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TODO Suite
TODO is a series of personal time-management tools. Using smaller executable tasks, progress can be made daily toward long range objectives while adding new ones on the fly. Use it to track phone calls, mileage, time spent and expenses and the book is a ledger of financial, personal and business activity, logistics/exercise tracker and personal journal. View entire product line: The 2018 Entire TODO Suite

BTC Action Cards
Cards designed to complement D4 ~ Fresh Start. The seven-card set easily fit in a pocket or purse to help you in times of reflection, study and discipleship. Every good thing in your life is based on paying attention to God and every bad thing on neglecting to do so. You may know that, but do you know what sins progressively pop up from simple neglect? The answer might surprise you.

D4 Image
D4 is short for Day Four, a term used by Fourth Day Communities to denote the first day after an uplifting and emotional 3-day weekend. Fresh Start implies a pivotal moment in a life when someone decides to change and do things differently than they have before. No matter if you're a graduate, a new parent, church member or even a prisoner behind bars, it's time to think about the rest of your life and make the necessary adjustments—while you can.
Order paperback: D4 - A Fresh Start - $9.95
Order Kindle eBook (Amazon.com) - $2.99

AKOP Image
Mentioned more than any other practice in the Bible, prayer transcends the very laws of physics, yielding supernatural results when done in faith. Still, most of us equate it to being quietly reverent while we listen to someone else do it. AKOP identifies reasons why people don't pray and offers real-time solutions. It also presents ways to break negative habits and set new ones that are God honoring. These methods are simple and require very little time, but with practice can yield tremendous results.
Order paperback: AKOP - $17.95

Game Over
Katherine Forrester didn't plan on being a single parent any more than she was prepared for her husband's premature death. Neither was she prepared for what her job and boss expected of her as the world was coming apart at the seam and there was no one to break her fall. What do you do when religion fails you and the friends who don't abandon you are busy taking care of themselves? It's said the sun always rises though often behind dark clouds, but the trick is surviving long enough to see it.
Order Game Over paperback: - $21.95

Developed in 2004, PULSE addresses the number one question everyone asks, "How can I know if I'm saved?" Saved is short for salvation and what applies to every person with a personal relationship with Jesus. Regardless if you do or don't, this little booklet, designed for use in both witnessing and discipleship, can help you answer the question. PULSE is unique in that it reads one way right-side up and another way upside down. At only 4 x 5-1/4 inches, it's printed on quarter pages of 8-1/2 x 11 inch plain paper. It's offered in packets of 12 copies with contact listed as prayertower.org. It's also offered with a license to print by other ministries with them as the contact.

On December 23, 2010, Don Connell and Jim (webservant) met at the Agricenter in Memphis, Tennessee to share the stage with Greg Coker who sang several Christmas songs from his newly released album. Redemption sang their most requested song, I Have Seen the Light for the enjoyment of several family and friends who came to share the moment. This marks the first time in many years they've met to renew their friendship and blend their voices.

Healing Wings
When I created the One-Minute Devotionals, I envisioned a 60sec video vignette to challenge people of prayer around the world. In that spirit, I started small, composing a one-line theme. I've been doing this for years and to date, there are over 45,000 short-stories I call Jimisms, that are listed in Topical Resources on the website.

In February 2004 the disagreement between the Memphis Mayor and Memphis City Council members was getting ugly. But it was also getting undesired national attention when a local television station looked for something positive to broadcast. A reporter performed an Internet search for ways to pray for civic leaders. They were surprised to find such an organization around the corner in Prayertower.org. After an impromptu interview of webservant, a quick look into the Tower was shown on the afternoon news on WREG.

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