Friends & Family

What is Friends & Family? What it's not is a photography project. Instead, it's a people project that changes a church and the lives of those who attend.

Jim Green, President, JG Pro &

Friends & Family, previously known as Family Life, is NOT a church pictorial directory even though it looks like one. It's a product that delivers timely information to the family while teaching/equipping them to serve. But the difference doesn't stop there.

F&F is never outdated because images can be changed and pictures of new members added routinely. You'll never need a new directory because this one is never outdated. In addition, the directory can be transmitted to smart phones so it's always available for reference. If a traditional printed album is preferred, it can be printed by the church or by us at a nominal price. All this is performed professionally and quickly. In addition, some members can possibly be trained in making independent changes to the directory.

If your church doesn't have a current family directory, you're overdue. If your last photo directory was done years ago, it's time to include new members. If your directory doesn't meet the need of an active ministry or you don't carry it with you to church, you need to change your thinking.

This may seem too good to be true but it's worked for other churches and can work for you. We'll be glad to explain the program and show samples. Contact Jim Green at