail to act; fail to receive.
Mt 23:26 Clean 10.14.10 3364. You can't get clean until you see what's not. Dirty rotten sinner
Gen 49:31-32 Preparation 10.13.10 3363. A legacy is what we leave when we leave. "Yellow" Parachute
Mt 23:25 Desire 10.12.10 3362. Desire may fuel the soul, but it takes a steering wheel to get anywhere. Honest Abe
Gen 49:30 Planning 10.11.10 3361. Planning is good as long as someone knows where you put your plans. Making plans
Ecc 7:20 End, The 10.10.10 3360. Our good is way short of good enough. 2012
Pr 6:9 Rest 10.09.10 3359. Why not get up earlier on Saturday to enjoy more of our free time? Rest is not sleep
Ps 12:5 Fairness 10.08.10 3358. Fairness is seen as unfair to those who don't think they get enough of it. Fat Beggars
Mt 23:24 Religion 10.07.10 3357. Keep the main thing the main thing or you'll believe anything. God WITH us.
Gen 49:29 Testimony 10.06.10 3356. Who will tell your children of God's work in your life if you don't? Fading Door Biz
Mt 23:23 Witness 10.05.10 3355. Being a witness is a form of advertising, be it true or false. Discounted Drugs?
Gen 49:28 Blessing 10.04.10 3354. A blessing is what we parents ask God to do in our absence. A father's blessing
Ecc 7:19 Ignorance 10.03.10 3353. Why wait until you see God to begin seeing things from His viewpoint? Lord, Lunatic or Liar.
Pr 6:6-8 Responsibility 10.02.10 3352. Responsibility has every gear but neutral. Woody & Kelly
Ps 12:3 Deception 10.01.10 3351. Flattery is like a sharp knife looking for butter. "Lost" sale?
Mt 23:18 Saved 09.30.10 3350. Praying in Jesus' Name should mean you carry the Name. "Lord, Lord" professers.
Gen 49:27 Prayer 09.29.10 3349. The WORD of God is a sword, not a knife for spreading jelly. Sword of God
Mt 23:16-17 Value 09.28.10 3348. Value is determined by your values. Mantle and memories
Gen 49:26 Blessings 09.27.10 3347. The true blessing is being in the place to be blessed. Loving friends
Ecc 7:16-18 Discretion 09.26.10 3346. You're free to pick your battles until they start picking you. What AKOP won't say.
Pr 6:5 Indiscretion 09.25.10 3345. There is no right time in the wrong place. Wrong place
Ps 12:2 Flattery, Praise 09.24.10 3344. Flattery tells someone what he wants to hear, not what he needs to hear. Friends
Mt 23:15 Discipleship 09.23.10 3343. Discipleship is good only if it's Jesus you follow. According to Jesus
Gen 49:25 Faith 09.22.10 3342. Why send all the praise upward when God is omnidirectional? Unseen praise
Mt 23:13-14 Deceit 09.21.10 3341. Tell a lie long enough and you'll begin to believe it. Truth, justice and the American way.
Gen 49:23-24 Diligence 09.20.10 3340. Discipline builds character under fire, whereas laziness builds fire under a character. Joseph and Jesus
Ecc 7:15 Death 09.19.10 3339. Life is the illusion you've moved from where you started. Hearse and U-haul
Pr 6:4 Alert 09.18.10 3338. Take your guard down and someone or something will remind you. Angie, my sign partner
Ps 12:1 Friends 09.17.10 3337. Friendship is a two way street. To have one, be one.
Mt 23:12 Honor 09.16.10 3336. Honor is given, never taken. Doug's snake
Gen 49:22 Family 09.15.10 3335. We're born to relate. Hummingbirds
Mt 23:11 Service 09.14.10 3334. The greatest privilege is not to be served, but to serve. Servant pray-ers
Gen 49:21 Life 09.13.10 3333. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. Hamlet and jelly beans
Ecc 7:14 Life 09.12.10 3332. If it were not for bad times, how would we recognize good? Rook Card Game
Pr 6:3 Evangelism 09.11.10 3331. Embarrassment can do what danger cannot. Cold Hard Drive
Ps 11:7 Belief 09.10.10 3330. To know what God wants, go to the Word; to know Him, you've got to go to your knees. Jehovah Tsidkenu
Mt 23:9-10 Fathers 09.09.10 3329. It takes a good son to be a good father. (No) Orphans of God
Gen 49:20 Application 09.08.10 3328. In food and in life, the smallest ingredient you add can make or break you. Beef tips and cinnamon.
Mt 23:8 Education 09.07.10 3327. You have the wrong instructor if His name is not Holy Spirit. Bad teachers
Gen 49:19 Servant 09.06.10 3326. No one can be in the front without having someone in the back. Webservant
Ecc 7:13 Deformity 09.05.10 3325. Exceptionalism is made not created. My crooked heroes.
Pr 6:1-2 Presume 09.04.10 3324. Presumption most often ends in consumption - with you as the main course. Unfinished projects
Ps 11:6 Death 09.03.10 3323. What we believe is not nearly as important as what we do, or don't do about it. Poor frogs
Mt 23:7 Name 09.02.10 3322. Most everyone knows Jesus by name, but not everyone knows Him. Jim & Bob Roberts
Gen 49:18 Desperation 09.01.10 3321. It's sad how we seldom ask God for help until we're out of other options. The Bible is our rod of God
Mt 23:6 Honor 08.31.10 3320. God's Word deserves honor and respect above that given to any man. The Bible
Gen 49:15 Tribulation 08.30.10 3319.You'll never see God move until you risk losing something. Hay and stubble
Ecc 7:12 Blessing 08.29.10 3318.Don't be a sponge unless you expect to be squeezed. Tax incentive giving
Pr 5:23 Stupidity 08.28.10 3317.Everyone dies, but stupidity speeds up the process. Red wagon catastrophe
Ps 11:5 Testing 08.27.10 3316. God is able, but if we never go, we'll never know. Trials (Gold)
Mt 23:5 Hypocricy 08.26.10 3315. The first two steps in being like Jesus: invisibility, if possible, but always transparent. Followers and disciples
Gen 49:13 Significance 08.25.10 3314. When a nobody is recognized, why does it offend the somebodies? Unruly coffee pot
Mt 23:4 Teaching 08.24.10 3313. Change is not good when changed for the sake of change. Social activism in education
Gen 49:11-12 Conviction 08.23.10 3312. Joshua marched into a city and seldom lost; Jesus rode in on a donkey and went to the Cross. 3312 911 firemen
Ecc 7:11 Discernment 08.22.10 3311. You'll never do anything until you start. Writing devotional
Pr 5:22 Complacency 08.21.10 3310. Why does it take shock to produce awe in our life? Pre-911 complacency
Ps 11:4 Actions 08.20.10 3309. We might ignore God but that doesn't mean He will ignore us. Little GTO, sure are looking fine
Mt 23:1-3 Discipleship 08.19.10 3308. If you must follow the wrong person, don't get too close. Peter Lord
Gen 49:10 Waiting 08.18.10 3307. Wait and anticipate are more connected than just rhyme. Idle time
Mt 22:45-46 Religion 08.17.10 3306. False religion is interpreting God's intention instead of obeying His instruction. Secret casserole
Gen 49:8 Value 08.16.10 3305. We honor God when we act responsibly with what we've been given. Good for nothing scrap.
Ecc 7:10 Pretension 08.15.10 3304. Life is like rubber, it returns to normal when you relax. Go back? No way!
Pr 5:21 Discipline 08.14.10 3303. Ignoring God's Word exposes us to discipline, the painful side of His love. The Little Rascals
Ps 11:3 Answers 08.13.10 3302. Reluctance is knowing the answer, but wanting a different one. Multiple choice tests
Mt 22:43-44 Relations 08.12.10 3301. Relationships with others are no better than the one we have with Jesus. Old friends?
Gen 49:5 Battles 08.11.10 3300 A sword is made for conflict if intimidation doesn't work. My chin stitches
Mt 22:41-42 Judgment 08.10.10 3299. Silence speaks volumes. Supreme court oxymoron
Gen 49:4 Fast 08.09.10 3298. The American creed: I don't have to be fast, just faster than you. Waiting in line.
Ecc 7:9 Anger 08.08.10 3297. First response is a good indication of how far we are from being like Christ. My girdle whuppin'
Pr 5:18 Prayer 08.07.10 3296. Why is it we search for what we hold in our hand? The 3-Bar Door
Ps 11:2 Gifts 08.06.10 3295.You don't have to be bad to do bad, but it's still bad. 3295 Spiritual Gifts
Mt 22:40 Education 08.05.10 3294. Anything built on a shaky foundation is shaky. It shouldn't hurt to learn
Gen 49:3 Ministry 08.04.10 3293. The hardest thing is to be in control, but never quite have it. Leroy and the ball
Mt 22:39 Patterns 08.03.10 3292. A good pattern clearly shows the path of previous success. Grass cutting
Gen 49:2 Attention 08.02.10 3291. Attention requires getting before keeping. George Eliot
Ecc 7:8 Fear 08.01.10 3290. Learning a hard lesson would be more fun if you could experience the ending first. Y2K
Pr 5:16 Action, Positive 07.31.10 3289. Don't let your spiritual muscles go into atrophy from lack of use. Pink Elephant?
Ps 11:1 Security 07.30.10 3288. Security is realizing God knows where you are. Life Assurance policy
Mt 22:38 Witness 07.29.10 3287. The gospel in one word is love. JG PRO catalog
Gen 49:1 Significance 07.28.10 3286. God’s purpose is being fulfilled regardless of our willingness to participate. The better crowd,
Mt 22:37 Perspective 07.27.10 3285. If you claim to love God but never pray, your life is a contradiction. 110 percent?
Gen 48:22 Memories 07.26.10 3284. Today will be a memory tomorrow, so why not make it a good one? Redemption memories.
Ecc 7:7 Integrity 07.25.10 3283. If you think you can purchase integrity, you just lost your's. Are there still 7,000?
Pr 5:15 Relationships 07.24.10 3282. Fidelity in marriage can't buy you love. Beatles' love
Ps 10:17-18 Sin 07.23.10 3281. We're like the palm-wavers in Jerusalem if we're conditional praisers. The deep-six
Mt 22:34-36 Discernment 07.22.10 3280. We’ll never know God unless we know Jesus, and it works the other way too. Reading glasses
Gen 48:21 Heaven 07.21.10 3279. We're older than we were yesterday, but younger than we'll be tomorrow. AARP
Mt 22:33 Lordship 07.20.10 3278. Those who follow Jesus know what others can only speculate. Talk Radio
Gen 48:20 Choice 07.19.10 3277. Our life should bless those we care about. Christmas in July
Ecc 7:6 Speech 07.18.10 3276. For people who say they love God', we don't show much of it. Phil Lewis
Pr 5:14 Problems 07.17.10 3275. Problems are opportunities wrapped in dark paper Sales Advantage
Ps 10:16 Ownership 07.16.10 3274. We should learn to be good custodians before claiming to own anything. Title deed
Mt 22:31-32 Religion 07.15.10 3273. Nothing good comes from a dead person who can't seal the deal Dead religions
Gen 48:19 Respect 07.14.10 3272. Respect is a two-way street, or at least it shoud be. Wedding cake disaster
Mt 22:30 Heaven 07.13.10 3271. The more Jesus talks about heaven, the more I want to learn first hand. The God-finder yellow helmet
Gen 48:18 Family 07.12.10 3270. All the birth order does is remind others of what you want to forget. Birth Order Blues
Ecc 7:5 Politics 07.11.10 3269. If they still stoned disobedient kids, we’d probably all be dead. Politics and prayer
Pr 5:13 Listening 07.10.10 3268. Big ears don't guarantee good listening skills. Waxing elephants
Ps 10:15 Justice 07.09.10 3267. Justice usually seems fair unless you're the one paying the price. Korean waits over 10 years for execution.
Mt 22:29 Prayer 07.08.10 3266.If what you don't know can hurt you, Who you don't know can kill you. Bloody scene in heaven?
Gen 48:17 Change 07.07.10 3265. We may change our plans, but it won't change God's. 1st TN Bldg moans
Mt 22:27 Answers 07.06.10 3264. Questions deserve answers if there are no more questions. Karate Kid
Gen 48:15-16 Memory 07.05.10 3263. A relationship should lead you to relate. Should I remember everything?
Ecc 7:4 Death 07.04.10 3262. Most people won't take life seriously until they smell death. Thinking about home.
Pr 5:11-12 Instruction 07.03.10 3261. Learning is an adventure that should never end. Home-school recess?
Ps 10:14 Memory 07.02.10 3260. We tend to take for granted those with whom we don't communicate. Remembering names (Halfway point in 2010)
Mt 22:23-24 Opinion 07.01.10 3259 Not all opinions are worthy of discussion. Thomas Edison
Gen 48:14 Plans 06.30.10 3258. Our best plans are just that! Broadmoor Scramble
Mt 22:22 Change 06.29.10 3257. Things are short-lived unless we give them a place to stay. 3257 Novell and consulting
Gen 48:12-13 Problems 06.28.10 3256. What we call right will be left to someone else. Einstein
Ecc 7:3 Troubles 06.27.10 3255. Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you get the kind you don't want. Grumpism
Pr 5:9-10 Conflicts 06.26.10 3254. Not all prisons have bars. Applebee Avoidance
Ps 10:13 Blame 06.25.10 3253. God may be the last person you'll ever blame for your situation. Me, Tommy and Reggie - 50 years ago.
Mt 22:19 Teaching 06.24.10 3252. If we can't teach using things around us, we haven't learned much. Object lessons
Gen 48:11 Fellowship 06.23.10 3251. It's never too late to believe God's word. Prayer is not just crisis relief.
Mt 22:18 Parents 06.22.10 3250. It's funny how a hypocrite can't see his own hypocrisy. Fruit Flies and humans
Gen 48:10 Family 06.21.10 3240. Time fades, but memory of family remains Thad, Sandy & me - 60 Year Reunion
Ecc 7:2 Choice 06.20.10 3239. The only one person who doesn't have a choice in attending a funeral service is in the box. 3239 Misguided GPS
Pr 5:7-8 Action 06.19.10 3238. Hearing is not obedience anymore than listening is understanding. Taking out the trash
Ps 8:9 Creation 06.18.10 3237. Are you allowing creation to out-praise you? Sunday prayer walk
Mt 22:16-17 Questions 06.17.10 3236. It's hard to know the right question when you don't know someone. Famous non-conversations
Gen 48:8-9 Finish 06.16.10 3235. God doesn't always show one person what he does another. TGPA tourney - last place
Mt 22:15 Truth 06.15.10 3234. The opposite of political correctness is telling the truth. New Age Flop
Gen 48:7 Glory 06.14.10 3233. God's glory is revealed as we move toward Him. God Still Moves
Ecc 7:1 Life 06.13.10 3232. The longer you live, the less time you have. Redeem the time
Pr 5:7-8 Temptation 06.12.10 3231. Sin is not measured by proximity, but by consideration. America , the greatest mission field.
Ps 8:6-8 Stewardship 06.11.10 3230. Just because we rule over the earth doesn't mean we own it - yet! The BP oil spill
Mt 22:14 Choice 06.10.10 3229. Why do we give men the right to choose, but won't give it to God? Predestination, election and foreknowledge
Gen 48:6 Gifts 06.09.10 3228. It's not how you look or what you do, but how you do it that reveals a grateful heart. 3228 Green Ford Ranger
Mt 22:13 Liberty 06.08.10 3227. Some games have eternal negative consequences should we lose. Butch and the ditch
Gen 48:5 Intercession 06.07.10 3226. There's no service greater than that which is unsolicited. Adoption
Ecc 6:12 Purpose 06.06.10 3225. How is it some of us can talk about God but never to Him? Walter Hagen
Pr 5:6 Direction 06.05.10 3224. There's nothing wrong with wandering as long as you don't waste your life wondering. Graduation questions
Ps 8:5 Praise 06.04.10 3223. Be careful when using maxims because God will show you why they're not. A maxim is a misnomer.
Mt 22:11-12 Honesty 06.03.10 3222. Finding a loophole is a means whereby a dishonest person can appear honest. Loopholes
Gen 48:4 Possessions 06.02.10 3221. What good are possessions we don't use? Broken eyeglasses were useful
Mt 22:10 Prejudice 06.01.10 3220. Without God's love, diversity divides. Diversity in the church?
Gen 48:3 Blessing 05.31.10 3219. The low side of a blessed person is still higher than the high side of those who aren't. Moving Day
Ecc 6:11 Action 05.30.10 3218. Words are not a substitute for action Verbosity meets necessity
Pr 5:5 Faithfulness 05.29.10 3217. Influence is a powerful thing, even when you don't recognize it. Egyptian Puzzle ring
Ps 8:3-4 Creation 05.28.10 3216. The smaller we feel, the bigger God gets. Milky Way
Mt 22:8-9 Recognition 05.27.10 3215. It's unnerving to see the undeserving act deserving. Lee DeWyze, American Idol
Gen 48:1-2 Purpose 05.26.10 3214. If you don't think something's important, then you won't try to remember it. Connect the Dots
Mt 22:7 Decisions 05.25.10 3213. Consequences are reminders how to avoid them in the future. God's will, our way.
Gen 47:31 Friends 05.24.10 3212. When prayer is all we have, it's then we realize it's all we need Freddie Montgomery
Ecc 6:10 Change 05.23.10 3211. The only way to change the future is to be changed. Back to the Future
Pr 5:3-4 Temptation 05.22.10 3210. Bad can look good when we think with our feelings. 3210 New Puppies - Come Play
Ps 8:2 Righteousness 05.21.10 3209. Righteousness may be concealed, but it can't be ignored forever. Film-makers and immorality
Mt 22:5-6 Wait 05.20.10 3208. Action without God's leading most always leads to trouble. Fast Fingered Freddie
Gen 47:29 Trials 05.19.10 3207. It's unrealistic to expect your kids to be more righteous than you. Generational sin
Mt 22: 3-4 Trust 05.18.10 3206. Invitation is expectation when speaking of the guest of honor. "Changes" voice-mail
Gen 47:27 Family 05.17.10 3205. Home has less to do with heart as it does family. Jackson family reunion
Ecc 6:9 Will 05.16.10 3204.I can't see what God sees, because I want Him to see what I see. Mission trips
Pr 5:1-2 Attention 05.15.10 3203. Sometimes we don't pay attention until we realize we haven't been. The crowd pleasing ignorance.
Ps 8:1 Majesty 05.14.10 3202. No matter how puny I feel, my God is still God. Environmentist's surprise
Mt 22:1-2 Listen 05.13.10 3201.The best way to get someone to listen is to talk to someone else within hearing range. Six directions according to teenager
Gen 47:22 Obedience 05.12.10 3200. You're obedient when there's no difference in impelled and compelled. Fortune Group
Mt 21:45-46 Conviction 05.11.10 3199. Conviction is knowing God knows and knowing you can't hide. Does the Enemy even care?
Gen 47:21 Intentions 05.10.10 3198. Look at what you don't have and you may lose what you do. Huxtable contract
Ecc 6:8 Life 05.09.10 3197. How we live reflects good or bad, on the one who gave us life. Mom's note in church
Pr 4:27 Sin 05.08.10 3196. Every step, good or bad, begins with a lean. Golf Flag
Ps 7:17 Worship 05.07.10 3195. Worship is the expression of our grateful spirit. 3195 London Parris and the Apostles
Mt 21:43 Salvation 05.06.10 3194. How can we know what God wants if we never ask Him? Holy Finger Prints
Gen 47:20 Money 05.05.10 3193. Each disaster presents another opportunity for the opportunistic. 3193 Tax Game Show
Mt 21:42 Scripture 05.04.10 3192. What some enjoy considering it noteworthy, others will dismiss and miss. Scriptural relativity
Gen 47:19 Grace 05.03.10 3191. It's easy to trust God when you remember His grace. Fire of 1960
Ecc 6:7 Witness 05.02.10 3190. "I can't get no satisfaction" is more than a song, it's a fact of life for someone without Christ. Advertising
Pr 4:26 Bible 05.01.10 3189. God is my spiritual GPS, who shows me where to go, which route to take and what to do when I get there. My GPS
Ps 7:16 Revenge 04.30.10 3188. Crimes may differ, but criminals are the same - in God's opinion. The electrocution lady
Mt 21:45 Attitude 04.29.10 3187. It's easier to know someone by watching them rather than listening to them. Pants on the Ground
Gen 47:18 Retirement 04.28.10 3186. Why do we have to lose everything to realize we own nothing? Stan, everything is fine.
Mt 21:41 Revival 04.27.10 3185. Why is it that we know what someone else should do, but fail to do it ourselves? Fade Glory is not just a pair of jeans.
Gen 47:17 Pessimism 04.26.10 3184. When backed in a corner, look up, not down. HeeHaw, misery and the pony,
Ecc 6:6 Wrong 04.25.10 3183. There are two ways to see things, God's way and the wrong way. Solomon's life of contradiction.
Pr 4:25 Memory 04.24.10 3182. You can't forget something you fail to remember. Danny & Dale
Mt 21:40 Revenge 04.23.10 3181. Payback may not bring back, but it sure feels good. Mel Gibson in the Patriot
Ps 7:15 Problems 04.22.10 3180. No problem exists that doesn't create at least one more. Don't kick the dog.
Gen 47:16 04.21.10 3179. FTP server down
Mt 21:39 Confession 04.20.10 3178. Out of sight-out of mind is to God, in sight-in mind. The stupid burglar
Gen 47:15 Problems 04.19.10 3177. Our emergency will seldom create one for someone else. Truck camber
Ecc 6:5 Negative 04.18.10 3176. Where one person finds futility, another finds fruitfulness. Negative things around church
Pr 4:24 Forgiveness 04.17.10 3175. You can't remove something that that isn't there. TCAP
Ps 7:14 Sin 04.16.10 3174. Sin is given opportunity to grow the moment we won't stop and pray. Pruning Crape Myrtles
Mt 21:38 Sin 04.15.10 3173. Most think sin in unidirectional until it comes back to smack them in the mouth. Kenny, the Terminator, or massive metaphors
Gen 47:14 Value 04.14.10 3172. What one person views as disposable is to another usable, although possibly in the distant future and in a galaxy far, far away. Ray Charles retirement
Mt 21:37 Respect 04.13.10 3171. Respect doesn't have to earned unless you're speaking of yourself. Fred and his boots
Gen 47:13 Pain 04.12.10 3170. A prioirity list goes out the window when you're hungry or hurting. Kidney stone
Ecc 6:4 Life 04.11.10 3169. Just because man disrespects life doesn't mean God does. No name tulip
Pr 4:23 Safety 04.10.10 3168. "Put 'em up," has another connotation altogether when speaking of prayer. Door Protection
Ps 7:13 Warning 04.09.10 3167. There's no judgment not preceeded by a final warning. Matt, the Train Wreck
Mt 21:36 Prayer 04.08.10 3166. We are closest to God when we confirm to Him what He told us. Mozart
Gen 47:12 Work 04.07.10 3165. Government assistance is fine as long as those able, work for it. Kudzu
Mt 21:34-35 Sin 04.06.10 3164. Unsupervised workers become productive trouble-makers. "Lemme kill your sin." God
Gen 47:11 Posessions 04.05.10 3163. Ownership breeds slavery. Portrait & Frame
Ecc 6:3 Reason 04.04.10 3162. Hypothethetical reasoning can only serve to prove you have a hypothethetical brain. What if...
Pr 4:22 Bible 04.03.10 3161. You rarely find something for which you not looking, and rarely look if you think you've lost nothing. Five Fingered success
Ps 7:12 Repent 04.02.10 3160. According to Matthew, Jesus' first word in ministry was repent, not believe. Light and Dark, Tsidkenu and the world
Mt 21:33 Service 04.01.10 3159. God expects production not maintenance. Slide rule
Gen 47:8-9 Opportunity 03.31.10 3158. Opportunity is computed by dividing your days on earth by the degree of attitude and availability. Children and the piano.
Mt 21:32 Trust 03.30.10 3157. Belief must displace doubt if salvation is to replace condemnation. Falling, but not from grace.
Gen 47:7 Enemies 03.29.10 3156. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless his name is Sin. Making friends
Ecc 6:2 Possessions 03.28.10 3155. Possessing possessions can pose a perplexing proposition. MEMCO
Pr 4:21 Forgetfulness 03.27.10 3154. You can't memorize what you have not read, nor mediatate on what you have not memorized. Terry and UofM Tigers
Ps 7:11 Anger 03.26.10 3153. Anger is an alarm warning that unconfessed sin, much like an active volcano, is about to blow. Angry preachers
Mt 21:32 Belief 03.25.10 3152. Belief is a change of mind accompanied by corresponding action Fred & his panning vision.
Gen 47:6 Petition 03.24.10 3151. Why settle for less, when we can have the best? 63 Avanti
Mt 21:31 Testimony 03.23.10 3150. A good story can impress the hard to impress PT and Application
Gen 47:5 Restoration 03.22.10 3149. Things tend to come around, even when you're turned around or upside down. The US is broken and only God can fix it.
Ecc 5:20 Happiness 03.21.10 3148.True happiness is a state of mind, not a passing condition. Leland and buses
Pr 4:20 Listen 03.20.10 3147. Nothing is more frustrating to a parent than a child who won't listen. Parents and their kids.
Ps 7:10 Motives 03.19.10 3146. Motives don't mean much if you never do anything. The Eagle has landed
Mt 21:30 Intention 03.18.10 3145. Good intention exists between profession and possession. Freshman Class President
Gen 47:4 Temporary 03.17.10 3144. Temporary is like permanence without the bookends. Two years and move?
Mt 21:29 Decision 03.16.10 3143. Changing your mind is fine as long as you make the right decision. Do it for Coach Boeple
Gen 47:3 Encouragement 03.15.10 3142. If it weren't for the working class, those who don't work wouldn't have any class. Dr. Collier
Ecc 5:19 Giving 03.14.10 3141. With every gift received, you have the freedom to throw it away. Gift-givers and abusers
Pr 4:19 Problems 03.13.10 3140. Why is it we will move obstacles when we could simply remove them? Problem solving.
Ps 7:9 Darkness 03.12.10 3139. You can stay in the light by avoiding the things that lead to darkness. "He Holds the Sock." I mean "the Keys."
Mt 21:28 Obedience 03.11.10 3138. True obedience is immediate joyful compliance. Taking out the trash
Gen 47:2 Friends 03.10.10 3137. Too often those with whom we hang will be the first to hang us. Friendship in heaven starts down here.
Mt 21:26-27 Honesty 03.09.10 3136. Pleading ignorance is closer to the truth more often than not. So help me God.
Gen 47:1 Commitment 03.08.10 3135. A person is not fully committed until he trashes other options. 100-Mile Marker
Ecc 5:18 Life 03.07.10 3134. Only a fool, or someone with nothing to live for, views this life as all there is. Larry and his uncle advisor
Pr 4:18 Backsliding 03.06.10 3133. Backsliding may be the greatest exaggeration ever made. Novell & Microsoft
Ps 7:8 Mistakes 03.05.10 3132. When we over-estimate ourselves, we under-estimate God. Fender Bender
Mt 21:25 Authority 03.04.10 3131. Authority can be a real problem for someone who doesn't respect it. Ron Dunn's tickets
Gen 46:33-34 Rights 03.03.10 3130. You may have to "dance with the one that brung ya," but you don't have to go home with them. Saudi Attendant
Mt 21:24 Questions 03.02.10 3129. Before questioning God, we might want to question ourselves. Marine Induction.
Gen 46:32 Prejudice 03.01.10 3128. Prejudice and fellowship can't share the same space. Prayertower Intercession
Ecc 5:17 Darkness 02.28.10 3127. Someone in the dark needs a way out. Darkroom
Pr 4:17 Ethics 02.27.10 3126. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is no different than doing the wrong thing for any reason. A union and company boss
Ps 7:7 Reverence 02.26.10 3125. Showing reverence is the way to show respect for God. Church distraction
Mt 21:23 Privilege 02.25.10 3124. Privilege becomes a right when someone with authority grants it. Livy, Harold and the retake.
Gen 46:31 Communication 02.24.10 3123. Too often reunions remind us of separation - by distance and differences. A Korean, Saudi Arabian and American connection.
Mt 21:22 Healing 02.23.10 3122. When you're spending time with Jesus, people will know. The "You're going to die," prayer.
Gen 46:30 Death 02.22.10 3121. We shouldn't die before we're dead! God's Bucket List
Gen 46:28-29 Family 02.21.10 3120. Like osmosis, restoration completes family. Violins and trumpets don't always blend.
Mt 21:21 Faith 02.20.10 3119. When faith won't work, pretension takes over. Dick, Benny, me and the Demon.
Gen 46:7 Responsibility 02.15.10 3118. Before you ask God to enlarge your territory, be prepared to pay more property tax. Jabez & Moving
Ecc 5:16 Opportunity 02.14.10 3117. If you're still breathing, you have time to love someone. Cat and the Cradle, me and Dad?
Pr 4:16 Sleep 02.13.10 3116. The way we sleep can a great indication of our spiritual condition. Ringing and running
Ps 7:6 Protection 02.12.10 3115. God not only has our back, he has our front, sides, top and bottom. Angry Customer
Mt 21:20 Friends 02.11.10 3114. Knowing Jesus should be a life changing experience. Friends I've known
Gen 46:6 Possessions 02.10.10 3113. Possessions seldom shrink but expand according to the capacity of the container. Storage Facilities
Mt 21:19 Diligence 02.09.10 3112. Unproductive means unnecessary. Lanier Funeral Home
Gen 46:5 Trust 02.08.10 3111. When God says "Go," you don't need to know - anything else! Who
Ecc 5:15 Righteousness 02.07.10 3110. Righteousness won't earn you any money, but not having it will c