FamilyLife is NOT a church pictorial directory as most know it to be.  Instead, it is a service of Prayertower Ministries that equips church membership to serve. There is no money, solicitation or requirement of anyone but anyone desirous of helping can find a place to serve.

Every few years a church will contract with an outside photography studio to create a church photo directory.  They gamble that sales of portraits to church members will make it worth their while to produce the work. The process takes weeks to plan, more to take photos (of some members) and months later to deliver a church directory that is OUT OF DATE.  New members miss the opportunity to have their photos added and those who have left the fellowship still remain in the book.  New ministers come on the field after the directory is published and the picture of former staff members stay in the book until another directory is created.  But that's not all.

Babies born during or after the photography sessions and are not added to the family directory picture until they are several years old.  Mistakes in the directory are never corrected as the directory company has a disclaimer for such.  These are but a few of the many problems with the old process.  FamilyLife overcomes ALL these issues plus you never have to create a NEW directory: you keep revising the one you have.  Our product can fit any desired format and be modified after the fact. 

If your church is not considering a directory, you need one.  If your directory does not meet the need of your Prayer, Care, Widow, Shut-in and Discipleship ministry, then you need to start over and do it right.   How long does it take?  The full page of member's information in the promo above took two days, one to take picture and another to assemble photos from email, format and print it.  DONE! 

You're probably wondering how it's done. We'll be glad to explain it. Contact Jim Green at (That's me on the front page of TOWER).