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Devotional - Friday, April 13, 2018 103/262

Today's Scripture: "For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous." Ps 37:17

6143. How sad that some people will be remembered for their excuses. JG
Being written

See it.

Arm strong

Live it.

Two legs are how we humans stand up and get anywhere, but two arms are vital to getting anything done when we get there. It's sad when someone loses appendages, but it may be sadder when someone has them and doesn't use them for anything substantive. My father lost both of his legs in a work-related accident when I was young, but I never saw him whiny or inactive.

With reason to stay in bed, my father found ways to be productive. Fishing didn't require legs nor did scooting on the ground under a house to fix a floor furnace. He climbed ladders to paint houses and drove around in a car equipped with hand-controlled foot pedals. When he needed help, people were glad to do it and were inspired in the doing of it. Good job, Dad. You didn't live to inspire anyone, but you used what you had—while you had it.

Pray it.

You took time to shape me, God, so I will spend time trying to shape others.


Keywords: Ability; Strength; Enabled

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