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These songs were recorded live in church by a male trio of Greg Coker, Don Connell and Jim Green. Together they make up the group called, Redemption. Their songs range from simple to complex using the piano artistry of Greg's mom, Weegie, to recorded orchestration and even acapella. In the song, Arise My Love, their pastor Dick Sisk joins the three to sing on Easter morning at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

The group never sang professionally, but did sing in a few times away from their home church. Their unique blend of music is special by virtue of similar timbred voices that use close harmony and catchy rhythms to sing time-honored songs. As good friends who just love to sing together, they never made a CD, but their recorded performances are still being collected and will be added here as they are discovered. Their most popular rendition may have been "I Have Seen the Light" (not included) which was sung many times over the years, most often at Christmas time.

Now attending different churches in different cities, Redemption seldom gets to sing together anymore, but each person has separate ministries. Greg's first album was just released "Pray to Your Name" and Don's vocal album was released several years ago. Jim is the pastor/webservant of this Prayertower ministry and the author of a newly released book, "All Kinds of Prayer."

Note:These songs are not for purchase, but strictly for the enjoyment of Redemption's family and friends.

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