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Acts 7:11 Hardship 20170101 5647. Hard times are relative to what you call good times. Survival kit
Acts 7:12 Need 20170108 5654. Having enough depends on Whom you depend. What will it take?
Acts 7:13 Privacy 20170115 5661. If you want something known, try to hide it. Shallow digs
Acts 7:15 Father 20170129 5675. Being rich is using your life to prove God's word. Role roll
Acts 7:16 Burial 20170212 5689. Neglect means we will pay attention when we've lost the choice. Family circle
Acts 7:17,18 Favor 20170219 5696. If you think things can't change, blink. Whuz knot
Acts 7:19 Slave 20170226 5703. Gratefulness may be the product of disappointment. Rememberate
Acts 7:20 Scrap 20170305 5710. Sow cand reap should be a good thing. Timing is everything
Acts 7:21 Orphan 20170312 5717. Direction is not as important as directive. Directives
Acts 7:22 Wisdom 20170319 5724. Teaching is learning to inspire someone else. Learn n yearn
Acts 7:23 Family 20170326 5731. Death, not age, marks the finish line. RESPECT
Acts 7:24 Revenge 20170402 5738. Completion time depends on demolition time. Demo
Acts 7:25 Friends 20170409 5745. A friend will never stop loving you. Know your place
Acts 7:26 Discord 20170416 5752. Example is the best means to preach the Gospel. Lame brain
Acts 7:27 Leader 20170423 5760. Leadership is not as big an issue as followship. The Source
Acts 7:28 Cycle 20170430 5776. What comes around has most likely been around. Motive motif
Acts 7:29 Run 20170507 5783. Life is in the roots. Get on with it
Acts 7:30 Age 20170514 5790. Age is a progress marker not a limitation. Snot my time (sorry)
Acts 7:31 Listen 20170521 5797. Pay attention because someone else will. The voice
Acts 7:32 Caution 20170528 5804. Recognition doesn't always result in identification. Over here
Acts 7:33 Holy 20170604 5811. Holiness and humanity, the perfect antonym. Guilt by association
Acts 7:34 Awareness 20170611 5818. Appearance might get you a job but can surely keep you from one. Hardly noticed
Acts 7:35 Reveal 20170618 5825.Evidence is a distraction for a detractor. Disguised
Acts 7:36 Signs 20170625 5849.  Hard times look better in the rear-view mirror. Provin' movin'
Acts 7:37 News 20170702 5856. What was was, what is will be. Pseudo journalism
Acts 7:38 Identity 20170709 5863. My mind will be as sharp and memory as good as the degree I press it. Identity crisis
Acts 7:39 Move 20170716 5871. Friendships extend between two people and not groups. Family flaws
Acts 7:40 Decisions 20170723 5878.  You don't dig your way out of a hole by digging deeper. There's must be a pony under all this manure.
Acts 7:41 Idolatry 20170730  5885. Getting someone to agree with you doesn't make you or them right. Misery loves company
Acts 7:42 Relax 20170806 5892. When hope is lost, your memory goes taking aspiration with it. Wrong choices
Acts 7:43 Sin 20170813 5899. Who wants to fix a problem they created to be a solution? Build it
Acts 7:44 Pattern 20170820 5907. Teaching kids what to think rather than how to think raises trouble-makers. Resistance is futile
Acts 7:45 Battle 20170827 5914. Are you in it to win or not to lose? Get out of town
Acts 7:46 Bless 20170903 5921. Everybody who is somebody was a nobody first. Calling all
Acts 7:47 Build 20170910 5928. It takes an artist to take nothing and make something of it. In sync
Acts 7:48 LastDays 20170917 5935. Anything given for compliance sake can be taken away without cause. The church house
Acts 7:49 Build 20170924 5942. Failure teaches what success cannot. A league far away
Acts 7:50 Agree 20171001 5949. It takes two to argue and agree. You have to ask
Acts 7:51 Resist 20171008 5956. It's human nature to seek fun but find something else. Let me out
Acts 7:52 Parents 20171015 5963. I'd say more, but I've already told you more than I know. So you know
Acts 7:53 Angels 20171022 5970. Failure does not spell defeat unless we allow it. Agents of proxy
Acts 7:54 Anger 20171029 5977. Unreasonable is reasonable to unreasonable people. Hear n jeer
Acts 7:55 Invisible 20171105 5984. Amazing is the word used when language fails you. Touchy feely
Acts 7:57 Discontent 20171119 5998. Expectation is like target practice with a pretend bow and arrow. Rage runner
Acts 7:58 Influence 20171126 6005. Those we've influenced will likely come back to influence us. Saul II
Acts 7:59 Death 20171203 6012. Not all reality is visible. Switch-over
Acts 7:60 Fragrant 20171210 6019. The measure of a man comes when he is under duress. Smell that?
Acts 8:1 Consent 20171217 6026. Persecution hunts you down to make your pain an example. The squeeze
Acts 8:2 Heritage 20171224 6033. Racism is in the heart not the skin. Busting Bias
Acts 8:3 Standard 20171231 6040. Forgiveness is stepping across a line in the sand. Seemed right
Ex 25:33 Conviction 20170102 5648. Paying attention is not license, but obedience might be. Decoraction
Ex 25:34 Ornate 20170104 5650. It's easy to get caught up in organizing and deodorizing garbage. Sim site
Ex 25:35 Meaning 20170109 5655. A door without a knob and latch is a wall. Junctions
Ex 25:37 Light 20170116 5662. Something doesn't have to be seen to be heard, but it does to be watched. Wick it
Ex 25:38 Holy 20170118 5664. The Bible is not a long sermon, but an instruction manual with personal testimonies. Purity assuredly
Ex 25:39 Utility 20170123 5669. Impressions serve a purpose until replaced with reality. To the bone
Ex 25:40 Pattern 20170125 5671.Patterns are designed for the obedient, not the ignorant. Layout
Ex 26:1 Cherubim 20170130 5676. Instruction tells us how to do it, inspiration tells us why. Picture that
Ex 26:2 Exact 20170201 5678. A perfect design requires perfect compliance with no variance. Slope n square
Ex 26:4 Safe 20170208 5685. Truth is not contained by dissent nor empowered by consent. In the details
Ex 26:5 Balance 20170213 5690. Understanding is not requisite to fact. Even steven
Ex 26:6 Unit 20170215 5692.  The role of the smallest component is paramount to the larger purpose. The whole hole
Ex 26:7 Cover 20170220 5697. Cover is protection when you stay under it. Cover me
Ex 26:8 Same 20170222 5699. Sameness has no variance. Water works
Ex 26:9 Purpose 20170227 5704. What doesn't contribute is expendable. Specific prolific
Ex 26:10 Skills 20170301 5706. There is no bad job for a grateful person. Exposed
Ex 26:11 Divided 20170306 5711. Doing good will always appear bad to someone. The Untied States of America (sic)
Ex 26:12 Scrap 20170308 5713. Throw it away today and you'll need it tomorrow. Scrap it
Ex 26:13 Plans 20170313 5718. Left-overs prove planning or the lack of it. For the unexpected
Ex 26:14 Cover 20170315 5720. Teaching is not as much about knowledge as humility. Coveralls
Ex 26:15 Tabernacle 20170320 5725. The line between work and ministry shouldn't exist. Thorny issue
Ex 26:16 Limits 20170322 5727.  Patterns show what's expected. It's in the details
Ex 26:17 Mandate 20170327 5732. Agreement is fine—if you agree. ConsistenSee
Ex 26:18 Design 20170329 5734. God, I don't doubt your heavenly design but am humbled that it includes me. Made to travel
Ex 26:19 Legacy 20170403 5739. Enjoy your legacy before you leave it. The Crossing
Ex 26:20 Precedent 20170405 5741. Precedent is replaced with precedent. Precedential
Ex 26:21 Organize 20170410 5746. Storage is good unless you're saving junk. Stuff it
Ex 26:22 Finish 20170412 5748. Because you stop working on it doesn't mean it's finished. Zip it up
Ex 26:23 Boundaries 20170417 5753. A finish line allows you to set up the next race. Tasks without walls
Ex 26:24 Connection 20170419 5755. Connection makes diversity functional. Connectshun
Ex 26:25 Attach 20170424 5770. "Do it" is a good plan if you get round to it. Craftsmen
Ex 26:26 Ready 20170426 5772. Covenience can't change conviction. Left behind
Ex 26:27 Perimeter 20170501 5777. A perimeter defines where gates can be placed. Boundar-ease
Ex 26:28 Responsibility 20170503 5779. It takes time to undo a mess, more to correct what caused it. Inclined to combine
Ex 26:29 Foundation 20170508 5784. Cover is nice as long as what's covered stays that way. Cover alls
Ex 26:31 Veil 20170515 5791. Intercession is a positional privilege not shared with pulpits. Sacred shadows
Ex 26:32 Designate 20170517 5793. Sometimes good things look bad and vise versa. Where do you want this?
Ex 26:33 Division 20170522 5798.  Peace: what men can only imagine. Divine division
Ex 26:34 Mercy 20170524 5800. Mercy is knowing you can and should but won't. Meet me
Ex 26:35 Church 20170529 5805. Worship begins with quiet respect. Shush
Ex 26:36 Access 20170531 5807. A door is designed to open and close. Doorman needed
Ex 26:37 Consistency 20170605 5812. There's only one Standard and everything is judged according to and by Him. Consisten-see
Ex 27:1 Perfect 20170607 5814. Comparison for the sake of justification is an admission of guilt. Precise misalignment
Ex 27:2 Character 20170612 5819. When what's out doesn't reflect what's in, in can get turned inside out. Power Twain
Ex 27:3 Clean 20170614 5821. Cleanliness is not next to godliness, but requisite. Bases loaded
Ex 27:4 Organize 20170619 5843. Managing chaos requires organization and compliance. Component compliment
Ex 27:5 Position 20170621 5845. Proper position make practice profitable. Position-all
Ex 27:6 Tools 20170626 5850. You can't buy memories that matter. The tool man
Ex 27:7 Team 20170628 5852. No one gets through life without help. Hands on
Ex 27:8 Hollow 20170703 5857.   To preach and not practice is to want and not work. Truth decay
Ex 27:9 Sanctuary 20170705 5859. Worship is when the heart of man and God meet, not where. Standing room
Ex 27:10 Church 20170710 5864. Be careful what you mock as it may come back to mock you. Function unction
Ex 27:11 Placement 20170712 5867. Placing things is not as important as remembering where they are. Look up/back
Ex 27:12 Parallel 20170717 5872. Seeing things from another viewpoint doesn't change anything. Parallaxism
Ex 27:13 Dimension 20170719 5874. Specifications are not suggestions but terms of acceptance. Yardstick connect
Ex 27:14 Construct 20170724 5879. Being open to change doesn't mean you must. Simplistic complexity
Ex 27:15 Project 20170726 5881. It's easy to let things go when you think you can get them back. Part n parcel part
Ex 27:16 Elegance 20170731 5886. Think about this: everything man makes uses elements he didn't make. Run for cover
Ex 27:17 Material 20170802 5888. Organizing different things for a common purpose is functional artwork. Smidge n pinch
Ex 27:18 Proportion 20170807 5892. It's one thing to measure something, another to know it's correct. Proportion extortion
Ex 27:19 Service 20170809 5895. Consistency reduces testing time. Fellow peg
Ex 27:20 Lamp 20170814 5900. Continuous has to start to never end. Continuation negation
Ex 27:21 Religion 20170816 5902. No one can force me to make the wrong decision but me. Care keeperz
Ex 28:1 Minister 20170821 5908. Promoting truth is a personal responsibility. Service station
Ex 28:2 Holy 20170823 5910. Clean implies no dirt, not less dirt. Rake over
Ex 28:3 Consecrate 20170828 5815. Wisdom is often the first victim of the thought process. Wise crack
Ex 28:4 Cover 20170830 5817. Anyone can do easy, it takes mission-minded determination to do the impossible. Glory garment
Ex 28:5-6 Workmanship 20170904 5922. Artistry is the creative process of paying tribute. Bend don't break
Ex 28:7 Connection 20170906 5924. If one will do, two is better. Second Flr: standing around
Ex 28:8 Original 20170911 5929.  A copy, though expertly made, will never be the original. Never again
Ex 28:9-10 Family 20170913 5931. Family is a blood marker that can be denied but never undone. Fami-leave
Ex 28:11 Work 20170918 5936. Notability tells us where we've been, not where we're going.  Trophy wax and wane
Ex 28:12 Remind 20170920 5938. A reminder is good—if you pay attention to it. This stONE's for you
Ex 28:15 Family 20170927 5945.  Success is not an accident. Like Mike
Ex 28:16 Assembly 20171002 5950. Following instructions is a lesson in giving and receiving help. Parts-ticular
Ex 28:17 Red 20171004 5952. Identification implies association but not limitation. Honors
Ex 28:18 Second 20171009 5957. Succeeding is far more important than winning. Secondizing
Ex 28:19 Order 20171011 5959.  Chaos is the absence of planning, sometimes confused with messy Sign, sealed and delivered
Ex 28:20 Last 20171016 5964. The end is where we lose the right to choose. Endtastic
Ex 28:21 Inheritance 20171018 5966. Relationships prove Scripture, and visa versa. Significount
Ex 28:22 Chain 20171023 5971. Diversity does not make a group strong, but selfless devotion does. Links of steeple
Ex 28:24 Finish 20171030 5978. Split too many hairs and lose what few you have. Conti-nervity
Ex 28:25 Attach 20171101 5980. Together again implies it may not be in the future. Meeting place
Ex 28:26 Assembly 20171106 5985.In life some assembly is required, more for some people. Part starts
Ex 28:27 Support 20171108 5987. Effectiveness is measured by support, not reach. Intricated
Ex 28:28 Anchor 20171113 5992.  Who sits for long when there's work to do? Anchors away
Ex 28:29 Memorial 20171115 5994. Memory is a blessing or a curse, based on how we resolved issues. Remember surrender
Ex 28:30 Decision 20171120 5999.  Answers without questions are like a kite without string. No-ing
Ex 28:31 Royal 20171122 6001.  A grateful spirit uses and maintains things with care. Reminda kinda
Ex 28:32 Reinforce 20171127 6006. Doors are meant to be used. Access live
Ex 28:33 Aware 20171129 6008. Our reasons may seem sound, but our actions can correct the notion. One ringee dingee
Ex 28:35 Minister 20171204 6013. There's a time for everything, if we stop long enough to do it. Make some noise
Ex 28:36 Separate 20171206 6015.  Only in rhyme is placate close to vacate. Inside out
Ex 28:37 Hide 20171211 6020. Truth will undress ignorance and expose it. Up front
Ex 28:38 Sacrifice 20171213 6022. Religion and relationship are contradictory terms. Man down
Ex 28:39 Pride 20171218 6027. Caring is reflective of a grateful spirit. Sign here
Ex 28:40 Hat 20171220 6029.   Artificial is the imitation of originality without the value. The Mad hatter
Ex 28:41 Mission 20171225 6034. Mission is singular, but service is adaptive. Display window
Ex 28:42 Naked 20171227 6036. Maybe what's done in secret should be kept that way. Cover-age
Jn 9:10 Doubt 20170103 5649.  Science is God's creation and not the other way around. Lucy?
Jn 9:12 Important 20170110 5656.   Memorization requires diligent spaced repetition, frequent recall and usage. You can't see that?
Jn 9:15 Credit 20170119 5665. If you can see it and explain it, God probably didn't do it Ez peazy
Jn 10:11 Shepherd 20170530 5806.  We prove what we believe by what we accept. No offense intended
Jn 10:16 Shepherd 20170615 5822.  All things being equal, late is better than out. Better late?
Jn 9:13 Proof 20170112 5658.  Love overcomes hate but sometimes has to sacrifice itself. Prove me wrong
Jn 9:16 Religion 20170124 5670.Trying to make sense of nonsense gives credit where it's not due. Flip side
Jn 9:17 Source 20170126 5672. Don't expect answers by looking for someone to tell you. Prober
Jn 9:18 Discredit 20170131 5677. The probability to fail increases the longer you don't. Vetting zoo
Jn 9:19 Spin 20170202 5679. Doubt doesn't impact the inevitable.  Under reach
Jn 9:20 Facts 20170207 5684.  Reputations are earned or corrected at the finish line. Flex-i-bull
Jn 9:21 Query 20170209 5686. Speaking for someone else demands accuracy with brevity. How now
Jn 9:22 Agenda 20170214 5691. What we fear is seldom as bad as our hasty reaction. Watch what you say
Jn 9:23 Responsible 20170216 5693. A well phrased question seldom goes unanswered. GPS
Jn 9:24 Influence 20170221 5698. A person's grateful spirit, or lack of it, proves his teacher's merit. Defirmation
Jn 9:25 Cause 20170223 5700. Not knowing should lead to finding out. What snare?
Jn 9:26 Curiosity 20170228 5705. Most answers create questions that are never asked. Fill in the blank
Jn 9:27 Facetious 20170302 5707.  A trap springs both ways. Tidy bitey
Jn 9:28 Ignorance 20170307 5712. Comparison with something other than God's word is wasted time. The way
Jn 9:29 Trust 20170309 5714. Misplaced confidence is common to every loss. Trusty
Jn 9:30 Credit 20170314 5719. A witness is not responsible for convincing anyone of anything. Marveloss
Jn 9:31 Translation 20170316 5721. Shortcuts should not circumvent accuracy or common sense. Checkup
Jn 9:32 Justice 20170321 5726. Prudence is rightly knowing if and when. Never say never
Jn 9:33 Christian 20170323 5728. I'm into Cross-training and my exercise is prayer. Rationatizing
Jn 9:34 Arrogant 20170328 5733. No one who is arrogant thinks he is. The last word
Jn 9:35 Encounter 20170330 5735. Compassion without ministry is sympathy. You first
Jn 9:36 Identity 20170404 5740. An acquaintance should be a friendship in process. Not a clue
Jn 9:37 Acknowledge 20170406 5742. You can only know someone who wants to know you. Revelator
Jn 9:38 Belief 20170411 5747. Belief without acknowledgment is pretension. You talking to me?
Jn 9:39 Judgment 20170413 5749. Illusion becomes delusion when we succumb to fear. Invisible visibles
Jn 9:40 Privilege 20170418 5754. Hold your privilege lightly, it was borrowed. Skewed skewer
Jn 9:41 Indictment 20170420 5756. Personal experience is not equal to God's word. Second that
Jn 10:1 Door 20170425 5771. Pay attention or life will sucker punch you in the face.  Work around
Jn 10:2 Heaven 20170427 5773. Personalized gifts are the best ones. Welcum yall'
Jn 10:4 Shepherd 20170502 5778. Audible sound is not necessary to hear someone. Awww
Jn 10:3 Follow 20170504 5780. Following is what you do when you belong. To each his own
Jn 10:5 Voice 20170509 5785. The wisest thing I can do today is to ignore most of what I hear. ComfortaBull
Jn 10:6 Parable 20170511 5787. I'd explain it, but then you wouldn't hear it from God. Out Sourced
Jn 10:7 Access 20170516 5792.  Compliance is not obedience. Convincin
Jn 10:8 Voice 20170518 5794. What was doesn't override what is. Was it worth it?
Jn 10:9 Rest 20170523 5799. Rest is where you can relax without fear of waking up. Home is
Jn 10:10 Life 20170525 5801. Abundant life is spending time with God before you're dead. More or less
Jn 10:12 Communication 20170601 5808. We're too busy when our coming meets our going. You have one message.
Jn 10:13 Care 20170606 5813. Care has two faces; giving and receiving. Care bare
Jn 10:14 Home 20170608 5815.  Language only helps this side of the grave. At home
Jn 10:15 Relationship 20170613 5820. Only a fool thinks he will be in heaven to enjoy doing what he doesn't enjoy now. Requite Lite
Jn 10:18 Power 20170622 5846.  Power is what someone else has and you want. Power shower
Jn 10:19 Division 20170627  5851. Neither evidence nor argument can settle all disagreements. Words matter
Jn 10:20 Awareness 20170629 5853. I'd ask what you're doing but I think I know. Closed ear, closed mind
Jn 10:21 Faith 20170704 5858. Determination depends on the degree of dogma you deploy. Detector deflector
Jn 10:22 Change 20170706 5860. Change is okay as long as everything stays the same. Season meetings
Jn 10:23 Approach 20170711 5865. Everything old starts out new and by God's grace ends up that way. Hold on
Jn 10:24 Identity 20170713 5868.  Inclinations are an indication of our identity and intentions. Aren't you . . . ?
Jn 10:25 Testimony 20170718 5873. I'd explain it, but I'd have to understand it myself. Go ahead, Lucy, 'plain it.
Jn 10:26 Family 20170720 5875. Disharmony leads to disassociation. Unfamily
Jn 10:27 Available 20170725 5880. Availability becomes stability when it exceeds ability. Fallow follow
Jn 10:28 Security 20170727 5882. Quit before you're finished and someone else might finish for you. That's a wrap
Jn 10:29 Protection 20170801 5887. Security is as effective as the power and durability of someone to deliver it. Idiot proof
Jn 10:30 Unity 20170803 5889. Unity has no seams. To-get-her
Jn 10:31 Despite 20170808 5893. No matter how bad things get, I have it on good authority that Good wins. Affect effect
Jn 10:32 Persecution 20170810 5896. No one needs a reason to be unreasonable. Blind-sided
Jn 10:33 Choice 20170815 5901. Our reasons may seem sound, but our actions can correct the notion. Reason pleazin'
Jn 10:34 Journal 20170817 5903. Hopefully our lives won't end with people wondering what we did. Mine, yours and hours
Jn 10:35 Tolerance 20170822 5909. Bending is worse than breaking because it can't be fixed. NonsensiCULL
Jn 10:36 Religion 20170824 5911. Most problems are diagnosed from the outside but fixed on the inside. Don't expect it
Jn 10:37 Prepare 20170829 5816. Being prepared means having enough to help someone else. Wish I was wrong
Jn 10:38 Rejection 20170831 5918. To succeed expect rejection. Overt convert
Jn 10:39 Lost 20170905 5923. To find something, you don't necessarily have to be looking for it. Now you don't
Jn 10:40 Shelter 20170907 5925. Believing something is finished is the reason little is. Oasis
Jn 10:41 Truth 20170912 5930. A true friend knows your deepest faults and still trusts you. I C U
Jn 10:42 Church 20170914 5932. What we do proves what we love. Rock skip
Jn 11:1 Story 20170919 5937. If there's anything good about getting old, it's doing all the new things you've done before. Game on?
Jn 11:2 Adoration 20170921 5939. What begins with respect finds fruition in bigger and greater things. Come let up
Jn 11:3 Inform 20170926 5944. What seems an emergency to me might simply be a reminder. Notifiable
Jn 11:4 Trouble 20170928 5946. What looks bad is usually good in a misleading wrapper. In process
Jn 11:5 Love 20171003 5951. What's obvious to one person finds most oblivious. Reason fer squeezin'
Jn 11:6 Delay 20171005 5953. Sometimes less is more. Right time
Jn 11:7 Time 20171010 5958. One step forward is usually better than two back. Need to go
Jn 11:8 Warn 20171012 5960. A warning should remind us of what we already know. Calling all ratz
Jn 11:9 Light 20171017 5965. To not use time wisely is to abuse the privilege. Daze-n-haze
Jn 11:10 Distraction 20171019 5967.  The power of a partnership is based on individual resolve. Two-man show
Jn 11:11 Alive 20171024 5972. Sleep is good unless we need to be awake. New Day
Jn 11:12 Teachable 20171026 5974. When what seems reasonable defines what I believe, I have no faith. Read and believe
Jn 11:13 Impression 20171031 5979. Impressions are eye-candy for weak-minds. Impress-ease
Jn 11:14 Death 20171102 5981.   Explanations only help the teachable. Obviously oblivious
Jn 11:15 Awe 20171107 5986. Joy is the reflection of anticipation inside someone. Anticipation participation
Jn 11:16 Ignorance 20171109 5988. Second opinions exist for first opinions you don't believe. Who's to say?
Jn 11:17 Wait 20171114 5993.   Going backward is okay if your going forward exceeds it. Day Five
Jn 11:18 Death 20171116 5995. Change what you can while you can and accept what you can't. Not far from home
Jn 11:19 Loss 20171121 6000.  Loss is the sensation of being unprepared. Safety pinned
Jn 11:20 Dishearten 20171123 6002. Depression is the result of embracing wrong information. The disappointed
Jn 11:21 If 20171128 6007. The "What If" game doesn't come with a "get-out-out-jail-free" card. Ifee Cliffee
Jn 11:22 Faith 20171130 6009.  There's agreement and there's appeasement, neither touching the other. Prove it
Jn 11:23 Implication 20171205 6014. Conclusion without resolution leads to illusion. Simply sensational
Jn 11:24 Believe 20171207 6016. Belief is the foundation upon which faith is built. On deck
Jn 11:25 Death 20171212 6021. Established truth puts an end to argument but not ignorance. Radicalized
Jn 11:26 Eternity 20171214 6023. Time is eternally stamped with evidence of my belief. Immortal mortal
Jn 11:27 Fact 20171219 6028. Belief and faith meet at the crossroads of doubt and despair. Didn't know that
Jn 11:28 Participate 20171221 6030. Failure to show up surrenders your right to participate. Appearance
John 11:29 Listen 20171226 6035.   First responders are worthy of praise, but someone had to call them Show up not off
John 11:30 Meet 20171228 6037.  With all the cyber hype, face to face wins. No emojis
Pr. 18:8 Slander 20170114 5660. If it doesn't involve me, why listen? Calling all liars
Pr. 18:9 Productive 20170121 5667. Time is a short-lived opportunity we can't get back. Too late
Pr. 18:10 Refuge 20170128 5674. Being safe is not a right, but a privilege with responsibility. Know that song
Pr. 18:11 Wealth 20170205 5682.  Wealth is throughput, though your hands and in someone else's pocket. Throughput
Pr. 18:12 Humility 20170211 5688. Winners gladly finish behind those they help. Precursor
Pr. 18:13 Indiscretion 20170218 5695. Not everything started is worth finishing. #Rash
Pr. 18:15 Information 20170304 5709. It's not what we know but what we do that matters. Atten HUT
Pr. 18:17 Plea 20170318 5723. Truth doesn't need a second opinion. Mute pls
Pr. 18:18 Volunteer 20170325 5730. Some things done can be undone just to be done again. Draw partner
Pr. 18:19 Reconcile 20170401 5737. Reconciliation requires confession and repentance, not another promise. April fools
Pr. 18:20 Regret 20170408 5744. It's remarkable how resolve can so quickly dissolve. Eat em up
Pr. 18:21 Reboot 20170415 5751. Unplugged, the ultimate turn-off. Memory mire
Pr. 18:22 Marriage 20170422 5758. “Unlikely” is a term used by limited thinkers. Teamwork
Pr. 18:23 Request 20170429 5775. It’s amazing how some people change the subject when they don't like the question. First desponders
Pr. 19:1 Debt 20170513 5789. Presuming on anyone but God can be treacherous. No chance
Pr. 19:3 Creative 20170527 5803. It's easy to talk, but harder to get people to listen. Project FX
Pr. 19:4 Friend 20170603 5810. Bad can be good when good is bad. Bitter is better
Pr. 19:5 Lies 20170610 5817. It's hard work to keep a lie alive. Of liars and lies
Pr. 19:6 Command 20170617 5824. You must have something before you can lose it. Temporary topping
Pr. 19:7 Warn 20170624 5848. Right and wrong don't mix unless you're upside down. Shifting sands
Pr. 19:8 Proverbs 20170701 Don't lose what you have searching for what you don't. Feel the burn
Pr. 19:9 Bias 20170708 5862. A liar is not as bad as a listener failing to hold them accountable. Leakers
Pr. 19:10 Luxury 20170715 5870. Too much too fast yields too little too late. I did it my way
Pr. 19:11 Discretion 20170722 5877. There are peace-makers and there are appeasers. No malice, Alice
Pr. 19:12 Wrath 20170729 5884. It's not the roar of a wild animal that concerns me as much as what separates us. Connection
Pr. 19:13 Mute 20170805 5891. Wearing ear-buds doesn't make you invisible nor fail to communicate. Buds
Pr. 19:14 Wife 20170812 5898. The best gifts have no price tag or return policy. Prudent provido
Pr. 19:15 Idle 20170819 5906. Laziness is measured against potential and not activity. Busy be
Pr. 19:16 Life 20170826 5913. Wait for good and you might not recognize it when it comes. Better later
Pr. 19:17 Poor 20170902 5920. Poor is unable but willing, lazy able but unwilling. Mercs and perks
Pr. 19:18 Decisions 20170909 5927. I wonder how many wrong decisions we make to avoid temporary discomfort. Been there
Pr. 19:20 Wisdom 20170923 5941. Wisdom is not taught but granted. Do you hear what I hear?
Pr. 19:21 Plans 20170930 5948. Plans are a target that providence moves. Plan-it
Pr. 19:22 Better 20171007 5955. What we consider hard can get harder. Shades of color
Pr. 19:23 Abide 20171014 5962. Joy comes in the execution of a project, more so in its completion. Party hardly
Pr. 19:24 Impose 20171021 5969. Laziness is a spiritual problem that leads to physical problems. While you wait
Pr. 19:25 Rebuke 20171028 5976. When sides are taken, truth rarely influences the decision. Rebuker stupor
Pr. 19:26 Memories 20171104 5983. What happened shapes what happens but we can change it. Memor-ease
Pr. 19:27 Instruction 20171111 5990. Instruction is as good as the one offering it. Coasters
Pr. 19:28 Witness 20171118 5997. To speak the truth means we must know the truth. Consider the source
Pr. 19:29 Judgment 20171125 6004. Old is another word for perseverance. Back pay
Pr. 20:1 Control 20171202 6011. Skewed looks square when you're wrong. Friend or fiend?
Pr. 20:2 Hurtful 20171209 6018. Me thinks all my problems were fashioned by me, for me. Bless the mess
Pr. 20:3 Strife 20171216 6025. Stop an out-of-control train and risk getting run over by it. De-stir it
Pr. 20:4 Lazy 20171223 6032. I'm able today because I worked yesterday like there'll be no tomorrow. Obit refit
Pr. 20:5 Scripture 20171230 6039. Anything worthwhile takes time and patience. Secret recipe
Ps 34:16 Adversary 20170127 5673. Know your adversary in the light or meet them in the dark. Neglect-o-meter
Ps 34:13 Deceit 20170106 5652. A deceiver has lost the right to be truthful and believed. Admit v confess
Ps 34:15 Hear 20170120 5666. Why even look where I won't go? Hello, is anyone there?
Ps 34:17 Deliverance 20170203 5680. A problem seldom looks like one until it is. Simple pimples
Ps 34:18 Humility 20170210 5687. The opposite of weakness is humility. The pride and the gory
Ps 34:19 Trouble 20170217 5694. Trouble is the gateway to deliverance. Shape shifters
Ps 34:20 Protection 20170224 5701. Life is good, but death can be gooder. Not about bones
Ps 34:21 Addiction 20170303 5708. Addiction is dependence on anyone or anything other than God. Pick a side
Ps 34:22 Service 20170310 5715. Rewards are as good as the one offering it. Servantide
Ps 35:1 Advocate 20170317 5722. A loss is a gain in God's economy. Against all odds
Ps 35:2 Faith 20170324 5729. God doesn't need my help but He demands my attention. Pitimus
Ps 35:3 Help 20170331 5736. It's one thing to offer help, another to ask for it. Yes, thank you.
Ps 35:4 Resist 20170407 5743. Opposition from the wrong position is incidental. Oppotimus Max
Ps 35:5 Justice 20170414 5750. Circumstances can't take you where God isn't there and hasn't ordained it. Let it blow
Ps 35:6 Ungodly 20170421 5757. Control is assuring—before you lose it. Don't look up
Ps 35:7 Snare 20170428 5774. Who wants to get out of a hole they don't believe they're in? Tight rights
Ps 35:8 Trap 20170505 5781. Sometimes the best plan is no plan. Debate Debacle
Ps 35:9 Joyful 20170512 5788. Joy is enduring confidence in God and not a fleeting happy feeling. Passing fancy
Ps 35:10 Defender 20170519 5795. Only in Christ can a person can have nothing and everything.  Grave markers
Ps 35:11 Slander 20170526 5802. Lies serve to identify liars. None of your bee's wax
Ps 35:12 Accuse 20170602 5809. Altering the momentum of sin is above man's pay-grade. The Day Before Tomorrow
Ps 35:13 Answers 20170609 5816. Hearing an answer without the question likely gives rise to wrong conclusions. Unrequited quiet
Ps 35:14 Intercession 20170616 5823. Concern without action is an opportunity missed. Floor of tears, ceiling of brass
Ps 35:15 Obstruction 20170623 5847. The right enemy helps more than the wrong friends. All around me
Ps 35:16 Hatred 20170630 5854. Who in his right mind can blame his hatred on those he hates? Squarely the blame
Ps 35:17 Help 20170707 5861. Waiting is the fastest way to avoid being stupid. Prevailing winds
Ps 35:18 Worship 20170714 5869. Giving is like ketsup, I can never catch up to what's been given me. Never closer
Ps 35:19 Foe 20170721 5876. All enemies are not made. Travel travail
Ps 35:20 Betray 20170728 5883. Give someone a fish and they'll expect more. All the king's horses and all the king's men
Ps 35:21 Sight 20170804 5890. Who solves a problem they don't see? Really?
Ps 35:22 Fame 20170811 5897. The most powerful things come in the smallest package. And personal
Ps 35:23 Isolated 20170818 5905. Unity is impossible unless two-sided deference is practiced. Awarement
Ps 35:24 Placate 20170825 5912. Looking for approval takes time from earning it. Respect snub
Ps 35:25 Defamation 20170901 5919. It's natural for a lazy mind to find fault with one that's not. Bumbling rumbling
Ps 35:26 Restrain 20170908 5926. Life will not only find a way, but expose darkness at the same time. Who's laughing now?
Ps 35:27 Plans 20170915 5933. Plans are good, if you're willing to change them. Why me?
Ps 35:28 Testimony 20170922 5940. Actions speak faith far more than a tongue. Denumbination
Ps 36:1 Coming 20170929 5947. Excuses end when we find no one to blame but ourselves. Round da mountain
Ps 36:3 Wisdom 20171013 5961. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Roots happen
Ps 36:4 Tolerate 20171020 5968. Imagination, unlike life, has no boundary. As charged
Ps 36:5 Up 20171027 5975. Up to one person is down to another. Excess access
Ps 36:6 Imagine 20171103 5982. Imagination is good if you remember to come back. Brainiac
Ps 36:7 Trust 20171110 5989. Perspective does not always relate to reality. Collision collusion?
Ps 36:8 Satisfy 20171117 5996. It takes more effort to be content than to complain. Gooder than good
Ps 36:9 Light 20171124 6003. Light overcomes darkness, even when you can't see it. Lite Life
Ps 36:10 Ignorant 20171201 6010. Keeping people ignorant is not protecting them. Blind Justice
Ps 36:11 Pride 20171208 6017. Inclusion is an act of love with reward outweighing the risk. Active inaction
Ps 36:12 Perversion 20171215 6024. Most "free" offers are a bait and switch scheme. Missing something?
Ps 37:1 Worry 20171222 6031. How ironic that what scares us can wind up servicing us? Fearless
Ps 37:2 Die 20171229 6038. Death is a process that speeds up when we slow down. Frozen losers


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